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In other words, the essence of God, the mind of Christ concerning me and you is that we need to go about carrying the message and living the life. We do not need to go about telling people that we are children of God. We will simply move, our character will do the preaching. Our character, our behavior will tell the world what we are.
DECEMBER, 1994.Pg 49 vs 25
Remain Blessed my Brethren. We thank God for granting us this wonderful privilege and opportunity to be here this very evening according to the bidding of the Lord to Worship and to praise our God and to encourage and comfort ourselves by his word.
1.            The hour we are living in is a very precarious hour, it’s a time that we must completely yield ourselves unto our God who surely will help us in all that we are doing.
2.            This evening I want us to consider a little message I titled ' Watch What Is Happening In The Faith As We Are Drawing Towards The End'.
3.            I want you to always remember that the end of your Life counts more than the beginning of your life.Many mistakes are made at the beginning which God expects us to correct before the end for no man is crowned until he gets to the end. Is that not true?
4.             For that reason the captain of our salvation, the author and finisher of our Faith has not and never rested but has continued to send to us spiritual relief materials, messages that has the power to flush out whatever might be lingering, hiding in us that could cause doubt.
5.             These messages are enough to clear all figment of doubt in any, if any. But persons remaining intransigent, adamant and what they were before, should know that they do not have any part in the life the Son of Man giveth.
6.            So we must recognize that this end in any man’s life has always been better than the beginning because in the beginning there are mistakes which the Lord wants us to correct. Is that not true?
7.            The Lord wants us to correct. I want us to go to the message, ' What Have You Invested In This Faith?' We want to read Page 62 verse 4 and 5 ' so if you watch what happened in the Faith as we are drawing towards the end, every day God will call us together and show us one thing. He will show us one thing, from something we know to something we do not know, making everything plainer everyday. It is what he told us, towards the end I will make everything plain, do not allow yourself to be the one that will  condemn you.’
8.            That is the thing! Because as he is making everything plain to us, he is saying don’t permit yourself to be the hindrance to yourself because as God makes everything plain, he is expecting that everyone will search himself and then pour out everything that is contrary. Why? We are all heading to the end where we shall wear a crown. Like we sing in that song we shall wear a crown in the new Jerusalem. Is that not true?
9.            So that is the aim of every true seed of God. As we are drawing near the end, God is not just aimlessly sending messages to us, no. He is asking us to go to those messages.  As we go to those messages, those messages will do a great work in us by opening our eyes to see what is inside of us that can be a hindrance.
10.          That is why God said at the end, do not allow yourself to be the one that will condemn yourself. Not any other person will condemn you because I am my own problem, you are your own problem.
11.          Let us see page 68 verse 21 “whatever  we are bringing now is to confirm the truth’. That is the truth! Whatever message God is giving us now is to do what? Confirm the truth “wherever you like put your hand nature has confirmed this truth” that is the truth. “all efforts people are making to disprove it ended in confirming it, that is why everyone is tired’.
12.         What is it that you are ashamed of in the Faith? I am sure I am certain even nature in itself has confirmed this faith. So what will I be ashamed of or what will make me to begin to say ah! is this real? No, no, no, the hour for that one is gone.
13.          I am sure, I am certain of what I am holding. That is why I am not in any bit at all scared one minute of the day. I am sure and certain that the faith will carry me through.
14.         That God has come down as all the prophets saw, all the prophets of God both in Hindu, in Islam, in every religion that you know in the world pointed to this hour when God will be upon the face of the earth. So we are sure and certain, as long as God liveth anything worth doing is worth doing well.
15.         The hour we are living in whatever we are doing let us do it according to the will of God. Is that not right? Remember, that when you are constantly obeying his word that is, his instructions, command and teaching, his word is transforming you. Have you seen it? While when you are constantly disobeying, his word is condemning you. Are you getting it?
16.          For when iniquity is purged the glory of the Lord must surely come down. That is the truth. The glory of the Lord must surely come down when iniquity is purged. We continue. We want to look at page 109 verse 49 to 50 “begin to strengthen your families” good! “ and strengthen your faith”.
17.         That is what God is asking us, to begin to strengthen our families and then strengthen our faith. That is the purpose why he sent us the relief materials. These relief materials can also be seen as great arsenals from Almighty God to help us fight this battle.
18.         As long as we stand gallantly with him, he is the one fighting the battle but we cannot relax. We must play a very great part in this battle. He said begin to strengthen your families and strengthen your faith. “it is better I tell you where you are than to give you the impression that I am with you”.
19.         You see! when he is quiet everybody will feel “oh God is with us” no. That is why when you hear the messages he did not hide anything, he keeps calling names, he keeps talking to people.
20.         If they are wise, any wise human being will not wait till his name is physically called because the message in itself is calling my name, the message in itself is calling your name. Those names God is using, he is using them as an example for God must use one person as an example to help others. That is why any name he calls he said “I am saying this so that others who are already doing that thing, should get next to themselves”.
21.         What he is doing to us is to show us where we are having problem because once we have problem with him, he is not with us. It is when you reconcile that he is with you. “it is better I tell you where you are than to give you the impression that I am with you no, I will tell you what is causing trouble between the two of us, the moment it is done we will now reconcile, we will now reconcile. So go and do it”. That is it.
22.         So he is not ready to hear anything “I am sorry”  that is not what he wants. Go and do it. I will tell you the problem between us. Then what is next, you go and do it. I don’t want to hear I am sorry, no. I want you to go and do that thing so that we will reconcile and then you will be sure I am with you and I am sure you are with me. Is that not true? Yes.
23.         That is why as we stand at the gate we must ask ourselves the question, how long are we going to remain at that gate? Do you think that Almighty God will just remain at that gate watching us forever? No. There is something taking place. That is why he said when I have seen it, I will just put my hand behind and open the door. I don’t need to turn, just behind.
24.          He is the door, he is the door. He’ll just open for us to begin to pass because he has seen what he is looking for. So let us look at the message “The impact of the word of God” which was the 2020 new year message, which was preached on the first of January 2020 page 63 verse 25 “I know the year I arrived at this gate”.
25.         You see it? God knows that year but I and you cannot even remember. Because we don’t know when he arrived but he knows when he arrived. “And I have been waiting at the gate for the late arrivals, do you think I will remain waiting there forever? Well it will be play, play, play, play” and it will be over. Have you seen it? It will be like that.
26.         Everybody everyday will be thinking we are at the gate, we are at the gate, we are at the gate. Yes but this gate will end one day. This gate has an expiry date. It’s just like any program has an expiry date, this staying at the gate has an expiry date when it will be all over, is that not true?
27.         So what is keeping us outside the gate is the impurities of our hearts and God is asking us to get rid of every impurities and be reconciled to him now for tomorrow might be late. What is keeping us outside that gate? The impurities in our hearts and God is tellingus to get rid of it, that is why  he told us in the other message “I will show you what is between us, so that you go and do it and then we can reconcile” is that not true?
28.          Let us look at page 64 verse 28 of the same message “the impact of the word of God” “how many have that ticket to paradise, how many years will it take you to purchase the ticket or to meet the standard or you think God will keep on waiting for you like that, go and rethink”.
29.         For God will not keep on waiting because he has given us all that we need. If he has not given us what we needed, it is a different thing but he has given us. So what is hindering us from getting that ticket? For that ticket is his nature and if we continue to practice what he has given to us definitely we will have the nature.
30.         That is why he told us one thing remaineth, you are not practicing. Yes you know, you have the knowledge but you are not putting it into practice. It is just like you desiring to do exercise but as long as you are not doing  it, you are only telling us something “I will do it, I will do it “. That is exactly what we are doing.
31.         We have the knowledge but put this thing into practice, we are not putting it and then God said go and rethink . Will I always remain at this very gate? That he will not remain there . What is he looking for? The ticket, the ticket. Have you gotten the ticket? That is the important issue in anything. If you are to take a flight as long as you have your ticket, what happens to it? You know quite alright that that ticket is okayed.
32.         Any moment the plane arrives, touches down, you are going in and enjoying your flight, is that not true? This is what God is telling us. He said once again how long is it going to take you to purchase that ticket? How many years to meet the standard or do you think that he will keep on waiting just like that? He said no.
33.          We shouldn’t fool ourselves, we should go and rethink. Page 66 verse 35 “do not ever listen to any advice”. Don’t listen to anybody that tells your that ‘no problem, it doesn’t matter, as long as we are fellowshipping’ na lie. We must have that nature.
34.         That is why he said do not listen to any advice, teaching, suggestion that runs contrary. “do not ever listen to any advice, teaching, suggestion that runs contrary to the truth that has been vindicated and that is evidently set out before you”. That is true. Don’t ever listen to it, no matter what anybody is saying.
35.         We learn lesson from the message where God was talking to Enugu as a household, of having a particular language. We shouldn’t have any particular language. God does not know any language like when you keep saying “I am like”, no. Cocoyam is not yam. It is just like yam, is that not true? Does it mean that cocoyam is yam? No, he is not saying “like”, he wants us to be exactly that.
36.         If that nature cannot be our nature, God would have not requested for it for God cannot request for something that is impossible. Every true seed of God has the nature of God, why because he has the spirit of God inborn in him.
37.         But there are some things that are covering this nature which is like Gold that has impurities. Every mineral has an impurity. If you get wulphramite it has impurities, you get tantalite it has impurities, you go to tin and columbite they have their impurities, that is why you have to run them through the separating machine to separate them and bring out the real thing.
38.         So impurities are there and where are the impurities? It is in our hearts. That heart is what God is using, the same heart is what the devil is using, are you getting it now? Because I want us to see something there that clearly we cannot be a vacuum.


If God is not occupying you, Satan is occupying you. So let us look at a scripture first of all before we continue.
1.            Romans 9 verse 4- 5 living Bible “God has given you so much, but still you will not listen to him. He took you as his own special chosen people and led you along with a bright cloud of glory and told you how very much he wanted to bless you, he gave you his rules for daily life so you would know what he wanted you to do, he let you worship him and gave you mighty promises. Great men of God were your father’s and Christ himself was one of you, a Jew so far as his human nature is concerned, he who now rules over all things, praise God forever.”
2.            So we can see, has God not given us so much? He has given us, we cannot deny that fact. There is no room for denial. He has given us that much. Has he not taken us to be his own special chosen people? He has. Yes, nobody can boast in the whole world of saying they are the special people if not we the bride. Is he not the bright cloud leading us? He is that cloud. That is why nobody can see that cloud. It is when he is there before the cloud arrives because the cloud is inside of him.
3.            If the cloud comes out, at the end of it, it returns back, is that not true? So he is that bright cloud that is leading us. Has he not given us his rules for daily living? He has given us. Don’t we know what he wants us to do? We know.
4.            Even at this recent time, he gave us the secret for us to be able to get that abiding Faith. He said now develop the child like heart. For that is what is going to give you the abiding Faith. Because that is what God came to do on Earth.
5.            He came with a Faith that transforms. Are you seeing it? So he has given us. Don’t you know what he wants us to do? Develop a child like heart, a child like Faith. He gave us power to become his sons and daughters and we can now call him Father.
6.            For He, Christ himself is one of us. An Igbo man so far as his human nature is concerned. He now rules over all things including I and you. We are His property. He rules over us. He has every right to tell us move, we move. Tell us stop there, we stop there. He can tell us today even as we are here now, saying leave. We will not ask him, oh I think you said it must be here? No, you have no right.
7.            We are Soldiers. We are zombie. That is why Fela calls the Soldiers zombie. Zombie no dey stop unless you tell am to stop. So whatever he tells us, we are his property. That is why you see I often love to sing that song, 'I love this man from Mbaise, for he has done so many things for me, he has forgiven all my sins and placed the Holy Ghost in me, I love this man from Mbaise'. That is the truth, because he has done great things for you and me. I am sure , I am certain.
8.             To all others, he is that man. But to us he is the Almighty in the human flesh to fulfill his promise that he has made. Let us now go to another message 'Walking Blameless Before God' volume 1  preached on Sunday 2nd June 2019. We want to read Page 93 verse 48 to 49. So that you can see the kind of privilege that we have. 'What a privilege we have been enjoying, God choosing us among others as his own special chosen people and came to lead us with the bright cloud, with the pillar of cloud'
9.            If this thing is happening in any other place, we would have seen it in the internet. We are the only people just like it was happening in the days of Israel. They were the only ones who were led by the pillar of fire. If there is any set of human beings upon the face of this earth who are led with the pillar of fire, we would have seen it in the internet. Is that not true?
10.         'And it has never been seen any where even till now. If it has manifested somewhere, we would have seen it in the internet' That is the truth. So we are sure of what we are saying.
11.          We are so privileged, why then would we play? Why then can’t we now stop and then think? We want to now look at this page 27, Block word from the same message. 'Your duty is to discover why some died but you are alive' I want us to pay attention here.
12.          Your duty is to what? To discover why some died and you are alive. 'Some where aborted but you are alive, some are crippled and blind but you are healthy and complete. Have you discovered his eternal purpose for you? Some are married while some are unmarried and will remain unmarried until they die. Some married and divorced but you are living in your own family. You are happily married with your wife and so on' Yes. See me with my wife, happily married. Since 1987 that we met, we have never, if not my coming to AkwaIbom stayed one week far from one another. It is only my coming to AkwaIbom that kept us that far till this moment that we are here. 'some have children and died, your own are still alive' Look at you here, William is in Port Harcourt. Is that not true? Good. 'have you discovered why? For anything God is doing in your life, there is an eternal purpose'
13.         Have you seen it? Anything God is doing in my life there is an eternal purpose. That is why I want us to mark that place. That anything God is doing to your life, to my life, in this family there is an eternal purpose to it. Do not just think that it is happening to anybody, no.
14.         Anything he is doing in your life there is an eternal purpose which he has already purposed. 'For anything God is doing in your life, there is an eternal purpose which he has already purposed for you after the counsel of his own will. When you do not discover these things, the tendency is there for you to be financing God’s enemies' That is the truth. 'Financing forces that are against you bragging' You begin to support foolish things. Because you will hear foolish people begin to talk 'oh if God is this, if he is this, why is it happening to you this way?'
15.         You do not know that everything happening to you, is according to his divine purpose. He permitted it to occur that way. For he has a purpose for what he is doing. Because if you begin to allow yourself to go reasoning, why did he do this, why is this thing happening, why that one, you see you will be causing yourself problems.
16.         I am a seed of God which he had already made for his own glory from the beginning of the world. So there is no how that he is just going to turn his back like this, no, no. Everything happening there is a divine purpose. Are you getting it? And that is why Almighty God is making us to see something there that what we must do in this hour, is not for us to begin to be in a hurry.
17.          Let us have patience with this God who is the Son of Man Apostle Peter OdoemenaBlessed be his most Holy name. Don’t begin to say why? Why did he not do this? Why? No. He has a purpose and everything is walking according to the counsel of his will. He is the one who knows everything that he is doing.
18.         So I want us to look at Page 147 verse 27 to 29 'Do not be impatient for the Lord to act'. If you are becoming impatient, you will begin to ask, why is he not doing anything, why is he quiet, who told you he doesn’t know what he is doing?  He knows. He that knows that this family is perching in this place, he that knows that this family is passing through so many troubles, doesn’t he know what to do? Doesn’t he have plan for that family?
19.         So why will you be impatient. That is why he said don’t be impatient for the Lord to act. 'In other words be patient with God, for you have need of patience that when your obedience to the truth is fulfilled you will get the promise. You do not get the promise without fulfilling the demands'  Sothat is why God said we should do what? Keep travelling. 'keep traveling steadily along his pathway and in due season he will honor you with every blessing'
20.         Have you seen it? If you look at the scriptures it said seek ye the kingdom of God first and these other things which he calls his Jara(addition), he will give it to you. Just keep doing His will because the kingdom of God is nothing but God himself that has come in flesh.'Keep traveling patiently, do not go to the left or to the right, do not change your mind, keep on travelling, keep on walking with the Lord' That is the truth.
21.         Keep on walking with the Lord. That is all God is demanding from us. Don’t change your mind, don’t ever begin to allow anything to pollute your mind. Know that this God, we are not talking about an imaginary God, we are talking about the Son of Man, Apostle Peter Odoemena Blessed be his most Holy name. We know him. He is the one.
22.         This God that we are worshipping just be patient with him. Keep travelling patiently along his path, not your own, not my own, along his path. Then we will see what he is going to do very soon.
23.         For there is no problem that does not have an expiry date. Page 150 verse 36 to 40 'Oh, glory be to God look at how husband and wife, Elizabeth and her husband' I want to ask the question, God said look at Elizabeth and Zachariah, do you think somebody is going to look for Elizabeth elsewhere? It is me and you. For God has already declared it.
24.         When he spoke it, the spirit of Elizabeth and Zachariah has rested in this family. So it is left for us to recognize and pray a prayer like I often say 'God help me and my wife to understand ourselves and to understand what you are doing in this family'. That is what God is looking for.
25.         When we understand ourselves and understand what God is doing in the family, then we are careful to do everything recognizing that you children, no matter what it is must pick an example from us. Is that not true? ' Oh, glory be to God, look at how husband and wife, Elizabeth and her husband, the Bible said Zachariah walked blamelessly before the Lord. Walk blamelessly before the Lord'
26.         If Zachariah walked blamelessly before the Lord, what is stopping this Zachariah from walking blamelessly before the Lord? This is why we sang that song we said that we will give our lives over to God. Whatever he wants, we are his property. We are not listening to any voice only one voice and that is the voice of the Son of Man, Apostle Peter Odoemena Blessed be his most Holy name. 'where they not human beings like us? Did they not live here on earth? Where they not the parents of John the Baptist' Are we not parents of William, Timothy and Peace? Yes Sir! ' To God be the glory. How I pray everyday that God will help me and my wife to understand ourselves, understand what God is doing for us and walk blamelessly before Him'.
27.         Once we understand what he is doing, we will now walk blamelessly. Nothing bothers us. Anything anybody is saying, it is his opinion. It has nothing to do with us.
28.          Many a times, it is the pressure of the society that causes the people to do certain foolish things they are not supposed to do. ' How I pray every day that God will help me and my wife to understand ourselves, understand what God is doing for us and walk blamelessly before him, so that our children will have no excuse should they turn renegade but God forbid!'
29.         They will not be renegade, because they have an example to know how the father and the mother are dedicated to this God and ready to do everything according to his Will.
30.         'Whatever life you are living with your husband, you are leaving a legacy. Your children in one way or the other must emulate your lifestyle. That is why God said, do not tell them your success alone, tell them your failures and warn them never to tow the path you towed that led to that disappointment otherwise you have not given them a good training'
31.         The good training is to tell them the bad path we took that did not help us, that caused disappointment. That is why I don’t fail to tell the family about all those wrong paths I took which caused trouble in the family. Which caused us to pass through agony and pain, so that you do not pass through that way.That is the same thing Timothy was saying this evening.
32.         That youths sit down and tow the same way their father is going instead of them doing the right thing now. That we need to be established so that by the time you form a family, you will be growing and your income will be growing according to the family. That is where we failed.
33.         We wherenot having anything that is steady. We grab today, it falls off tomorrow, we grab tomorrow, it falls off again. That is what cause this our insufficient finance. Are you getting it? So there are many things we need to let our children know so that they will not go that way.
34.         We know that Allah knows everything and The Son of Man is the very Great Allah, the Al Mahdi. Page 153 verse 46.  'But Allah knoweth everybody. He knows the ways, the thoughts and imaginations of everybody and rewards everybody according to truth' He knows, there is nothing that is hidden before this Great Allah. So there is no excuse we are going to give, that maybe it is because of this I did this or because of that I did that, no. He knows everything and so it is all left for us to live and do what he said we should do, forgetting about it. Why should you be bothering yourself about what he is supposed to be bothering about. It is his responsibility. So why are you worrying yourself about it, leave it in his hands, he knows what to do.
35.          We want to read some Surah. Surah 6 verse 17 ' If Allah afflicts you with some harm, then no one can remove it but he’ Have you seen it? If Allah afflicts you with some harm, is there anyone that can remove it? No. ‘If Allah afflicts you with some harm, then no one can remove it but he. If he bestows upon you a favour remember that he is the possessor of every power to do all that he will'. So if he decides to bestow you with favour, he said remember that he is the one that holds every power that you need.
36.         Surah 16 verse 125 ' Prophets call the people to the way of your Lord with Wisdom and goodly and kind exhortation and argue with them in the most pleasant and best manner. Surely, your Lord knows very well who has gone astray from his path and he knows very well the guided ones to the right path'.
37.         For He knows. He said all you have to do like we are preaching now, God knows the people that are walking on the rightful path and those that are not. My duty as a minister is to call the family to the right path, to the truth. Show us the right path. Don’t begin to bother yourself oh this one did this one or that one did this one or that one did another one, no.
38.         Recognize that Almighty God knows every path that each of us is taking. Somebody that is on the right path he knows, the person on the wrong path he knows. So everything is in his hands.
39.         Surah 17 verse 84 ' Say, everyone acts after his own way and fashion and your Lord knows very well who is best guided in the right path'. So when you are doing anything, it is Almighty God that knows the person that is walking on the rightful path.
40.         That is why in the message, he now told us something, he said this is not the period you begin to look at why is brother behaving the way he is behaving.  Why is sister behaving the way she is behaving? You see he took us away from those things and brought us to our family. So that we can watch and then when we see something, we say no don’t behave that way, stand this way. Why? He has already told us don’t bother because the hand of God might be behind the action of that brother or that Sister.
41.         It is not everybody who came for eternal life. That is why God knows everything and he knows what he is doing, by bringing us home. And he said  what should I do? I should strengthen my family and strengthen my Faith. You must first save yourself, then you save your family, before you can talk of others coming.
42.         Surah 2 verse 261 'The attributes of those who spend their wealth in the cause of Allah is like the attribute of a grain of corn which sprouts seven ears each ear bearing a hundred grains and Allah multiplies further for whomsoever he pleases, for Allah is bountiful, all knowing'. That is why you see in the hour we are living in our heart should be that whatever the Lord blesses us with, we will use it in supporting whatever God is doing. Are you getting it? Yes.
43.         That should be our desire in our heart. That whatever God blesses us with let us use it in supporting this work of God. We know that it is like a farmer that goes to plant ten grains of corn. What is he going to reap? Maybe about three/four bags from that ten grains that you counted.
44.         You just planted. What he’s going to reap there might turn out to be three/four bags of corn. From just ten pieces he just planted, small thing. How many? Even when you want to plant a big farm. Have we not done farm in Jos? We want to plant a big farm we carry one mudu of corn. One mudu. We just go and plant one mudu. But at the end of the day, we go and get bags. Even then we where under End-time.
45.          Look at how we suffered with bag of corn as our tithe. See my wife here. We suffered carrying it on our head. Where taxi is going to drop us, it will not take us to the house. We carried it on the head. At the end of it was it appreciated? No. So these are the things, God is opening our eyes to see these things. What is God doing? Helping us to have a right desire.
46.          It is just like a child sits down and desires, saying, 'oh, Lord if you make a way for me I have my heart to change this family'. That is the thought of the child. I want to change this my family with whatever you bless me with.
47.         And that is the desire we should have for the Faith, for we belong to a family, our father is the Son of Man, Apostle Peter Odoemena Blessed be his most Holy name. We must stand to support him to make sure that we win this battle and get to the end. For when we get to the end, we must wear that crown.
48.         Page 155 verse 49 to 51 'so if you are wise and understanding, begin now to make your choice between the good and the bad'. This is what we read in Quran because it is a desire. If you are wise, what do you do? Begin now to make your choice because everything you see in this life is a choice.
49.          The person that decides to be an armed robber he chose it. That is the path he wants to take. And the other person sat down and looked at the medical doctor and said I want to be  a doctor. He chose a path. He said begin now to do what? If you are wise and understanding, begin now to make your  choice between good and the bad. 'always remember that the end of your Life counts more than the beginning of your life. The beginning of your life does not determine your destiny but the end determines your destiny'
50.         I don’t know if we are catching this message. The beginning of the life of this family, it did not determine our destiny but now the end has determined our destiny. For he clearly told us, Elizabeth and Zachariah has manifested. What was their end? They walked blameless before God.
51.         'The beginning of your life does not determine your destiny but the end, for no man is crowned until he gets to the end. Mistakes can be made along the way, if you can correct them before you get to the end, glory be to God' That is the desire of God. Every day he is giving us the opportunity to do what? To correct our records before him, is that not true?
52.          So look at the end now, has the end not showed us our destiny? So these are the things that God wants from us. You see today, people call a person wicked maybe because he does this or does that.
53.         A wicked person is one who refuses to obey the word of God and the instructions of God. Whatever God is telling us today is for our good. I have not seen anything he has said that is harmful to us. Everything he is saying is for our good. Somebody will be wicked to refuse to do what God is saying.

If you want to get all you want from God, the secret lies in submitting yourself to His word.
When you obey God, ask whatsoever you will, you will get it.
The moment your obedience is fulfilled, you will get whateveryou want.
Pg. 115 vs. 69.

Let us look at 'Walking Blamelessly Before God Volume 2’ Page 17 verse 39 to 41 ' we should bear  it in mind that it is the word of God which you are hearing now, with what it is doing in your life that will put the fear of God in your heart'.
1.            The word you are hearing now and what it is doing in your life, that will put the fear of God in your heart. 'and you should know that the way you think is not the way God thinks'. The way you are thinking is not the way God is thinking. 'The way you see things is not the way God sees things, so that whatsoever you are doing, whatsoever you are thinking, you do all with restraint.’
2.            With restraint, so don’t always sit down and be saying 'oh, you know, this thing I’m doing I want to help myself, I have tried, I have been patient enough, nothing is happening, you know’. Foolishness.
3.            Do everything with restraint. Know that the way you are thinking, the way we are sitting down and thinking, sometimes we will become so impatient, we say 'we are tired’, you don’t know what the plan of God is.
4.            He said it is that time you decide to do what you want to do, you will see him fulfilling what he wanted to do. So when you are doing everything, God said do it with restraint. 'At any point, you are either walking with God or walking with the Devil' That is the danger. 'foryou cannot walk alone. You are either partnering with God or partnering with the Devil. It is either God is influencing your decisions  or the devil is influencing your decisions'
5.            Whatever decisions you are taking, watch it. When you watch what happened to David, you would know it from there. David at one stage in time the scriptures said one, it was God who told him and the other one is the devil.
6.            Have you now seen it? It is either it is God that directed you to do that thing or you think I am a child of God, so whatever I am doing, God directed me. You do not know that you listened to Satan and he influenced your decision. So we must be careful. Why?
7.            These two are following us bumper to bumper. Both God and Satan, with two different aims. Satan is looking for a moment which you will forget yourself and he will strike. But God is doing what? Protecting you. Have you seen it?
8.            So I must always realize that God is with me and whatever I must do, I must ask myself the question, what did the Lord say about it? Because there’s nothing we want to do now that the Lord did not say something about. Let alone, he has already told us if he is our owner why should I then decide to do something without going to my owner to tell him.
9.            Sir see what I want to do, is it according to your will? For I am not coming for any other thing. I want your perfect will about this matter and I’m ready to take it. So we shouldn’t be foolish, whatever we want to do no matter how little it sounds, we have him.
10.         He has already told us there is something we don’t explore, the area of a counselor. So can’t we remember that he told us that we don’t explore that area and it is expected for us to explore it? Page 22 verse 53 to 54 ' You cannot forsake God and devil at the same time’ Have you seen it?
11.         You cannot forsake God and devil at the same time because if you forsake God, you have stood with the devil. When you forsake the devil, you have stood with God. 'If you forsake God you must embrace the devil. Can it happen? You can never reject light and darkness at the same time. No,no,no. You reject up and at the same time reject down. Is it done?' It is not possible. ‘You rejected up and also rejected down?' No, it doesn’t work.
12.         So we must recognize that if we have rejected Satan, we must take stand with this God. Whatever he wants and the way he wants it that is the way we must do it. Not the way we want it, no.
13.         We are here to do his will and to please him at all times. That is what we must do.
14.         If you do not know God, you cannot know the devil.You must know how to identify the original before you can identify the counterfeit. If you don’t know the original, are you able to identify the counterfeit? No. That is the thing.
15.         You must know the way of God and the way he wants you to walk and then when you see Satan coming in, you will know that there is a wrong spirit that has gotten on you. If you do not know how to identify original, it will be difficult.
16.         If you cannot identify original of this money now, it will be difficult for you to identify the counterfeit. That is why many collect counterfeit without knowing. But immediately somebody who knows the original sees it as the counterfeit, he says no, this money is not good.
17.          You wonder what happened to it. He has studied the original. So immediately he is seeing that counterfeit, he is telling you that no, I won’t take this money, change it. And you would see the person if he is having a fraudulent mind, he will say which kind thing be this. He would walk away.
18.          That means he came with the aim of giving you that counterfeit. He is not ready to give you any other original one. So we must know that. Page 23 verse 55 to 60 ' But before scripture will tell you who he is, it is through the scriptures that you must know the identification of Christ in all the ages. That is true. If you do not have the Quran will you know who Mohammed is?’
19.         You won’t know. ‘You must hold it and also believe in it. When you wait in the word you will never be misled'. When you wait in the word, you will never be misled. 'If you don’t believe in the written word, to believe the spoken word is impossible. There’s no Prophet that never saw the coming of the Son of Man' That is the fact.
20.         There is no Prophet. Whether you want to go to Hindu, whether you want to go to Hari Krishna, anywhere you want to enter, none of these Prophets that did not see the coming of the Son of Man. And in every one of them they give it their own name.
21.         That is why one call it Avatar, another one call it Maitreya, another one call it Hazrat Mahdi, have you seen it? All is pointing to one person, which is the Almighty God, the Almighty Allah in human flesh. 'Not even one, even Enoch the seventh generation Prophet saw him, Abraham saw him, he is the Abraham of  today'He is what?
22.         The Abraham of today. 'who is not only a global figure but a global treasure' He is not only a global figure, but a global treasure ' through him, all the inhabitants of the earth shall get their blessings'. Through him all the inhabitants of the earth will get their blessing but if you don’t know that there’s a great treasure here, will you go seeking for it?
23.          After all, we’ve been watching films and we see were people are looking for the treasure. They are fighting for it. Ready to even kill one another to be able to get that treasure. So it’s not a small fight.
24.         Once you know there’s treasure there, commit your life there, don’t allow anything to hinder you from being a partaker of that treasure. 'through him all the inhabitants of the earth shall get their blessings. So he is a global treasure, a global figure and a global treasure.’
25.         That is the thing. He is a global treasure at the same time a global figure. So whatever any man is saying around us here is a local statement and it doesn’t move us because what we are talking about is that The Son of Man, the God we are worshipping is a global figure and at the same time a global treasure. Page 25 verse 63 to 64 'That is why you must know your status in Christ'. That is why you must know your status in Christ ' know your status in the Son on Man because in him is the father revealed'
26.         Once you know your status in the Son of Man, who is going to move you? Nobody. What situation is going to move you? None. You are sure and certain. Let me tell you the truth, people that are looking for treasure, no matter the cold, the pain, the trouble, they are not moved. They don’t want to miss that treasure. They know the treasure is there. So they don’t want to miss it.
27.          Any step they are going to take away from that place they will miss the track. They have already gotten the track, so whatever is going to attract them from that track they are not ready to listen to that thing. 'You can never see God outside the Son of Man, he is the one where the father is tabernacling. So you cannot bypass him and see the father, you come right in through the message and you come face to face with the Almighty God' Yes because God and the word are one. 'I am not saying it because I am involved, even if I am not involved, I would stand in for the truth.
28.         However there is nothing in this world or in the world to come that will exclude me from what God is doing because I have been a part of the Elohim before the world began. Anybody can be excluded from the Elohim not the Son of Man. Without the Son of Man, nothing was created. Who is the Son of Man that your are mindful of him' Is that not what David asked in the scriptures? Good. ' He will control even the future world. For the future world will not be controlled by the angels. We are just in his presence to praise God for what he has done already, for the work is finished in righteousness'
29.         That is what we are doing now. We are in his presence to praise him, for the work has been finished in righteousness. Look at what he was doing, people never caught the revelation of the first Sunday of this year. Till you were there as Timothy is a witness. People never caught the revelation of what he was doing on that day.
30.         What more proclamation are you waiting for than the last which is to put on the immortality but he has said many things. He has pointed many things. So that is why we said if we have won that trophy, will we play with that trophy? No. We will be foolish. We will be the most Wawas(fools) to ever play at this hour. God is found nowhere but in his word.  Page 27 verse 1 to 14 'Watch and wait, wheels on a wheel preached on 27th April 2003 page 118 verse 34 through 35. Believe it or not, I am a vindicated man of God, I am God enmorphe'
31.         That means he is the mask masking the great masquerade. 'What is more, God has never withheld anything from me, nothing. Only that your unbelief, disobedience and disloyalty is hindering you from benefiting from my deep treasures' You see? So what is he telling us?
32.         Do not allow unbelief to ever, if it is there get rid of it. Do not allow disobedience because you see disobedience attracts disobedience. That is why we keep praying we say Lord since we came before you and the voice went forth and said 'you have obeyed' we said 'Lord, may this obedience continue to attract obedience'.
33.         Obedience attracts obedience and disobedience attracts disobedience. So we know that with disobedience, with any iota of unbelief, we will not enjoy the deep treasures that are in him. You know somebody can just look at the Son of Man, he looks common. But there is deep treasure in the Son of Man.
34.         'Only that your unbelief, disobedience and disloyalty is hindering you from benefiting from my deep treasures. I am the fountain of treasures but you cannot tap my treasures until you are obedient and loyal to me. But if you feel that we are equals, well you do yourselfmore harm than good because when I saw that spirit I fought it a little and stopped' Did he fight it till the end? No.
35.         So the thing is still inside. Many are thinking they are equal with the Son of Man. Too bad for you to ever think that way. This is the Supreme God. Whatever he is doing here is just to help us. He got married because he wants to give us example.
36.          Whatever you see him doing here is for our own help. Why? Human beings learn faster with the examples they are seeing. That is why we are warned as parents to make sure we give our children good example.
37.         That is what God used to tell us. Like people we live with, they do not know how to greet and they expect their children to know how to greet? No. They are learning from you. Our children grew up saw us that when we come out, we just salute everybody, we are friendly with people and that is their attitude. And this is what God is to us as a father. So he is laying a perfect example to us.' but if you feel that we are equals, well you do yourself more harm than good, because when I saw that spirit I fought it a little and stopped.
38.          If you feel we are equals, you can talk to me anyhow, act anyhow, argue with me, contend with me even fight me like one threatened even. Another one took it upon himself to say that a son can quarrel with his father or even fight his father. I said okay, go ahead and do it, he wrote it in his own treaties but today who is suffering it? He is the one.
39.         He does not rise up again before me because he knows what is standing before him'. For God has already opened his eyes to see. ' I told you I am a global treasure, I’m not only a global figure, I am a global treasure. I am above a basket casket' Did you get the message? ' I am above a basket casket. Did you get the message? I am above one day mourning'.
40.         It is just one day, they bring the casket, everybody sees it. One day they put it on the ground, that’s the end. No matter how you cry but the Son of Man is not like that. As you see him, he is rising from glory to glory.
41.         The people that looked at him some years back when they were saying one man, one man, today are they not marveling? Today many are ashamed. They are hiding their faces, like Ben Adiukwu, Weston Fihala, yes. They are hearing stories, they are going to the net, they are following all these things, they are ashamed of themselves but they can no more come before him, no way again.
42.         So he is not a casket that you just mourn for one hour and that’s the end, no! ' I am above one day mourning, a one day funeral is not for the Son of Man' That is true ' I am above that. What is hindering you from tapping from my treasure? Unbelief, disobedience, disloyalty, arrogance, pride. That is why when God makes a way for you and you abuse it, he will withdraw it. Who has ever succeeded in life through his self-struggle?' Nobody. 'who has ever succeeded in life through his self-struggle without God’s support?' Nobody. 'who has ever succeeded? Nobody. Maybe we are looking for number one'that will succeed without God, which is impossible.
43.         'Even in marriage, is God not the one who gives a good husband? God is the one who gives good husband, good wife, good children. For every good and honest gift cometh from the Lord. Who establishes your plan? God. Who will never allow your children to go hungry after you? God. Children of the righteous cannot go about begging bread, even in the departure of their parents. For the generosity of their parents, they will reap the reward' Is that not true? ' if their parents are evil, the children will also reap the reward of evil. That is why when evil people die, their places are seen no more'.
44.         You will see the children are no more. There’s nothing happening again. Look at the example were we are staying. Look at the example. Tell me anything that is improving again? This man has gone and his name is just quiet, is just going. You don’t Know what is going to happen in the next year, the name will just be silent. 'but when a righteous die, there is always a continuum. Continuity!' Continuity.
45.         You will see as they are rising, why? Because of the parents that stayed sticking to God. So God showing us all these things, is to help us. Are you getting it? That we should remember that this God we are serving is real. For many their eyes will open. God is not opening it now.
46.          There is a time Nigeria will turn out to be the pilgrimage ground. People will be rushing but it will be too late. People will be rushing because their eyes will be opened that the Lord they were waiting for has already been on earth all this while.
47.         Already a Pentecostal has given that prophecy long ago in the 90’s, saying that Africa is like a gun and Nigeria is like the trigger. That God is going to trigger a great revival from Nigeria, the world will rush to Nigeria to see what is taking place. Watch, Africa is like a gun and Nigeria is at the bottom, at the trigger.
48.          So that is were it is going to click, a great thing in Africa, the world will know what they have missed. Page 32 verse 15 to 17’ Remember your reward part 1  page 45 verse 82. Let us go right in to God himself with true hearts. With what? With true hearts fully trusting him to receive us' Let us go in with all our heart, trusting our God, just depending upon him. Let us be like that girl with her father, that was in the plane.
49.         Any  situation around us forget it. Is the Son of Man on the scene? Yes. Forget it! 'not with false hearts or deceitful hearts, fully trusting God to do what? To receive us. Because our bodies have been washed with pure water and I have told you what that pure water is. That pure water is the word of God. Come that I may cleanse you with water by the word'.
50.         That is what God is telling us, come that I may cleanse you by the water which is the word of God. When we come with a pure heart, this water washes us as clean as snow, this is what God is expecting. Almighty God has told us there is a purpose why he came but many do not know that they are the ones shutting themselves against that thing.
51.         I want to show us something, go to this message, ‘Who Has Been God’s Counselor?' Page 99 verse 37 and 40. You will see that many are closing their heart. What has the Faith come to do? Remember that this Faith is Grace, and Grace and Truth is the Son of Man.' If you know any problem you have been having in your home, in your life as an individual and Faith came to help you, you can only come out if you allow that Faith to help.
52.         If you say 'faith I do not want your help', you will remain with your problem. For the Faith has come to change that condition for the better if only you will acknowledge the Faith. Faith is there knocking at the door, faith is there trying to gain entry but you closed your door and shut it up as a closed shut, no intruder is allowed, I do not want anybody.
53.          Faith has been locked out, Christ locked out, Truth locked out, peace locked out, Prophet is locked out. Trouble, trouble will now remain' That is the truth.
54.         We must now recognize that this is what he came to do. If we open up our heart, because he said we should come in with a pure heart and he will wash us with the water of the word. We are now cleansed by the word which the Son of Man has spoken unto us but not all. Have you gotten it?
55.         Not all because you don’t go with a pure heart. It is only when you have a pure heart to accept what we are receiving from God, then you will be cleansed. Open up your heart, God is going to come in and take care of everything.
56.         When I caught this revelation, I kept telling my wife every time, forget it. This thing will expire one day, and the day it will expire is going to take many by surprise. It is going to be a shocker to human beings because God is always doing his things in such a way that every human being born of a woman will know that this is the hand of God. This is the finger of God.


Walking Blamelessly Before God volume 2 Page 34 verse 23 and 24 'Anybody in our midst now who still has room for doubt, who still has something confusing him, who is still dabbling between two opinions, who is still buffeted about by the prosperity of the wicked, asking whether it is this or that, let me wait for another…'
1.            You will say if God is with me, why are these people prospering and I am not. When we know that there is nothing Satan cannot give to a human being. Nothing. God did not take one power from Satan. Satan has the power to enrich human beings. So, do not attribute it to God.
2.            You cannot be walking contrary to God and then prospering. It is not possible, it is not God. But are these people walking according to the will of God? No! So don’t be carried away by the prosperity of the wicked and begin to use it to ask yourself foolish questions. 'asking whether it is this or that, let me wait for another, who is even sure of all this? Is the person a believer? No room for doubt and we can now tell others that salvation is ours'.
3.            That is the truth, we can now confidently tell others that salvation is ours. 'That we ourselves that believed have entered the rest but for somebody that is still having double mind, still harboring unbelief, has he entered? He has not entered. Can he tell others that salvation is his? No sir'. He cannot. He cannot open his mouth to say that because he knows what is taking place in his heart.
4.            But once your heart is pure, you are rejoicing, you are confidently telling the person salvation is mine. Salvation is ours. Page 43 verse 48 to 49 ' If anybody sins by rejecting the savior, Christ after knowing the truth, what a horrible condition.’
5.            After knowing this truth because we have enough fact. I say we are people that do not have any big work to do. If somebody is doubting anything all we need to give you is our website. Just go and sit down and do research in our website, then come back let us talk if you are ready.
6.             We have given you the work to go and do. Go and watch our website. So what is it that God has not done for us. Look at what he has done in the website. So he is the one. No wonder he never told us to go for any evangelism.
7.            He is the one that is saving whosoever. Yes and bringing them in. Brother Branham has said this man’s ministry it will go out in book form, in newspaper form till the whole world, elect will see it and come. Are you getting it? Can anybody in this most Holy Faith say that he or she  does not know that the Son of Man is the very Christ, who is Grace and Truth that has appeared to us? Nobody can say so.
8.            No matter what your doubt is, the best thing for you is what we will read later. He said when you know that you are not convinced, walk away. Stop claiming that you believe when you don’t believe.
9.             ‘If the person never knew the truth that would have been a different matter' That is the thing. 'But the person knows the truth very well in and out but deliberately rejected it because he wants to have his own way'.
10.         Is that not Foolishness? That is pure Foolishness.
11.         You know the truth and this truth ought to set you free, So you know you are bound to the truth. You cannot have your way. Let God have his way because you are his property. That is why he said, Israel I want you to remember that you are just like the clay in the hand of the Potter.
12.          And he is the Potter, we are the clay. Page 44 verse 51 ' God will not fight you but you have heaped for yourself an eternal punishment, eternal judgment which you cannot remedy' He won’t fight you. After knowing the truth, is he going to fight you? No. You know the truth in and out. But you just choose to reject it and have your way.
13.          And at the end of it, all that chose to have their way, did they not regret on that day they were dying? I know that former Bishop Umezulike regretted the day he was giving up his ghost. But there is nothing he can do. He wanted to have his way and look at what his way became for him.
14.         Surah 2 verse 160 to 162 ' except such of them as repent and mend themselves and declare clearly the  truth which they used to hide, it is they to whom I shall turn with mercy, for I am the oft returning with compassion and the ever merciful.
15.         But those who persist in disbelief and die while they are disbelievers, these are the ones upon whom be the disapproval of Allah and of the angels and of people and in short of all of them. They shall remain in this state of disapproval for long, their punishment shall not be reduced for them and no respite shall be given to them’.
16.         We can see clearly that it is when you remain in unbelief but once you can repent, God is a merciful father. That is why he had to open our eyes to see that repentance is passing fast. The period is just going fast. So we must do all we can to make sure that we change our views, change our mind.
17.          What is more important than eternal life? What is more important? Page 45 verse 55 to 58 ' there is one thing that we do not understand. We do not understand that whatever that comes to us is directed by God to test our Faith' He said there is one thing that we do not understand, we do not understand that whatever that comes to us is directed by God to test our Faith.
18.          So nothing happens to us by chance. Almighty God has a purpose. 'The prophet said Allah must test your Faith, for he will not use the word of your mouth, he will use your action to test your Faith' You can find that in Surah 2 verse 143. Allah will not do what? He will not just take the word of your mouth; he will take your action. It’s not your word he is looking for, because anybody can speak sweetly.
19.         If you want sweet talkers, they are politicians. 'That was the way he tested our fathers, our patriarchs, beginning with Abraham. He said God will test you, Allah will test you, not with something you hate but something you love. Because Abraham loved Isaac more than Ishmael' Mine, you see when we did not know Quran, we accepted the Foolishness the Muslims said that he took Ishmael and proclaimed he was the one. Look at Quran now.
20.          Quran is now showing us that because he loved Isaac more than Ishmael, God told him to use Isaac for that sacrifice of Ramadan. You see now? So it is now God has opened our eyes and took us to the scriptures to see that when Abraham died, the two sons buried him.
21.          If they were not together, how come they went for the burial? 'because Abraham loved Isaac more than Ishmael, God tested Abraham using Isaac. Use this son whom you love so much, that is the one I need for this Ramadan feast' Have you seen it? 'Abraham said amen! Allah said if you do it, that means you love me'. He knew the two sons.
22.         He said since you love this one more than this one, this is the one I want you to sacrifice for the Ramadan. And recently we heard the Ramadan voice. That it is only God that comes to bring out the reality. For people just sit down and condemn what they do not know.
23.         Many are using their mouth to just destroy themselves and say what they are not supposed to say. Instead of finding out the real truth. So you can now see that truth came out for us to see that these two sons were there and he said you love this one, I know.
24.         God knows everybody, he said you love this more than that one, so this is the one I want you to sacrifice. Page 50 verse 69 ' when you are in opposition, living the life of disobedience, you are making it impossible for God to hear your prayer.’
25.         When you are in opposition, living your life in disobedience, you are making it impossible for God to hear your prayers when you cry.
26.         'you are making it impossible for God to hear your prayer when you cry. Call upon him, he will never answer for you are on the opposing side'. You see? So how can you have gotten this kind of privilege that we have gotten and then you would go and play and remain in disobedience. Are you getting it? So we can’t just play with this kind of opportunity that we have.
27.          Galatians 6 verse 7 and 8, the Amplified version. ' do not be deceived and deluded and misled, God will not allow himself to be snared at, scorned, disdained or mocked by mere pretentions or professions or by his precepts being set aside. He inevitably deludes himself who attempts to delude God. For whatever a man sows, that and that only is what he will reap'.
28.         And that is why the Prophet, Blessed be his name Mohammed was telling us that God will not take your words, he wants your action. Whatever you are using your mouth for, whatever you are doing, you are just wasting your time.
29.          Page 52 of that same message and read verse 75 and 76 ' God will never allow himself to be Fooled into believing that you belong to him because of the profession of your mouth'. He will never be fooled.
30.         You are just using your mouth to tell him that yes I belong to you, no! ' or mere pretending by bringing four kolanuts, four cartons of beer, twenty cartons of wine, twenty goats and rams or even one herd of cattle, you are wasting your time. I have just warned you, empty your bank account into my purse, it will never give you my favor. If I am against you, I am against you, your money means rubbish'.
31.         So that is why I said human beings are not learning. Even what is happening in the world today, is enough for us to know that Almighty God is letting the people know that your money is useless nonsense. It can’t even help you in time of trouble. Is only God that can help you.
32.         That is why we can live without the money, because when you look at it as if you cannot survive without the money, it looks like the money is greater than God. We cannot survive without God but we can survive without money because God is there and he is greater than that money. Is that not true?
33.         Almighty God is not interested in what we are saying with our mouth. What he wants to see is our action. You see that is why he said one thing remaineth.
34.          Act on this thing, put it into practice, that is what God is looking for. Page 56 verse 87 and 88 'Remember your Reward part 1 page 66 verse 69. That is why when you are doing whatsoever your are doing, be careful, be diligent, be  watchful, be sober. These are words found in the scriptures. Be careful.’.Amen.
35.         These are words found in the scripture warning us that whatever we are doing, we should be careful, diligent, watchful and sober. 'whenever you are doing whatever you are doing, be careful, be diligent, be watchful, be sober, be alert, be on the alert against spiritual danger'.
36.         That is why I said, God is giving us relief materials. He told us beware of spiritual what? Dangers! He told us of snake bites. Second spiritual captivity. All these things are showing us that Satan has come out with all his arsenal. And so, God also came out with all his arsenal. So his children are very watchful. Very, very sober. Very, very careful.
37.         They are not allowing anything to side attract their attentions. When you are crossing water, don’t look at the waves. The waves will frighten you. And if you are not careful, you will fall in because of the fear of the waves.
38.          As the boat is passing through, it is causing waves. So don’t look at the side, till you get to your destination. Don’t allow anything to side attract you. Are you getting what God is doing for us at this hour? He is making us to see these things and telling us to be on alert against spiritual dangers. Page 58 verse 91 'If you do not take the word of God serious, it shows that you do not take God serious, for God is nothing but his word'.
39.         All these messages are not things for play because God gave us himself. It is the life of a man that you are playing with. Somebody is opening the message to show you something, and you are playing with it? No! This is not the hour for it. This is the hour we must be serious with everything. As much as you get serious with the message, that is how you are serious with God.
40.          But if you play with the message, that means you are playing with God. Page 68 verse 21 ' do not let this happy trust in the Lord to die down. Do not allow this happy trust in the Lord fizzle out, the moment it dies away, you are dead. When God can no longer trust you and God can no longer count on your confidence you are totally lost.’.
41.         So you see, we should not play with what they Lord has said. Has he said anything contrary? No! He is still holding to it. We should not play. We should not cause the Lord to loose confidence in us. This is why I love the actions that took place when that incident happened to me, Timothy did not take it lightly, neither did your mother take it lightly, because we do not want anything that is going to cause a problem between us and the Son of Man. For we don’t want it.
42.          And anything that is going to cause us any problem is our greatest enemy at this time. Don’t let this happy trust in the Lord to die away. Do not allow the happy trust in the Lord fizzle out. Because once it fizzles out, we are dead. We are an integrated part of the Son of Man’s family if you believe in his message.
43.          You see, by believing in the message of the Son of Man, we are integrated into his family, we are a part of his family. When he is talking about his nuclear family, it’s including us. Whatever blessings the family has, we have. Are you getting it? We do not allow anything that will cause any kind of problem between us and our father.
44.          Page 80 verse 50 to 52 'if you do not believe in my message, it does not concern you, I do not know what you believe in your own family. You want to know why my family is strong in the Faith? The secret is that…' I want you to listen now. You want to know why my family is strong in the Faith? Look at the secret. 'you want to know why my family is strong in the Faith? The secret is that they strive everyday to meet with the demands of the teachings they have received from me'
45.         They do what? Striveeveryday to meet up with the teachings they have received from the Lord. So as an integrated part of this family, will we play?  No sir! 'you want to know why my family is strong in the Faith? The secret is that they strive everyday to meet with the demands of the teachings they have received from me and the Revelations they have received individually from Christ, who is not only visiting them but he is living with them.
46.         They say good morning to him every morning, they equally say good afternoon, good night every night. They serve his interest, tell me what he will withhold from them? That thing does not exist rather because of their weakness, he can extend the mercy to somebody' That’s why we are getting the mercy.
47.          You see we are not playing. Somebody will sit down and think that the Son of Man is just leaving his son’s on the pulpit, no. They are digging out real things in the messages we are receiving. We must come to the point that we know our father, we know that he does not play with anything. He does not play with his word. God, does not even rest, he watches over his word and make sure that they come to pass.
48.         If the Son of Man's family striveeveryday to meet with the demands of the teachings they have received from him, how do you think you can make it if you are not striving everyday? Is there a lesson to learn here? I said Yes. A big lesson that we must learn from there.
49.          Page 79 verse 53 ' and this is your reward according to the scriptures even eternal life, you need to keep on patiently doing God’s Will if you want him to do for you all that he has promised'  you need to do what? You need to keep on patiently doing God’s will if you want him to do all he has promised us.
50.          The Son of Man sees all things, there’s nothing we can hide from him. We will be fooling ourselves to think that because we are in AkwaIbom, God is not seeing us. He is here seeing us, hearing every discussion. He is an unseen guest in every meal, every gathering, everything we are doing, he is seeing us.



Surah 4 verse 58 ' Surely, Allah commands you to make over the trust such as the affairs of the state to those who are competent to it. And that when you judge between the people you should judge with justice. That which Allah exhorts you to do is best indeed. Allah is all hearing, all seeing'
1.           That is the main point that I want us to see there.Allah is what? All hearing and all seeing. So whatever he is telling you to do, he is watching you.
2.            Whatever he ask us to do, Allah is watching us. So anybody that thinks that whatever the Son of Man is telling us to do, he is not watching us, the person is fooling himself. The Son of Man is Allah, the all hearing God and the all-seeing God. He knoweth all things.
3.            Surah 16 verse 22 to 27 ' Your God is one God but as for those who do not believe in the hereafter, their hearts are strangers to the truth and they are full of vanity. As a matter of fact, Allah knows what they conceal and all that they profess and do openly. Surely he doesn’t love such vain persons at all. And when these disbelievers are asked, what is in your opinion that which your Lord has sent down, they say they are mere stories of the ancient'
4.           These people who do not believe, they say it’s just old stories he is telling us. He keeps telling us this same thing every time and they do not know that his words are prophetic. So when he said it the first time, it was not meant for that time, when the time is up, he will now tell us this is the time.
5.           ' They say it with the result that they will bear their own burdens in full on the day of resurrection and also a portion of the burdens of those who are without knowledge and whom they are leading astray because of their ignorance. Look, how evil is the burden which they bear. Their predecessors did also hatch schemes against the prophets'
6.           When they are saying those things, people who are not having knowledge, weak minded people, they will be saying oh it’s true. They will hear them talking rubbish, they will say it’s true. The people will come to were truth is being said, they will say it’s true. So God will say which one are you? Are you a bat? Many people are in the Faith, they don’t know what they are doing.
7.           Somebody is misleading them, they are saying it’s true. They don’t have conviction of their own. So this people that are misleading them they don’t know they are carrying the burden on their head, God will deal with them seriously.
8.           'Their predecessors did also hatch schemes against the Prophets, Allah struck at the very root of their foundations. So that the roof fell down from above them and the punishment came upon them from quarters they did not perceive. That is not all.
9.           Then on the day of resurrection he will disgrace them and will say, were are my so called partners associated with me by you, for whose sake you used to oppose my Prophets and the believers in truth, at that time those who have been given the knowledge would say surely this day disgrace and calamity shall be the lot of the disbelievers'
10.       God has already shown them from that beginning. That is why a disbeliever will start his suffering from earth before he will face that judgment. That is why God is showing us all these things to see what a believer will enjoy and what a disbeliever will also enjoy.
11.       That is what he will suffer. That is his reward. Reward for a believer and reward for an unbeliever. God has told us from the start, this is the period you make your choice between the good and the bad. He kept showing us those things so that we can make our choice.
12.       For who will want to end in shame and disgrace? The end is what determines your destiny not the beginning. In the beginning we made so many mistakes, so God is expecting that at this end we should be correcting those mistakes. That is why he said, if you can correct your mistake before the end, glory be unto God. Is that not what God told us?
13.        Let us go to that message 'Who Has Been God’s Counselor?' preached on Sunday 26th March 2017. Page 6 verses 4 to 10 'And I am here to reaffirm it that Faith is yet to be found even here on earth not even in the bride. Inspite of all that God has displayed in the bride which no eyes have ever witnessed all these years, Faith has not been created. Knowledge is there but Faith is not there' you see it?
14.       Knowledge is there but Faith is not there. God saw this thing and then told us the secret on how we should get this abiding Faith. Remember that at the end he will show us the righteous demands. This is the righteous demand. He demand to see that abiding Faith because he is going to describe it now.
15.       Conditions make us to have momentary faith but God is not looking for that momentary faith, He is looking for abiding Faith.
16.       'Knowledge is there but Faith is not there. I am sure and certain of what I am saying. If you are that man of faith, that woman of faith, step forward. When faith comes and abides, trouble seize. When I am talking about faith it is abiding Faith'
17.       The faith God is talking about is abiding Faith and once that abiding Faith comes in me and in you, he said troubles cease. Nothing worries the person again.
18.       That is why he said whatever you like to do to that person he is not moved. Why because there is an abiding Faith. Faith on who? On the Son of Man! I am sure and certain, whatever you are doing, if he does not permit it, nothing happens.
19.        It’s just like the three Hebrew children, they were telling the King, king live forever, whether he comes or he does not come, we are not moved. And if he permits you to do whatever you will do, do it. Did he permit him? No.
20.       'When faith comes and abides, troubles cease, when I am talking about faith, it is abiding Faith, not faith occasioned by circumstances, faith occasioned by your condition. When you are perplexed with difficulties and you are seeking help by all means, then God becomes your last Port of call, for others have failed you.
21.       When he comes your way by answering your prayers, faith is created momentarily. Momentary Faith solves momentary problems but God is demanding abiding Faith' That is what God is demanding from us now. Righteous demand from God is abiding Faith.
22.       'For when the spirit came upon the Lord Jesus Christ, the spirit also abode, melted in, dissolved and became a part of the being. I am seeing Faith occasioned by circumstances, momentary Faith anchoring but awhile and then fizzling away’.
23.       God is seeing them, I say he is an all seeing eyes. He is seeing it, momentarily we will get this faith, a little while it will fizzle out. 'this was what the Lord Jesus Christ saw in them which made him never to depend or rely on any. For he knew how changeable they could be, for they had not the abiding Faith'.
24.       That is the truth, that is why once we don’t have that abiding Faith, God begins to look at you as one that can change tomorrow. Tomorrow you can call this same God Devil. Has it not happened in the Faith? Most of these people that called him devil, there was a time they were standing like solid Rock. But it was momentary Faith.
25.       For that is why God said he doesn’t want it now. God gave us the secret of creating the abiding Faith which is to develop a child-like heart. Whatever spirit that operates in you is your revelation.
26.        Faith is revelation. Once you have that child-like faith, it will create this abiding Faith because look at a child, the child is 100 percent just confident with the mother. And it is true. I said if a woman is sitting on a bike and anything shake her, this woman will be ready to bruise her face just for this baby to be protected.
27.        I am telling you I have watched, a woman falling from a bike, instead of falling sideways, she now turned and fell on her face, so that her baby is not affected and the baby was just sitting looking around but this woman got bruise just to protect her baby. You can see that a child is completely confident on the mother.
28.        Many of these accidents that occur, the mother was not protecting herself, the child will live, the mother will die. The child is so confident that the mother will not permit anything to happen to her and this is what a child-like heart does. And that is why God said, develop it. Once you develop it, this abiding Faith is there. Nothing moves you again.
29.       This is what God wants to see in us. Page 21 verse 45 to 46 ' But to a seed of God standing on his personal revelation which is his faith which he does not share with anybody, he is not mindful whether they are seeing it the way he is seeing it or not, for he has another spirit. His statements has always been ' in exercise of my faith in Christ, I make this pronouncement' and so shall it stand'.
30.       His own is that he is having his faith. He doesn’t want to know whether you are seeing what he is seeing. What he is seeing, you are not seeing it. And what he is hearing, you are not hearing it. So he knows where he is standing and is telling you, whether you like it or not, this is what I am going to do.
31.       The time he came to John the beloved, they looked at John, they said they will carry him and put him in this boiling oil. He said nothing you want to do that is going to make me change. They carried John, put him inside, closed the oil, went away, came back, remove John, even his clothe is not stained.
32.       So he was just in a cold water enjoying himself and they came and removed him. They said this one is not a human being so they carried him to the land of Patmos, and threw him there for animals to kill him but he was enjoying himself. If he was afraid will he not have shown it when the revelation came to him? He received the revelation. He was even about to write and the Lord told him, those things close them till the end. Just like he told Daniel.
33.        At the end of the day, they looked at him, they said no this man is not a human being just leave him alone. That is why he is the only Apostle who died a normal death. When you are having this abiding Faith, this is what happens to you. Nothing moves you.
34.       And this is why God is showing us clearly that a seed of God stands on his personal revelation which is his faith. He doesn’t share that faith with anybody. He is not mindful whether they are seeing it the way he is seeing it or they are not seeing it the way he is seeing it.
35.        That is why he stands to say what he wants to say. He is not mindful whether you see it but he is telling you what he believes and what he stands for. He is not afraid of any human being because he knows what he is saying and he knows who is protecting him.
36.       The Hausa man said na San abun da na taka (I know what I am standing on), before I stand saying what I am saying. So these are the things that we must understand in this hour and see that the Faith of a seed of God is to do the Will of He that called him with a high and a Holy calling, doing his pleasure at all times.
37.       That is the Faith of a seed of God. Page 25 verse 1 to 4 ' number one step you must note if you must have abiding Faith is this, let not the commission of the Ministry, let not the commission of he that is spear heading the ministry, ever fizzle out of your memory.
38.       Place the commission before your eyes, for the commission will tell you the office he is occupying. The office he is occupying will tell you who he is. Who he is will help you to know what to expect for he is the same yesterday, today and forever and will never change because of your unbelief, he can never change because of your hatred, your angry resentment, he can never change.’
39.       That is it. That is why God is saying let your eyes not move away because once your eyes moves away from the commission of the Son of Man, you are bound to see a mere man who is claiming to be God.
40.       But once your eye is set on the Son of Man, knowing his commission, you will know that no other person is standing before you but the Almighty God. I want us to stop here for tonight and then continue from here in the morning, because when we get very weak, we will not get it and more of the sweeter part of the message is coming at the tail end of it where God begins to show us something about himself that there is no amount of unbelief that is going to change him, he is who he is.
41.       That was what helped Peter and the rest of them in their day. The other seventy when they came, they looked at him and they forgot that this is that man, but Peter remembered his experience. This is that man a young man that made him to put his net in a shallow water and shallow water produced such a mass of fish he has never seen in his life as an old man who has been a fisherman all his life.
42.        So he said master where do you want us to go? You have the word of eternal life, let them go where they want to go. We must come to a point of understanding that this is not the time you set your eyes away from the commission of the Son of Man.
43.        He is the very God on the scene. But when we were young in the faith, there were things if he told us, we will run away, so he now nurtured us and came to a stage that we are able to bear many things.
44.       Remember Jesus Christ said, I have many things to tell you but you can’t bear them now and he knew that his ministry will not keep him till a time they can bear, have you seen it? Then he said don’t worry when he comes, which is the Son of Man, he will take you to all that truth.
45.        These are the truth he is taking us to. Did we know about Quran before? No. If he had told us that early time, we will run away. But look at it, we are seeing the Quran as clear as the day. Many things they are talking about Quran is not Quran, is just ideas of human beings.
46.        So we must recognize these things and give God the glory that we have not followed cunningly devised fables.
47.       On this note I say Remain Blessed until we meet again in the morning. Shall we bow our heads as Timothy close us with a word of prayer.

Then at last the Lord Almighty himself will be their crowning glory, the diadem of beauty to his people who are left.

We thank God who has granted is yet another wonderful privilege wherein we can gather this morning and continue to encourage ourselves by his word which we started yesterday and we are continuing were we stopped.
1.            In the message that we were considering and it is ' Watch What Is Happening in the Faith as We Are Drawing towards the End’. Where we saw clearly that God who has been so loving and caring, has not kept us in the dark, he is helping us to see that the end of our life is much more better than the beginning. And we must do all to correct all our wrongs, so that we will wear the crown in the new Jerusalem.
2.            We continue from the message we were reading, 'Who Has Been God’s Counselor?' Page 25 verse 1 to 4 ' number one step you must note if you must have abiding Faith is this, let not the commission of the Ministry, let not the commission of he that is spearheading the Ministry, ever fizzle out of your memory.Place the commission before your eyes, for the commission will tell you the office he is occupying, the office he is occupying will tell you who he is.
3.            Who he is will help you to know what to expect for he is the same yesterday, today and forever and will never change because of your unbelief. He can never change because of your hatred, your angry resentment, he can never change’.
4.            That is why once you look away from the commission of the Son of Man, you are bound to see a mere man who is claiming to be God. But we are sure, we are certain that the Almighty Himself is here and we must be very careful not to ever forget the things we have heard and the things we have seen.
5.             Page 27 verse 10 to 11 ' when history is forgotten, the mistakes of the past must be repeated. The essence of history is to guard us against error but history makes no sense to fools and to idiots. History makes no sense to them. I know one man that is always there whenever history is about to be made and that is Christ'.
6.            He is always on the scene. So as long as he remains with us, we must always remember that we should not forget the past. You must first believe the Son of Man as God, and then there is going to be a performance of that which you have believed.
7.            Not all will develop such a Faith in The Son of Man. Not all have our faith. Not all have abiding Faith. We must have that behind our mind. You are going to see certain actions and behaviors which will make you know that, yes there are many who do not still believe after all that is happening.
8.             Page 35 verse 33 to 34 ' at any point in time, you are either a believer of the spoken word of God or a fault finder. The moment you become a fault finder automatically you cease to be a believer, for you cannot believe somebody you have faulted already. Remember nobody goes to school to learn how to find fault, it is a nature'.
9.            Remember nobody goes to school; it is a nature in that person. And remember that nature does not change. Nature does not change. What changes is your habit you built up. So if there was a habit in you, this is the purpose why God has been sending these messages to break it down, to flush it out.
10.         But if it is a nature in that person it will definitely come to manifestation and you will see somebody who claimed to be a believer now blaming, finding fault. It is not his doing, it is the nature that is in him. Tell me signs God promised to display in the midst of the Bride which you have not seen?
11.         Did not the Prophet by his messages point us to these signs which we have seen today? Is there any? God told us that he will bring down the Godhead, we have seen it.
12.         All the supernatural signs. For Brother Branham made it clear telling us that you see this picture I am not pointing it because I am the one there, I am pointing it because of the supernatural. You see the supernatural there, when you see him, his own will be endless.
13.          Then immediately, wrap your soul there. And that is the same thing we saw in the Quran. That when you have the privilege, if God gives you the privilege to see the great Al Mahdi, he said run there and pay your Allegiance. Don’t leave him again. Remain there, for that is the hope of life. That is why he said I am a Global figure, not only a Global figure but what? A Global treasure.
14.          Page 43 verse 59 to 63 'All those manifested signs were displayed to erase doubt and create abiding Faith. You cannot have faith in the message and then doubt the source of the message. For the source of the message is the message himself, for Christ himself is the message.
15.          Take away Christ, there is no message. Even the Bible made it clear about it, Christ is the message of Eternal life. We have seen him, we have touched him, we have handled him, and we have heard him speak. Is it not scriptural?'
16.         That is true because you can find it in 1st John 1:1-3. 'How can the message be true and the messenger false? How can you have faith in the message without having faith in the messenger? What can you do? What is required of you to meet God’s demand if you must be saved? Only one thing, believe in him which he has sent. Believe doubting nothing.
17.         That is why a believer believeth all things' that is the truth, a believer believeth all things. 'Whenever you stop believing, you have constituted a throne of judgment, you have constituted a court. It can be a visible court, it can be an invisible court'
18.         Where have you constituted this court? In your heart. You begin to judge. That is what we read. He said remember at a stage in time, you must either be a believer or a fault finder. And this fault finding is a nature. What are we saying? At the end every nature is coming to manifestation.
19.         It is a fruit whatever is in you we begin to see the fruit of it. At the beginning you don’t know who is who, because at the beginning you don’t know what all these trees are. You never planted them. You just saw a nice field and you are now told to work in the vineyard but you cannot identify every of those trees.
20.         But as we come towards the end you will know them by their fruit. Now you can see oh! This is mango, this is this, this is that one because you can identify them by their fruit and that’s where we are now.
21.          If it is a nature in a person, as long as that nature is not the nature of God, what is going to manifest is what that nature is. And if that nature is the nature of fault finding, you will see it manifesting.
22.         One time you see him he was a believer, he was standing gallant, shouting, making all noise but now he’s a fault finder. And God said we must be careful at this hour. Surah 16 verse 93 to 97. Which is showing us that there is nothing impossible with God. You see the God that we are worshipping if he wants to make us one, he will make it, becausethat is the same thing you find in Romans. Romans said it is God who decided those that will be fault finders and those that will be believers.
23.          Surah 16 verse 93 to 97 'And had Allah willed, he could have made you all one nation, but he sent astray whom he wills and guides whom he wills' He sends astray who he wills and guides who he wills. Is that not what Romans told us also? Yes. That he gave some a believing heart and decides some not to believe.
24.         'But you shall certainly be called to account for what you used to do. And make not your oaths a means of deception among yourselves, least a foot may slip after being firmly planted and you may have to taste the evil punishment in this world of having hindered men from the path of Allah, (belief in the oneness of Allah and his messenger Mohammed)'.
25.         He that begins to find fault will be saying things and what he is saying will hinder many that are hearing, for words are spirit. 'And yours will be a great torment, the fire of hell in the hereafter' Yes because you have known the truth. 'and purchase not a small gain at the cost of Allah’s covenant. Verily what is with Allah is better for you if you did but Know. Whatever is with you will be exhausted'
26.         That is the truth because whatever is with you has an end it will varnish. But whatever cometh from God is Eternal. 'whatever is with you will be exhausted and whatever with Allah will remain. And those who are patient, we will certainly pay them a reward in proportion to the best of what they used to do'.
27.         Yes because they are persevering. Following God patiently. Knowing that he is the all-knowing God who does things according to his counsel. That is why we saw early in the message where the message was saying be patient with God. And which God are we talking about?
28.          The Son of Man, Apostle Peter Odoemena Blessed be his most Holy name. That’s the God we are talking about. Be patient with Him. But the fault finder begins to say ‘oh this and that' because he is not patient but God expects us to remain patient.
29.         'whoever works righteousness whether male or female, while he or she is a true believer of Islamic monotheism, verily to him we will give a good life in this world with respect, contentment and lawful provision and we shall pay them certainly a reward in proportion to the best of what they used to do (paradise in the hereafter)'. Amen!
30.         One, what is Islam? Total submission. Yes they have been walking according to it, they have totally submitted. When you are totally submitted to God like that baby is totally submitted to the mother. The mother can walk for the next three hours on the road, the baby is lying quietly at the back of the mother, you see the baby sitting down, he’s even smiling and looking at things and going with the mother. He is so confident that nothing will happen to him.
31.          Once we are totally submitted to Allah, we are not bothered about anything because we know that he is the all-knowing God. He has a program for us. At a certain point what he wants to do we will see it. So why worry. Is just like our Pastor in Jos used to say, he said why are you in a hurry to loose this parcel is it not your own? Take your time. So these are the things that God is talking to us in the hour.
32.         Page 47 verse 1 and 2 ' listen to me, if what your eyes have seen, your ears have heard and your hands have handled could not create abiding Faith in you, you are not meant for the abiding Faith. The Faith is not for you. For I am sent to bring faith, not ordinary faith but faith that changes human lives if they believe'. Is that not why we read that portion which I want us to re-read.
33.          Page 99 verse 37 to 40. Where you will see that this faith, no matter what the problem is, this faith came to solve it. There he said ' this faith is not for you for I am sent to bring faith, not ordinary faith but faith that changes human lives if they believe.
34.         'If you know any problem you have been having in your home, in your life as an individual and Faith came to help you, you can only come out if you allow that Faith to help'. That is truth. 'If you say faith I do not want your help, you will remain with your problem for the Faith has come to change that condition for the better if only you will acknowledge the faith. Faith is there knocking at the door, faith is there trying to gain entry but you closed your door and shut it up as a closed shut.
35.          No intruder is allowed. I do not want anybody. Faith has been locked out, Christ locked out, truth locked out, peace locked out, Prophet locked out. Trouble, trouble will now remain’ That is why you just find yourself in trouble because you have locked out everything that could help you.
36.          Page 50 verse 13 to 15 'You think it is easy to have a rapturing faith? A Faith that will make you to be a goat'.
37.         A Faith that makes you to become foolish, a goat. He said sit down, you sit down. Stand up, you stand up. That’s the faith we are talking about, the abiding Faith. It has nothing to do of its own.
38.         That is why the Prophet saw it in the church Ages, he said the bride and the bride groom shall be one. She will do nothing except she hears thus sayeth the Lord.
39.         'you think it is easy to have a rapturing faith. A Faith that will make you to be a goat. Sit down, you sit down. Stand up, you stand up. Go naked, you go naked doubting nothing you do not ask why. He that commanded me to go naked, I am going naked'.
40.         Like in Isaiah 20:1-3. 'he has commanded me to marry a prostitute, I will marry a prostitute' Like Hosea 1:2-3 'He has commanded me to eat animal dung, I will eat it immediately' Just like where we read in Ezekiel 4:9-15 ' that is why William Branham said God, since the world began has been looking for a man, a woman, a group of people, a family he can lead by his word'.
41.         So God has found that family in me and you that he will lead by his word. Since the world began, man has been attempting to guide God and to lead God. Has it not been the reason why many failed in the sight of God?
42.          They are trying to guide God. They are trying to tell God what to do. They are trying to tell God that I know more than you. This is the source of failure because you are not allowing him to lead you. You are now trying to tell him what you want him to do. And has he ever had any counselor or any adviser? No. He does things according to the counsel of his will.
43.         Page 80 verse 51 to 55 ' If you do not believe, tell the world you do not believe or walk away ' Rather than stand and be claiming. When you know deep down in your heart there are too many questions. What is the point continuing to remain there? Walk away, tell the world you do not believe.
44.         'If you do not believe, tell the world you do not believe or walk away. But when you believe, announce it to the world. Exercise you faith. Be violent about it. Without violence you cannot protect your faith. Faith of Christ, faith that cometh from the word of God is protected by violence. That is what it means that the violent taketh it by force' Like we see in Matthew 11:12. '
45.         This is because you must have too many opponents and many challenges. Even some will come from your own nuclear family. You do not begin to kneel down and say God I am crying.’ Why are you crying?
46.         'Rise up, I say rise up and let your enemies be scattered. It is a violent faith that must be protected by violence. You must be aggressive if you must protect your faith, for too many things are likely to come your way.
47.         Even your friends whose words are difficult to resist can come in a cunning way. Simply talk to them the way Job spoke to them ‘gentlemen, I can see you are all foolish and unreasonable.
48.         I thought you were like human beings but I have proved you to be mere sycophants and nonentities, will you get away from my sight? Get away from my sight'. With violence Jesus ordered the Devil get away from my sight. With violence he ordered Peter go behind me you Satan for Peter came with a suggestion to be his counselor, to be his adviser and to teach him understanding even when he was focused.’
49.         You see even when he was focused look at Peter trying, that is why he told him Satan get ye behind me. Was he calling Peter Satan? Peter was being used. He knew the spirit that was in Peter that is why God said that your decisions are either influenced by God or influenced by the devil. He said when history is about to be made, there is always one that is there and it is Christ.
50.         So if he is welcomed in your life, he will always be there to influence your decisions, influence your speech. What you are going to say will now agree with what God is demanding from you. He said this is why some foolish people do not understand, when they have given themselves over to God, they will say 'oh, I said something and God agreed with it’.
51.         Yes as at that time you have given yourself over to God, he has influenced you, you have made a statement that God agreed to, that does not mean you did anything. If you understand that he is the one in you, helping you to do what he wants, will you give yourself the glory? No! Whatever I said, it is him in me that helped me. It has nothing to do with me.
52.         At Every time I play and he leaves me, I will be speaking things contrary. So whatever I spoke that he agreed with was because he was the one in me that caused me to speak it to agree with what he is saying. So every glory, every honor goes to him the great Creator, who is the one that is guiding us. God is helping us to see these things.
53.         Page 84 verse 58 ' If you do not understand this, you will not know how dangerous, how delicate a man of God can be. The most dangerous being on earth since the world began has remained God in human form.
54.         Why? He does everything according to his will. So somebody will be looking at him and say he is wicked.  Somebody will be looking at him and say what is the problem of this person?
55.          Even when Brother Branham was dying, he was doing the will of God. His son Billy Paul told him mummy is gone. He said take my hand, lay it and they took his hand and laid it on her, she came back to life.
56.          He said daddy do it to yourself, he smiled and he put his face the other way. The will of God for him has come to an end. He knew he was leaving the scene. He has already known that I must decrease and he will increase for he has already seen him when he said “the corporal body has been born on earth”.
57.         Already he has said that the eternal word of God lies in Africa. And the corporal body has arrived and it has taken that flesh. He has to decrease for that corporal body that has taken that flesh to increase. So he was doing the will of God even at death.
58.         When you look at this man of God, you can call him odd names if you are not careful, because he is not doing anything by sight or by the way to please you. He does not please any human being. If he cannot please his wife, Please his children, who else will he please.
59.         Whatever you see him doing, that’s the will of God. That is why the family does what? Strive earnestly every day to line up with what he is saying. He does not look at faces, he is following his will according to his counsel.
60.         Page 85 verse 60 to 63. “who has directed the spirit of the Lord, the people that lack this revelation trail on dangerous ground, they rush to places where angels are afraid to go, and they do not even know when God is talking to them, they do not even know when they are becoming disobedient before God.
61.         For whatever statement God makes, they will cancel it and bring their own opinion telling God why God’s own statement cannot work and it can never work for them, it can never work for them. It can never work because they do not believe it, they will only come back regretting, beating their hands on their chest”
62.         Why? They did not catch the revelation of who is before them. And that is why you see many now think they are equals because we call him brother, because we call him Daddy. We failed to understand that this is the natural Creator that has come down. Why because we his children are flesh, he also came down as flesh.
63.         When you talk of Eli Elohim, Eli Elohim means God with his family. And he comes to be with his family because he knows that the best way to teach his family is him as the perfect example. So that they will be confident. I’ll give you an example. Little children said they wanted to be baptized.
64.         And then they took them to the water and the Son of Man himself was there. And teacher Amankem was busy preaching, he said stop that preaching. You just give them example because as they are looking at this water, they are scared. But immediately he stepped in, come and see them going. Why? If nothing happened to brother, nothing will happen to me.
65.          This same thing happened in Jos when Timothy and the rest where babies and they all said they want to be baptized. We went to the water behind Bukuru. Big water if you see it, you are scared. But immediately bro Yusuf stepped in, the children started going one after the other. And after they baptized Timothy, he still came back 'daddy I want to go again oh!'. Because the thing was sweet.
66.          So you can now see he knew the perfect example is him taking flesh. So whatever he does, it will be easy for his children to follow him. But if you are telling them something and you are not there to show them, it becomes difficult.
67.         So he is not just one we play with. He is the creator of the universe, our Father that has come to show us a perfect example. Whatever he is telling us we are careful about it. And that is why he told us, even if I am talking to you on the dining table, on the motor bike, in the car, wherever I’m speaking to you, it is the word of God for I do not play.
68.         It is the word of God coming to you in a very, very simple way. But you now take it for granted and you do not know when you have ignored the word of God. We must be careful to know that we are dealing with the Ancient of days in human flesh. That is why he told us that he has given us all that we need.
69.         Page 106 verse 57 and 58 ' Any individual that yields his life completely to the word of God must be exemplary in everything.’ Any individual that yields himself completely, his life completely to the word of God must be exemplary in everything. ‘Any individual that yields his life completely to the word of God must be exemplary in everything. If I do not show you where your problem lies, I will be failing in my responsibility towards you'.
70.         That is why God took his time to show us everything. When we talk about Great arsenals that has come from God, it is to help us take a stand. And that is why he gave us those messages because he knows that the great arsenals from Satan has also come. He knows what he is going to do. We are in our homes, he can easily bite us.
71.         We are in our home if we are not careful, we will get into spiritual captivity. All these things came to help us, so that we take a stand.
72.         Page 89 verse 6 to 7 is where I end this message. ‘There is no more warning again. I have given you the last warning, in the message titled Warnings from God. All you need to know concerning God and his salvation where contained there'. And you see after that, he still gave us all these things as a loving father.
73.         As a reminder. And that is why it is called relief. It was to relief us because we can be forgetful. But now that God has done this for us, will we not be stupid if we forget them?
74.         This is a period of no going back. This is a period of standing gallantly because we are about to put on the crown. Who will not want to be crowned?When the battle is over, we shall wear a crown, we shall wear a crown, we shall wear a crown. And when the battle is over, we shall wear a crown in the new Jerusalem.
75.         You see? This is our heart desire and I know that as long as we are determined and hold on to this God, we shall never regret but wear a crown at the end in the New Jerusalem. On this note I say Remain Blessed Eternally in him. As I ask Timothy to close us with a word of prayer.