Bride of Christ Ministry World Wide: Mixed-Multitude Part 1

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Mixed-Multitude Part 1


I am God the Father, The Eternal Spirit, The Fountain of Light, The Righteous One, Who liveth and reigneth forever and ever. Believe it if you can…

—The   Son of Man

God has always saved a remnant and not the entire world. I do not care the

way you look at it, God fixes His eyes only on the remnant till this day, the number of the people in the Church notwithstanding. Anybody that is not of God cannot abide with us till the end

–Son of MAN


                                                     Part One 



by the




Heavenly Father, we come before Thee tonight.  In the Name of Christ our Lord, we come believing You are the same yesterday, today and forever.

2.         We come here, confessing our sins under the blood of Jesus. Father, we are praying, wherever we have sinned against Thee, in thoughts, in words and in deeds, have mercy upon us Oh God. Forgive us our sins and trespasses. Cleanse us from every unrighteousness Lord.

3.         Put all our sins and trespasses into your own ocean of forgetfulness where you remember them no more against us, even on the last day Oh God, may we appear before Thee with boldness Oh God to receive our reward.

4.         Father, we have come tonight to search Your Word. Lord, to know our stand, to know where we have fallen short and to amend our ways.  We ask You the company of the Spirit. Anoint me Oh God. May the same anointing rest on the congregation.

5.         Every false anointing Oh God, from the Heaven, we bind all of them by faith, Father, we cast them away from this sanctuary in the Name of Christ our Lord. We build a wall of fire against them.

6.         May the Holy Ghost come down tonight and reveal the truth to your people. Speak Oh God. We have inclined our hearts unto Thee; we have inclined our ears unto Thee. Speak to us individually. Confirm your Word with signs and wonders following it.  Take the glory in this entire place, in Christ Name we pray. Amen.


While we are standing, may we turn our Bible to the book of Exodus chapter 12 verse 37 through 38.

2.         “And the children of Israel journeyed from Rameses to Succoth, about six hundred thousand on foot that were men, beside children.

3.         And a mixed multitude went up also with them; and flocks, and herds, even very much cattle.” (KJV).




eavenly Father, we have read your Word which is truth and on the blackboard, there is a sword by revelation, with the word TRUTH written and Lord, bearing witness, help me, help your people tonight, line up Your Word that we may understand you in Christ Name we pray. Amen.




rophet William Marion Braham preached a message called “One In A Million.” And the Bible has revealed something, it says it is six hundred thousand. Whether six hundred thousand or one million or two million, it does not matter.

2.         According to the Promise of God to our father Abraham, He said, “I am going to give you children; they are going to be as great as the sands on the ocean.”

3.         If you can count the number of sands on the ocean, then you can count the number of children of Abraham physically and spiritually.

4.         We are considering a very important topic.

5.         All through the month of February, the Lord helped the ministers in this Church and the entire congregation also to flush out unbelief and doubt in the camp.

6.         Now, the Lord wants to tell us something on a topic called: MIXED-MULTITUDE.

7.         The Lord hated Mixed-Multitude and today also, the Lord hates Mixed-Multitude. I am typing something.

8.         In your family, you know the members in your family very well. If you are not robbers and somebody comes and identifies with your family, claiming to be one of you and indulges in robbery, he is spoiling the image of that family. He is spoiling the record of that family.

9.         A sincere man in that family will not be happy with such a person. The same way also, the head of that family will not be happy with that person. The Church is the Family of God.

10.      Every father knows his children. Even if he marries hundred wives, he knows all his children. He calls them by their names. Anybody he does not know in that family does not belong to him. Anybody he does not know by his or her name does not belong to him. Anybody he cannot identify his character does not belong to him.

11.      The Lord is the living God of the people of Israel and we are spiritual Israelites. As long as the Lord liveth, He is picking His seed from Isaac. The Lord is not going outside Isaac. He was the only promised seed to Abraham. Ishmael was the son of Abraham by the flesh


If you read the book of Genesis chapter 25, watch what happened there. Abraham took a third wife. He had six sons through that woman. As long as the Lord liveth, that was a man’s wife by flesh. His children were children of the flesh. Those ones belonged to Abraham. They do not belong to God. Did you get the Message?

13.      As long as the Lord liveth, He only gave Abraham one wife, which is Sarah. He only promised Abraham Isaac and in Isaac, He will call up His seed that will replace the whole world.

14.      We saw Esau and Jacob. When they were in their mother’s womb, God said, “I hate Esau and I love Jacob.” The Bible said, when they never committed anything wrong, when they had never done anything good or evil, that the purpose and election of God might stand sure.

15.      God called Jacob; he was a sinner, a supplanter. Watch God in His infinite mind. It pleaseth Him to rename Jacob. He renamed Jacob. He called him Israel.

16.      How many people know that Jacob is Israel? How many people know that God is not taking anybody outside the lineage of Jacob?

17.      What he could not obtain by working, election purchased it for him. By the works of his own righteousness, he was unworthy but election purchased it for him. Read your Bible very well.

18.      In Genesis chapter 25, the Bible said that to the other sons of Abraham, he gave them some gifts and sent them away, but to his son, (singular) Isaac, he gave him all that was Abraham’s.

19.      God knows about the Pentecostals. He knows about the other Churches.

20.      Watch, when these children came up, when John the Baptist was baptizing, they said, “Abraham is our father, Abraham is our father,” because the Lord multiplied the people of Israel through them. They all came from the lineage of Abraham. They were right with what they were saying. Abraham is their father. But they were born outside the Will of God. Did you get the Message?

21.      That was why John said, “You vipers, why are you coming to be baptized, claiming Abraham is your father? If Abraham is your father; bear fruit worth repentance.”

22.      When Christ appeared, you know John the Baptist came to prepare the way for Christ. These people did not change; rather they increased in number.

23.      Watch, seven nations versus one nation.

24.      Abraham had eight sons, one from the rightful marital wife by promise of God; seven outside God’s Will.  They all married and had children. They continued to have children, have children and filled everywhere, competing with that of Isaac along the way.

25.      Eventually, Esau came out also, continued in his own way, with his own children also. Yet Isaac remained, looking unto Jacob and his sons and daughters.

26.      You see why we have confusion today. From the beginning, Abraham mixed up his families. In Eden, Adam mixed his families.



When Christ appeared on the scene and preached the Word, some called Him Beelzebub. Some said He was casting out demons with the power of Devil.

28.      But watch what happened. When He said He was the Son of God, these people that claimed to be of Abraham, they first of all assessed Him:  “We are Abraham’s sons, and we are not born of fornication. Who are you? A little girl just came up and said Holy Ghost impregnated her. Who is that Holy Ghost? When she had fornication with Joseph. If Holy Ghost impregnated her, why not live with the Holy Ghost? Why live with Joseph? How can a man live with his wife without having sexual intercourse? Shut up! You are a bastard; you are born of fornication. We are the original seed of Abraham. He married our mother. We are not born of fornication. Our people witnessed it. They attended the marriage; they attended the wedding. Ah; what are you talking?”

29.      The Bible said that they picked up stones to stone Him. He looked at them and said, “Are you sure you are of Abraham?   If your father Abraham is alive now seeing me performing all these things according to the prophecy concerning me which was prophesied in his day, he himself saw my day and rejoiced, will he behave the same way you are behaving towards me?

30.      You have hated me because I told you the truth; you have now picked stones to kill me. Have I committed any sin against you, can any of you accuse me of unbelief? Why do you want to kill me? Why are you violent? While Abraham was a very simple man, very sincere, very humble, always worshipping God, why are you so violent? Why are your eyes so red? Why do you want to kill an innocent man?

31.      Of all the miracles I have done, I have made the blind see, the lame to walk, even a dead man to resurrect, according to the prophecy concerning me, ‘when the Messiah shall come, the eyes of the blind will open, the deaf will hear, the dumb will speak.’

32.      These things I have done in your midst, of which do you accuse me of sin? Why do you want to kill me? You want to kill an innocent man? You want to kill me? Because you are of your father the Devil. For he sinneth from the very beginning, he has been a murderer from the very beginning, a liar and the father of all liars.”

33.      Can you see the revelation why Paul said, “With the power of the Holy Ghost, lie not one to another for he that lieth to one another is of the devil and he is a sinner and no sinner will inherit the Kingdom of Heaven?” Have you got the revelation? 

34.      What we are preaching in this Tabernacle is the revelation of Christ—The Word made flesh. Any day you come to this level, where you cannot lie to one another, this word Paul has spoken by the power of the Holy Ghost: “Lie not one to another,” that portion of the Bible has become flesh. Because a Brother can now hold the word of a Brother, a Sister can now hold the word of a Sister without controversy.

35.      God hates Mixed-Multitude. The Bible said in the book of Exodus chapter 12 verses 37 and 38, “When they were journeying here.”

36.      Let me tell you, as long as they remained in Egypt, they were giving testimonies about their God. The people of Egypt had already heard the fame of their God and they were jealous. They were jealous of that their God. The people of Israel did not keep sealed lips. They were testifying of their God one to another.

37.      They were given a separate camp. You know that to be the truth. They were given a particular place where they settled. They had no freedom to move with every Egyptian. They were not there in bondage. They were there as refugees; they were there as slaves doing work for which they were not being paid. But they knew that one-day, they would go home. They had that hope in them.

38.      Everyday, they were looking for their Messiah, one to come and help them go back home.

39.      Watch, while they were preparing to go home, the Devil was preparing to go home with them. We are in the home-going week. How many people know that to be the truth? If you do not know where we are standing—now let me tell you a little truth.




ow, be in the Spirit. Get Me clearly now. Do not misinterpret Me. Do not misquote me lest you offend the Holy Ghost. If what the historians are saying is the truth concerning the year 2000, that according to history, every 2000 years, there is always a major event. What major event do you think the world is expecting now?

41.      We have seen changing of government, we have seen election worldwide, we have seen a false prophet prophesied many months ago that the world will come to an end on so so and so date—watch the reaction of the whole world starting from Korea where the man is residing down to Nigeria, watch the reaction of the whole people in the world, we are in a religious world.

42.      They were panicking and panicking.  But when the prophecies failed, they arrested the man, detained him and continued in their sin.

43.      What am I saying? The greatest event that the world is expecting is the end of the whole world. That is all they know. How the world is going to end, they do not know.

44.      Watch the Pentecostals, WHAT IS THE GREATEST EVENT THEY ARE EXPECTING? THE RETURN OF CHRIST IN A CORPORAL BODY. They do not know more than that. That is why they preach about the Second Coming of Christ.

45.      What is the Bride expecting to be her greatest moment, her greatest event? Rapturing of the Bride of Christ, which is going to be a secret and sudden event. Follow Me a little bit. If the rapture is going to take place in the year 2000 and we are in the year 1993, how many years are remaining? Seven years.

46.      If Christ is going to return in the year 2000, and the people that say they are in millennium, The Seven-Thunder Group, they are saying like Philetus and Hymeneus, that rapture has taken place, overthrowing the faith of the simple, if what they are saying is truth, how many years remaineth for us?



49.      You know that to be the truth, that tribulation is pouring on the wrath of God upon the children of disobedience and Bible says that we have not been called to God’s wrath. We are called to receive this salvation.

50.      So, the Bride will not go through the tribulation. We will only go through what we are passing through now, which is persecution.



While I was preaching in the bus while coming for the Fellowship, the Devil anointed one woman, she called many names and was backing everything with the Bible, quoting the Bible. I looked at the way she dressed, I closed my mouth.

52.      Why should I argue with such people? Before I came for the Fellowship, the Devil anointed a woman and her sister to come to my house. I went into my room. The Lord told Me some things concerning them. It fulfilled to the latter.

53.      She said she has come for Me to teach her what this message is all about, that she is really confused about it since her sister believed. I looked at her and said, “Which aspect do I start teaching you now? Where are you confused?”

54.      She said, “Tell me this ‘woman ministry’ in the Church.” I said, “This is teaching. How can I teach you when you have not identified with the Body? The Lord told me to first of all get you   baptized in the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ so that you can have fellowship with God, that the blood of Jesus will now cleanse you from every unrighteousness and then you will receive teaching, and grow thereby.”

55.      Hebrews chapter 6 said, “Let us lay aside these elementary doctrines like baptism and laying of hands and things like that, let us go into perfection. If there be a stranger in our midst, we will teach him that first.”

56.      The Bible said that when you preach to them, as many as believe, and are baptized, then teach them to observe all things whatsoever I have commanded you.

57.      Preachers in this Church you hear Me now. In the Name of Christ our Lord, I am charging you; mind the way you preach to the public.

58.      For some time now, I have followed some ministers, some Brethren that preach in the bus and along the streets. Instead of preaching the simple Gospel, they go into mysteries; they go into serpent seed, women preaching, covering of hair.

59.      Is that the Message of the hour? Who taught you that? Was that what you received from us? Is that our foundation doctrine? How can you teach somebody outside the doctrine? Bring him in first into the Church. Give him the teachings that will perfect his life.

60.      When you bring mystery first, you stumble that person. God is holding you guilty. When I am standing here, I feel the Church is not hearing Me well, that is what is pulling Me out every time.



I hope you are not offended preachers. I am not discouraging you but I am putting you in line to help your ministries lest you work in vain. You know you are building a house. Your foundation must be right; your materials must be okay. You must build according to the revealed pattern, and then God will mark it right. 

62.      If your foundation is wrong, your material is perfect, you build according to the pattern; it will crumble because the foundation is wrong. If the foundation is right and the material is okay, you build outside the revealed pattern; the Lord will mark it bad.

63.      If the foundation is okay, the material is wrong and you build according to perfect pattern, the Lord will cancel it because your material is wrong. Some will build with straw, some will build with stone. Every man’s work will be tested with fire. We are snatching people out from fire. I will tell you, it is written in your Bible.



We are testing every work of every man by the revealed Truth. Then you know your foundation, know your material, and know the pattern you are placing in your Church. You ministers that are in this Faith, please make sure that you build your Church according to the pattern revealed to the prophets in the wilderness.

65.      Prophet Moses had a pattern; David had a pattern; he handed that pattern to Solomon. Prophet Moses had a pattern, he handed that pattern to Joshua. Branham had a pattern; he handed that pattern to the Five-Fold Ministry and told us the Five-Fold Ministry would give you the material for you to dress yourself. You will dress yourself.

66.      The Pastor will not dress you. You will clothe yourself; the duty of the Five-Fold Ministry is to provide you with the material. That is why he said the Five-Fold Ministry would continue in the message, not straying to the left or to the right but saying what I said. Some misunderstood it.

67.      The prophet said, “Say what I said.” “In the Message Inner Mind… The prophet said, in the Message, Thy Kingdom Come.” They went as far as even lying against the prophet, very clever preachers.

68.      When they look at you, they know you are very young, maybe you have never read about the prophet, they will be quoting things the prophet even never thought of, quoting sermons you can never lay hands on: “In the message preached in the year 1922; in the Message preached in the year 1931;” he knows very well that even if you search the libraries, you cannot get such Messages.

69.      He will be saying his own will, attributing it to Brother Branham, fulfilling Mark chapter 7 verse 7, that some will preach and teach their Church, their own man-made creeds as if they are God’s Words. That they have a clever way of putting aside the Word of God that they might fulfil their own desires.”          

70.      How many ministers have set aside the Word of God to fulfil their own selfish desires?

71.      Let me tell you the Truth, Church: Be careful the man you follow, ministers. You Jehoshaphat in this Faith, be careful about Ahab, be careful about your love for Ahab. 

72.      Ahab was a king in Israel, controlling ten tribes. Jehoshaphat was a king in Judah—southern part of Israel—when they united, as long as the Lord liveth, both North and South, they are all Israel. You know that to be the truth.

73.      All of them in the End-Time Message—one in the North and one in the South, friendly to one another.

74.      Ahab married a woman and married her doctrines. All of you that are married to Nkpor Church, you are married to the doctrines of Nkpor Church. All that are married to Christ, you are married to Christ’s doctrine. If you are married to Seven-Thunders Church, you are married to her doctrines. If you are married to any other Assembly, you are married to all her doctrines.

75.      Jehoshaphat did not know that Ahab had been deceived by his wife, then he went and joined a little with Ahab but Grace appeared, Grace saved him.

76.      Ministers, be very careful. I am not giving you a law. Pray before you associate with anybody. You are men of God. If you stand for the whole truth, God will be with you. Any day you mess up, God will leave you, and the moment God leaves you, you will commit suicide.

77.      Ahab committed suicide because he was warned not to go—he went anyhow. A straying arrow from anyhow, anywhere, killed him anyhow.

78.      When Saul failed God, the Lord rejected him. He went and consulted the spirit of Samuel in the grave. A prophet is a prophet, even in the grave.

79.      Pastor, on the day of resurrection you are going to resurrect as a Pastor. You will put on pastor’s garment.

80.      Saul first of all asked a question, “What cloths did he put on?” The witch then described. The Bible said, “Saul then knew it was Samuel indeed.” Then he started hearing, “Why are you troubling me in my rest? Why are you offending God and at the same time coming to consult me? Have you not heard it that the Lord rejected you long time ago and you want to go to battle? Go there, by this time tomorrow, you will be joining me.”

81.      That was a prophecy. Because he was a prophet, he prophesied again. It came to pass. What happened? Saul committed suicide.

82.      What happened to our friend, Judas? Do not be stumbled. Jesus Christ called Judas, “my friend.” When He was certain that Judas had already betrayed Him, He called him “my friend.”

83.      What happened to him? The moment he left God, Satan took over, he committed suicide. Anytime a man of God leaves God, he is going to commit suicide. Be very careful, lest you kill yourself.




ook at these people coming out from Egypt, thousands of them, unknown to them, people came from East and West, people that they did not know, and they joined the crowd.

85.      Where do they come from? Some came from Egypt, some came from the Amalekites; some from the Jebusites, some from the Amorites, some from the Hittites, some from the                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               Moabites, all that were dwelling in Egypt, because Egypt was a commercial town, the seat of knowledge where we have the Egyptian mummies and Egyptian pyramid.

86.      Education started in Egypt, they wrote the hieroglyphics. Writing started in Egypt; civilization started in Egypt; from there, it extended to Babylon. They started writing the calendar in hieroglyphics. Babylon joined by writing cuneiform.

87.      Egypt exists today. Babylon exists today. Babylon was changed—according to history—to Mesopotamia; Mesopotamia was renamed Iraq. You can now know why Saddam Hussein said, “I have taken after my fore-father, Nebuchadnezzar. I am all out once again to rule the world for the last time.”

88.      Nebuchadnezzar ruled the whole world in his time.

89.      These people were coming out from Egypt. People journeyed within. Aaron and Moses did not notice them; the people of Israel did not notice them. They thought that they were one: “Brethren; Brother, Shalom, Sister, Shalom.  We are going home—going-home week.”

90.      They will sing a song:  “We are marching to Zion, beautiful, beautiful Zion.”

91.      Actually, they were marching to Zion, they were marching to Jerusalem—the beautiful city. How many know that Jerusalem is the City of God?

92.      Let Me tell you a mystery. Pope had tried his best to move that city to Rome. All his efforts failed him. Pope at a time gave a decree that every Catholic will come to Rome and kiss his feet.

93.      They were having their pilgrimage in Rome. He tried to stop them from having their pilgrimage in Jerusalem. When he discovered that people were not responding the way he wanted, he devised another means.

94.      “Now, I will allow you to go and spy that city. Anytime you want to go, tell me, I will approve some money for you to go and spy it. Anytime you come back, write a situation report for me. I want to know all that is happening in that city so that I will know their tricks; I will know how to approach them for them to allow me to come into that city. If I will come in, if I will come in one day, I will transfer my seat; I will make a covenant with them. Rome will cease. The whole wealth will come down with me. Oh, poverty will vanish! Everybody eat, eat, and eat. I will bring peace to the Middle East. Arab and Muslims will not war again. Egypt and Jordan will not war again. Iraq and Jerusalem will not war again. Oooooh! Glory, glory, glory, glory! Nobody will quarrel over Pakistan. I will be preaching peace, peace, peace. Ah ah! Three and a half years, I will be there! If they will allow me and I will do that within three years. Let me watch them.”

95.      I know somebody is spiritual. As they were matching to Jerusalem, their holy city, that is the Church in the wilderness, they had a leader, only but one leader and that was Moses.

96.      That was a man. But Moses had a leader and that leader was Jehovah of the old Who came down as the Pillar of Fire and we know that the Pillar of Fire is the owner of Jerusalem and He is the Christ and this is the Church, this is the Journey in the spiritual world; marching out from their own, Egypt, the land where they were in bondage.



We were in bondage in all the denominations. We were in bondage in the Pentecostal; we were in bondage in the Anglican Church, we were in bondage in Roman Catholic, in different Churches and now we have a Leader. He is leading us home.

98.      Be careful the way you follow Him. For He will never forgive our transgression. Be very careful because He is a very spiritual man and one that will follow Him must follow Him spiritually. Did you get the Message?

99.      You know our Leader? That was the Man, the Man that Prophet William Marion Branham was looking at, and the same Man Moses was looking at. He never failed them and He can never fail us. But we are mixed.

100.   When they were going, they were journeying, they were rejoicing: “Oh! Oh! We are going home.”

101.   Watch, some were truly rejoicing that they were going home. Others were there saying: “Anyway, until we get there. It is not talking by mouth, until we get there. Now make we dey go anyhow.

102.   “Brethren shalom, Brethren shalom,” not knowing that they are not one.

103.   Unbelief is out from the camp; double-mindedness is out from the camp and the Lord has descended to tell us the next stage of the Ministry and He is going to drop some people now.

104.   He is going to move in our midst in such a strange way that if you are tired about it, you can never believe it. You will be quoting, “William Braham said, ‘Fellowship will turn anyhow, shake them, embrace them.’” Be very careful. Understand the prophet.

105.   The prophet said, “The Church that believes what you believe, identify with them, worship with them because they believe what you believe.” It is backing the word of Peter because he never contradicted that name before him rather he was backing the Brethren in like precious faith. He is not backing the people with diverse faith. Amen.



I do not like talking to a starchy Church. Be in the Spirit. You must get what you want. Keep on praying for Me. I am a man but He is God. Catch what the Lord is revealing to you.

2.         They were mixed up. And they were going home. The Lord was watching them. That is the introduction; Mixed-Multitude.

3.         Look at this Church today—End-Time Message—how many versions of End-Time Message have we? We are all going to Jerusalem as one nation. Be it far from God.

4.         If the Lord could call us from many nations to be a peculiar nation, Royal Priesthood, a called out people, who are undefiled, holding one Faith, one Baptism, one Doctrine, one Conduct, and one Revelation, I do not care the way you were baptized, baptized in the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ, prophesy; sing anything you want to sing, any day you dislocate this Word, any day you misplace this Word and at the same time cause people to believe that you are telling them the truth, you are guilty before God. You have killed those people. For the Lord will never spare them.

5.         If He spared them in the wilderness, He will spare them today.

6.         If He never spared them in the wilderness, He can never spare them today.

7.         I want you to see your predestination now lest you die holding false belief. You have been saved.

8.         I promised to teach the Church about PREDESTINATION according to the Bible.

9.         We are serving a Living God, who hates fornication, He hates compromise, He hates adultery, and He hates idolatry.

10.      We are not playing band in this Faith for you to kick and kick, dance and dance. No! When we want to dance, we dance in the Spirit. When we sing, we sing in the Spirit. Yes! Because it is an act of worship.

11.      Not when you come to the Fellowship of the Saints, you jump up and down, when the Word is revealed you say, “tufiakwa” (God forbid).  You have a false anointing; you need to be prayed for.

12.      Brethren that are having revelations, be very careful.



 Sister was telling Me before witnesses, “Brother, do you mean to tell me, that I will take heed to your own revelation, the way it is revealed to you? I will not take it, I will go and say, ‘God, tell me the same thing, if it is you saying it, I want you to reveal it to me.’” You are lost.

14.      In every age, at every particular time, God uses but one mouth. He can never speak with two mouths at the same time. If God is taking a Brother to be a prophet, he will be hearing from God, he will be telling us. Any of us that is disbelieving his word, that is death. If you are saying such a thing, God is calling you “a stark unbeliever.”

15.      Were you present when Pilate judged Jesus Christ, as a man? Were you present when Joseph of Arimathea buried Him? But you believed it to be the truth. Why didn’t you wait until the Lord will reveal it to you?

16.      How you see Pilate judge Him, then you see Him nailed to the cross. How you see them carry the corpse to the tomb, before you believe it.

17.      If it were possible for some people, they would have amended the Bible. I am telling you the truth about it now.

18.      There is a man that searcheth the heart and that is the Supreme God, Christ on two feet; He is the Holy Ghost.

19.      Let Me tell you, when our Pastor preached a Message in one of our revival meetings, he called “The Louder Voice,” he was typing the word of the prophet, he was typing the Bible. The Holy Ghost is supporting that message now by telling this Church that some of you have amended the Bible in your hearts and you are as guilty as crucifying Christ; you are as guilty as printing a new Bible; you have printed so many things in your hearts, you have dislocated the Bible in your hearts; you have even suggested it, when a suggestion comes up in your mouth, it has already been settled in your heart. You have amended the Bible. Yet you knoweth it not.

20.      Peter spoke; and the Lord said, “Why are you saying this Peter?” Nobody heard what he said; “I came to your house Peter, how did you greet me? Because this woman came doing what she is doing, you were saying in your heart if I knew the woman that was touching me. Who are you?”

21.      Sarah laughed in her heart, right inside her. Nobody heard Ha-ha-ha. The Lord said, “You laughed in your heart;” she said, “No, no, no my Lord, how can it be?” How can God speak lies? It was Amazing Grace that saved the woman.


You can see how guilty you are. You can see how guilty you are Church. You that have amended the Bible in your hearts, you that have tried to influence the man of God to do wrong; LET ME TELL YOU, YOU ARE GUILTY IF YOU TRY TO INFLUENCE THE MAN OF GOD TO DO WRONG.

23.      All that did it in the Bible, God never allowed them to get away with it. They had to pay for it. Do not do it.

24.      If you have committed any sin, and you have come to your Pastor, whatever he asks you to do, do it humbly, respectfully as a sincere Christian.

25.      Do not come to say, “Brother, suppose we do it this way or do it that way,” when you had already known the truth about it. Then you start using human example: “Eh! Immediately I go to Church, this is the way they covered it, that is the way they covered it, why not cover me?”

26.      Let me tell you, the Bible said, “Do not join in the unfruitful works of the enemy, instead expose them.”

27.      When my Pastor was preaching here in a Message he called “God’s Judgement Upon You,” which the Holy Ghost is backing here, the evidence of wilful sin is this: COMMIT AND HIDE. And the Lord has revealed it; and you want to amend the Bible, you want somebody to follow you, be very careful, lest you die.


29.      IT REQUIRES A CHILD-LIKE FAITH TO BELIEVE GOD. YOU CANNOT BELIEVE GOD WITH YOUR SOCIAL REASONING. With your human senses, you can never believe God. It requires the sixth sense, which is faith. Without our Faith, it is impossible to please God. Anything not done by faith is of the Devil.

30.      You see why the Brother erred: “I went to the first Sister by love, went to the second Sister by faith;” do not worry; on Sunday you will hear what the Lord revealed concerning that.                                                       

31.      The Church in the wilderness, when they were going home, they were MIXED and yet they did not know.

32.      Just like End-Time Message today, they are awaiting rapture—home-going week—yet they do not know that they are Mixed-Multitude. Yet they call themselves “Brethren;” they defile themselves by having fellowship with unbelief; defiling themselves by saying what God never said: bringing false revelations and imposing it upon the Church in the Name of the Lord.

33.      Watch these people; the Bible calls them natural brutes. They speak evil of what they know not; they are not afraid of speaking against dignitaries; people angels can never speak against. If God is with us, who can be against us?

34.      If the Lord has called me His Apostle for the perfection of the Bride of Christ; and the Lord is backing Me, don’t you know I will judge the Angels, don’t you know that Angels are my messenger; even what you are hearing now, anointing Me with it for your own edification, and he is speaking evil of it, when angels are bowing down before it, that man is a natural brute. He is not afraid of God.



atch all of them, false ministers everywhere. All of them are speaking in the Name of the Lord: “The Lord revealed to me, the Lord revealed to me.” Nobody will say the Devil revealed to him. Is God the author of controversy? Bible said, “God is not the author of controversy.”

36.      Saint Paul, when talking to Timothy, he said, “Without controversy, great is the mystery of godliness.” It is a mystery, it is great, and without controversy we have come to a height we are not deceived any longer because we are standing on the infallible Word of God.


This little Church you are seeing here, we preach what the prophet has told you now—unadulterated truth, we are not pleasing any human being. We are pleasing Him that called Me, whether the world likes it or not.

38.      Watch what the Bible told Me. Read your Bible very well. In the book of Proverbs, it said, “Do not join the majority when they are going wrong.”  

39.      People are shouting Amen, Amen without revelation. Have you seen yourself in a situation where your opinion will be so popular yet everybody will disagree with you, yet you will never succumb? You will hold on to your gun because you are sure, God is God of minority.

40.      In the time of Gideon, how many people came down? How many thousands? And the Lord gave a sign, “If you know that you are married newly, if you know that you want to go home and rest, if you want to prosper and so on, now go home and rest.”

41.      How many people left? About thirty thousand left; remaining ten thousand. Then the Lord said, “They are many.”

42.      When He was talking to Gideon, no other person heard it. You that want God to speak to you, and the entire congregation never heard what God was telling Gideon; God was talking to Gideon and Gideon talking back to God. The people did not know what was happening.

43.      Then the Lord said, “I am giving you a sign, all these people are too many. I will not allow them to go like that. They are still mixed up. I give you a sign. Take them to the river; those that are drinking kneeling down with their hands carrying the water to his mouth, mark all of them. All that will dip their mouths in the water and lick it—gbam gbam gbam, polluting the water—mark them. They are not fit for the battle, they will pollute the battle.”

44.      We are in a battlefield, not every fighter will go. Some will be in the camp, some will go home. Already, many people are wounded in this Message.

45.      Brother Bon preached a message, “When You Are in a Battlefield and There Is War, Some Must Be Wounded and Some Must Die. If you do not see these things, the war was not fought.”

46.      And Gideon counted all of them according to the Voice of the Lord. He called those people, “You that have dipped your mouth into that water, come this side; you that have used your hand in taking water; you want to mercy for this stream, you no want to finish it; come this side.”

47.      And the people were watching: “Ntoo gi, ntoo unu (that is what suits you). You were mercying for the water when we dipped our mouth into the water, and you were swinging the hand towards the mouth. Let us see.”

48.      Surprisingly, Gideon turned, “Every soldier of the Cross, rugged, rugged men, count your blessings. Your battle is over, join your people. You look at these people, these few people, you grasshoppers, you are facing the Anaks, you are facing the giants, I am with you, fear not. The battle is mine, it is not yours.”

49.      He (The Lord) turned to Gideon and said, “Number them.” How many? Three hundred. In the days of Noah, how many people? Eight. In the time of Sodom and Gomorrah, how many people? Three. In the time of Elijah, how many people? Three hundred! Check your Bible. Where are the rest? In Babylon, how many people? Four.

50.      All the prophets and priests, they all bowed down to the god of Babylon except Daniel, Shadrach, Meshach, and Abed-nego from different provinces. If there were any other one, the Bible would have recorded it. All the priests compromised, all the pastors compromised, all the prophets compromised. They do not want to die. Brothers, let us be very careful.



Mixed-Multitude; it is a dangerous group. The Lord is not happy with Mixed-Multitude. 

52.      Now, let us see how God defined it in the book of Numbers chapter 11 verse 4 through 6: “And the mixed multitude that was among them fell a lusting: and the children of Israel also wept again, and said, Who shall give us flesh to eat?

53.      We remember the fish, which we did eat in Egypt freely; the cucumbers, and the melons, and the leeks, and the onions, and the garlic:

54.      But now our soul is dried away: there is nothing at all, beside this manna, before our eyes.”

55.      You see the definition of these people. The Bible has defined them very well.

56.      What did they do in the wilderness? First of all, they lusted. And they caused the people of Israel to lust with them. Did you get the Message?

57.      If they were two million, only six hundred thousand were recorded in the Bible as the children of Israel. You can now see that the people that joined from elsewhere outnumbered the original people.

58.      Let Me tell you, in every Local Assembly, the Mixed-Multitude is always in the majority.

59.      I am typing something now. We are all farmers. This is farming season: No matter how you clear your farmland and plant your seeds, after some days, go there again; the wheat you planted, you know it, grass that will appear will be greater than the wheat in number.

60.      Watch how they placed themselves; when you were planting wheat, you were giving space, giving room for air and water to circulate, giving room for the Spirit of God to work in them.

61.      Somebody is not catching Me. Watch how the grass will appear. It is everywhere, scattered everywhere. What is it trying to do? To compete with the original seed. Compete for water, for manure and air. Competing for spiritual gift, competing for the Holy Ghost, competing for the Word.

62.      Wait, watch them, they will try to crowd out the original seed. If it is possible, when you come to remove them, you may remove the genuine plant(s). That was why Christ allowed them to grow together. But we will know who is who.



Any wheat that does not bear fruit at the harvest time is likened to that same grass. No matter how beautiful, if you have planted your corn, and in the harvest season you go back to pluck the corn and there is nothing on it, what will you do? It is useless.

64.      We will know who is who now because we are in the hour of manifestation. That is End-Time Message. Everybody is bearing fruit after his kind. Whatever revelation you have, will tell us the spirit that is operating in you. Your doctrine will tell us the spirit that is operating in you. Brother Okechukwu, you hear it now?

65.      There is something in doctrine. Doctrine is life and you can never live above your doctrine, no matter how you try.

66.      The prophet was telling Me that the Church can never live above their pastor and the Church takes the spirit of the pastor. Did you get the Message?

67.      If your Pastor is a hypocrite, he will be producing hypocrites. If your Pastor defiled his wife and covered it up, all that will come after him will go that way. Even if when it is so clear to him that those marriages are defiled, he can never speak against them, because his heart will condemn him.




ixed-Multitude, they always murmur, they always complain, they lust, always remembering their past lives and they are eager to go back. Photographing women here, hear me now.

69.      There is something in photograph, I am advising you now in the Name of Christ our Lord. Brothers and Sisters go back to your homes, check all the pictures you took when you had never repented, and anyone that is offensive take it out of your album. Destroy it. If you return them there, one day, you will see yourself kissing your boyfriend. The spirit will come back.

70.      When you see a Brother, you will try to kiss him anyhow, if the Brother is not willing, you will be running to unbelievers. The Lord is revealing something to Me but as a man, I am talking to a mature Church now.

71.      Bachelor Brothers, spinster Sisters, the Holy Ghost is advising you. Do not defile your virginity. Retain your virginity. Do your best. If it means pouring away your blood, that is, if it means taking your life, preserve your virginity. Take this warning now, it is an advice.

72.      I am married; there are married Brethren in this Faith. I do not intend to poison your hearts. This is a mystery. Any day you stray away from the Faith and defile yourself by having sexual intercourse or by kissing or by caressing, either with a Sister or with a lady in the world or any woman anywhere, you have contacted a spirit, you will be defiling yourself in your thought, in your bed, and you will be masturbating from that time. Because the urge will be there.

73.      The moment it starts, you will like to satisfy it anyhow. The same thing happens to Sisters. That is why it is not advisable for a married man to stay away from his wife because you cannot bear it outside. A married woman cannot bear it also.

74.      I am speaking from experience, but the moment you have not defiled yourself, this does not appeal to you. You are holy; the thought will never come to you because you are as pure as anything.

75.      You know you are not married, you are not even thinking of marrying tomorrow, after all you have no money; why must you disturb yourself? But go and defile yourself tomorrow, you will keep on defiling yourself. To kill that spirit, it is not easy.

76.      That is why it is killing ministers, it is killing ministers especially many young ones that are not married. You can now see the revelation why Paul said, “If you desire the office of a pastor, the bishop, the deacon or elder, you must be married.”

77.      Paul said, “If you cannot live like me—to avoid sexual immorality among men—marry.”

78.      Mixed-Multitude, you see them in fornication, you see them in lying, you see them in cheating, eager to go back to their past life.



Paul said, “How can we that are dead to sin go back to live as we are not saved? God forbid. As many of us as are baptised into Christ, are baptised into His death. In the same way He resurrected, we were resurrected in newness of life, putting away the old man and its sinful nature.”

80.      You can now ask yourself, how many people are baptised when they were dead? If we were dead when we were baptised, why fornication in our midst? Why lying? Why cheating? Why do we hear these stories? That is to prove we were baptised alive, and whosoever baptised such person, committed murder, you buried the man alive, you did not bury a dead man.

81.      A dead man can never complain, a dead man can never quarrel, and he can never fuse. There is nothing to disbelieve; to him, everything is amen.

82.      You can see why the fusing and quarrelling in our midst everyday. A Brother came into our midst and we were discussing a very important matter, the Lord revealed him as a hypocrite. Thank God he confessed it to a precious Brother by telling him, “I don’t want to be a hypocrite.”

83.      Before then, he was a hypocrite, he has something else in his mind and he was presenting a different thing. When the Lord discerned his heart, and the Spirit of the Lord was about to say it, he started fusing and quarrelling. People outside were amazed, because it is not the nature of the Church and the Pastors stood up and said, “My friend, I warn you, if I see any manifestation of carnality here…” I felt pleased.

84.      This Church has lived above it. A lot of ministers are still very much alive. I am telling you the truth. It is hard to believe. If gold can rust, you can imagine what will happen to iron. If ministers can be indicted by the Holy Ghost, you can now imagine what will be the fate of the flock because the Church takes the spirit of their ministers.

85.      Church, say “Amen” if you believe it.

86.      If your Pastor has a very hot temper, all of you will have very hot tempers. Because to him, it is not sin so he will not tell you it is sin. If your Pastor is a fornicator, all of you will become fornicators because he will not condemn it. Amen.




We are sharing our inheritance and we can never share it with Mixed-Multitude. The Will is for us. Our father made the will. He put my name there; he put your name there. You have this portion, you have this portion.

2.         Before Joshua finished, he shared the inheritance: “Reuben, come forward, this is your portion. Where are you? Benjamin, come here, see your own.” He shared to all of them. He did not leave them like that to quarrel over it. If he left them like that, the Amalekites, the Jebusites, the Amorites  and the Canaanites would have come.

3.         Your eyes must be red Church, do not allow them to come in. The lion is not roaring for a man that is dead, the lion is killing a man that is alive to devour him.

4.         Look at them, the Bible called them “wolves in sheep’s clothing.” They do not come to you as lions; they come as angels fulfilling Scriptures. If the Devil made himself to look like an angel, all his angels, they come as messengers of truth, making themselves look like angels that if it is possible, they will deceive the elect.

5.         Be very careful Church, be on the lookout. Something is going to happen, we are going home. I promised to tell our Pastor something.

6.         Let Me tell you, rapture is at our doorstep. But how many people are going? I do not want to frighten this Church, I have told the Pastor a little of my revelation, rapture is at hand.

7.         That time we will hear another Gospel, though I will be in Heaven anointing you, after all it is my predestination. If I was not predestined to be in rapture—anyway, I will go through the tribulation.

8.         Let Me tell you, it is this same Faith that people that will overcome the tribulation will take, it is not another Faith. It is this same Faith, no other Faith. It is after rapture, when the wrath of God shall come upon them, they will remember that they had opportunity to receive it but they said no to it.

9.         Before then, they would pay with their blood, not the blood of Christ because Christ is no longer on the Mercy Seat, He is now on the Judgement Seat, mercy is no more. And they are coming now with the blood, their own blood.

10.      How many people can withstand it? You think it is easy to pass through God’s Judgement? We go back and see what they were doing.



Exodus chapter 12 verse 43 through 46: “And the LORD said unto Moses and Aaron, This is the ordinance of the passover: There shall no stranger eat thereof:

12.      But every man's servant that is bought for money, when thou hast circumcised him, then shall he eat thereof.

13.      A foreigner and a hired servant shall not eat thereof.

14.      In one house shall it be eaten; thou shalt not carry forth aught of the flesh abroad out of the house; neither shall ye break a bone thereof.” (KJV).

15.       “The Lord said unto Moses and Aaron, this is the ordinance of the Passover.” You see it now. You that said, “Let me tell them, let me carry it to them, you see it now?”

16.       They are strangers in the household of Israel though they journeyed with the people of Israel from Egypt, receiving the same message, seeing the same signs and wonders, eating the same manna from heaven, drinking the same water from the spiritual rock. Yet, they are not Israelites.

17.       That was why Paul said, “Not all that said they are Israelites are Israelites; not all that said they are Christians are Christians, and not all that say they are in the End-Time Message are in the End-Time Message.

18.       We cannot share our inheritance with strangers. If any stranger wants to come in and partake of this gift, he must be circumcised like us. He must drop all the Pentecostal ideas, he must drop all strange gods from Egypt, he must be circumcised in the heart, and he must drop all strange doctrines, which the people of Israel knoweth not. Then they can partake of God’s land—that is deliverance.

19.       Mixed-Multitude, this is your condition. It makes me fine. It is flying over some people especially ministers. I am pleased because God is pleased; why?  Because I am doing His Will. I am checking something. That is my joy, if it is one person in this Church, the Lord will be pleased. If you will not hearken unto His Voice, God is able to raise the pew (Church bench) to speak to this Church.

20.       Hear Me Oh Tabernacle, End-Time Church, Nkpor Church, this Tabernacle, hear Me, and hear the Voice of the Lord. I have declared it this day before these people, the whole counsel of God. Strangers can never be partakers of the things of God; strangers can never inherit the Kingdom of God. Any stranger in the household of Israel, must be circumcised, must come in the same way like the people of Israel.



He that has a revelation which the people of Israel never knew, you have to drop it. You cannot come into the camp with it, lest you defile the camp. It cannot happen. Know yourself.

22.      Are you in this Faith, always complaining, always murmuring, you are a Mixed-Multitude, you are the person, I am the person, if I am guilty of this.

23.       Are you in this Faith, always speaking evil of the person you do not know, always criticising, always finding fault, your mind always going back to the things of the world; you are in this Faith, always grieving the Holy Ghost, living anyhow, calling yourself a Christian, identifying with Nkpor Church; let Me tell you, you are deceiving yourself.

24.       As long as God liveth, you are not a partaker of the inheritance, you must be circumcised in the heart, you must flush out every carnality, every worldly living, every Pentecostal idea.

25.       Let Me tell you, when the people came in, the people of Israel did not know, Jude said, “These men crept into our midst unaware.” They did not know, they sneaked in, natural brutes. They are not afraid, until they were speaking against Moses, speaking against Aaron, complaining against God, they are not afraid because they do not have the nature of God in them.

26.       They only know the god of Egypt, they thought what Moses was doing was magic. They were calling miracle magic, and the people of Israel did not know that these people were not part of them though they were carrying sermon books, carrying “Only Believe;” and they were quoting Branham: “Oh Brother, shalom.” You are blind.



What is killing people in the Message? When they were coming from the Roman Catholic, they did not drop their “Block Rosary ideas.” They carried over their Block Rosary ideas into this Message—some came from Deeper Life, with their “Deeper Life ideas” into the Message. Some came from Bible College, from BMC, from Grace of God, from all the Missions in the world, some from Cherubim and Seraphim, some from Sabbath, they came with all their Church ideas into the End-Time Message. The Lord has called us.

28.       As long as the Lord liveth, the foundation of the Lord is unshaken. God knows about it. In the House of the Lord, there are not only ornaments of gold and silver, there are also some of wood, some of clay. You know that to be true. What is wood? Firewood, something that you will pour water, preach, preach, no revival.

29.       You can only revive something that has a little breath. Is the Church wood? Wood resembles a stumbling block that is always there preventing people. A stumbling block always does not want people to go through. Firewood in the Church, destined to be burnt.

30.       Some are clay, you know clay, it is stickyWhen you want to enter your room, it will match your shoe, it will match your trouser, match your carpet. You will be complaining, “Ah clay, Sister Clay.” If any Sister comes near you, you will give her a little dent as a mark. If anyone sees her, Ah, e don touch Sister Clay. Brother Clay!” Always sticking to a Brother or Sister.

31.       Each time he comes near you, he will paint one thing on his cloth so that he will get the mark. You are nothing but what Brother Branham called “Cactus.”

32.       Cactus! The plant that lost its water and became a thorn—no revival. If you go there, it will tear your clothes, animal will go, it will wound it. Anything that goes, it will wound it. Everywhere kwim, kwim, kwim, kwim, kwim. Repent! You are a mixed Brother in our midst. You are a mixed Sister in our midst. You have to repent!

33.       Always amending the Bible, challenging authorities. Challenging the Word of God every time. Challenging the Holy Ghost. Who are you? Get out of this place; the Church will not go with you. We are in the home-going week, Church! Home-going week is purging week. We will see how God dealt with those people.

34.       After finishing with the Church in the wilderness, next time, the Lord willing, I will continue with the Message.

35.       While I was praying over there and I was watching something, when I did not mean to draw a line, I saw a very wide thing—kpaaa! I wanted to run it pen, when I was running it pen, I saw myself drawing another line. Before I knew what was happening, I wrote, “stop.” Then, I rushed back and I discovered that I would continue with this Message. When? I do not know. But the Lord knows. Amen.



Mixed-Multitude, always complaining, always eager to backslide and they can hardly die alone. Always wanting everybody to be partakers of their sins.

2.          They will go to a Brother or a Sister and say, “Have you heard what we are hearing? Moses is killing us oh! No water here, no food. Ah, ah, Brother, Moses said and his Brother Aaron said that he saw the Lord; God told him, nobody knows and we are dying here. But Brother, you see, he said it is he, Miriam and Aaron—and they have the same father and the same mother. Ah, ah, why must we allow one family? Are they the only family in Israel? After all, what is he doing? No be him alone sabi the road, we can lead them. Ah, ah, what a man can do, another man can do it, this boasting is enough, we will start our own!”

3.          Mixed-Multitude. They do not want to be under authority. Rebuke them of sin, they will run away instead of repenting. Before you know it, they will lay hands on one thing, they can start one Church somewhere, they will be looking for people that will agree with them. By and by, people will agree with them.

4.          Let a man leave this Faith now, he must have a convert. I am telling you the truth. Read your Bible.

5.          When Paul was defending his Ministry, he mentioned such people. A man equally bore witness. A man called Gamaliel said, “Let us leave these people alone. In our country here in Israel, certain men rose up and called themselves so, so and so. They drew converts unto themselves in thousands.

6.         When they died, the group scattered, the movement stopped. But this man called Jesus the Christ, since He died, instead of His people to scatter, they are increasing in number daily. Let us leave them, lest we fight against God.”

7.         How many people are fighting against God, raying for this Local Assembly to scatter? Is that a prayer of a saint? If you kneel down and say, “I will not come to this Church; until this Church scatters, then I will come. Every member of this Church is my enemy now. I am waiting for them!” who are you, declaring God as your enemy?

8.         You are talking like Paul when he was Saul. He thought he was persecuting the Church, he did not know that he was persecuting Jesus Christ. He is waiting for the Pastor to come, Apostle to come, Evangelist to come, for him to finish them. Who are you?

9.         You are wrestling against God. We will see where you will end it. Mixed-Multitude, and you want to go to rapture. Who is taking you to rapture? To go over and cause confusion, it cannot happen, it is for holy people.

10.      Brother Okechukwu, you have heard it now. There is no friend there. I am your friend. When it comes to the things of God, I have my stand. Feed Me no more until we share the land. It is inheritance.

11.      After sharing the land, we will become friends again. Our eyes will clear because you have known your portion; I have known my portion, no cheating again.



Anything that can deny me of my rapture is my greatest enemy, be you a man, be you a woman!  Whoever you may be, I do not want to know.

13.      The Lord told Me that He is fighting for me. I am not afraid.

14.      Mixed-Multitude! I love this Church tonight, screaming amen with revelation, not because you have been hearing Amen. We are going further. There is danger in it.

15.      There is danger in following a Mixed-Multitude who are full of discouragement. They will discourage you.

16.      When you labour and pray and pray and come out, they will just wash all you have said, water them down, always wearying their ministers. They weaken their ministers, they do not help them in praying, rather, they murmur and complain everyday and they want what they want to be given to them every time, not what the Pastor gives them, always dictating to the Pastor how they want things to go.

17.      Even if it goes contrary to the Word of God: “Give it to us anyhow,” not in this Church.

18.      Any day the Pastor of this Church starts telling you what you want him to tell you, the Lord has left this Church. If he is a man called of God, he will prefer you bundle him out of the pulpit, instead of lowering down the standard of the Message because he would not like to perish, he would not like to be found guilty of withholding the Truth. That is the mark of a man called of God.

19.      He is not in this Faith to please any man, he is here to please He that called him. 

20.      We have come of age. Mixed-Multitude, always causing division in the Church. That is why Paul said, “Mark them that cause division in the Church.” Mark them; let us close the Church. Any man that is called of God to be an Apostle and is afraid of calling names in this Church, he called himself.

21.      During the time I was in the spiritual squeeze for 28 days, the Lord flogged Me so many times but He considered my immaturity and then He showed Me mercy. Any day He reveals a Brother’s name in this Church, I will call your name. I am not William Marion Branham. I am not a Prophet.

22.      If the Lord never called you in my Ministry, you would have called Me a Prophet. If the Lord never revealed to you my Ministry, even before my confirmation, you would have called Me a Prophet now.

23.      I am not a Prophet. My Ministry may be prophetic; yet, I am not a Prophet. Peter was not a prophet, he was an Apostle, an Elder, but he prophesied in the Bible. All his prophecies are fulfilling till this day. Check your Bible.



Did he not prophesy that in the last days, scoffers would come? What are we witnessing today? What did he not preach? Did Paul contradict him? Didn’t Paul prophesy?

25.      Be very careful Church. Be very, very careful. It is not easy to call down the Holy Ghost. If you do not want to follow Him, you die.

26.      Watch what he did in the wilderness for offending Him, He took an oath in His Name: “As long as I live,” saith the Lord, “these people will never enter into my Rest, nineteen years and above.” Read your Bible.

27.      “But I will show mercy to these two leaders, Caleb and Joshua.” All that quoted Moses’ Law, all that ate manna, performed miracles, ran round—“Oh!,  the Red Sea is divided”—together with their wives above nineteen years, all of them perished in the wilderness.

28.      Their corpses littered there as an example for us. That if we walk in that same way, in the spiritual way, He that never spared David in the wilderness will never spare us. He that never allowed them to see the land of Canaan will never allow us to attain rapture! Why did they die? Bible said, “They heard the same Message we are hearing but they did not mingle it with faith.”

29.      Are you mingling what you are receiving with faith today? Are you not guilty of reckless living? Living by faith, by mouth alone. What is the evidence that you are living by faith? What is faith? You do not have faith until it is tried and proved.

30.      Every man’s faith must be tried. I do not believe in compromise! Tomorrow, you will run to Enugu, run to Asaba, run to Port Harcourt, run here and there; even when you are certain of your doctrine.

31.      What am I saying? You have every right to visit anybody you call your friend anywhere—no matter the Church he belongs to—as a friend. But when it comes to sharing of inheritance, take your time. If it means starving you, let them starve you!

32.      You that are interested in saving somebody that is dying and you will be quoting James: “If you can save somebody from sin, then you have done a very nice thing. God is interested; God will bless you,” get the revelation.

33.      When you are saving a drowning man, you must first of all know how to swim. If you do not know how to swim, then regard yourself a dead man.

34.      Be spiritual Church, I am rounding off. If the Lord says I will continue with this message next time—if He says next time, I will continue with it. But if He says, “Jump over to the second Message that the Church has gotten the revelation,” I will jump over.

35.      Hear Me Church; I am obeying a Voice. I do not know how to write down Messages. How I wish you can come and see what I have put down.

36.      We are sharing our inheritance this day.

37.      Numbers chapter 14 verse 1 through 10: “And all the congregation lifted up their voice, and cried; and the people wept that night.

38.      And all the children of Israel murmured against Moses and against Aaron: and the whole congregation said unto them, Would God that we had died in the land of Egypt! or would God we had died in this wilderness!

39.      And wherefore hath the LORD brought us unto this land, to fall by the sword, that our wives and our children should be a prey? were it not better for us to return into Egypt?

40.      And they said one to another, Let us make a captain, and let us return into Egypt.

41.      Then Moses and Aaron fell on their faces before all the assembly of the congregation of the children of Israel.

42.      And Joshua the son of Nun, and Caleb the son of Jephunneh, which were of them that searched the land, rent their clothes:

43.      And they spoke unto all the company of the children of Israel, saying, The land, which we passed through to search it, is an exceeding good land.

44.      If the LORD delight in us, then he will bring us into this land, and give it us; a land which floweth with milk and honey.

45.      Only rebel not ye against the LORD, neither fear ye the people of the land; for they are bread for us: their defense is departed from them, and the LORD is with us: fear them not.

46.      But all the congregation bade stone them with stones. And the glory of the LORD appeared in the tabernacle of the congregation before all the children of Israel.” (KJV).                                                     

47.      You have seen the Word of the Lord. Somebody must be in the minority. Somebody must also be in the majority.

48.      Look at this mixed group, Mixed-Multitude; these people that joined the Church, they are not born into the Body, rather, they joined the Body. Moreover, they are greater in number. They influenced the original “inheritants” of the land.

49.      They murmured against the pastor, murmured against the whole ministers: “Anointing has left Moses oh! Anointing has left Aaron oh! Miracle is no longer happening. Ah! Which God is this? Always giving us manna, manna. The other day, always meat, meat. Ah! Ah! He is preaching one sermon everyday: Holy Ghost, Holy Ghost, Holy Ghost. Ah! Ah! He has no other thing to say.

50.      Let us go back to our former place, let’s go back to our former place. After all, it is the same thing. I have not seen any difference since I came in here. Always the same thing. Women preaching, women make up. Let me go back to my former place. Brethren, let us go. After all, we have freedom to do everything we wanted but here, they are checking everybody.

51.      Always seeing vision. Everything you do, you are assessed. We are not continuing. You know what we will do, we don see the land well, well. Brethren, they will believe our report. Let us tell them the false one.” Then, they fabricated lies.

52.      There was a man of God called Moses, he discerned their hearts, he recognised the Word the Lord gave him that these people must be bread in their sights because the Lord is going with them to fight the battle. That they are overcomers, more than conquerors. He disbelieved their reports but they did not know.

53.      Joshua and Caleb appeared and said, “We are more than able. Though they are giants, though they are theologians, though they are having signs and wonders and miracles, we are not afraid of them. We are able, for the Lord will see us through.”

54.      In the midst of all odds—though few—they were not moved, they were certain; they never joined the majority when they were wrong.

55.      How many of you have joined the majority in your hearts? In doctrine, in conduct, check your life from the pew to the Pastor.

56.      Mixed-Multitude, the Lord can never be happy with us; we must get rid of strangers in our midst. Unless they are prepared to be circumcised in the hearts, unless they are prepared to do what we have done, to identify with our doctrines, identify with our conducts, identify with our orders, they are not part of us, they will not partake of our Passover; for we are crossing over Jordan. We are going home. They will not go with us, for they will defile us.

57.      I thank the Lord so much. You are in this Faith hearing what the Spirit is saying to the Church at Nkpor, you feel you are blessed, to God be the glory. If you have murmured against the Pastor, if you have murmured against your ministers, if you have murmured against yourselves, you are guilty.

58.      If you have spoken evil in any way concerning what is happening in this Church, maybe somebody told you or somebody influenced you to do that, you are guilty. You joined the majority when they are wrong; you have to stand on your feet as a single man watching what the Lord is doing. Where you are not convinced, meet your Pastor.

59.      The Lord wants to do something great in this Church and you remember the Message the Lord told us. We were asking of the Holy Ghost baptism; He said, “How can I plant my seeds in the midst of tares. Go and tell the tares that I have identified them. Uproot them; plant my seed. It is going to bear fruits.” How many heard it? Did the Lord fulfil it?

60.      I am grateful. The Lord flushed unbelief out of this camp; flushed doubt and He looked down and said, “You are still mixed up.”

61.      Who is that stranger in our midst? The Lord wants you to come in. You have every right to feast with us only on one condition: You must give yourself to be circumcised. When you are circumcised, then you are purified by the water, which is the Word of God.

62.      Your heart is made ready. You will receive the same rest, which we have received which is Holy Ghost. It is Holy Ghost now! That will take you to rapture.

63.      It is only one man that will go to rapture. That is Holy Ghost. Without Holy Ghost, you are not going anywhere.

64.      If it pleases the Pastor of this Church to grant Me the pulpit, the Lord willing, I will do it. However, where he says no, I will not speak contrary because he is my shepherd, the Lord is watching over His camp.

65.      The Lord is watching you. He knows your heart; He knows the thought of your heart. He knows what you have been thinking; He knows what you have been saying. No matter where you are, do not allow yourself to die! Save yourself! Save yourself from the wrath of God! For the wrath of God is revealed against the Mixed-Multitude.

66.      Do not be there claiming, “I have been twenty years in the Lord. I have been hundred years in this message. I saw William Marion Branham. I ate with him. The Lord told me,” when the Lord never told you. You have lied against the Lord! You have lied against the Holy Ghost!

67.      Do not say, “The Lord laid it in my heart,” when the Lord never laid it. It was an ordinary human feeling; ordinary human feeling and you say it is the Lord. You are guilty! Be sure of what the Lord is revealing anything to you.

68.      Wherever you may be now, the Lord wants to help you. Are you a stranger in the household of Israel, are you wallowing in ignorance? The Lord is calling you now. Wherever you may be, amend your ways. Forsake your wicked ways. Forsake your compromise; embrace the Truth.

69.      I am telling you the Truth. God is in the Tabernacle. The Lord is here; Holy Ghost is here. I feel like dying, I feel like dying here. I am telling you the truth, I lie not. Holy Ghost is here, He is searching your heart.

70.      You that have twisted the Scripture, you want to go back into the world. You will not go back into the world! The Lord is calling you. Amend your ways, drop your evil ways; come out from your compromise, the Lord is moving in the camp. He is touching everybody. He is touching every minister, He is touching every Brother, He is touching every Sister. Why then can’t I believe? Amen.



All eyes closed, all heads bowed down.

Lord, I am on my knees, I am on my knees, I bow my head down before You as a man that is guilty, I am unworthy, have mercy upon Me, Lord, have mercy upon Me. Banish Me not from Your Holy Presence.

2. I pray Thee Holy Father, banish me not, banish me not, be merciful unto me, be merciful unto me Oh God! I am on my knees Lord! I am on my knees. Spare my life Oh God! Be merciful unto me. Amen.



Part Two



My people listen, My people listen, My people listen, My people listen, My people listen, My people listen, My people listen, My people listen, My people listen, My people listen, My people listen, My people listen, My people listen, My people listen, My people listen.

2.         Come and see the Lord; He is in the camp of His people. Come and see the Lord; He is in the camp of His people. Come and see the Lord; He is in the camp of His people.

3.         Who are you? Who are you? All knees bow down, both young and old. The Lord is in the tabernacle. Lord, I kneel down before Thee; I reverence Your Holy Name, Lord. I thank You for recognizing this Local Assembly tonight, identifying with us, a bunch of holy rollers like us, people speaking evil against this Church but You are speaking good concerning this Church. Glory be to Your Holy Name Lord, in Christ Name.

4.         Lord, speak! Lord, speak! Lord, speak! Lord, speak! Lord, speak! Lord, speak!”

5.         Be reverend, be reverend Church, all heads bow down. Something is about to happen to this Church. Amen.



When I shall arise, shall they not be afraid? When I shall arise, shall they not be afraid? They want to see Me in My Church.

2.         When I shall arise, shall they not be afraid?    When I shall arise, shall they not be afraid? When I shall arise, shall they not be afraid? For I have promised it and I will do it. For I am the Lord, I am the Lord.

3.         I have promised it and I will do it. I have promised it and I will do it. They want to see Me. They want to know Me. They want to know My dress. They want to understand without seeing Me. Without seeing My back.

4.         But thus saith the Spirit, this is My Word. Yes, this is My Word. For God’s Spirit is upon Me, For God’s Spirit is upon My people. It is My Word; It is My Word; It is My Word.

5.         Now shall you know that I am God that liveth among My people. Now shall you know that I am God that liveth among My people. Now shall you know that I am God that liveth among My people. Now shall you know that I am God that liveth among My people. Now shall you know that I am God that liveth among My people.

6.         And you say, how do you know? How do you know? How do you know?

7.         How do you know? This is My confirmation: for the Word I have spoken shall stand, for the Word I have spoken shall stand. Yes, yes, this shall I know, this shall I know but you cannot know.

8.         Yes, yes, this shall I know but you cannot know. Until I reveal My power among My people, for this is My power, for this is My power. For the Word of the Living God that has been spoken shall never fail; For the Word of the Living God that has been spoken shall never fail; For the Word of the Living God that has been spoken shall never fail. And you ask, “How can I be certain?”

9.         And you ask, “How can I be certain?” But you shall know this is My Word. For thus saith My Spirit, the Spirit of the Living God that dwelleth among His people.  For thus saith My Spirit, the Spirit of the Living God that dwelleth among His people. When you come into My camp, hearken unto My Word; hearken unto My Word. For thus I have purposed in My heart, that the camp of My people shall be separated from the camp of the ungodly; that the camp of My people shall be separated from the camp of the ungodly.

10.      Yes, yes, yes, yes, it is My Spirit among My people; it is My Spirit among My people; it is My Spirit among My people and it shall never fail. Thus saith the Holy Spirit.  Amen.

11.      I have anointed you with My Spirit; I have anointed you with My power; speak My Word; fear them not for I will be with you. I have anointed you with My anointing; speak My Word for I have promised to be with you. I have anointed you with My unction. Yes, the Lord of Hosts have promised.

12.      It My Word among My people, It My Word among My people,

13.      It My Word among My people, for it is My power. Yes, when they shall come into My sanctuary and they shall see My power among My people.

14.      Shall My Word fail? Asks the Lord of Hosts. Shall My Word fail? Says the voice of the Living God. Shall My Word fail when I send it among My people? I say, My Word cannot fail. Yes, the Living Word of the Living God cannot fail. Yes, the Living Word of the Living God cannot fail. For when you shall prophesy among My camp and they ask: how could you know it is the Lord? Now watch for a sign. This is a sure sign:

15.      The Sword of the Spirit is among you. It is a sure sign that the Spirit of the Living God is among you. It is an unfailing sign that this tabernacle that is called by My name; I shall not depart among you. I have promised you: I have decided I will not leave you alone.

16.      Yes, tell My servant who is in charge of this sanctuary, tell My servant that he should purge himself now in 7 days’ time. For it is My power among My people going forth; yes, it is My power among My people going forth. Thus saith the Holy Spirit.” Amen!


Almighty God, we thank You, we praise Your Holy Name, Lord we bow down before You, we appreciate Your dealings with us, we appreciate Your presence in the camp, to You be all the honour, all the glory, all the majesty, all the dominion, all the adoration now and forever in the Christ Name.

2.         All heads bow down, all eyes closed. The Lord is still moving. The Lord has spoken good concerning some people and concerning the whole Church also. Oh! Glory be to God.

3.         Almighty Father look at Your servant, I anoint his head with this olive oil representing the token of the Holy Ghost. Thank You for what You have done so far. You are confirming Your Word to be true. Lord, I thank You tonight.

4.         Virtue has gone out of him as a man for when God comes into a man and does a work that is quick; something great has left the flesh.

5.         Lord, I am praying, replenish it Oh God in the Christ our Lord! May it never cause him any headache, may it never cause any damage Lord, use him the more. We appreciate it. We believe it is You.

6.         We are not doubting for You are in the business of confirming Your Word. Take glory in all things; fill him with Thy Spirit more and more. Lord, in these seven days, help him to purge himself of every unclean living, of every doubt and unbelief.

7.         Lord, may he never be a cast away. See him through. Fight his battles for him. Let it be Oh God, forgive his sins Oh God in Christ Name.

8.         Lord, look at Your servant that is kneeling down here. I anoint his head with this olive oil, Lord, in Your Name, I place my hand upon him. Forgive him his sins as a youth Oh God. Fill him with Thy Holy Ghost.

9.         Lord, may he stand for Thee. All the days of his life, may he never compromise his faith in Christ Name.

10.      My Lord and my God, this Brother has come out embracing You to be his Saviour, not to me Oh Lord for I am a man and Lord, I place my hands upon him anointing him with this olive oil representing the token of the Holy Ghost, forgive him of every compromise, forgive him of every sin Oh Lord, purge him fully; fill him with Thy Holy Ghost. Help him to stand for You.

11.      Even if every body will disbelieve You Oh God, may he never be a cast away. May he never backslide. Forgive him Oh God and fight all his battles for him. May he become an overcomer in Christ Name.

12.       Almighty God, look at my Sister and Your daughter. She is kneeling down before You. I place this token, the olive oil on her forehead. Have mercy on her! Forgive her trespasses. Anywhere she has compromised in time past, forgive her Oh God.

13.      Lord, may she start to live a victorious Christian life. Father, see her through in Christ Name.

14.      My Lord and my God, thank You for the revelations. Lord, because of time, forgive me. I am not going to do this discernment, it will take us staying here till midnight but Oh Lord, many are going far places. Many are going to Abagana. Forgive me Oh God for I am a man but all You have spoken to me, tell them in spirit, in vision and in dream that they might be certain of their condition.

15.      Look at my Brother Oh God, I anoint his forehead with this olive oil representing the Holy Ghost, forgive him of every compromise. Forgive his sins and trespasses, fight his battles for him, see him through. May he be in the rapture Christ Name!

16.      My Lord and my God, look at Your servant kneeling down before you, I place my hands upon him, anointing his head with this olive oil. Have mercy upon him Oh God, forgive his trespasses Oh God, and take him to rapture Oh God. May he become a victorious Christian in Christ Name! Amen.

17.      My Lord and my God, I anoint the head of this Your son with this olive oil representing the token, the Holy Ghost. Forgive his sins and trespasses. See him through Oh God. Lord, the greatest thing a man can get in Your Presence is the salvation of his soul.

18.      Lord, may he never be a cast away, may he be in the rapture in Christ Name. Amen.

19.      My Father and my God, look at Your servant and son, I place my hands upon him, placing this olive oil. See him through in the battle in the Christian Faith, may he never compromise, may he never backslide in Christ Name. May he be in the rapture Oh God.

20.      Father Divine, look at Your servant kneeling down before You. Lord, thank You for the revelations around him. You have spoken good concerning him Oh God, in fullness of time may it manifest. That he is going to do the work of an Evangelist.

21.      Lord, although he may be called to be a shepherd but Lord anytime it will manifest in him, send him out Oh Lord. My Lord and my God, see him through, forgive his sins, forgive every compromise. May he stand on Your truth Oh Lord. In Christ Name, may nothing disturb him again. May nothing stumble him Oh God. Fight all his battles.

22.      Anytime it will manifest in him, send him out Oh God, my Lord and my God see him through, forgive his sins, forgive every compromise, may he stand on your truth Oh God, in Christ Name. May nothing disturb him again, may nothing stumble him Oh God. Grant it for him in Christ Name.

23.      My Lord and my God look at Your Sister, my Sister and Your daughter, I anoint her head Oh God. Thank You Oh God for what You have done so far. Forgive her sins O God. May she be a rightful helpmate to my Brother Oh God. See her through; take her to rapture Oh God. May she never be a cast away in Christ Name. Amen.

24.      Almighty God, I anoint Your servant with this olive oil representing this Holy Ghost we have been praying for. Lord, wherever he has failed, in doctrine, in life, in conduct and in order, forgive him now in Christ Name.

25.      Lord, see him through, may his ministry come forth Oh God and magnify Your name. May he never take glory. May he decrease Oh Lord as you increase. Father, may he be in the rapture, fight all his battles for him in Christ Name.


26.      He is Lord and God! He is Lord and God! He is Lord, He’s Lord and God! He is Lord, He’s Lord and God! Forgive him Lord! Forgive him Lord! And bless him Lord! Because You are worthy! Lord I cry! Lord I bind! I bind it! I bind, Father! Please forgive him! Drop down Your Holy Ghost! I take it out in Christ Name. Amen.



27.      Holy Father, we thank You for Your presence in the camp. May we never leave You Oh God. Thank You for identifying with Your people Oh God. We are happy, we are happy, to hear Your voice Oh God, we are happy to see You deliver this prophecy concerning Your people Oh Lord.

28.      Father Divine, I place my hands upon Your daughter. Lord, I anoint her head with this olive oil. Forgive her sins and trespasses; see her through Oh God in this special faith. With her eyes may she see correct visions; with her mouth may she prophesy correct prophesies from Thee Oh God.

29.      Lord, You know her condition, into Your mighty hands I commit her life. See her through Oh God. May she never miss rapture in Christ Name.

30.      My Lord and my God, look at Your daughter and my Sister. Lord, I anoint her head with this olive oil representing the Holy Ghost. Lord, she has every need of You. I can see the revelation, it makes me marvel. Who can stand before Thee.

31.      Lord, I can see my Sister before Thee.  Show mercy Oh God. Show mercy Oh God. Show mercy Oh God. Lord, when You revealed Yourself to me yesterday, You said I’m sending you to build up the Church in righteousness and in holiness and Lord, look at Your daughter kneeling down before Thee.

32.      Fill her with Thy Holy Ghost that is what she requires in Christ Name. Almighty God I anoint the head of my Sister and Your daughter with this olive oil. Thou have spoken well concerning her many times; thank You for the good revelation also. In the fullness of time Oh God, may your glory come forth in Christ Name.

33.      It may take days, it may take months, it may take years. May it come to pass in my day in Christ Name. Amen.

34.      May Your strength never leave her; use her in dreams and in visions, in any way Oh God, that seems good to you. Forgive the sins of her youth in Christ Name.

35.      Brethren come in. Brother Chinedu, come forward.

36.      Almighty God thank You for what you are doing in the camp tonight. Lord, pardon us because of the way we are handling these little instruments, I know it is not the right way Oh God, according to thy command and I am praying Oh God that you give it to them as a revelation that they must know what to do on this microphone before Friday.

37.      I place this token Oh God with olive oil upon the head of Your son, Your Spirit is hovering around him, may he never fulfil the wrong side of the scripture Oh God. Like Judas had the prophecy, and he was not so careful but that Thy word must come to pass.

38.      It was Judas and no other and Lord, look at my Brother in his sincerity of heart, help him out of this situation, purge him Oh God of every doubt, of every unbelief, purge him of every compromise, of every wrong doctrine, purge him of every murmuring, purge him Oh God and use him to Your own glory in Christ Name. Amen.

39.      Bless him Oh God with every spiritual blessing, bless him with every material blessing and cause the devourer in his work place. “Thou Satan that is binding my Brother’s business, in Christ Name, move your hands off that business. Amen.

40.      May my Brother regain his freedom in Christ Name. I anoint the forehead of Your son with this olive oil, I am unworthy but Thou art worthy. Lord, I thank You because it pleaseth Thee to imprison Your minister in this altar and Lord, I am happy, it makes me glad, You are God, You are God that they might believe You.

41.      Oh! Lord You are wonderful, Lord You are great for taming Your servant, You have done it in this tabernacle before and You are doing it once again.

42.      Oh! Lord I am grateful. Do Your work on him until he speaks the truth; don’t allow him to go until the truth comes out of his mouth fully, may he remain there.

43.      Lord, support this little ministry. I thank you because already You have supported it, I can see hands around me, I can see Your gift going about, I can see Your manifestation, glory be to God. Amen. Father, take glory.

44.      Look at Your servant kneeling down, bless him with every spiritual blessing, forgive the sins of his youth, magnify his little ministry. In that little children’s class, bless his ministry.

45.      Father, may he teach the children the right way. Help him to be victorious in Christian living in Christ Name.

46.      Almighty God, it is amazing that my mother and Your daughter will be lying prostrate and almost dead in Your altar when I never made any altar call but I believe You made the altar call. You have revealed a lot of things around her Oh God. Have mercy on her.

47.      May she never remember her past sins again. The devil is the false accuser of Brethren. Forgive her all sins Oh God. Cleanse her of every doubt, every unbelief. I anoint her eyes with this olive oil. With these eyes, may she start to see visions, with her mouth, may she prophesy according to the book of Joel, “In the last days, these mothers will have some dreams with visions and prophesies.” Fill her with the Holy Ghost. May she never be a cast away.

48.      Father, when rapture occurs may she be there in Christ Name. Amen.

49.      My Lord and my God, I anoint the forehead of Your son with olive oil. He has defied the shame, the ridicule and has come out to identify with Thee, kneeling down before Thee not before a man. Feel him with Thy Holy Ghost.

50.      Lord, forgive all the sins of his youth. Forgive him of every compromise physically and spiritually. Lord may he stand for You. May all Your gifts in him manifest now. May he live a victorious Christian life. Bless him in his workplace.

51.      May this retrenchment that is happening in his work never affect him. Hearken unto the voice of Your people. Let it be unto him according to the faith of this Church. Take glory in all things Lord, in Christ Name.

52.      Almighty God, look at Your son that is lying prostrate here, almost dead here. I anoint his forehead with this olive oil representing the Holy Spirit at Thy command Oh God, all his sins are forgiven for Christ’s sake, in Christ Name. Fill him with Thy Spirit always.

53.      May Your Spirit never leave him. May all Your gifts on him manifest. Lord, bridle his tongue, circumcise his heart, and circumcise his eyes. May he live a victorious life. Take glory in all things Lord, in Christ Name.

54.      Almighty God, kneeling down before You is Your servant the Evangelist whose sandals I am not worthy to remove. I am just an unworthy servant, an unworthy man but by Your grace, You have washed me and have made me holy. Your Spirit dwelling in me; revealing these things. To You be all honour and glory in Christ Name. All the sins of his youth Oh God at Thy command are forgiven in Christ Name. May your Spirit never leave him. Forgive him of every compromise Oh Lord. May he stand for Thee.

55.      As he stands for Thee, stand for him Oh Lord. May he be victorious in his little ministry Lord. Father, may he never waver either to the left or to the right. May people never influence him in any way.

56.      Father, see him through in Christ Name. Amen.

57.      Lord and my God, I am feeling the pains, I am feeling the pains. Spare my life Oh God; spare my life Oh God. Lord what is that my sin? Lord, who am I to refuse your instructions? I am bound to obey You Oh God. Lord it is hard; it’s really hard. Glory be to Your Holy Name. Manifest Yourself to this audience. Lord, Your testimony is truth; You cannot lie.

58.      Indeed, my Brother has a very nice calling, indeed he is waiting for You Oh God to send him, indeed he is starting a very serious time with Thee and Lord, a lot of tribulations are around him.

59.      He had some friends Oh God both in the world and in so many Churches and Lord; he is very, very sincere. Have mercy upon him Oh Lord. Forgive all the sins of his youth, respecting Your voice, the spirit says come, let he that heareth say come. As he is kneeling down, I can feel Your vibration around my hand.

60.      Lord, everything Satan has planted in his life to spoil this ministry, I uproot it in Christ Name. I destroy it by faith.

61.      I am looking forward to a day when this ministry will manifest if not in this local assembly, in any other Local Assembly where he may be going. Let it manifest in my day that I will be a living witness in Christ Name. 

62.      Lord, purge him from every Pentecostal idea, purge him from every idea from the world, every Bible college idea, purge him Oh Lord and fill him by Your anointing, fill him by Your Spirit, teach him Oh God by Your Holy Ghost.

63.      Be his counsellor, be his teacher, be his guide. May he never draw example from any man, may he draw example You. May he never be influenced by any man; may he be influenced by Your word. Let it be unto him according to his faith tonight, in Christ Name. Amen.

64.      My Lord and my God, in obedience to Your word, I lay my hand upon Your servant the evangelist, my Lord and my God, he didn’t know up to this extent, if he had known to this extent, Lord, he would have acted rightly, lay no change against him, he will never commit it wilfully, he did it ignorantly.

65.      I am not ridiculing him but to brighten his Christian life. Starting from his youth, starting from his youth. In doctrine, in conduct, in order Lord I can see how he started, that was the way he was brought up but he was sincere in his heart. He did not mean to offend Thee Oh Lord; I can see the hands taken away Oh God. That first sledgehammer that knocked him down here even when he tried to resist. 

66.      Thank You for Thy mighty hands that are coming down redeeming him, with a warning to go home and sin no more. To stand for Thee, no matter what it takes, if it takes dying for the truth, if it takes remaining only one person in that Church, if it takes only him and his wife to remain in that Church.

67.      Glory be to Your Holy Name. Forgive him Oh God. Fill him once again by Your Spirit. All these false inspirations, all these false influences around him, all these great compromises because he was following people that have stayed long in the massage.

68.      Blindly, he did not know that most of them are no longer in the faith and he was taking their instructions sincerely. Forgive him Oh God in Christ Name. Amen.

69.      You can never put a fresh wine in the old wine that is why You are using only new vessels. You are using grasshoppers; you are using children that are very new, very fresh, undefiled, in doctrine, in life and in conduct to strengthen these sincere ones that are remaining Oh God.

70.      In every age You have a remnant. Thank You Oh God that Your Spirit brought this man here, no man brought him here, he has forgotten his mission. The crusade he is planning Oh God is a different thing now.

71.      That was the man planning a crusade and now this is the greatest crusade, he’s having the greatest crusade here. Thank You Oh Lord for touching him. I can see his wife kneeling down. Glory be to Your Holy Name.

72.      I can see the woman crying, may she go home justified, may she go home filled with the Holy Ghost. May she stand for Thee. While he’s still doing the work of the pastor, doing the work of the evangelist, doing almost every work in that local assembly, help him Oh God.

73.       In the fullness of time Oh God, send forth ministers, labourers in Thy vineyard to help him Oh God. If it takes him challenging all these old ones, may he challenge them in truth, in humility Oh God. It required Paul, a young minister to challenge Peter and Lord, let it be unto him according to his faith. I command it Oh Lord, come out of him in Christ Name.

74.      May he never be deceived by any man, may he not draw example from the Local Assembly, may he draw example from the word of God; may he be influenced by Thy Word only. Do it Oh Lord in Christ Name. Lord, as a man I am weak.

75.      Almighty God, we thank You. In obedience to Your word, which I believe is truth, as many as are kneeling down, as many as are here, as many as are not here but they are your predestined ones to be raptured in this Message wherever they may be worldwide.

76.      Lord, may this same Spirit that has worked here tonight, work in them. Wash them from every unclean habit, from every false hood, from every false doctrine, from every false belief, line them up in the truth especially Brethren in the same household of faith.

77.      Bless them Oh God, may they be victorious; see them through Lord in Christ Name. Amen.

78.      Almighty God, I am not resisting Your voice for I can see Your power around me, I can see Your hands around me Oh God, thank You for the revelation, it is truth. In the mouth of two witnesses, the truth shall be established. Thank you for establishing it.

79.      Look at Your daughter and my Sister anointed by the devil. “Thou spirit of error, thou spirit of unbelief, thou spirit of doubt that is hovering around my Sister, depart, trouble her no more in Christ Name. Come out of her. I set her free. May she be free indeed.

80.      Take glory Oh God, I can see the inspiration running away. See her through Oh God. Lord, thank You for the revelation.

81.      Look at my Brother at the feet of the Lord; he is coming to You and to no other. Stop making mockery of the Word of God. Any portion of the scriptures you cannot read very well, give people that can read better than you.

82.      You do not read the scriptures very well, that’s why you find it difficult understanding the word and because you don’t understand, the devil cashes in on that and has taken away the little you have received.

83.      Henceforth, I charge you, if you cannot read English very well, and you can read Igbo very well, read Igbo; if you cannot read two of them very well, leave and allow people who can read very well. Stop reading alone. God bless you. Lord (be careful, be careful).



he servant of the Lord, I have promised him…Go back tonight.

84.      What must you do? Look straight into the scriptures for it remains My absolute. No other thing is My absolute is My word. I have preserved it all these years that you should not die. But how do they read Me? How do they read Me? Because they could not understand who I send among them. Yes, they could not understand.

85.      Each time I send My prophet among My people they fail to realize who is among them. Instead of seeing the prophet as a man and I the Lord of Host have created him in My image and My likeness, what do they do? They deify him.

86.      Yes, they deify him. It is even being done unto My servant and I don’t complain. And I, I….It sounds that strange.

I chose him for you. I chose him for you and I ordained him. For the Holy Spirit that rested in him is the Spirit of Christ….Amen.