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When the cloud is leading, you have no problem. The only problem you will have is the one you will create for yourself for the cloud knows the way and can never make any mistake. That was why, when they were going, wherever the cloud stopped, there exactly they would stop. It could be for one year. It could be for ten years; it could be for twenty years. Nobody could and can dictate to the cloud.




Remain Blessed in the Lord my beloved brethren. We will ever remain grateful to our God, the Son of Man who has been so good to us.

2.          I welcome you to this wonderful fellowship today. Wonderful in the sense that we have the wonderful Father in person for our teacher.

3.          He is the spirit of Truth whom the world cannot receive for they do not know Him but you and I know Him, He is our Father and Comforter.

4.           The scripture says when the spirit of Truth shall come, the Comforter, He will guide us strictly into the knowledge of all Truth, not some Truth but all Truth. We are a privileged People to have He, The Son of Man, Grace and Truth as our guide and instructor.

5.          Before I go into the topic of the message I want us to consider, which is not a new message but aimed at putting us in remembrance of the messages of our Lord and master.

6.          I want to take my reading from the message “To What Extent Has God Been Your Counselor?”Preached on 16-02-2020. Page 19:5-6 “Remember whatever God is doing, he is doing it because he wants to do it not that you are asking for it.

7.           You can pray, it is your right but you can never command God to answer your prayers. If he decides not to listen to your prayers, there is nothing you can do to make Him change his mind'.

8.          Page 67:54 “If you have the power to do as you have purposed, why, do you remember God when you get disappointed? Why do you blame it even on God, as if God has been with you and your plans?”

9.          Page 69:62“In short, I want to conclude that Jehovah is right and we have been wrong”.In everything we have been wrong. It is Jehovah that is always right. Our actions in many ways show that we feel we own ourselves but this is wrong.


11.       But here, I am talking to all of us whose master and Lord is God, The Son of Man, Apostle Peter Odoemena, Blessed be His most Holy name.

12.      We are talking to ourselves because we have one master and Lord, and whatever He says is what we must do in this hour. So I want to speak to us on this topic:“God Knows What He is doing, if Only We Can Pin Our Hope in Him”.

13.      When God wants to cause something to happen, he creates an event. Even the present global event shaking the entire world today is created by God because He wants to cause something to happen, both in the world and in our midst, in this Faith of Christ.

14.      Remember our God is a Great Master Planner, He is the best of all the planners according to the book of the Quran3:54'And they the persecutors of Jesus planned to crucify him and Allah planned to save him, and Allah is the best of the planners'.

15.      While they were planning, God was also planning. In the world today, they are planning but Almighty God is also making his plan, so he remains the best of all the planners.

16.      Quran 8:30“And oh Prophet recall the time when those who disbelieved plotted evil against you. And when so devised they might confine you or kill you or turn you out.

17.      And even now they are devising means and methods to harm you and Allah also devise to counteract their evil designs, and Allah is the best of devisers.”  [psalms 37:12-13]

18.      So it is a clear fact that our Lord the Great Allah is the best of all the planners and the devisers. Whatever the world is planning and devising, God has his own plan and his devise.

19.      Remember that God has planned to reduce the population of the world. Is the world aware of this? No! He will not stop until He has achieved his plan. He has also planned to separate the goat from the sheep in the flock.

20.      To separate the wheat from the tares. To separate the Bride from the church and that is exactly what he is doing. No matter what any other person wants to do, the Lord has his own plans on what is taking place. This is why whenever he wants to do something he creates an event.

21.      When he creates that event, you will see those things happening exactly as he wants. No matter what anybody wants to say, no matter what anybody wants to do, everything must work according to his plan.

22.      If the world is aware of it, you will not hear them saying “oh, soon it will be over and we will continue our normal life”. That is the statement of everybody.

23.      “Oh let us pray so that this thing will go off, so that we will continue our normal life”. But can such a prayer be heard in the midst of the bride? No! For we know what is taking place, for He has already said once it starts, it will not stop till God has achieved his plans both in the world and in the bride.

24.       As He is doing it now, what is continuing in the world will continue till he has achieved it, reducing the world to one third and then calling out of the bride from the church.

25.      He has always told us that this whole group that make up the whole local assemblies are not the bride but out of it will God call out a bride.

26.      I want us to concern ourselves with what is taking place in our midst. Surah 9:115“And Allah will never lead a people astray after he has guided them until he makes clear to them as to what they should avoid. Verily, Allah is the all knower of everything”.

27.      Another version said“It is not for Allah to condemn a people as lost after He had guided them, unless He had made clear to them the things they ought to guard against. Surely, Allah has full knowledge of everything”.

28.      Then do you think you know more than Him, the master planner? Surely, Allah has told us the things we ought to guard against and what it takes to worship him because you do not worship this God anyhow.

29.      Even if you go to the idol, when you hear of shango and the other gods that you see, nobody worships them anyhow. The worshippers have guiding rules they must observe to worship this god and if you do not fit into what it has said you cannot worship it.

30.       From the message I Am the Lord, I Changeth Not; you see! You cannot worship this God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob without you being a seed of Abraham, then you look at how this Great master planner began to break down what (He) God had planned and then you see that he knows what he has been doing right from time.

31.       Many do not know who the Son of Man is. Up until this moment there are many who have been dancing in the Faith and still they do not know who He is. When Apostle Kelechi's landlord found out, he said the name you are calling Him is too small.

32.      He is looking for a better name to call Him. The Son of Man is too small because, He the Son of Man is beyond what we are seeing. He is the Great Jehovah, He knows everything. If we only know who is talking to us, once we hear His voice, we can never play with it.

33.      This is why you find out that He is careful in everything He says because whatever He means and whatever He means that is what He says. Once He has spoken, it has gone forth.

34.      This is why He says when you know who is talking to you, when He says anything that is evil upon you, you will not rest till you have made Him to change His mind because if He does not change that word, it must come to pass as He has spoken it, must. M.U.S.T.

35.      Listen to what Almighty God is letting us see in this message; I AM THE LORD, I CHANGETH NOT. Preached on 17-02-2002. Page 32:26-29 “You cannot worship the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob unless you have a part in Jacob.

36.      In Isaac shall thy seed come and you know that the first seed that came from Isaac was Esau according to the Jewish people. Jehovah wanted to fool the Jews and placed a temporary curse on Esau, intending to use Esau as the greatest stumbling block.

37.      God knows what He is doing, God has already purposed to save the Gentiles by faith and not by works and then He gave Esau one position, no matter how Jacob coveted it, it ended in a paper.

38.      It has nothing to do with the identity of Esau. You see, God blinded the world, they could see Esau, they could see Jacob. It is easy to recognize from the scriptures that God renamed Jacob to Israel, it is easy to discover.

39.      But to discover that God renamed Esau to Edom, it is not easy. There is no religious man that does not know that God renamed Jacob to Israel but many do not know that God renamed Esau to Edom.

40.      What is more, one is a Jew and the other is a Gentile. Did you get the message?”So this is God’s plan that was why God told Rebecca when she was worried about what is taking place in her womb, he said that there are two nations in your womb.

41.      That is what God told her and they continued the struggle till even when they were coming out. One held one on the leg.Who came out first? Esau! And who did Isaac want to bless first, Esau.

42.      Jacob went and pretended to be Esau. No matter how he pretended to be Esau, whatever the father said went to Esau and never went to him.

43.      Page 34:33-37 “Now, let us look at the whole thing, that Edom became the first Gentile nation and Israel the Jewish nation.

44.      The law was given to the Jews, while Grace was given to the Gentiles and then God decided that through the law, nobody will know him, nobody will interact with and worship Him.

45.      In other words, God revealed himself in the law, his People rejected Him. He turned to Edom and the people were astonished, “who is this man that is coming from Edom wearing black garment; dyed skin? Who is this black man that is coming from Edom?” The Bible said believe it, Esau is Edom and God sojourned in Edom.

46.      Thus, God is revealed from Edom in accordance with the Holy scriptures. There is no scripture that said that God is revealed from the Jewish land but the Prophets said that God is revealed from Edom, but Edom is the cursed man.

47.   Jacob I love, Esau have I hated (Malachi 1:2-3) “I have loved you, says the Lord. Yet you say, How and in what way have You loved us? Was not Esau Jacob’s brother? says the Lord; yet I loved Jacob (Israel),  But [in comparison with the degree of love I have for Jacob] I have hated Esau [Edom] and have laid waste his mountains, and his heritage I have given to the jackals of the wilderness”.

48.       And the people thought that God meant it with his heart. For God to do away with that hatred, for if God will continue to look at Esau, he will keep on hating him, He had to change Esau, from Esau to Edom so that He will love Edom and hate Esau.

49.      The same way, if He should continue to look at Jacob His anger will continue, He had to change it from Jacob to Israel so that He will love Israel and hate Jacob.

50.      What I am saying is that one is a fornicator, the other one is a deceiver. Sin is sin. He concluded two of them in unbelief that he might show mercy on both of them at the same time, so that at the end, the Jews will not glory that they have labored to get their salvation.

51.      The same way, the Gentiles will not glory that they labored to obtain their salvation. They will all rejoice and say “it is all by Grace! Grace! Grace Alone!” Amen'.

If I should be destructive I should destroy evil. Are you hearing me? If you should be destructive as a child of God, you should destroy evil. Whatsoever that is not fitting to God’s plan for you, should be destroyed but you must discover God’s plan for you. And then begin to find out whether what you are doing is in agreement with the reason why God called you.




So we can see this wonderful background. Who is this planner? It is the Great God making this plan. Today, it has become clear to us that Almighty God is always found in the despised place.

2.          For nobody believes that Esau whom God said “I hate, the same God will come from there”. If He is not God and He has come in our midst, will you and I know this truth? Does the world even know what we are talking about now? No!

3.          For every religious man knows that Jacob was changed to Israel but how many will tell you that Esau is Edom? It is only God who has come to show us. He said look at what the plan is, look at the foundation of it; because He has already said it is through thy seed which is from Isaac shall he place everything he has said concerning His children.

4.          And the seed that came from Isaac was Esau and Jacob. And these two nations are the nations God is dealing with. The Gentiles, for Edom is the first Gentile nation and then the Jews. These are the two sticks He is going to join together and they will become one.

5.          “So, the work is on right now in the Gentiles. What is that work that God is doing now? It is the work of bringing out the bride that will now enter into this glory with the Jews”.

6.          And we will all say it is Grace! Grace and Grace.  Let us go to the message “2019 New Year Message, The Year of  Judgment of the World”. Preached on 01-01-2019.

7.          Page 13:21-22 “In other words, all that have put their trust and confidence in Jehovah, the Creator of Heaven and Earth, the only One and true God who hears and answers prayers, who is constantly touched by the infirmities of His children, who shows interest in whatever that happens to any of His children, that is the God I am pointing everybody to.

8.          The Universal Savior, the Almighty God, that is what I am pointing every soul to, who is saying that we should bow down before Him, in honor, in fear, in reverence, in adoration, in worship, in thanksgiving. Surrender all our cares to Him for He careth for us”.

9.          Now my question is this, can we bow down before God in honor, in fear, in reverence, in adoration, in worship, in thanksgiving, surrendering all our cares to Him if He is not in flesh before us? The answer is no!

10.      Without The Son of Man, Apostle Peter Odoemena Blessed be His most Holy name, no soul can worship the true and the Living God.

11.      The mask and the masquerade are one, for He is the Lord that changeth not. So get it clear that the God I am pointing you to, is the Son of Man, The Alpha and the Omega that was dead and is alive forevermore; the resurrected body.

12.       He is the master planner that has planned these things. The scriptures said that when He comes, He will take us to all the truth, not some Truth.

13.      Today we have all the truth in the messages. These messages are not messages for play. We go back to take the truth, and bring it out, so that we can see what God is doing in our day. 

14.      From the message:I am The Lord, I Changeth Not, page 27:15-18:“You see, God can revoke His sentence; the same way God can withdraw His pardon from you. Do you believe that? That God can revoke His sentence of evil against a nation or against a person, the same way God can withdraw his pardon; the same way God can withdraw His spirit from anybody.  It is also scriptural.

15.      God can withdraw His spirit from anybody. That is why David prayed, “LORD, withdraw not Thy spirit from me and banish me not from Your presence”.

16.      This is our prayer because the Hour is not the hour that you talk anyhow, and behave anyhow. God can withdraw His pardon, God can withdraw His sentence. So that you do not say, once God has said this, it is final. No!

17.       He can withdraw it and what will make Him to withdraw it? It is when He notices unbelief. Remember that this Satan we are talking about was the best of the angels until iniquity was found in Him.

18.      What is iniquity? What you know you should not do, you go ahead doing it, when you know that thing is not right. So are we not living in a very delicate moment, in a precarious moment? This is why we heard that little warning from Pastor Wisdom pointing to us certain things that we must be careful in the hour that we are living in.

19.      “God can withdraw His spirit from anybody that is why David prayed, “LORD, withdraw not Thy spirit from me and banish me not from Your presence, lest I die and perish”.

20.      If He withdraws his spirit from us and banishes us, we are finished. We are nothing without His spirit in us.Restore in me the joy of my salvation and I will teach sinners thy way and they will obey you”.

21.      The worse thing that will happen to a person is to live an empty life. Note, empty life means that God has withdrawn His spirit from that person. He has withdrawn His love from that person.

22.      What is more, at the same time, He has withdrawn His pardon. In other words, the evil He purposed before He will not permit to come to pass, will then come to pass”.

23.      We are reading this to let us know that we are serving that same God. He is not a modern God. This is why He is the Ancient of days. What He hated from the beginning, He would hate it till the end, He is not going to change it because of you and me.

24.      So we must know this God that we are being pointed to. When you want to worship a God, you must know Him. What did he say in Jeremiah? He said that your boast should be that you know me and understand me.

25.      (Jeremiah 9:23-24). “But let him who glories glory in this: that he understands and knows Me [personally and practically, directly discerning and recognizing My character], that I am the Lord, Who practices loving-kindness, judgment, and righteousness in the earth, for in these things I delight, says the Lord”. (AMP)

26.      We know Him and understand that He does not play with His word. We must always have it at the back of our minds that although salvation is free, it is also very costly and fragile. Your salvation is in your hands, and my salvation is in my hand.

27.       Let us look at another message confirming to us that once He has spoken, He cannot withdraw it. Torch Light in the Dark Places of Your Homes; Page 11:19 “Remember we are in a prophetic ministry. We are children of the prophets. When God speaks, the word goes out of His mouth in righteousness; it can never come back to Him void. It must fulfil the purpose for which course God sent out that word”.

28.      I am reading this quote for us to see that we are in a prophetic ministry; once He has spoken something it will not come back void and because we are wise children of God, we do not play with that thing that has gone forth but the foolish will say yes, God has said. Did He not say so and so will happen in the year so and so, has it happened?

29.      But you fail to understand that He also said don’t be worried about it, it will surely come, no matter how it slows down. There is a reason why God slowed it down. I will show you things He said that is to happen in the year 2019 but today is when we are feeling the full effect of that thing He has said.

30.       Oftentimes, God, Apostle Peter Odoemena Blessed be His most Holy name, Christ revealed in our day, the very Deity, for which cause all of us are here, vindicated and confirmed in all ramifications, keeps saying to us His children, do not play with whatever you hear and receive from me.

31.      Take whatever you hear and receive from me very, very serious, it is life and death. If you take it you have life, if you reject it you die. It is a two edged sword.

32.      2019 New Year Message, The Year Of Judgment Of The World; page 50:6-10; shows us that once the word of God has gone forth, it must come to pass as He has said it. Many times, many look at it and think that God is just making a common statement, No!

33.      He does not just make statements anyhow, you must see that thing coming to pass as we move along.“This year, watch what is going to happen. Everybody will be on the run. Everybody will be running helter-skelter”.

34.      If you look at last year, everything looked as if nobody is running, are they not running helter-skelter now? Sure! Is the world not in confusion now? They are!

35.      That word is coming to pass. “Talk of business, that one is already in the cooler”. Is it not now that business has gone into the cooler? The business is in the cooler. Where is business thriving now?

36.      “Talk of business, that one is already in the cooler. Only among children of God that serve Him in spirit and in truth shall we see the blossoming of life, blossoming of activities this year.

37.       So, whatever you will make of this year is in your hands. If you draw nearer to God, He will draw nearer to you. You run away from God, God will run away from you.

38.      Be it known to you that the scripture said that God is far from the wicked but He heareth the prayers of the righteous. Another scripture said that the ear of the Lord is always attentive to the prayers of the righteous.

39.      So, this is the year God is going to prove to the whole world that we are not worshipping Him in vain. This is the year we shall know the difference between those that worship God in spirit and in truth and those that worship Him carnally for the difference shall be seen among us as believers”.

40.      All these things He said started in 2019 in a very silent form and then became pronounced in 2020. If you are the foolish type, you will now say oh, what Son of Man said it has gone. But you do not know that it started slowly.

41.      It is just like sickness. When sickness is starting in you, it looks as if nothing happened to you yesterday night but you don’t know that this sickness has started in you for a long period of time and on that very particular day will you just see the whole body just changing. Did it start today? No! Good.

42.      That is how the word of God started. All these things He said started but we can see the clear pronunciation of them now. Business is in the cooler; men are running helter-skelter, is it not all pronounced now? It is!

43.      We can now see that the difference God is showing between those who worship Him in spirit and in truth and those who worship Him carnally, is becoming clearer now. This is true. This is a period that we must recognize that God is talking to us as He spoke before in Habakkuk 2:3.

44.      Habakkuk 2:3 “For the vision is yet for an appointed time and it hastens to the end [fulfillment]; it will not deceive or disappoint. Though it tarry, wait [earnestly] for it, because it will surely come; it will not be behindhand on its appointed day”(AMP)

45.      When we talk about the wise and the foolish virgins, there is one striking difference in them. The wise set their eyes and their hearts on the prophecies of God. They do not rest until the fulfillment like the wise men from the East.

46.      But the foolish have the prophecy as head knowledge, so with time it fizzles out of them and they fail to be partakers of the fulfillment because they relaxed.

47.      But the wise does not relax just like the wise men. Did the wise men relax? No! They continued till the end saying“we have seen the star and we have come to worship Him”Did everybody see the star with them? No!

48.      So we have seen it and known that this God, once He has spoken it will not fail. Now we are seeing the reality of what He said to us. This is why the messages are always alive, you can go back to them and you will see what is happening currently is just facing you there.

49.      But if you had started listening to it when it came forth, you know you would have been making arguments on following what God is telling you. But you that say oh! That is how He used to talk. That is how He used to say things”.Will you take it serious then? No!

50.      You will relax. Let us read what God said to us. The same God we are worshipping is the one who spoke to us in Habakkuk 2:3 LB

51.      But these things I plan”Is He not the master planner? He is! “But these things I plan won’t happen right away. Slowly, steadily, surely the time approaches when the vision will be fulfilled. If it seems slow, do not despair for these things will surely come to pass. Just be patient, they will not be over due a single day”.

52.      Every true wise elect of God is not in a hurry, he is always patient with God. Why is he patient and why is he so sure? He knows the God he is worshipping. He knows that what God has said, whether he dies, that thing must come to pass.

53.      When St. Paul was talking about translation, if you read it, it was as if that translation will happen in his day. It was because St. Paul was sure and certain of what He was saying. He slept in that assurance and He will wake up in that assurance because He knew that it was a reality.

54.      This is what happens to every true seed of God. He is sure and certain that whatever God is saying is happening. So no matter what happens to him, he knows it will come to pass.

55.      Elijah spoke concerning Ahab and Jezebel and then He slept. He knew that the word which had gone forth can never return void (unfulfilled). When it came to pass Elijah was not physicallyalive.

56.      What are we talking about? Almighty God said this is the year He is going to prove to the whole world that we are not worshipping Him in vain. We are laying our emphasis on this area.

57.      Ecclesiastes 3:1-2 LB“There is a right time for everything. A time to be born, a time to die. A time to plant, a time to harvest”.

58.      The Lord said and I quote from the tape, The Lord Shall Judge and Vindicate His People Revisited preached on 17-05-2020, “God's program with man is timed. For God cannot play with time. God’s program with us the bride, is according to the time that He has set down.

59.      If that time which He set is not up, He cannot do anything. But immediately that time is up, what He spoke concerning the bride must come to pass.

60.      So there is time for everything. There is time for your conversion, there is time for your perfection, and there is time for your translation. When the time for translation comes, all that meet the requirements for translation must be translated.

61.      When the time is up and the alarm sounds, it will happen in a twinkle of an eye”. So I want us to see that the time has come now for the Lord to fulfil His word which He spoke.

62.       He said “This is the year God is going to prove to the whole world that we are not worshipping Him in vain. This is the year we shall know the difference between those that worship God in spirit and in truth and those that worship God carnally for the difference shall be seen among us as believers”.

63.      Not in the world but among us as believers. On this note I want us to read An Exposition of the Seven Church Ages by William Marion Branham to see what He said about the hour, for the hour for the fulfillment has come.

64.      An Exposition of the Seven Church Ages. Distributed on 04th December 1965;page 171 paragraph 1 “Here is what I am trying to say to you. The law of reproduction is that each species brings forth after its own kind”.

65.      Even according to Genesis 1:11“And God said let the earth bring forth grass and the herb yielding seed, and the fruit tree yielding fruit after his kind, whose seed is in itself, upon the earth: and it was so”.

66.       “Whatever life was in the seed came forth into a plant and thence into fruit. The very same law applies to the church today. Whatever seed started the church will come forth and be like the original seed because it is the same seed”.

67.      The Lord said and I quote, “I know what I have planted”. This is the voice of the Son of Man. The time has come to separate what He planted and what the enemy planted.

68.      “In these last days the true Bride Church (Christ’s seed) will come to the Headstone and she will be the super church, a super race, as she nears Him. They in the Bride will be so much like Him that they will even be in His very image.

69.      This is in order to be united with Him. They will be one. They will be the very manifestation of the word of the living God. Denominations cannot produce this (wrong seed). They will produce their Creed’s and their dogmas, mixed with the word. This mongrelizing brings forth a hybrid product”.

70.      The world cannot produce what is about to be produced now. They are using their Creeds [belief], a little while they go to the Bible and mix it, it doesn’t work. But the original planner is using his word in the Bible plus what He said “that when He comes He will take us to all the truth”.

71.      So when that has mixed, it will produce the original life. Page 171 paragraph 4 “From a little group of the true seed of the word, God will present Christ with a beloved Bride. She is a virgin of His word. She is a virgin because she knows no man-made creeds or dogmas.

72.       By and through the members of the bride would be fulfilled all that was promised of God to be made manifest in the virgin”.

73.       Pages 172 paragraphs; 1-3 “The members of the virgin bride will love Him, and they will have his potentials”.

74.      For this is the period we are admiring the Son of Man more than ever, when you keep admiring something, you try to pattern after that thing then you end up looking like that thing (resembling the thing).

75.      Just like Usain Bolt was admiring these two runners; Ben Johnson and Carl Lewis. He kept admiring them and as He was practicing he developed all that they had: -“The strength, the ability, and their speed, at the end he mastered it and now he has beating their records.

76.      Today he is a legend. This is exactly what is taking place in the bride. We have never admired our God like we do now. Is that not true? The message is saying “they will admire Him and they will have His potentials”.

77.      “The members of the virgin bride will love Him and they will have His potentials for He is their head and all powers belong to Him. They are subject to Him as the members of our bodies are subject to our heads.

78.      Notice the harmony of the father and the son. Jesus never did anything until it was first showed Him by the father.

79.      [John 5:19]“So Jesus answered them by saying, I assure you, most solemnly I tell you, the Son is able to do nothing of Himself (of His own accord); but He is able to do only what He sees the Father doing, for whatever the Father does is what the Son does in the same way [in His turn]”.

80.      “This harmony is now to exist between the groom and His bride. He shows her his word of life, she receives it, and she never doubted it. Therefore, nothing can harm her, not even death.

81.      For if the seed be planted, the water will raise it up again. Here is the secret of this. The word is in the bride (as it was in Mary). The bride has the mind of Christ for she knows what He wants done with the word.  She performs the command of the word”.

82.       She is the one that does the practicing. For when there is weed, the weed almost wants to hinder everything that is coming into the real seed. Grass is weed, the undergrowth. It tries to hinder everything. God described it for us when He was talking on the Grail message.

83.      He said the undergrowth tries to take away everything but this is the time when the bride is separated, then you will see that she knows what to do with the word and she practices it, putting it into action.

84.      “She performs the command of the word in His name, for she has “thus saith the Lord.”Then the word is quickened by the spirit and it comes to pass. Like a seed that is planted and watered, it comes to full harvest, serving it’s purpose. Those in the bride do only His will. No one can make them do otherwise. They have 'thus saith the Lord' or they keep still. They know that it has to be God in them doing the works'.So it is according to Philippians 2:13. 'They know that it has to be God in them doing the works, fulfilling His own word. He did not complete all His work while in His earthy ministry so now He works in and through the bride.

85.      She knows that, for it was not yet time for Him to do certain things that He must now do. But He will now fulfil through the bride that work which he left for this specific time'. This is the time.

86.      The word is coming to pass now, is the Prophet on the scene? No! He knew that the specific time will come. And that specific time couldn’t come without the Great Omnipotent being on earth. He is the one that is going to bring that thing to pass.

It is very very essential. But if you are still misusing your phone, it is a sure sign that the Spirit of Christ is not in there yet. This is because when the Spirit of Christ is in a man, the actions of the person reflect Christ. But if you say you have the Spirit of Christ, and your actions and your character do not reflect Christ, it is a sure sign that the Spirit of Christ is not yet in you.




A life that does not follow Christ daily is not worthy. This is why He said when you are following a man; you do not give a distance. You follow very close so that you see everything that is taking place. We have got to follow the word which is the spirit of God everyday, every hour of the day.

2.          Every step we take must agree with the word. For we can do nothing without the word and we know who the word is; God enmorphe, the SON OF MAN, APOSTLE PETER ODOEMENA Blessed be His most Holy name.

3.           We go to the message:  AS IT WAS IN THE DAYS OF NOAH, AS IT WAS IN THE DAYS OF SODOM AND GOMORRAH, MYSTERY REVEALED;page 17:5, 8. “All of a sudden, one day, something strange, something spectacular started happening, revealing Him to be more than what they thought He is.

4.          Strange and extraordinary things started happening around one they are acquainted with. But they never knew Him by those things.

5.          One, who started as a mustard seed, has now grown to a size where His Fame and glory has filled the whole earth. For the glory of God must fill the whole earth. The presence of God must fill the whole earth. His Fame must fill the whole earth”.

6.          His fame has filled the whole earth. That is why He is not a local statement. If somebody is making a local statement today, we just ignore him because you are not talking about one who is local.

7.          You are talking of the glory of God that has filled the whole earth. We know this God we are worshipping that this God we are worshipping has come to do what He has said that this is the year I will prove to the whole world those who are worshipping me in spirit and in truth.

8.          That they are not worshipping me in vain. He wants to prove to the world that we are not worshipping Him in vain. I Am the Lord, I Changeth Not Page 23:1-2 “I believe the Bride and the Bridegroom are united. Ask me the hour we are in, I will say it is the WEDDING TIME.

9.           This is wedding time; the wedding that was prophesied in the Bible is about to take place. In other words, the Bride is coming closer with the Bridegroom everyday and any moment from now, they will fuse together, never to separate again. I believe that with all my heart”.

10.      This will role to a day we will worship and never return back to our homes. Have you seen it? So it starts from somewhere. Everyday the Bride is coming closer to the Bridegroom and there is a day they will fuse and no more separation.

11.      From the message THE TIDE IS GATHERING. WE ARE WAITING AT THE APPROVED PLACE.Preached on 11-03-2012. Page 45:17-18, “We have been taught all these years and this is the hour of presentation of the Bride”.

12.      The other one we read said if you ask me the hour, it is the WEDDING TIME. When do you present your Bride? In the wedding. It is the wedding you present your Bride.

13.      “The hour of presentation of the Bride. You must know what is happening; this is the hour of presentation of the Bride. “The Bride, the body of Christ is about to be handed over to the real owner”.

14.      Page 46:20 'The Bride is about to be presented to the Owner, the Kingdom is about to be delivered into the hands of the Owner: “Father, this is the much I gathered from the Earth. From the zone where you posted me all these years, these are the number I gathered”. No more, no less'.

15.      Page 47:23“Note, one Lord, one Faith, one Baptism. Thus, the Body of Christ is one indivisible entity, unique and must be presented same as a unique entity”.

16.      The body is a unique entity. One Lord, one everything. Look, once the same spirit is in you and in me, our character becomes one.

17.      Page 50:32, “Note it very well, people with similar identity must be packed in one place”. People of identical characters must be packed on one side, take note also that all the hypocrites will be packed where hypocrites are packed. That is what we are saying.

18.      Page 64:5, “You must know your position before the D-day. If at the end you fail to make it, you will not ask why. For the ‘why’ will be answered by you”. There is nothing we are talking about in these messages that all of us that are in the faith will say we never heard about it.

19.      But it is exactly what I told you about the wise and the foolish virgins. The foolish always take things for granted, everything is common.It has happened, we have heard it, and the Lord said so”.But why did you not take it serious till you see it fully manifesting? It is just like the Lord is telling us, you do not rest till you see your body translated, changed in a twinkle of an eye. You don’t rest, you continue.

20.      That is why the Lord is saying that everybody will be packed where their like character is. So now it is the Bride being packed in one place having the same character, their attitude is one. They don’t rest; they don’t play with the word of God.

21.      They hold unto the word of God. They live that life till they see it fully manifested in them. Page 66:10, “Nobody can be neutral on this matter; you must know your position before the D-day”.

22.      All  who are united in the body and also in the spirit are the only people God is taking home. When these two; spirit and body are united, then the character must be one, for behind every character there is always a spirit. If our characters are one, what is the spirit behind it? It is one spirit. It is the Holy spirit being the spirit of the Living God.

23.      Remember that after decorating the Bride, He will present her unto Himself as a glorious (chased) virgin, not having spot or wrinkle or blemish.

24.      The Holy Spirit will bear witness of the level of work, level of transformation, level of change that has taken place in your life, in my life which the credit will go to God and God alone. For whatever God does is eternal. Nothing can be added or subtracted from it.

25.      If you believe it say Amen! We believe it with all our heart that this work is completely God doing His work. You will be seeing changes in our lives on a daily basis. Why because the undergrowth (the weed) is not there to hinder many things again.

26.      It is now flowing directly into the Bride. Are you getting it? For God has a purpose He wants to achieve in every situation. So by now we should know how to follow God at His word. Saying, “At thy word oh Lord”. This is how we are to follow God now.

27.      We read from the message;TAKE GOD AT HIS WORD. Preached on 25-10-2014. Page 32:17-18, “You see why, if you must follow God, it must be “At Thy Word”. What was the reason why the Lord vowed that He would destroy those He saved?

28.      They came to a point where they could not take the word of God seriously anymore, because of His closeness to them, His friendliness to them”.

29.      The true elect, no matter how close they are to God, they do not play; they take His word seriously. The message is saying they could not take His word serious anymore because of His closeness to them, and His friendliness to them.

30.      Is that enough reason for you not to take His word seriously? No! Rather; that is the more reason why you should take His word very seriously.

31.      If we claim we believe this true and living God, who revealed Himself to us, then the question remains, what is this believe? We will see what the Word said this belief is in Page 29:7-8 of the same message.

32.      “Believe means doubting nothing. Believe means  taking Him at His word, believe means stop reasoning. If God has said it, it is guaranteed. He says what He means; He means what He says. Anything contrary is of the Devil.

33.      That is why Amplified version of the Bible magnified it that “Believe means confide in, rely on, depend on, and cleave to”. If you check these key words in your dictionary, the summary is “get glued to”. Amen!

34.      This is exactly what God is saying to us. That as the true members of the bride, we should get glued to God. When you glue something together, it is not easy to separate it. So this is the period of getting glued to God who happens to be our husband, our master, our guide, our instructor.

35.      For He is our eyes, we cannot see without Him. He is the one that knoweth all things, we know nothing without Him. He is the one that heareth all things and reveals it to us. For the head has the eyes, the nose, the mouth and the ears on it.

36.       So He hears all things, He sees all things, He knows all things and He speaks to us what we need to know. So we should get glued to Him at this hour.

37.      Page 34:22, “If God tells you something and you disobey, He will pen it down, till the day of judgement. When He came for judgement, He decided that no more, “I cannot bear with them anymore”.

38.      We fail to understand that God has been telling us that for everything that takes place there is a record that is kept. If human beings can develop CCTV, what do you think God can do? Greater than CCTV. Whatever you are doing is being penned down by that CCTV, which you cannot deny because it will be played back for you.

39.      Page 44:22, “There is no human being that can predict the way God will come his way. If you know the way God will save you, He will never save you. If you know the way God will come your way, the Lord will never come your way”.

40.      This is why all we have to be doing is “obedience”. Remain obedient doing what He has asked you to do. How He is going to come your way, you do not know. It is not for you to say this thing I am doing; I know I am doing it right because that is what you feel.

41.      We are not to walk according to our feelings, but we are to walk according to the leading of the spirit of God which is the word of God. Page 51:44-48, “In many ways we offend Him and we think it is a light thing. There is nothing as bad as one being disobedient to the word of God, thinking that it is a light thing. It is not light”.

42.      Many offend God and look at it as a light thing, it doesn’t matter. “It may be light in your own eyes but to God, it is not a light thing. That is why William Branham summarized it saying, “Whatever you call big, God calls small. What you call small, God calls big”.

43.      Because God is so simple, His instructions so simple, everything so simple, that may be flying over the heads of all the philosophers of our day. He said, “God appearing in simplicity is to rig away all human intellect, human reasoning, so that those great minds will be proved to be useless nonsense”.

44.       There is one word I used to define this Faith, that we are in “A Zombified faith”.If you are not willing to follow God like a zombie, you can never smell Eternal Life. For God will give you unimaginable instructions, sometimes they sound foolish”.

45.      Page 55:56-66, “God can come your way in any form, God can talk to you in any form, God can instruct you in any form. That is why He told us that there is a general instruction, there is a personal instruction.

46.      There is a message God can give us as a congregation, equally, there is a message He can give us as Nigeria. There is a message He can give us as Onitsha. There is a message He can call you “Echezona;” and give it to you as a direct message.

47.      You cannot shift it to Brother John, the message is yours. God made a statement and said, “I know my sheep and my sheep knoweth me, they know my voice, My sheep heareth me and I call them by their names”.

48.       In the book of Ezekiel, He said, “I know you and the thoughts of your hearts. I call you by your names and I know your dwelling places. Can’t you think about it, that God knows you and the thoughts of your hearts?”.


For the eyes of the Lord run to and fro throughout the whole earth to show Himself strong in behalf of those whose hearts are blameless toward Him. You have done foolishly in this; therefore, from now on you shall have wars.






Stop and think about it that “oh, God knows my thought and He knows everything around me”. 'That God knows you by your names and knows your dwelling places.

2.          That is why there is no way you can wriggle out. If not by devoting your life, committing your life fully to the Course of Christ’.

3.          There is no way to wriggle out of it. He knows my thoughts, He knows my heart, He knows my dwelling place, He knows everything about me, so is there any hiding place? The only way to wriggle out is to commit my life fully to the course of Christ. Running away, is it going to help you? No!

4.          “When St Paul appeared, a time came when He was angry, he said that everybody had become selfish. That nobody was pursuing the course of Christ anymore. He said “I am left alone”.

5.          The people were rejoicing but they did not know that it was a recommendation that he was presenting to Jehovah concerning them. The day the children of Israel died was the day Moses came out to rehearse their iniquity.

6.          They thought that it was Moses speaking to them without knowing that it was Almighty God speaking to them through Moses. Do not say we are better than them, we have not performed better. If they sinned ten times against God in forty years, it means they sinned once in four years.

7.          Forty years they sinned against God, they fought, which means ten times in forty years. They were great people, they were better than us! Are you sure you don’t sin against the Son of Man ten times everyday? God is not wicked, God is just.

8.          What am I saying? Be very careful; be very careful, so that over familiarity will not set in”. It sets in. If it doesn’t set in, the great seer will not tell you. 'If you go to the Great Sermon God said, “Don’t ever for any reason at all come to the point where you begin to brag, ‘He is my father, He is my husband, He is my townsman, He is my this and He is my that”.

9.           For that reason, you fail to take Him at His word, for that will be your doom. Once you fail to continue in the profession of your faith, God the Son of Man will become too small in your eyes, over familiarity sets in.

10.      I know Him, I know Him, He does not mean what He is saying”that is what will become your common language. And when you begin to say things like that, you begin to do things anyhow.

11.      This is why from the beginning of the message we made you to see that God had to show us how you worship this God. That He is not a different God. It is the same God, the same ancient of days.

12.      Do you worship Him anyhow? No! You have to take Him by His word. We know how to follow this God now, we follow Him by taking Him ‘At thy word oh Lord'.

13.      That is how we follow this God. God is not frightening anybody but He is saying something to us. I want us to go back to the message To What Extent Has God Been Your Counselor? Page 90:58 and see what God is saying there.

14.      “The Bible said, “He has been bearing with you to know if you will come back to your full senses and repent. Because He has stipulated a date to judge the world in righteousness through that same person who He has chosen for Himself and has revealed Him as the Resurrected Body, who resurrected from death into life”.

15.      Good! And we have the resurrected body. We know Him. He is the one that is going to judge the world. Is He frightening anybody? He is not. He is telling us because He is the judge, because He loves us hebegins to tell us what is lying ahead of us.

16.      Take God At His WordPage 64:10-24, “I am not frightening anybody because I am the Self-Existing one, the Elohim. If I tell all of you including my children to leave this place today, will anybody remain here? Don’t ask me how I will survive, it is a mystery, it is like house you construct.

17.      The house is a mystery. It is a surprise to all of you, and it shall remain a surprise to you. My life is a mystery and the more you look, the less you see. A prophet can reveal all things to you, but He can never reveal to you that which makes Him God. It is upon this fact that people fear God”.

18.      When you look at the Son of Man, the more you look at Him, the less you see. You don’t even know what to say because He is a mystery, He is a paradox. Everything happening around Him is a mystery, is a paradox. That is why He said, a prophet can tell you everything but He will not tell you what makes Him God.

19.      “However, I am not a Prophet. Greater than Moses is here. Greater than Elijah is here. Greater than all these Prophets is here, talking to you, live”.

20.      Greater than Jesusis here. 'Who is this Son of Man that God has committed everything He has into His hands? Without the Son of Man, who will worship God rightly? Nobody.

21.      That is why the Bible said, “Strengthen the man in your right hand, even the Son of Man that we may worship Him rightly”. Without Him we cannot worship God rightly.

22.      “Somebody God has committed the judgement of the world into His hands, that God does not judge any man but He has committed the judgement into the hands of His dear Son for He is the Son of Man.

23.      And He warned concerning the day the Son of Man shall appear. He told you that the Son of Man will have His own generation. And the time to expect it is when the world will be in the state of the day of Noah and the day of Sodom and Gomorrah.

24.      Then you will expect the Son of Man. As it was in the days of Noah, as it was in the days of Sodom and Gomorrah, so shall it be in the days when the Son of Man shall come.

25.      You will see Him appearing in the Clouds of Heaven. The Cloud received Him, the Cloud will release Him. You saw everything with your eyes. What is more, you saw the Godhead which He told you as far as 1993 that “I am bringing down the Godhead”.

26.       He said “Follow me strictly. Before your very eyes I will show you the Godhead. I must bring Him down”. The day it pleased Him, He revealed the Godhead. Bishop Moses in appreciation of what the Lord has done for him, he took a photograph of the Son of Man in the fellowship on one Sunday during fellowship.

27.       Instead of capturing the congregation no human being appeared. What stood before Him was the Godhead. He revealed the Godhead. Because in me (The Son of Man) dwelleth the fullness of the Godhead bodily. Looking at you, you are digging your graves gradually.

28.      It is not the day one transgressed against Dagon that he is summoned to the shrine. I don’t believe that it was the first day the people of God started sinning against Him that He began to punish them. He was discouraging them from certain habits, giving them some advice that would help them in life.

29.      But a time came when He became an orator to them. They took Him as a talkative: “That is how He talks, He didn’t mean it, and we know He didn’t mean it”.

30.      This is what rolled into our midst. He kept telling us, giving us advice there are certain things, characters and ways we should avoid but at a stage, The Son of Man became an Orator, a talkative.

31.      We now started playing with His word. It does not matter, no matter what happens we would make it. How are you going to make it outside He that is talking to you? Outside Him you cannot make it.

32.      “William Branham said, “Don’t ever see Him as the God of mercy, full of love, full of mercy, full of this and that, but see Him also as the God of judgement”. A very hot water does not kill housefly, no housefly flies over a very hot water”.

33.       God in His thundering voice does not destroy, in the smoking side of God, nobody dies, His people are afraid. Whenever the Lion roars, they will fear, the land will tremble.

34.      But when they think that God has gone to exile, He is exiled from home, because everything has become quiet, He keeps quiet in everything you do; that is the time when He is reasoning within Himself, until He gets to the next level, what steps to take”.

35.      Now is that quiet time. Are you hearing the roaring Lion? Everything is quiet. It is difficult to see Him now, you only hear His voice, download it. Can you download His action? Can you download His face? Can you download what He is doing? No!

36.      This is the time that is more dangerous than when He was roaring. When the Lion is roaring, it is not dangerous, it is when He is quiet. When He sees you and goes away, then turn around and return, you are finished. He will not roar, he will not shout, he will just devour you.

37.      “What am I saying? Please, please, please, I am appealing to all of you, run for your lives man or woman. Salvation goes to the individual not to the congregation. No community has ever been giving eternal life; Eternal Life is bestowed to an individual. This is the much I want to tell you”.

38.      This is what we are seeing in this hour, it goes to individuals. That is how it is happening. It is individual, so it is not a collective matter. We must recognize that we are serving God and standing before God as individuals.

39.      Page 73:3-11, “The worse thing that will happen to any individual according to the Prophet William Branham is, “to go about with the head knowledge of the Faith without the spiritual knowledge”.

40.      With the head knowledge, you can balance the whole faith, but spiritually you are barren. You cannot be fruitful spiritually. You must combine the two so that your faith will stand unshakable”.

41.      You must combine the two both spiritual knowledge and physical knowledge. If you don’t combine them your faith cannot stand solidly.

42.      “If I do not warn you ahead of time, I will be guilty tomorrow. Cast your mind back, go back to the record. Find out the people that walked with God and became perfect. Find out the people that walked with God and they were condemned.

43.      Bring it to your own day, find out those that had walked with the Son of Man in the beginning, whose position are no more today. You might be the next victim if you are not careful.

44.      Do not allow your testimony to end on how you favored the Son of Man in one way or the other, worked with Him, ate with Him, drank with Him, this and that”.

45.      Almighty God had already told us that this is the period He wants to prove that we are not worshipping Him in vain. He wants to show the difference between those that are worshipping Him spiritually and those that are worshipping carnally.

46.      “But God said “With many of them, He was not pleased”. With many of those people that worked with Him, He was not pleased. And along the way, He destroyed all.

47.      He was not pleased with them. What do you think that displeased God from these people? Was He begging them food? Was He begging them money? Was He (God) obstructing their ways? He noticed something in their lives”.

48.      So God notices something in every one of our lives and He talks to us. Is it not for our own good? 'He noticed something in their lives (they never took His word seriously)”.

49.      That is where the problem lies and that is where the problem is still lying today. We should never come to that point of playing with the word of God because He has told us, in anything I say take it seriously.

50.      “His words meant nothing to them. That was why Prophet William Branham warned all, he said “Don’t ever come to the point where the message of the Messenger of God will become common to your ears or else you are lost”.

51.      Even if I am doing something and my son opens the message says daddy look at this way you are going is wrong, I shiver. It is not him who is saying it; He is only an instrument that word is using to come to me.

52.      Brother Branham said this word can lie on this table; it will not do you anything. It is when you go into the word that you will see what the word is saying and then you will get next to yourself.

53.      God predicted what will happen in the end. He predicted it a long time ago and He was talking to us on that issue. Let’s see it on Page 76:14-17, “He said, “Any moment from now, towards the end of this Ministry, the Son of Man will be far from many of you”.

54.      Is it not happening? He predicted it. “He will be watching you from a grand stand. He will be attending fellowship anytime He wants. He may even decide to take His family and stay at Benjamin and stop fellowshipping with you”.

55.      Today He has taken His family and stopped fellowshipping and He is at Nsugbe which is the Goshen of our day. “Those that were with me in this Faith from the beginning, is it a lie? Didn’t you hear it? He said “It is that time that those that desire Eternal Life will be looking for me. They will be running helter-skelter, for I will be far from many”.

56.      Did we not see this helter-skelter somewhere in the 2019 message? He repeated it again, warning us. He said a time is coming when many will run helter-skelter looking for me.

57.      “He said, “Now you are not paying money to hear my voice every morning”, one day you are going to spend money, travel long distances only to hear from the man of God, from the Son of Man. If it has ever come to pass, it is now”.

58.      Has it not come to pass now? This is the hour, the day this simple voice of prophecy is coming to pass. Many will like to come but they will not have even transport fare. This is the hour.

59.      Page 78:19-21:“The Son of Man is far from many from now. Some will suffer to come but they will not meet me. I can even be in the house and refuse to come down. These people that are coming from afar; their doom has come.

60.      The word of God has come to pass. They should thank their God that the distance is not too far. Wherever the carcass is, there the eagles shall gather. If they are in the mountain, the Eagles shall go to the mountain, keep it in the valley, they will go there.

61.       Place it in the river, they will go there. God has brought it to pass, I won’t go further. I will still talk more but not today. If you are wise, it is recorded in the scriptures, learn from what happened in the past. Re-examine what happened in the past.

62.      The book of Romans said, “All those things that happened aforetime are for our learning”, and they are documented in the scriptures as a warning unto us that we should not pattern after bad example”

63.      Because we are serving the same God not a different one. It is not as we see human governments today. One government will come with their system, do what they want another will come with its own, no!

64.       We are serving the same God, the Ancient of Days and that is why the warning goes to us. He said watch what is happening, why is it necessary to warn you? The Life of your soul is at stake. We are at the end, and the axe is lying beside the tree.

65.       Why? Any tree that does not bear the right fruit will be cut down and casted into the fire. There shall be weeping and gnashing of the teeth at this end.

66.      The axe is lying at the base of every tree. If you remember the illustration in the Bible, it said the owner of the vineyard said just scrap this tree away and go.

67.      He said no to the owner of the vineyard. Let me just use this one year, dig around it and put manure, if by next year it does not bear the fruit we will do that which you have said and cut it away.

68.      So God has put the manure and the time has come that if you do not bear the fruit you will be hacked down and cast into the fire.

69.      Page 80:23-25, “Hypocrites, who do not take the word of God seriously, for the reason best known to them, run for your life, so that you will not be trapped. If you have not been trapped, it is not said that God will count your sins up to ten times before He punishes you.

70.      It is three to some and four to some. Look for it in the message titled, “God takes record of iniquities”. God said, “For three transgressions of Edom, the fourth, I will not take”.

71.      “For four transgressions of Egypt, the fifth I will not take”. Look for it'. All these are Gentile nations. Israel He said they sinned up to ten but when He came to Edom He said for three, the fourth I will not take.

72.       For Egypt He said the fifth I will not take. So He said look for it and find out that there are numbers to each person. This is why God said don’t compare yourself with anybody.

73.      “God mentioned many, many communities and the number of sins committed. But to the Jews, they sinned ten times and got trapped. Will you allow yours to reach ten or hundred? If you haven’t been trapped, pray that you will not, if you have been trapped already, start praying to God for His grace”.

74.      Unmerited favor if you are trapped already. So there is nothing that God never said to us. That is why He is a very loving and a caring Father. He says I am the most compassionate, I am the most merciful, everything you can think about in this regard, He is the most and that is the truth because He has done all in his effort to make sure that He will take all but when it is not possible, He has to fall back to what is taking place now.

75.      It is the same God that we are worshipping and what is expected of us is what we heard, “Fear God”. Fear God, don’t play with it, Fear God! For He is a paradox. He is not something you can then sit down and say this is the way He is going to come today, na lie!

76.      Let us continue as we look at Page 82:27-28, “Fear God! God does not make a casual statement; God doesn’t make anything casual statement. When you think it is casual, you are killing yourself. It may be “keep watch over these things till I come back”.

77.      The spirit that is in you, somebody may want to go out in the morning, and I will tell Him to sit down, to him he may think that I am hindering his success. He may not know that God has seen a troublesome spirit in him and revealed it to His servant to save him from that trouble”.

78.      This is why He is the greatest counselor because He knows everything. Somebody that knows the beginning and the ending. Anything you want to take step to do, He has already seen the ending of it. So is He not the best Counselor? This is why if He says stop, He is not hindering you, He has seen something ahead. If He says do not try it, He has seen something ahead.

79.      You say daddy this is what I want to do, He says no, leave that thing. He is not trying to hinder you. He is the watchman that is watching to let us know what is ahead of us. Remember He is the head.

80.      In the head is the eye, the ear, the mouth, the nose. He smells everything, sees everything, and hears everything, so He now speaks to us on those things he is hearing. The danger of over familiarity is in many.

81.       That God is simple can never overlap His Lordship over us. Son of Man is just a simple man, look at the way He is. You go to Him you don’t see anything that makes Him great. Yes you just see Him as a simple man but that does not overlap His Lordship over us.

82.       Page 83:30-32, “No matter the way you are seeing it, He is still our God, our Lord and our Christ. What must I do that I may do the Will of God? What and what are God’s requirements from me?”.

83.      These are questions that we ought to ask ourselves. “Who knows what will be my righteousness before God? Everybody must be very careful from now. Be careful, it is the message we received, be careful, stop and think. Nobody can bribe God, God has never received bribe from anybody.

84.      He hands down judgment according to His will, and His judgements are perfect. He has never accused anybody falsely. If it is not happening in you this morning, tomorrow, you may be the victim. You will be shouting because God sees afar”.

85.      He does not accuse anybody falsely and He does not say anything about anybody because He wants to flatter you. Is He afraid of you? What can you do to Him? So whatever God is saying is what He sees.

86.      He knows you better than you know yourself. Remember that is why He told us that from time to time, go to the Potter's house. Are you seeing it? When you sit down and look at the Potter, you will see Him working at His machine, you will see the clay in his hand.

87.      He said as that clay is in the hands of the Potter so are you in my hand. I can do anything with you. Are we not God’s property? We are His property. He can do anything with us. In the message Action is Faith Expressed Preached on 18-12-2011,

88.      Page 118:64-65, the voice said, “If I command you to do anything, do it because I have commanded you, let the guilt be on me. If you should be queried give your reasons that the Son of Man instructed you. After all, your fate is hanging on no other but me.

89.      Without the appearance of the Son of Man you were hell bound to perish under the Mosaic law. You could not have seen the separation. The separating line was hidden from you”.

90.      Is it not true? It was hidden. We could not  have seen it without Him. My emphasis is on ‘if I command you to do anything, do it because I have commanded you' for the spoken word is mandatory and it is not optional. We should never be disobedient to the heavenly voice.

91.      We should make sure that whatever we are hearing from God, this is the period of practicing it. What did God do when He took us home? So that you will not look at what brother is doing, what sister is doing, you will be on your own serving your God. Acting rightly.

92.      When I see you taking a wrong step, I say do not go that way. You see me taking a wrong step, and you say to me you are taking a wrong step. That was why the Prophet William Branham said do not play with any voice that you hear.

93.      God could even use a heathen to talk to you which is likened to a mule. Just like He used a mule to talk to Balaam and Balaam could not hear.

94.      Somebody can tell you madam I have been watching you this thing you are doing it is not right oh. He said do not begin to argue, go back to your home, look at your life, does it agree with what God is saying? If it does not agree, you will glorify God and say that He has used a mule in speaking to you.

95.      It is not time for anger. It is not time for quick temper. It is time for you to pay heed and watch whether that which you are doing agrees with the word of God. Are you getting it? In closing, let us consider the quote from the message To What Extent Has God Been Your Counselor?

96.      Page 38:20-22. “William Branham, the Prophet said, “When the Bride shall appear on the scene, you will know them by one thing. They will be led by the Spoken Word of God, so that if it is not God; if it is not THUS SAITH THE LORD, they do not act”.

97.      They do not act. You watch the people that pleased God, they were those that did nothing without first of all consulting God. They must know the mind of God first. And when God speaks on a matter, it is final. No logic. No arguments.  No reasoning”.

98.      All we need is the mind of God. Is there anything else that we need today? No, it is the mind of God. Whatever He tells us is for our good. For He knows everything, He is our teacher and He is our best counsellor.

99.      Immediately you are making a statement He knows where it is going to land you. He will tell you, that which you are saying will not land you well. Who are you talking with? The Creator, the Almighty Father, the Seer that seeth all things.

100.   The fountain of knowledge that knoweth all things. Who will be the best for us to run to? He is the one because He knoweth all things and He will guide us on the rightful path.

101.  Even the Quran said that Allah will not misguide His people. On this note, I say my Brethren Remain Blessed in the Lord as we continue to rejoice and to admire our Great God in this hour.