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apostle peter odoemena

I am The Holy One, The Supreme Incomprehensible One, The Creator, The Eternal One, Who was, is and has come;

believe it if you can…

—The   Son of Man

The Covenant of the Lord belongs to Him and His people. I am included in God’s Covenant.

When you know the Covenant of the Lord in your day, happy are you; you will now discover whether you are included in the Covenant or not. If you are included in the Covenant, then you will discover that the Covenant is an everlasting Covenant


Thus, God will now save you because of the Covenant He has made with you.

–Son of MAN




by the




Almighty God we thank you once again this morning. Father in this children’s service, help us and bless us.

2.          Heavenly Father, here is your Word, it is not the word of any man, and we have gathered here because we believe we are your works. Let the purpose for which you made us be made manifest in us.

3.          These little ones, there is nothing  we can do but to bring them before your Holy Presence. Bless them Oh God. For if it is possible as you have commanded us we would have caused them to be baptized as infants.

4.          But seeing Oh God that it is not in the Scripture, all you said we should do that we have done by bringing them before you. For you Oh God knoweth the hearts of all Thy children. Fill them with thy Holy Spirit. Sustain their lives in this evil day we are living.

5.          Lord, I remember that when they were in Egypt you called your children Oh God as infants, like we are having them today. When you commanded them to go into their houses Oh Father, no single child was left outside. They were all sealed in.

6.          The same thing happened in the house of Rehab, no single child was left outside. It happened also in the house of Noah, no single child was left outside.

7.          Lord, I believe with all my heart that when they gathered in the Upper Room, men and women, there must be little ones among them. I believe also in the family of Lydia, there were little ones. In the family of Cornelius, there were little ones. When the Holy Ghost came down, Oh God there was no segregation. There was no division. All flesh received the baptism of the Holy Spirit.

8.          For that reason, we bring them before thy Holy Presence. Father, do not allow any of them to be dropped. There was no record of any little infant that was spared when your wrath visited Sodom and Gomorrah.

9.          There was no record of any little infant that was spared in the days of Noah except Noah and his family. There was no record of any infant that was spared even in Jericho except them that were in Rehab’s house.

10.      Lord, Look at your children, we bring them before you. That is the only thing we can do. Save them Oh Lord. Is there any day you are going to redeem us, redeem them also. They are our offspring.

11.      Father, may your promise never fail them. Thank you this morning. Bless everybody. Place your two feet upon everywhere. In Christ Name we pray. Amen.




Do me a service. When you want to read the Scripture, come forward, pick the microphone and read. I want to make a perfect tape that will help your faith.

2.          Wherever you go, keep this thing around you; the same way you keep evidence of Holy Ghost in a man. Try to keep it handy.

3.          The Lord willing, I want to be brief as brief can be. If it can be contained in one tape of about 90-minutes, to God be the glory. Continue to be in the Spirit. Amen.




Deuteronomy chapter 6, verse 3 through 11: “Hear therefore, O Israel, and observe to do it; that it may be well with thee, and that ye may increase mightily, as the LORD God of thy fathers hath promised thee, in the land that floweth with milk and honey.

2.          Hear, O Israel: The LORD our God is one LORD:

3.          And thou shalt love the LORD thy God with all thine heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy might.

4.          And these words, which I command thee this day, shall be in thine heart:

5.          And thou shalt teach them diligently unto thy children, and shalt talk of them when thou sittest in thine house, and when thou walkest by the way, and when thou liest down, and when thou risest up.

6.          And thou shalt bind them for a sign upon thine hand, and they shall be as frontlets between thine eyes.

7.          And thou shalt write them upon the posts of thy house, and on thy gates.

8.          And it shall be, when the LORD thy God shall have brought thee into the land which he swore unto thy fathers, to Abraham, to Isaac, and to Jacob, to give thee great and goodly cities, which thou buildedst not,

9.          And houses full of all good things , which thou filledst not, and wells digged, which thou diggedst not, vineyards and olive trees, which thou plantedst not; when thou shalt have eaten and be full.” (KJV).

10.      Ephesians chapter 6, verse 1 through 6: “Children, obey your parents in the Lord: for this is right.

11.      Honor thy father and mother; which is the first commandment with promise;

12.      That it may be well with thee, and thou mayest live long on the earth.

13.      And, ye fathers, provoke not your children to wrath: but bring them up in the nurture and admonition of the Lord.

14.      Servants, be obedient to them that are your masters according to the flesh, with fear and trembling, in singleness of your heart, as unto Christ;

15.      Not with eyeservice, as menpleasers; but as the servants of Christ, doing the will of God from the heart.” (KJV).

16.      Church, I want you to bear with Me. How many love these little ones? I love them with all my heart. How I wish I could go back to this stage. How I desire to be like them. But I cannot do that.

17.      Spiritually, whether I like it or not, it is a must that I should be in this stage. It is a must whether I like it not. Except I go back to this form, no matter how I preach it, no matter how I scramble it, I am bound to perish. Hear this, whether you like it or not, God is no respecter of persons.

18.      My God is an Igbo man. Somebody may say how? My God is an Hausa man. My God is a Yoruba man. He is an American. He is a Hebrew. He is all and all. There is no language in the world He does not understand. Who is to teach Him?

19.      To the Jews, He becomes a Jew. To the Romans, He becomes a Roman. To the Greek, He becomes a Greek. Yet, He is not double-tongued.

20.      When He sees Swiss people, He identifies with them. When He sees little children, He will rejoice in their midst.

21.      Somebody can say, “Look at Him, look at Him—Son of God that calls Himself God, look at Him. He is playing with little children. Is He not a madman? Can you just imagine! Is He not a foolish man? Do not tell me that. If He is God, if He came down from Heaven, how can He condescend? Look at! Can you just imagine—playing with little children.”

22.      Yet, He is God. No wonder He says, “Do not allow the simplicity that is in Him to spoil you.”

23.      God moves in a very simple way. That is why people bypass Him, because men in all the ages, always have a picture in their heart how they think God will look like.

24.      Thus, when they see anything that is called God that is not according to the picture in their hearts; “No, no, no! That is not God.” They will look for another one. But that is God. He is that God.

25.      He is oddball. He moves in a supernatural way.

26.      I remember the unwelcome Christ they must look for everybody to go to, but there will not be any room for Christ. Amen.




We thank God this day. Leave these little ones. How I saw the Spirit of God moving this morning.

2.          Let me tell you, God is blessing the little ones first, and we will be following behind them. I want you to cast your eyes upon them.

3.          You see the way they are running round, you see the way they are looking at Me, even when the Word is going forth, watch their behaviour, it is the nature of Christ. See nature.

4.          The first Bible God ever wrote is the Zodiac.  Look at them here. You do not need anybody to tell you that there is no iniquity in this child. You do not need anybody to come and tell you.

5.          See the way I am seeing it; if you watch this child, I do not know whether this child is a woman or a man—I do not know.

6.          No feeling of lust, no feeling of shame. Nothing! Fellowship—public opinion!



I want you to be spiritual. Today is a different day. Can a man give something he does not have? Can a man give something he has not? Why is the society bad? The society is bad because people want to give something they do not have. It is impossible! They want to deceive themselves both in the schools and in the society. Ungodly people everywhere.

8.          Look at our government. Everyday, we see a corrective regime. Another will come to topple him, and then come to the throne. A little while, another person will rise up to call him to order and topple him. Why? You cannot give something you have not.

9.          Leave these little ones here. I want them here for thirty minutes. Moreover, while they are here, I want you to cast your minds upon them. Cast your eyes upon these little ones.

10.      Jesus loved little children. Except we make ourselves like these little ones, we can never smell the Kingdom of God.

11.      Look at the matter that is before us: Any child that is a sinner here, a sinner before us, the parents are unbelievers to the Word of God. Because children born in unbelieving families, the blood is defiled. The child is born a sinner. If he or she dies, he or she is perishing. That is first Corinthians chapter 7. You cannot cancel it. That is the Word of God.

12.      That is why I keep on telling people in this Church that we must be born again by the incorruptible seed which is the Word of God, so that our blood will be purified. That our children will not be born in unbelief; so that they will be pure. They will be made pure until they will reach the age of accountability.

13.      Then they can fend for themselves. By then we can say he or she is of age: “Go and ask him, go and ask her.” But until that time, God still requires father and mother to train their children in the way they should go so that when they grow up they will not depart from that way.

14.      However, you cannot train the children in the fear of God when you do not have the fear of God in you because children learn by example.





Watch all the kids in the Fellowship; they appear very quiet and gentle. You think they are not learning anything. Meet them in their private closets, they will sing the song they have learnt, they will recite what they have been hearing in this Fellowship.

16.      Some little ones will be demonstrating how to pray. Some will be demonstrating how to fall down because when they see Holy Ghost pushing somebody down, they do not know what is happening. But they have seen it. A little while, you see them demonstrating it.

17.      I can see my little daughter the other time, she said, “Amen, amen, amen,” and fell down. A little while, she got up and said “Amen, amen,” why? She has been taught. She is seeing it in our midst. She is desiring it.

18.      That is why when she moves to any other group that does not have such spirit, she will feel very uncomfortable. They (children) learn by example.

19.      What example are you showing to your children? Are you showing them how to eat and then sleep; so that they will look at life as a bed of roses, that the only purpose for life is just come eat and then sleep?

20.      If you are a lazy woman, when you eat and sleep, your children will go that way. If you are a lazy woman, your duty is to go about gossiping. Anywhere you go your children will just hold your cloth. Anywhere you go they will learn your conversation.

21.      When they look for you and they cannot see you, they will go to that your sinner partner because they know where to find you. You see them going there: “Ha-ay! We are looking for mummy.”

22.      You cannot give what you do not have. You cannot give your children Christ if there is no Christ in you. You cannot give them the Word of God if the Word of God is not in you. Because the Word of God is God Himself. What you have is what you will give.

23.      You cannot gather them together and they start obeying Deuteronomy chapter 6—teaching them how to conduct themselves in this evil generation—when you yourself has not learnt how to conduct yourself.

24.      When you are compromising with the world, compromising with the system, you cannot teach them right. Look at them, they are sitting down as angels; and God is watching them. God is watching us to know the type of example we are showing before them.

25.      The Bible said that we should teach them when we are sitting down in our parlour, in our bedroom, in our kitchen, as long as we have that opportunity. Do not close your mouth. Teach them the Word of God.

26.      Teach them the fear of God. Present them as God fearing children that they will be useful children to God, to us and to the society.



Why do we say that the society is bad? Every man or woman in this world comes from a family. Why do we say Churches are bad? It is because families are bad. All of you sitting down in this Fellowship, including myself, we all come from families. In addition, everybody has a spirit.

28.      Somebody did not catch Me. I want every Tom, Dick and Harry to take note. Onitsha Church take note. The Holy Spirit is speaking.

29.      Every family has a spirit. Every family has their own god. There is a god in every family.

30.      The spirit in you will tell us the spirit in your family. And that spirit in your family will show itself through your character, we will give your god a name without making any mistake.

31.      By the character of the spirit, which will show itself by your own outward appearance, by your outward character, by your desire daily, we can give your god a name without making any mistake.

32.      Joshua told the whole people of Israel, “Today, decide for yourself the god you are going to worship, as for me and my family, we have chosen, we have made up our mind, not going back, to worship the Holy One of Israel.” No more, no less!

33.      “Whatever it will require, we are ready to pay the price—myself and my entire family.”

34.      If you have said such a thing, by your character and the character of your children, we will see it.



If you do not train them, do not blame them. Parents take note. We are living in a dangerous system. The evil in the society now is the highest since the inception of the world. The world has never come to this point.

36.      The world which God destroyed in the time of Noah is by far better than this present world. No wonder God combined two generations in our generation. So, we are living in three generations put together.

37.      We are living in the generation of Noah. Thus, we must see the evils in Noah’s day. We are living in the generation of Lot. Thus, all the evils in Sodom and Gomorrah are here with us. Lastly, we are living in the evils of Laodicea—religious generation without God, all climaxing upon us because we are living at a time when the end of everything will come, for God is using us to wind up His own programme in the world.

38.      After this generation, there will not be another generation.

39.      Jesus the Christ said, “This generation can never pass away without all these things coming to pass.”

40.      Is it the generation of Noah? Was He referring to Noah’s Day? Was He referring to Sodom and Gomorrah?



So, look at these little ones sitting before us, God commanded us that we should teach them.

42.      Teaching children requires time, requires patience, and also requires love. Without these three things, you cannot teach the little ones. It requires patience, it requires love.

43.      Let us spend time. Anytime you spend in training these little ones is never a waste. You will never regret it.

44.      If Noah did not teach his children very well, on that day when he said, “Go into the ark,” some would have strayed away. If Lot never taught his two daughters very well, they would not have followed Lot. Because, girls by nature love their mother. But their mother withdrew. They would have gone back also. But they ignored that woman and followed their father because they were taught very well.

45.      I want you to take note of this Message.

46.      These little children, the Lord said we must teach them. What are we going to teach them? All that God has commanded us on how to live godly and righteously in this present world.

47.      Teach your children. This is the worst age. No matter how Holy Ghost filled we are, our prophet said that if you do not pray for them and teach them until they receive the Holy Ghost, they must surely perish.

48.      I am giving you assignment this day, believing you have done the first one.

49.      I know you are in great expectation. I am in great expectation also. Somebody may say, “This is children’s service.” Call it whatever you want to call it. Let the Holy Ghost have perfect control. You will understand me by and by.

50.      Teach your children. Teach them to obey the Word of God. If you do not teach them very well, they will not receive Holy Ghost baptism. They will not enter “the ark.” They are bound to perish.

51.      Parents! Parents! Take time, take little time to teach your children. Bring them together. Let them understand what we are saying. Amen.



Little children, obey your parents in the Lord. For this is proper and it is acceptable unto the Lord so that you may live and inherit the land the Lord has promised your father.

53.      Little children, if you want to inherit that promise which God has given to His own children, which He has given to your fathers; obey your parents. Do not be disobedient.

54.      Little children, hear my cry. Pay heed.

55.      The Bible told Me that the token is unto you and unto your children. To them that are afar off, as many as the Lord shall call, the token is for you and your children—to them that are afar off.

56.      Little children, if you do not want to perish, obey your parents. Hear their teaching. Wherever they ask you to stay, stay there. Whatever they ask you to do, do it. Something is about to take place, and every family must be ready. The sacrifice must be in families. Little ones must partake of the sacrifice. Search your Scripture.

57.      Infants were commanded to eat the sacrifice. Nothing was left. Everything was finished because they must go together.

58.       Little children, obey your parents in the Lord so that you will inherit the everlasting life.

59.      Now to you servants, as many as are maids, as many as are houseboys and housegirls, as many as are under somebody’s authority; hear the Word of God.

60.      Serve your masters with all your heart. Hearken unto them, take their instructions, obey their commands, that is the only way. Do not do anything by “eye service.” Do not do anything thing to please them; rather do all things to please God.

61.      Do them service as you are doing unto God; and you will get the token.

62.      Servants, hear Me. Serve all your masters with all your heart, not with eye service. Give them honest service and you will receive the token.



Parents, be very careful. At a time like this, do not provoke your children, love them, bring them up in the teaching and admonition of the Lord. Love them!

64.      If there is any time you should show them love, it is now. How do you show that love? Is it by buying groundnut, by buying chin-chin, by cooking fish? There are many that spoil their children yet they do not know.

65.      They will go to market; one-quarter of the money will go into candies. They will buy banana, buy groundnut, buy chin-chin, buy everything until every time the woman goes to market the children will be expecting banana, groundnut, chin-chin and so on. You spoil them.

66.      Watch those that are foolish mothers, from week to week, they can hardly gather their children to teach them. They can hardly teach them how to pray.

67.      This time around, this is the time you are going to show your children the greatest love.

68.      What is Love? Love is corrective. Love does not spare the rod. If you spare the rod, you spoil them (your children).

69.      I want to give you a little sign. If you love your child and you see your child playing with double-edged sword and you want to remove it from him or her and, he or she starts crying because he or she loves playing with it, will you allow the child to continue using the sword like that so that you do not offend him or her lest he or she cries?

70.      If you see your child playing with fire and you know that fire can burn that child and if you remove the firewood from his hand, the child will start crying, will you because you want to avoid the crying of the child and say no so that he will continue playing again?



This is the stage we are now. Those things that charm us most, those things we take pleasure in, those things we cannot do without—what am I saying?—All those strange gods we have that war with the true God in us, we must get rid of them now or never.

72.      Hear me, we must get rid of them now or never.

73.      The sacrifice was offered only once and for all. There was no second chance for that sacrifice; because when they left, it was “Onward Christian solders, matching as to war.” No going back!

74.       Well, I missed that one. Let me get ready.

75.       When I hear apply the blood on the lintel, I will be number one to do it. Behold, there was no such thing again. It was offered once and for all.

76.       You see why we cannot make mistakes now. The token must be applied. Every little child must get it. Children in the womb must get it. Every mother, every father must get it. Whether we like it or not, Onitsha Church, this is not a question of: “Well, I am trying.” When you get it, you will know.

77.      When you place the blood at the lintel, you will know. When you refuse to apply it, you know. Who does not know when he or she is inside the room and when he or she is outside? Unless you are blind.

78.       I am speaking to the little ones as well as to the families.

79.       Look at your children in your family. Teach them the Word of God. Pray for them. Teach them to be orderly. Our God is about to move on the land!

80.       When I see the token, I will pass over them. If I do not see the token you must weep, you must cry. You will say, “Had I known.”

81.       When the Holy Ghost comes down, nobody teaches you how to worship. Watch these little ones in rapt attention—all of them desperate! So, Ushers, do not provoke them. Rather, help them to understand us. Amen.



82.       Little ones rise up and let us pray. Almighty God, we give you all praise and glory for this short service which I have dedicated to this little ones that are seated before Me and before your Holy Throne.

83.       Lord, you said we should not hinder these little ones from coming unto you; for to such people belongeth the Kingdom of God. And Lord, unless we make ourselves to be like them we cannot inherit the Kingdom of God.

84.      Father, by your Spirit I have given them Thy Word. I have given their parents Thy Word. Help them oh God to apply it with wisdom.

85.       Father, any stubborn spirit operating in the life of these little ones, I cast all of them out in Christ Name. Help them to be obedient to their parents. Help the parents oh God to teach these little ones by example.

86.      Every plan of the enemy Father, to snatch away these little ones from us, from your mighty hand, Lord, I break it in Christ Name. As many of them oh God that come to thee for safety, help them to get everlasting life.

87.      Thank you this hour. As we continue in the service, may your Spirit continue with us. In Christ Name we pray. Amen.







Brethren, it is my desire to handle the Sunday school this day.

2.          Since Thursday, I have been joyful in the Spirit. The joy I had on Thursday could not allow Me to eat that day. I do not know whether somebody saw what I saw. I was like a man that was trying to peep into a secret. A little while, the man holding the secret said, “You want to see it?” I said, “Yes sir.” “You want to see it? Okay! See it.”

3.          I do not know whether somebody caught it. Only few caught it.

4.          Let me tell you, there were some in the Fellowship on Thursday that did not know what really happened. It took them by surprise. They heard an out-burst and panics.

5.          Some thought that rapture had taken place in the Fellowship on Thursday, because to them the thing came as a surprise. Brethren, that is the mystery behind rapture.

6.          Suppose while I am speaking now, it will please Him to come down again, open it and close it; before you know what is happening, the Saints have gone. You look round, may be you see few people around, that means you had better commit suicide that time.

7.          What happened in the Fellowship on Thursday took many by surprise. And that is exactly how it will happen.

8.          Watch, the few people that got it were the people that were ready for Him. They saw it, they got the revelation and they jumped up, because they were in the Spirit. They were in expectation. And they saw a sign of it, they followed Him. Some will rather look round, see people jumping up, and start jumping like them. You do not deceive yourself. Pray that God will open your eyes for you to see it.

9.          This day, I do not ask whether you want to see God or you want to see a man. Whatever you want to see, is what you are going to see.

10.      You want to see a man, you will see a man. You want to see God, you will see God. God is here. He has promised, “Where two of you gather in my Name, I am there,” and He is identified in His Word. His gift is His Word. Amen.




Acts of the Apostles chapter 15, verse 18: “Known unto God are all His works from the beginning of the world.”

2.          Known unto God are all His works from the beginning of the world. Known unto God are all his works from the creation of the world. Known unto God are all his works from the foundation of the world. And I am speaking on the topic.


4.          Now, we call Him Omnipresent, Omniscient, and Omnipotent God. We know He is God. He knows all things and He has no need that any man should teach Him. Who can teach Him knowledge? Anybody? Nobody.

5.          Who can declare things and they will come to pass? None, except God. Who can tell us verbatim—who can tell us things that are to come and they will come to pass if not God?

6.          What is more, the Bible is saying, “Known unto Him are all His works from the creation of the world.” I do not know if there is anything God has made which He Himself does not know.

7.          Everything created by God, He knows them one by one. The purpose for which He created them, He knows also.

8.          If you are the workman in God’s hand, God knows why he made you. If you are black, you are black because God wanted you to become black. If you are fair in complexion, you are white or yellow, God made you so. Besides, there must be a reason why He made you so. You may not know the reason, but He knows why.

9.          Do not ask Him why. Do not change your colour. Do not try to change yourself, you cannot succeed. You cannot be anything more than what God has made you. There is nothing you can do to alter anything about your life. Everything you try to do to help yourself—the help of man is vain.

10.      Now that you know that whatever you are is what God has made you, I want to enlighten your minds a bit. Follow Me gradually. I am speaking to the Church; I am not speaking to the world.



You know, when this Teaching was promised, far back in April, 1993, this Teaching has lingered on till this hour. This Teaching was even promised in March, in the Message MIXED-MULTITUDE.

12.      Are you not a blessed people that you have lived to be present when this Teaching is going to be handed down in the Church? Why has it not been handed down?

13.      God has been preparing the Church until they will come to the realm where they will recognise where they came out from. Because where you came out from is where you are going back to. Somebody bear with Me.

14.      I do not know why this Church is lacking revelation.

15.      God from the beginning has been a Spirit. In the beginning, He was a Spirit. He manifested Himself to mankind as a Pillar of Fire.

16.      From the foundation of mankind, He became a man. Jesus Christ of Nazareth walked on two feet. He died and resurrected and ascended into the most Holy Heaven. Now, He came back on the Pentecost Day TO COMPLETE THE CYCLE.

17.      On the Pentecost Day, He came back again as a Spirit to fill all in all at the same time.

18.      When He met Saul of Tarsus on his way to Damascus, He met him as a Pillar of Fire. The same man from the beginning, He was fire. He came back and became flesh. He returned unto Himself from where He came back again to manifest Himself as fire. Somebody did not catch Me.

19.      He started with fire. He was fire from the beginning and He ended with fire.

20.      Now, whatever you were from the creation of the world, no matter whatever you are manifesting here now, you are going back to what you were from the beginning.

21.      Somebody is not catching the revelation. I do not know whether I will cut off this Message and go evangelical. If it comes back to Me again, by and by, I will stop it, because I want all of you to be saved.

22.      Something is in the Message, which I do not know yet. I know my God is God of vindication. May be you are still with the mixed-multitude! May be it is going to people that are owners of it!

23.       What am I saying? Whatever you were from Creation, whatever you were from the beginning, no matter what you are manifesting here now, you are on your journey; and on your journey, you will be changing with changing time.

24.      You will be encountering difficulties. You will meet mountains, you will meet rivers, you will meet valleys around the world. You will be changing yourself; by and by, you cannot go back like that. You will go back in the original form.

25.      You know what yam is. When you have your yam, originally it is yam. You plant the yam, a little while it becomes a decayed material, rotten and smelling; yet, it is the same old yam.

26.      A little while, it will change, it will become ordinary green leaves—shinning, shinning—sometimes shaking lively. Open the ground; you will see nothing but a dark residue—no tuber. It is the same old yam changing because it is on a journey.

27.      Watch the same yam, in the end; it will go back to the barn from where it came out from as what? As cocoyam? No sir. As yam.

28.      Glory! Somebody is not catching the revelation. Yet I want to build a background. I said, “Known unto God are all His works from the foundation of the world.”

29.      If you are a serpent’s seed, you may not understand Me. Then I will speak my mind about serpent’s seed this day, because I know that there is a Law guiding nature. Moreover, that Law is the “Law of Diametrical Opposition.” Whether we like it or not, it must operate.

30.      Once there is God, there must be Devil. Once there is a man, there must be a woman. Once there is night, there must be day. Once there is Heaven, there must be Hellfire. Once there is life, there must be death. Did you get the Message?

31.      How can you know what is good if there is nothing bad? How can you know what is bad if there is nothing good? How can you identify God without the Devil? Glory! Oh! Somebody is not catching Me.



This message is flying over some. Few individuals are catching it. Please, this impairs the Holy Ghost move. If you have read the “Token,” the Token is for the predestinated Elect. The Token is not for everybody. You can sit down in the Church, it will even fly on top of you, and get there, your neighbour will catch it. Because that is the predestinated Elect. It is holy, it is going like that because my sheep heareth my Voice.

33.      You can be in this Faith, yet you may not desire what I am saying. You are not ordained to believe it. You will know why you are in this type of Ministry this day—the Ministry that is very harsh. The ministry that is holding something that is very strict—rising and falling!

34.      The Ministry that has no respect of persons, no partiality, not looking at your face. Away with your money! Away with your popularity! The Ministry that is not depending on any man. No signboard, no advertisement!

35.      When others are going about printing posters, giving out handbills saying, “Come, come, come,” we are saying, “Go, count the cost, do not come like that,” yes, because our Master said so.

36.      People wanted to follow Him, He said, “Well you are free. However, let it be known to you that I am a Master Builder. If you want to be a master builder like Me, you must go and count the cost.”

37.      Who is that good workman that wants to build a house that will not take inventory of what it will take to build a house? You know the number of blocks it will take you. After all, you have your building plan.

38.      It is there that we have our building plan. You check your money, lest when you continue and then your money will finish halfway; people will laugh at you saying, “Lo, you started the building, you could not finish it. Haa! I remember, there was a time this man was a Christian. Hai! There was a time this woman was carrying Bible and saying what the Bible said. Look at! Look at! Look at!”

39.      Yes! That is what we are seeing on the land today. Why? They did not count the cost. They thought you must come like that. You do not come like that. Jesus Christ never told them to come like that because He knew that the journey is very, very rough.

40.      Anybody that wants to follow Christ must first of all count his own life as nothing. You abandon the world, abandon the pleasure, abandon party, abandon every worldliness, abandon every man-made system, abandon friendship with the world. Ungodly friends, abandon them. You separate yourself from every unbelief.

41.      “Come out from among them and be you separate.” Is it not the Word of God? Who will obey it? The predestinated Elect. If you are not predestinated, one heart will be in the Church and the other heart will be with your worldly friends.

42.      Sister Eliza, take note. You see why you were indicted by the Pastor. What is good in an unbeliever? “My friend! My friend! My friend!” What is good in an unbeliever? Is there anything good in an unbeliever? A heathen is a heathen.

43.      If she is your friend, why can’t she believe you? Why can’t she believe your testimony? You either convert the heathen or the heathen will convert you. There is no way you can convert a heathen. There is no day you will have interaction with a heathen without coming back with “I nearly died.” Your mind must be corrupted. You must lose your salvation.

44.      There is nothing good in a heathen. What are you going to discuss if not carnality, worldly affairs? You cannot discuss any matter on God, because to him or her, he or she does not know what type of God you are talking of.

45.      If you are in this Faith, you are still hovering with worldly people as your friends; it is number one sign that you have never believed this Gospel one day. No matter how you labour in this Faith, the Token is not for you. The blood can never be applied. Never! Never!



Let no man deceive you. I am here to declare the whole truth in this Church.

46.      Now listen to Me. Known unto God are all His works from the foundation of the world. That you are in this Faith today is not by mistake.

47.      Sister, I called you my Sister because nobody showed you this way. That you are in this Church for the first time or you are in this Church this day for the second time is not a miracle. That is why in this Church, Holy Ghost has told us the whole truth. You are not a stranger. You are not a new comer. That you are in this Church this day is not a miracle.

48.      The Bible said, “God knows the end from the beginning.” Before you entered into your mother’s womb, God formed you. God put you there for a reason. Many died in their mother’s womb. Many came out and died along the way, but God preserved you till this day. Whatever you are hearing today is not a surprise, it is not by accident.

49.      Before God, there is no accident. There is time for everything on Earth. Under Heaven, there is time for everything: A time to live and a time to die. A time to be rejoicing and a time to show up sad face, a time of quarrelling.

50.      The same God maketh evil, He maketh good.  He maketh war yet He is the same God. Who can challenge Him? Can you believe that God has evil spirit in His heart? When God wanted to destroy Ahab, God sent evil spirit.

51.      The Bible said, “Evil spirit came from the Lord and anointed all the prophets of Baal, only to destroy Ahab.”

52.      Look at Saul, king of Israel. When he departed from the Word of God, he touched God’s elect, the “anointed one” whom God said, “I found no iniquity in Samuel.” He doubted his word; he set forth his hand even to tear the cloth. When God disowned Saul, what happened? The Bible said, “Evil spirit from the Lord tormented Saul.”

53.      The moment you say “yah” and listen to us, you hear our doctrines, know our secret; you say “No, no, no,” God has already ordained you for that—who Himself will send His own evil spirit to anoint you, only to use you to show His power, to destroy you, and use you as an example that somebody can preach under anointing and still perish.

54.      Judas was under anointing, Judas preached, Judas healed the sick; Judas gave a testimony that “evil spirit obeyed us.” Where is he today?

55.      Conversely, remember that his appointment as an apostle was not an accident, not as a surprise because the Master (Christ) said, “Don’t I know twelve of you, didn’t I choose you by myself? Didn’t I know from the beginning that among you there is a devil, so that the Scripture might be fulfilled?”

56.      You will know the type of Scripture you are fulfilling today. I have something to share but not all are edifying. Besides, if after sharing the thing, I do not declare the whole truth, I will not feel happy. There are many things associated with those things which I feel may not be very, very good to some people.

57.      Nevertheless, if you are wise it will ginger you up. It will make you to know your stand, put you into desperation. Maybe that may come to pass. Amen.



Now Brethren, watch. I am saying that your being in this Faith is not by accident. God in Heaven before you were born had already prepared it before your birth, how you would be born on Earth. Whatever you are going to pass through, God saw it.

2.          That you are in this Fellowship this day, God knew it from the beginning of the world. Whatever you are going to hear this day, God had already known about it. How you are going to receive it, God knows. Whether you will call it Devil or God, God knows.

3.          You may not know, we may not know but God knows, that is why He is God. No wonder people like me say, “Fear the Lord, fear Him. It is He that can save. The same God can destroy. God saves, and God destroys.” That is what we got now. Unless you want to see Devil, you see Devil.

4.          Known unto God are all His works from the foundation of the world, which means all of us that are in this Church, nobody is hidden before Him. Everything God has made He knows it. Whatever that is in the Fellowship this day is what God made from the beginning. Whatever Satan is doing today is just perversion.



No matter how you try to pervert it, you cannot pervert God’s work. God’s work remains original. Science has tried to pervert it, no way! If it is possible, science would have made it that nobody will die again. No matter the drug, no matter the operation they carry out, even doctors themselves die. Nurses die, presidents die too.

6.          There are some people today, if death could be stopped with money, they will not die again. But death is original. You can change everything, but you cannot change it.

7.          First of all, find out whose work you are. If you are the work of God, the work of your Father you will do. If you are not the work of God, no matter how God presents His own work, “no, no, no,” you will be shaking your head.

8.          What is the work of a father? What is the will of a father?

9.          Now, if God knows His works, God prepared all His works because He takes time in all His works. It took God special time to create a human being. When He created a human being, He formed him in the image and likeness of God. As many as God prepared that way, when they will be going back, they will be going back in the image and likeness of God.

10.      Somebody is not getting Me until I go into the Scriptures again. Somebody may call it a mistake. It is no mistake.



The world likes counterfeit. If God is not in you and you come to a place like this Church, you can hardly believe our Message. You will say, “Ha, ha, ha! These small, small boys! May be they are playing smartness here. What are they trying to tell me? Ha, ha!”

12.      Go to Grace of God and see experienced men of God with coats; with Mercedes cars.  Go to Uma Ukpai today—everywhere! Look at all these pastors everywhere, little, little things. That is Scripture coming to pass. Is it not Scripture that: God has chosen the foolish and the despised things of the world to confound the wise?

13.      First Corinthians chapter 1, verse 19 through 22: “I will destroy the wisdom of the wise, and set aside the understanding of the scholars.”

14.      All Bible scholars, Bible college scholars, I will set aside their understanding.

15.      “So then, where does that lead the wise or the skillful debaters of this world?”

16.      Skillful debaters of this world! Very skillful in debating, in argument, where does it place them?

17.      “God has shown that this world’s wisdom is foolishness. For God in His wisdom made it impossible for people to know Him by means of their own wisdom.”

18.      Impossible! God in his own wisdom made it impossible that people should know Him by human wisdom. Impossible! Who will make it to be possible something God made impossible? Who can change it? You want them to repent tomorrow. You want Paul Nweke to repent. You want Ezekiel to repent, or Uma Ukpai? You think God is not mindful of His Words?

19.      “Instead, by means of the sober foolish thing we preach.”

20.      What did they call our Message? Is it not foolish? Tell them that there is no Trinity, they will say, “Get out; get out from here. Foolish!” Tell them baptism must be in the Name of Jesus Christ, they will say, “Get out! Get out! Foolish!”

21.      Anywhere you go and tell them that women are not permitted to preach, that God has given women long hairs as coverings over their head, they will tell you: “Foolish, nonsense.” Yet, by this so-called foolish Message, that is where God has hidden His salvation. Who has seen it? Only God, suckling infants, unlearned.

22.      If you go to Acts chapter 3, even Acts chapter 4, the Bible said that when Peter and John, after healing the sick man in the Name of Jesus Christ, the people entreated them to find out what really was behind them. When they opened their mouth to speak, the Bible said that many of them said, “These people are unlearned because of the way they put their grammar. Imagine fisherman who did not go to school. Come and see o!”

23.      “You see these men who go like this, who follow Jesus of Nazareth, I witnessed that day what happened, how they healed the sick. Come let us crucify them.” The Bible said, “By the way they were speaking they perceived they were unlearned.” But one of them said, “Do you marvel at their wisdom? They have been with Christ.”



It is the Fountain of Knowledge who said, “If any lacks knowledge, let him come unto me.” Because they have been with Christ. Christ taught them. For people of God must be taught of God. You need not that any man should come and push you about. God is using you and I to fulfil His Word. Are  you not a blessed people?

25.      By the Scriptures, there is God in our midst. Look at where you have come, into the foolish Message, handed by the unlearned people, foolish things of the world, despised and rejected. Yet in God’s sight, they are precious.

26.      We are ordained for it. You see why we do not place signboard. We are not canvassing for people to come, for we believe that God adds to His Church as many as should be saved.

27.      It does not require going with tracts saying, “That is the invitation card.” It does not require following somebody from house to house. No! For all must worship God from the rising of the sun to the setting of the sun, you do not need that any man should tell you to come and worship the Lord; for the Law of the Lord should be made perfect in our heart.



God decided to save those who believed. Jews want miracle for proof and Greek look for wisdom. And for us, we proclaim, the crucified Christ, a message that is offensive to the Jews and nonsense to the Gentiles.” (GNB).

29.      Look at! The whole world is going for miracles, signs and wonders; but we prophesy, we proclaim the crucified Christ, the crucified Word of God. What is being crucified? Is it not the Word of God? The Word of God is being crucified everywhere on the land. That is the one we prophesy and proclaim.

30.      The Message is offensive to the world because they do not want to hear, “God said, God said. The Bible said, the Bible said.” They do not want to hear it. What do they want to hear? They want to hear, “You barren woman, you witches and wizards, thou broken spirits, thou so-so and so”—that is the word they want to hear.

31.       Today, go to New Market Road, you will see wonders happening there. What is the wonder? Every family is going with cocoyam, with yam, with goat because today is their offering day. They have their thanksgiving day.

32.       I cannot imagine the preacher of righteousness standing there—women with their headgears, earrings, and gold, chanting songs. Watch all of them; let me tell you, people are doomed.


You will see where we came from. Be patient with Me. God will show you the two nations so that when you are in this Faith you will glorify God. So that when you are being rebuked, you take it easily. Because the Bible said, “Whosoever God loves He will rebuke, He will chastise that he will be zealous and repent.

34.      Who is a loving father that will see his own son or daughter in error and close his mouth? When you close your mouth, you spoil your children. Therefore, a little scourging does not kill them. It makes them good. God is saving me that is why He is chastising me.

35.      You will see the two nations because God has given them the fruits of the land. God has given them the Earth for their inheritance. Because they are still feasting on whatever they want here on Earth, the Kingdom of God is not for them; because they were begging and begging saying, “Father, is there nothing left again. Please, try father, just even one.” He said, “Just be faithful.”

36.      You will become a beggar in the hand of your younger brother. Well, you see the world; the beauty of the Earth is unto you. Take the pleasure. Will this man remember what he was given? The Bible said, “He took a vow and said, ‘On the day of the memorial service of my father.’”

37.      You know we are going to have a memorial service. “Tell brethren on that day, I must surely kill. On that day I must surely kill,” that is why they are all out for my head and for your heads. They are waiting for something. Wait until the law is removed, they will come out in full force because Roman Catholic has never changed; rather, it has increased in power.

38.      It has never changed one day. A knight is a knight. A cowboy is a cowboy. They are “militarizing” the whole Churches because of you. All the Pentecostals, all Roman Catholics, all Orthodox Churches, they are militarizing the Churches. 

39.      Every Church has a Civil Defence. Watch the way they beat people on the street mercilessly, they are now in charge of selling petrol in filling stations. See what they are doing to human beings. Most of them from Deeper Life, from Grace of God, G.P.M, B.M.C. and the rest of them, watch all of them putting on yellow, collecting bribe in the name of Road Safety Corps—every one of them! What is good in government that could have attracted all these things?

40.      The Bible told Me that a good soldier does not entangle himself with the affairs of the world; and you are soldiers of Christ. You are mindful of heavenly things. You cannot entangle yourself with government’s affairs. Christ is not a politician, and we are not politicians.

41.      Watch all of them, if they are not in SDP, they are in NRC.

42.      Now, something strange is coming on the Earth again. Keep your eyes there. God is going to do that thing to stir the water. The whole world will drop into it. Before they know it, we are gone. It has started gradually.

43.      Very soon, you will be hearing the thing; and the people that are coming to take up these parties are Christians carrying Bible, participating in worldly affairs, the clergy deceiving the nation. They disbanded their members from politics. A Reverend Minister was appointed a secretary. Reverend J.C. Okon—Reverend Minister.

44.      What is in government that will attract a Pentecostal to become a governor of a state? What are they doing? Using them to make politics: “Come to Grace of God. Don’t you know Michael Attah is our member, a member of our Church? Look at him, he is a member of our Church!”

45.      What are they doing? They have converted Ofala Okagbue to come and preach in their altar. What attracted him, the man from Igboukwu? Okwadike! To them, he is a preacher. A traditional ruler coming to the pulpit because they wanted his money. Oh no! But we know more than that Brethren.

46.      You see, they are ordained that way. You will see that the battle is a battle of two nations. Because inside our mother’s womb contained two different nations. You will see the two nations.

47.      God is good. Very soon, we will go to the Potter’s house, and I will speak to you what the Lord said that I should say.

48.      Just few minutes, I will go to the Potter’s house.


Acts of the Apostles chapter 13 verse 48: “And when the Gentiles heard this, they were glad, and glorified the word of the Lord: and as many as were ordained to eternal life believed.” (KJV).

24.      As many as were ordained to eternal life did what? Believe! Many that were not ordained, what did they do? They disbelieved and went away. Who ordained them? God. When did He ordain them? From the beginning of the world that His own purpose and election might stand sure.

25.      Who are you to query God? Talk of hearing, they will hear. Talk of believing; only the ELECT will believe.

26.      Are you ordained to eternal life? That is why you are here. If you are not ordained to eternal life, your coming into the Faith will not profit you anything. I am telling you the truth.

27.      People that come into this Faith, they came for eternal life. Because when Jesus asked them to go away, the multitude were first of all following because of miracles, signs and wonders and healing. Like they are following the whole people today. The same way they were following Christ because of bread.

28.      People follow Christ because of hardship and what they will eat. “Let me use five months and pray. Hayii!! Miracle!” Some were coming with big people carrying them, saying, “We are coming for deliverance.” Some were calling barren women, “This man of Galilee.” A little while He went to the mountain. He opened the mystery of the Kingdom of God.

29.      He said, “The Kingdom of God is likened unto you.” When he finished preaching, the people said, “This is a hard truth, who can believe it?” The Bible said, “Majority went away.” That was a crusade.

30.      Crusade! Anywhere Kumuyi went, ushers will be shouting, “Great men of valour!” everywhere. “You see, I am a minister, G.S. of a Church that has over one million people, that meets seven times a day.” What are they doing? They count the Church growth by the number of people in the Church.

31.      God does not count growth by the number of people. You see, the way of man is not the way of God. When the multitude left, the disciples left but the believers remained. The Elect remained. He said, “Gentle men and women, won’t you go away and follow your people?”

32.      Preachers who had the revelation of why they gathered said, “Master, to whom do we go to? If we leave you, where do we go to? We want eternal life and you alone have that Word that will give us eternal life. You are the only source of eternal life because you are the Son of God. If we leave you, where do we go to?”

33.      “On the land today, where do we go to and receive the word of God un-adulterated? If we leave you, where do we go to? Do not think so, we will never leave you. Wherever you go, we will go there. We have abandoned our friends, our relations, our families; and we have declared ourselves unto you. Whatever pleases you do with us.” Why? They were ordained to eternal life.

34.      On this note, I say thank you and remain blessed in Him eternally.