Bride of Christ Ministry World Wide: YOU ARE THE NEXT TO DIE; AMEND YOUR WAYS VOL.1

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Preached By Apostle Peter Odoemena The Son of Man @ Household of God, Onitsha On 23rd February, 2020

The Deity is no longer in the blues. The Deity is now with you. The kingdom is also with you. Thus, you do not expect the Kingdom coming from above. No! It is already with you and in you. The Throne of Christ is already in your heart. If you have believed, you have entered into the rest. You have ceased from your own work, for we that have believed have entered into our rest, for the work was finished for us before the world began.

I AM THE DOOR; Preached on Sunday 12th February 2012 at the Household of God, Onitsha; Pg. 105 vs. 17 – 18




Remain blessed Brethren. We thank the Almighty God who has preserved our lives till this morning; brought us from our different homes before His Holy presence to have fellowship with Him and with one another.

2.           No matter what happens, we glorify the Name of our God because He said, “In everything, give God the glory.”

3.           The life you are having now while you are sitting down there is not your own. My own does not belong to Me. It is a borrowed life from the Almighty God. You cannot own it till eternity.

4.           So, if you go to our Message, Maintaining a healthy relationship IN THE BRIDE OF CHRIST MINISTRY, God said that you are having a borrowed life and you are going to give account on how you lived that life to the person that lent it to you.

5.           Therefore, we thank God for keeping us alive till this morning. I want us to consider a Message here. I will read from page 70 down. This Message is, God’s prophesies are tied to time. From verse 41 of page 70. There is a little subheading there, “Immortality is real”. 

6.           I believe God, I believe the scriptures. I believe the prophets that a day is coming when we shall gather in the fellowship of the saints and we will never go home again.

7.           A day is coming, and just like we have gathered here today, we will never go back to our homes again. But before that happens, God has been warning us to make sure that there is nothing between us and our Maker; that our relationship with our maker is cordial and that we have been sanctified and remained in our sanctified estate till that day it will happen, for no man or woman knows the day, the time, the hour or the second. It is in the heart of Almighty God.

8.           We believe strongly that one day this will come to pass. But as you are alive, as I am alive, the emphasis is this, “LET NOTHING BE BETWEEN YOU AND YOUR MAKER, BETWEEN YOU AND THE WORD OF GOD, BETWEEN YOU AND HIS INSTRUCTIONS, HIS TEACHINGS.

9.           He wants us to live in perfect peace with Him, rejoice, worship Him and praise Him for the whole duty of a man here is to fear God, to reverence Him, believe Him, put what He said into practice. Talk of this prophecy coming to pass, it must surely come to pass one day.

10.       I believe God, I believe the scriptures, I believe the prophets that a day is coming very swiftly, when we shall gather in the fellowship of the saints and we will never go home again.

11.       A day is coming, when God’s children will gather in worship of His majesty presenting themselves to Him in worship, in praise in thanksgiving and they will go home with Him eternally.

12.       No lion will devour us; no earthquake will swallow us. We will all meet with Him in the air. The same pillar of cloud that is in our midst will wrap us round. It will pull us contrary to the gravitational force.

13.       That cloud is here! That Word. The force that will wrap us up is the Word we are receiving. As we are receiving the Word, believing it and putting it into practice, we are being transformed into God’s nature.

14.       What will translate us is the Word of God we are receiving. What will translate you and I is the same Word we are hearing even now.

15.       The Bride will conquer the force of gravity before the super magnet pulls the pin from the ground. It must be done contrary to the gravitational force. For it is easier to come down than to climb up. That is why it has lingered for too long for God’s children to move up. For we have been heavy.

16.       God said that what has been hindering us is the weight of our unbelief, doubt, evil characters, evil thinking, evil planning and not believing God wholeheartedly. That is what we have been suffering till today.

17.       We are heavy in God’s hand and what made us heavy is unbelief. Yesterday we heard it from the mouth of Almighty God when He said that He is still harboring criminals here.

18.       As we are sitting down here, all of us are waiting for translation, but He that will translate us is saying that He is harboring criminals here. Will He take criminals into paradise? Never!

19.       Why can’t we accept the Word of God and praticalize it so that it shall be well with us? So that when He looks into our heart, He will be happy that He has done a marvelous work in us.

20.       The Bride will conquer the force of gravity because for the super magnet to pull the pin from the ground it must go contrary to the gravitational force, for it is easier to come down than to climb up.

21.       That is why it has lingered for too long for God’s children to move on, for we have been too heavy. We have been heavily laden with unbelief and stubbornness, but God is cleansing us and making us lighter.

22.       Even the same Word we are hearing this morning is to make you lighter in the hand of the Almighty, and to make it easier for Him to control us in our families and every other place, and for us to live the life of the message we have received from Him.

23.       The whole world is upon our head. We are carrying the whole world upon our head, trying to catch the wind and trying to make the two ends meet. And we have become very heavy; extremely and extraordinarily heavy.

24.       We are laden with iniquity and God has started a cleansing work, flushing us, intending to make us lighter, but we are saying no.

25.       This is because if we say yes, this thing will not continue to be hammering up to this morning. We do not want to go the way God wants it. We want to go the way we want it and the two are clashing.

26.       And God must win for we are ordinary powder and ordinary clay in the hand of Almighty God.

27.       I do not know why we are still shaking our head. We have to humble ourselves and allow the Word of God to control and lead us.

28.       Do not say, “God humble me”, but humble yourself, while I humble myself. Allow the Word to take over you and take over Me in everything we are doing.

29.       The moment he completes His cleansing work which He is still doing till now, which is almost completed in many brethren; I said, it is almost completed in many, but they will not go. They are waiting for the rest to be cleansed. Some are almost completed while some has not even started.

30.       God said we all will enter there at the same time. But we received the same Message at the same time. Why are you drawing back? Why are you delaying others?

31.       We are rejoicing and sister Shadrach is crying. What is more? While she was crying, Brother Shadrach lost control of himself, for her cry made everybody to see brother Shadrach as a wicked man. And brother Shadrach does not want to answer a wicked man.

32.       She knows that he is not wicked but the attitude of his wife has labelled him a wicked man. Even in the Congregation of the Saints and this is the first fellowship of the year.

33.       Well, I do not know what to say. We must speak the truth in love. We have one spirit. If there be anyone in our midst that has another spirit, the Word of God will surely reveal it and the Word of God has been revealing it in our Families.

34.       If the man has another spirit, the Word will reveal the man. If the woman has another spirit, the Word will reveal the woman.

35.       The sin of the person must surely find him out because God said that iniquity can never hide in the Congregation of the children of God. No evil man or woman can ever hide here.

36.       The Word of God is powerful and active. God must surely shoot it up. God has started a big work and He is rounding it up any time from now.

37.       If you are a seed of God, an Elect according to His purpose, there is something you will notice around yourself. No matter how you pretty look, you appear very light.

38.       No matter your weight, you appear light because what makes your weight light or heavy is in your heart. What is condemning us is in our heart. What is making God to be angry at us is in our heart.

39.       And God is calling for a total change of heart for our own good, even this hour. When you hear the Word of God, harden not your heart. If your heart is not pure, your weight will be very heavy. And you know that a living human being does not have weight. A dead man has weight.

40.       A living human being does not have weight because the Word of God will make him/her lighter. We will become easy in the hand of God to control us. Remain blessed Brethren.

Note it: I, APOSTLE PETER ODOEMENA, WHOEVER I WANT TO SAVE, I WILL SAVE. Who will query Me? Nobody! .... I keep on telling you as a Holy Church, a peculiar people I love, I have been trying My best to espouse you to One Husband in holiness and righteousness, telling you to follow Me as I follow Him daily. Follow Me because I am the example God set here before you. Then, My duty is to point you to the path of Holiness.

CALLING CHRIST IN THE TIME OF CRISIS; Preached on Sunday 15th August 1993 at the Household of God, Onitsha; Pg. 46 vs. 9 & Pg. 86 vs. 39



TO DIE [1]


You are blessed in the Lord. I am not a fool. But I may be a fool to many. I know that Pastor Thomas is just telling stories to some of you; In short to 99% here.

2.           If you know My mood, heaven and earth will reveal to you what should be your attitude now. I know that the Camp is moody and that is what it should be.

3.           To Me, preaching a sermon to you now is absolutely nonsense, but there is one sermon you will hear and then become yourself. What is that sermon? You are going to be the next to die.

4.           You will sit up immediately. You are going to be the next to die will make you sit up immediately. Any other message is just a fine song. Nothing helps a man to ponder over his ways more than when he looks around, somebody he said good morning to is no more in a twinkling of an eye. Then he comes back to his senses that death is real and can strike anytime, anywhere and in any form.

5.           There is no other name you will call it other than death. I thank God for the nature of the Camp.

6.           The Camp is enveloped by the cloud. A sure presence of God. How long will the cloud remain? I do not know.

7.           All of you who were here yesterday with Me, nobody was kept in the dark. I briefed you with every amount of godly sincerity. The way I saw it and where it was heading to and efforts we have made so far. We left no stone unturned.

8.           Brother Ben Mbah is dead. All who were here yesterday knew that he died even while I was talking.

9.           When I told you that he was lying prostrate, eyes tightly fitted, the mouth closed and that he could not hear, there is no other description than death.

10.       And I told you, he died earlier, but I brought him back for a purpose. The wife and the son can bear witness. The Elders with Me can bear witness that Brother Ben died.

11.       Let Me put it this way. Brother Ben died at Enugu, but the angel of the Lord brought Bro Ben to Onitsha, helped Bro Ben to enter Keke at Boromeo, took Brother Ben to the gate of His house and went away.

12.       Brother Ben was led by the hand to the gate, ushered into the door leading to his parlour, and the angel of the Lord left. Brother Ben became blind and was groping in darkness, waving hands.

13.       Brother Ben entered the house as a dumb man, and could not say “Well done.” The children rushed, and only the hand was moving

14.       Do not think I am crazy. I am not crazy. Beyond the curtain of time, we will know all things. But for now, we know in part, but not the Son of Man.

15.       the Son of Man does not know in part. If I know in part, who has the fullness? How can the fullness of the Elohim dwell in Me and I know in part? Who then is perfect?

16.       That is why, My reaction runs contrary to yours; even my vision and everything.

17.       Let Me tell you. There is nobody here who is more in love with Brother Ben than the Son of Man. If you want Me to rehearse it, I will rehearse it, even his relations, starting from his late father, right from Oturkpo.

18.       Do not forget the fact that I summoned the entire family of Mbah to My house to look into their domestic issues. In the presence of My late father, I entertained all of them, the mother, the father.

19.       Is sister Ozioma here?True or false?[Sister Ozioma answered, “It is true sir”] Were you not there?[Sister Ozioma answered, “I was there sir.”] Ejike was there. Goddy was there. Your father, your mother and late Brother Ben.

20.       My Dad was sitting down. I entertained all of you, just to settle an age long dispute that is old as the marriage between the man and the wife.

21.       One man; One wife. He was not a polygamist, but the life of a polygamist can be better preferred. A man that used his hand to tear his family into pieces. Why?

22.       He went diabolical. He chose the devil’s way and then ran the family with the worst of the devil. Sister, true or false? [She responded, “True sir.”]

23.       Just like brother Echezona here, who is a victim of a force he does not know. A sacrificial lamb that is used to renew the strength of a diabolic charm, a concoction which has chained him and the entire children born in that family till now. No headway!

24.       Elders who were with Me when I invited the most senior brother Okwy, did you hear him concerning his father and also concerning the mother?

25.       Did you hear the extent of their diabolic acts against themselves and their whole children, to the point that a mad man came, saw the thing, shivered and said, “Who can remove this type of thing here? Can these children remove this thing?”

26.       I mean, spirits that visits them as human beings and ring bell. Everybody will hear the bell.

27.       The gate will open itself and beings will stand, while their father will come and bow down, and begin to pour incantations and offerings of one thing or the other, and mortgage the whole family there.

28.       Hear Me very well. Spirits exist. Make no mistake about it. I am the One saying it. Remember My Message, Spiritual realms.

29.       If I talk and you do not believe, who then will you now believe? Let Me tell you. Oftentimes, the love we have for one another, respect will hinder us from revealing the holistic truth to some of you here.

30.       But deep in you, something keep on telling you where your problem is coming from. It is said that the direction a child is pointing while crying, if the mother is not there, the father must be there.

31.       If you want to know where the wind is coming from, watch the grasses. What am I trying to say? You cannot be over sympathetic about the death or departure of Brother Ben Mbah more than the Son of Man.

32.       If he has rendered services to any of you, I do not care the level he rendered that services, your own might not be up to 1/100 when compared the services he rendered to Me.

33.       So if his life was to be exchanged, I would have done that. But who do you think I would have used? For he was standing at a place where nothing was needed than an eye for an eye. A life for life and I examined the entire family.

34.       I even asked My wife the question if she can remember. How many sons has Brother Ben? And how many daughters? Who is the last? I examined everywhere and there was not even one I could use.

35.       This is because they were having brighter futures than Brother Ben. So there was no need sacrificing a better material for an inferior material.

36.       There is no way you can, after bathing your child, you pour out the bath water together with the child. Is it done that way? Rather, you bring out your child and pour away the water.

37.       I am wonderfully made. That is why there is nothing, no matter the way it come; I consider many things.

38.       Even if I am highly provoked, I may come out to a point of bringing out My real nature, but too many things will run across My mind and I will change it immediately.

39.       This is because of the litany of souls that will be involved. I consider yesterday, today and the future because he that is destroyed today, maybe useful tomorrow.

40.       In the case of Brother Ben, he is closer to Me than any of you. If there is one that can talk of his closeness to Brother Ben, it should be the wife.

41.       I am closer to Brother Ben than his biological relations. I know the extent I sacrificed My life to save Brother Ben from the cruel hands of his known enemies, not unknown. I said known enemies.

42.       Do not forget the fact that a hand which Brother Ben alone saw, slapped Brother Ben and closed his two ears in the day. That is why Brother Ben was having hearing impediment.

43.       That was not all. Remember that when Brother Ben bought a 608 bus, there was a threat. Sister Ozioma, if you forget it, it then means you are a foolish woman.

44.       You know how the threat came. You know what happened in your home. You know the person that was given in marriage and that bus went there. You know who threatened that that bus will never be on the road again.

45.       And from that day, the bus never plied any road in Onitsha until it decayed at Omagba gate. Who made that treat? was it not a member of your family? A biological brother. Open threat!

46.       Then remember the threat, “Any day that man from Mbaise forsakes you, I will not give you a breathing space. I must bury you.”

47.       You know it. Who made the threat? Ejike, the first son, before many witnesses at Otukpo in the presence of your late uncle in whose house you were living. Brethren, it has not been easy.

48.       Who made Brother Ben to run mad? Maybe you never knew that there was a time he was out of his senses, behaving as one that lost his memory. Who brought him back? It has been a battle.

49.       Man’s greatest enemy according to the Scriptures must be members of his own very family. [Matthew 10:36]

50.       Anybody who can never benefit from your death can never kill you. If I kill you, will I take your wife? Will I claim your children? Will I possess your land?

51.       It is one who has interest in your heritage. That is the person you should avoid, and not a foreigner somewhere. The highest thing the person [foreigner] will do is to collect money from you and solve his problem, if actually you have money.

52.       So please, let nobody sorrow more than the Son of Man concerning the departure of Brother Ben Mbah. Brother Ben Mbah was a member of My nuclear family. Believe it if you can, for I integrated him into My family.

53.       That was why, no matter the misbehaviour of his son Ugochukwu, I courageously took another son to fulfill My Word that, “God helping Me, I must train a child for Brother Ben Mbah.”

54.       And by His grace, his departure will never stop Me. I will fulfill My Word, going by the treatment I got from the son I picked from JS1 to SS3 and he disappointed me. You were all here.

55.       It will take the highest form of love for somebody to volunteer to go to that family and pick somebody again in the same class [JS 1], and who is now in SS1. And we are continuing. Why?

56.       The greatest manifestation of love is forgiveness. When you forgive you set yourself free, and set your conscience free.

57.       But when you harbor wrongs, you are killing yourself. You are dying, but you do not know it. You will be sweating even under the rains because you are restive. In the bed, you are restive.

58.       On the highway, you are living in fear because unforgiving spirit creates fear in the heart that somebody is out for you. Why? You have not set your conscience free by making it right.

59.       I thank God that the Cloud is enveloping us. Brother Ben was such a Brother that nobody here can talk about him, if not the Son of Man.

60.       Sincerely speaking; materially speaking, he was a very nice fellow, full of love and appreciation for his fellow Brethren and all mankind. A peaceful man.

61.       But to what extent have you related with him? Just to a small extent, because of the nature of his work. The nature of his work was such that takes him away from us for a considerable number of weeks in a month.

62.       In a month he can fellowship with us twice. He can hardly stay at home for he gave himself over to his work more than to any other thing. And that was why the company appreciates him because he was generating money for them.

63.       Remember! Many times, Brother Ben got lost. He went out to distribute goods and then got lost. For three weeks, four weeks, nobody heard from him.

64.       We were all panicking. The family was panicking. No phone call. No message. From the company, they said, “No communications.”

65.       I told our Sister to be calm. I will go and look for him. And I went out. I announced it that I have found him and I also mentioned the place where I found him. The remotest part of Adamawa.

66.       He promised that he will call. That same day, Brother Ben called to prove that he was alive. The wife told me that he has called. Then I called the number, got him, and forced him down.

67.       I brought him to My house together with the wife and spoke to him elaborately. A little while again, he vanished for almost four weeks. That one became worse because we were hearing rumours of people that died.

68.       We thought he went to Sokoto where he said he was going, but when I went in search of him, I found him in Maiduguri.

69.       Maybe you do not know that Brother Ben travels long distances. There is no part of the North he does not venture into. Sokoto, Maiduguri, Kaura Namoda. He goes as far as Mubi.

70.       He was a good driver. He has passed through many accidents, but he did not die. Armed robbers attacked him several times, but his life was spared.

71.       This time around, no armed robber attacked him. No accident occurred. Let us be calm and calculate because death is real and will come when it will come.

In other words, the moment a saint dies, he unites in the air with his Maker because he has left the physical body and has entered the Glorified Body. In the Glorified Body, he is always in direct fellowship with the Almighty. Now, while he is on Earth in the flesh, for his sake, the Elohim will put on flesh that they might have fellowship because it is in the midst the Church that He, I mean He the Sanctuary, dwells. That is why we can rightly believe that we are all sitting in heavenly places with Christ the Messiah, the Anointed One. I am coming to something.





1.           So, yesterday was a briefing that he was really struggling with death. But I told you the whole truth. If I had disclosed the thing to Apostle Kelechi, Brother Chibuko would have opted out.

2.           Brother Ben died before he was taken to Nnewi, and I knew it.The doctor knew it and ran away. I called the nurse, enquire about the people that were around. She told Me that all of them were outside, and that our Brother has died. I said, “I know.”

3.           And I was encouraging them to stay, for Sister was on the way. And that was when sister was at Awkuzu. I gave instruction that nobody should step out until she comes.

4.           My Word to you [Sister Ozioma] went thus, “Go back! This is not a trip you will make with a hand bag alone. Go and put money in your bag, for it is a long journey, and not a short journey.”

5.           Now in summary, be it known to everybody that if the medical report is anything to go by, which I believe seriously because Sister Ben has confirmed it; Bro Ben was bleeding in the brain and has been bleeding for more than four years and he knew it not. Sister, confirm! [she replied: That’s true my Lord]

6.           The thing was bleeding and clotting, and he continued taking drugs, complaining of severe pain at the back of the head. But it was aggravated by this incident where he unconsciously lifted his head and hit just mere frame.

7.           What can you say about the Son of Man or my son or even this my brother here who had similar accident in the house.

8.           To all of you who are using shower and you have tap, and you use bucket at the same time, please whenever you want to use the bucket, pull it away from the tap.

9.           Otherwise, when you stoop low to take water and you use your head, what you will receive will be more than a knock on your head. It can even press on your skull depending on the force.

10.       It happened to Me. It happened to My Son Wisdom. It has happened to Promise. And we have learnt our lessons. At different times. You know it is are flex action.

11.       That of the vehicle has happened to Me. What can you say about My shop at Upper-Iweka? I am a customer to that one. If you have been there, it embarrasses My customers because it is very low. From time to time losing consciousness of the door frame, I will hit My head there.

12.       So what am I saying? It is not that light incident. Rather, the light incident added pressure to the pumping of the blood.

13.       There was what we call rejuvenation of the blood flow. A renewed flowing which resulted to whatever we are seeing today. It is true he abused the use of drugs.

14.       I have been warning concerning somebody feeling sick, and you just rush to the “chemist” and they will mix twenty tablets for you, telling you to take all of them at the same time. He did it and started shivering.

15.       He became unconscious. By the help of God, I handled it. I flushed everything out in less than twenty-four hours. He started talking and he started walking.

16.       But be it known to you that he died at Enugu, came home and entered into coma straightaway. The coma lasted for more than twenty-four hours.

17.       It was Apostle Kelechi, Brother Ikechukwu Obasanya and brother Solomon Obunwa that God used. I told them to go there and with the instruction, “Brother Kelechi remained there. Call him three times. He must answer. Raise your voice.”

18.       He called first, second and on the third one, he [Bro Ben] answered and then lifted up his head, with his eyes pure red. He (Apostle Kelechi) called Me and said, “Daddy, he has answered. The eyes are red.”

19.       I told them to wait. He will recognize you. I have brought him back to enable Me hear him. [1] To let Me know how the whole thing started and,[2] To enable me talk to him.

20.       That was why I recorded our conversation in My house. I brought him to My house with a good arrangement I made with Brother Solomon. Luckily for Me, Bro Nnachor was there. And Brother Elias was there too.

21.       I did the recording of what Brother Ben and the wife confessed. They confessed shocking things? So he never died without saying something.

22.       I believed Brother Ben emptied himself into the hands of all of us who were there. Shocking revelations, even confirming the ones I revealed to be true. The wife also confirmed.

23.       Brother Ben spoke for about fifteen minutes because I allowed him to talk. The wife spoke for about five minutes.

24.       So anybody who knows Bro Ben very well should not be sorrowing. Rather, give God the glory.

25.       If there is any part of Bro Ben I do not know, it is the part that does not exist. He is not a trouble maker. I know him that he is very friendly. Of all of you here in this Fellowship, there is nobody that has a little grudge with Brother Ben.

26.       You must come closer to somebody before you begin to disagree. Where have you seen Brother Ben? You can only see Brother Ben rejoicing in my house or in my shop, for he can never travel without seeing Me.

27.       This time around it was another trip altogether. We will talk about that trip but not now. My greatest joy is that Sister Ozioma is alive and in her correct senses.

28.       So, to all of us here, who is our consolation? It is the Word of God. Apart from the Word of God, we have no other consolation.


30.       Be it known to you, that our lives here on earth are all tied to time. And whatever we are holding here, we are holding it on lease. Whenever the lease expires, we must release it.

31.       So do not be strongly tied to the affairs of this present world so as to begin to make enemies because of the affairs of this world instead of making friends. Be friendly, come what may, because that which is upsetting you, you will leave it here.

32.       Now both the hate and love has gone. Everything about Brother Ben Mbah is now past, but we are still here. Life is a continuous thing.

33.       If you say that without you, life will not exist, you are a liar. We come and we go, and life continues. We cannot wind up Fellowship because Brother Ben died.

34.       He died because it was his turn to die, period. If it was not his turn to die, God would not have allowed him to die. He would have been sick and then give us the opportunity to nurture him for many months before he will die.

35.       Do not forget the fact that our Brother who is my son in-law, Brother Chibuzor Ikwuagwu, who is married to my daughter Oluebube had a case worse than this and was in coma for two complete months.

36.       He died before everybody. Everybody was crying including the mother, the brethren who was always at the bed side.

37.       When I heard the report that he gave up, I told the mother to remain standing still and that the entire Brethren should equally stand still, for I am going for Chibuzor and that I will bring him back, for there was nothing we could remember him for.

38.       I went out, met him on the way and brought him back, announced it to the Brethren who were around that I have brought him back and that very soon, they would see him sneezing and the eyes would open. For the first time, he would talk. And the statements would be to the mother, “Where am I?” and “Why are you here?”

39.       While they were waiting patiently, nurses were thinking of wrapping the body, our brother sneezed, the eyes opened and the two questions flashed out. Doctors said the brain was clotted with blood, this and that. I said, “That is Doctor’s assessment. God has not spoken.”

40.       They said he will be blind, but I said, “That is their own assessment. God has not spoken.” When God said that he would live, he lived. When God said that he would see, he began to see.

41.       Do not forget that Sister Mike here was blind. I mean many of you mothers were holding the breast, helping to feed the baby Miracle. The whole Doctors concluded Sister Mike blind. She was led about by hand. You were all witnesses.

42.       But I said, “She is not blind. She will see.” After almost one full year, Sister Mike started seeing. No medicine. Nothing nothing! And she is reading newspapers now.

43.       I want you to understand one fact. Not all that died when Jesus was there in Nazareth that he brought back to life. Otherwise, he will be countering His Word. There is a day he will put an end to death but until then, death must hold sway over all mankind.

44.       That He caused one to come back to life and cause one to die is to prove to you that He is the resurrection and death.

45.       So please, if you are sympathizing or you are consoling or condoling, be sure you do it after a godly sort, for no man can be held responsible for stoning Brother Ben to death, but brother Steven in the Scriptures was stoned to death in the public square amidst witnesses.

46.       So he never died a violent death. He died a quiet death, said bye to everybody and then slept. I am saying that death never tortured Brother Ben. He rested. So, to God be the glory.

47.       To the entire children, bear the departure of your father with joy. Peradventure, his departure will cause you to come back to normal senses of reasoning.

48.       Maybe your over dependence on your father and his porous way of placing money would have made you to be useless for life.

49.       Now his departure will squeeze you into a tight corner where you will be fashioning out a better way of living so that you may survive. So, this may be a messianic death to you.

50.       When you look around, you will see some who has lost their father before you and they are still matching on. True or false? So whatever sustains them will also sustain you.

51.       But you must find out what is sustaining them. There is not even one that is troubling the mother after the demise of their father.

52.       The only place I saw people troubling their mother after the departure of their father remain the house of late Elder Mike Nwanga.

53.       The children were troubling their mother as if they were praying for their father to die, including the first son Emeka. Brethren am I bearing false witness?

54.       It is only now that they are coming back to their senses. If they mourned for the death of their father, Odinaka would not have been imprisoned for criminality.

55.       If not for my intervention, Nwachukwu died many months ago and he knows that I am speaking the truth. Nwachukwu true or false? If I never intervened in your life, would you be here?

56.       Where are your mates, are they not gone? Good! But you are enjoying life. It is now that you know the value of life. He that knows the value of life cannot destroy life.

57.       Now that you have come back to your senses, I want to see a new beginning in your family where you will now begin to reason intelligently with a view to handling your personal problems in a godly way without disturbing your mother.

58.       Unless you have vowed that your mother must die, then you become a murderer. You do not know the value of a small or old basket in your house until you want to dispose of refuse. It is only then that you know the value of that old tattered basket.

59.       If you do not know the value of your father, whenever he lives the scene, your eyes will open. You will now begin to know that life here on earth is purely temporary. And within the temporary existence, make good use of it.

60.       I tell My children, “That you are seeing Me today, you may not see Me tomorrow. So whenever you see Me, I am alive, come closer, reason with Me, and make sure you get as much as you can, as far as wisdom is concerned. 


62.       So who will say, “Endure the loss with joy? Do you expect that from the Son of Man? If I console you, who will console Me?” This is because Brother Ben is leaving a very big gap in My house that will be very difficult to replace.

63.       Members of My family know that I am speaking the truth. That is why My wife fainted yesterday when I disclosed the news at last, for I withheld it for a very long time, until I realized that it is like a pregnancy.

64.       A pregnant woman must deliver. So there is no need going about giving the impression that is common.

65.       She abandoned the kitchen and came. She knew, for she told Me that she knew all was not well. How can it be well? Your beloved Brother Ben is dead and you are the first I am breaking this news to.

66.       Then I picked My phone and called Apostle Kelechi, called Brother Ojiakor and then banned all. You knew he died from the time I made the proclamation[an order] that I do not want people to be calling here and there. To everybody, I want one voice to enable Me control the situation. And I controlled it.

67.       Otherwise, by now, the whole world would have been calling the Son of Man for they are experts. Some would have posted it in the net. Your WhatsApp would be Brother Ben.

68.       But I made that order and it was carried out. Now I am in control. That is why the family survived it, for there is a way you handle such a shocking news, and you cause havoc. Somebody who is hypertensive may even collapse and die. But when you manage it very well, you save life.

69.       I know what it took Me even this morning to manage the little boy, the last son, Chiemelie. It took Me time, because yesterday I allowed him to cry, “Do not console him. Cry! It is what you should do.” But this morning, I summoned him and built courage in him.

70.       After all, I am an orphan. My wife is an orphan. Promise has no father. Chika has father, but people that do not have are better than him. I have to say the truth. A non-performing father is as good as dead.

71.       When you pamper the truth, you encourage the evil person to continue. Of what use is it talking about Brother Shed who has already desired to die.

72.       He said he would like to die but the Son of Man said, “Because you have caused problem to yourself and family, and you want to abandon the thing, you will live. You will live and solve it.”

73.       One who accepted to die never died. Rather, one who does not want to die, died. Where are you running to? You caused problem in your house, gave birth to kids and then decided to die. You will live and suffer it.

Brethren, I told you I am not a preacher for I do not know how to preach. All these years, you have been receiving wonderful teachings, teachings that have made the world to be astonished, teachings that are incomparable. Everybody is astonished: “Who is the brain behind all these teachings? Who is this Man that brings man to perfection within a space of one week? Who is this Man whose Word is so forceful and powerful to convert a man, to transform a man here on earth again? Who could be this person?”

YOU ARE GODS Preached in September 1994 at Abuja; Pg. 113 vs. 54 – 55




1.           So we give God the entire glory. Brethren, bear the departure with fortitude. It is an irreparable loss. If you cry and sorrow from now till the next world, you are wasting your time. He has gone means that he has gone.

2.           Go to My Message, Shall we meet with our loved ones again? The Son of Man said, “Yes! If it happens to be one of the beloved of the Father, he is asleep. We will meet with him. We will remain with him.”

3.           But if he is found in the contrary, be it known to you that he that cannot be bribed, can never consider him for anything at all.

4.           Your good works cannot save you. What will save you is your faith in Christ coupled with your good works. If your good works are not expressions of your faith, you are wasting your time.

5.           So that is why I do not look at your good works or bad works, I know where I am looking at. Once that thing is found, you are with Me.

6.           But if it is not there, we are all in the kingdom of God. Forget about the kingdom of heaven. It is not for you. We will enjoy life here, but hereafter we are parting.

7.           If there should be a prayer for the dead, I would have prayed for Brother Ben, but the chapter is closed.

8.           Last Sunday, I said it, “Once somebody dies, there are two ways of entering eternity. You enter into eternity when you die or through the translation of your mortal body.”

9.           Once you die, your folder is closed and parceled straight to the table of the Almighty. Then your records are there and My records are there.

10.       That is why I pray for the living. Write your history while you are still alive. Otherwise, history will be against you. Write your history while you are still alive or else history will be against you.

11.       When you are writing your history, you will be crosschecking. Is it not true? Anyone that is not in order, you strike it out because living your life here on earth means writing your history.

12.       We can amend our ways because we are alive but if we close our mouths, close our eyes, reasoning stops. We lie prostrate like ordinary log.

13.       So every advice I am giving now is not for brother Ben. It is for all of us. Brother Ben has closed his own history and can never intercede for anybody.

14.       But he will be in the worship of the children in the kingdom for the dead has eyes. The dead is seeing what is happening.

15.       So, this morning, what I am holding is lost but found. There was a Message I handled briefly on 31st of December. We had a meeting that lasted till the morning of 1st January, 2020. At about 4am, I was called to the pulpit and I remained there till about 7am.

16.       Whoever that brought out this Message brought out an incomplete Message. Look for that Message. I do not believe this is the Message I handled for more than three hours.

17.       Brother Chizoba,I do not believe that. Search for it. I do not know the content. That is why I want us to revisit it again collectively, for many were not here. I believe that only Onitsha Brethren were here on that 31st night.

18.       So Brother David Mbah, are you afraid of nearing the pulpit? Are you afraid of death? Are you sure? But you do not want your mother to die. Please go there.

19.       But there is something I want you to know. You do not need to be afraid of something you cannot avoid. You can avoid everything, but not death.

20.       Since you know you cannot avoid it, what do you have to do? Adjust your mind properly by living right with your conscience, with God and with one another so that death will not torment you.

21.       If time will permit Me the day I will bury Brother Ben, I will be the one, and I will read from the Holy Qur’an about the torment of the grave. The grave torments anybody who dies as a sinner.

22.       In the holy Qur’an, if you die on ordinary day, and not on a Friday, the day of Jummat, you must face the torment of the grave.

23.       The person is considered to have died the death of a sinner. Too many things are required for absolution that will help him and that is the area I said, “No! It is purgatory. I do not believe in purgatory.”

24.       It is appointed unto men once to die, and after that, judgment follows. [Hebrews 9:27] It is not because the Bible said so. I am here to correct all.

25.       I do not want to give a sinner false hope that that which you could not remedy here could be remedy there. Where? Where? I said where? Remedy is for the living, and not the dead.

26.       So to you Sisters, I am not speaking in your defense. I have to say something I said in my house. And I have said it here over and over. Let somebody give Me that New Year Message of 2019.

27.       It is on the table. It is lying there. It is lying on My table there. Take away my handset and you will see it there.

28.       Remember, this is the one handled in My house. There is a bigger volume I handled here. Promise, you have from now till 5pm to give Me that one.

29.       If I want to handle a Message, I handle it comprehensively, for there were too many things I said in My house contained in this book, but highlighted almost all those things when I preached it as a Message in a bigger volume.

30.       Are you not having copies? You have copies. You have the one preached at Nsugbe. You also have the one I handled here. Remember any Message from my mouth is a prophetic Message. True or false?

31.       Brother Ojiakor! Stand up! Apostle Kelechi! Brother Solomon Obunwa! Bishop Nnachor! Brother Chizoba! From the little you gave Me as transcribed by Brother Solomon, is the death of Brother Ben a surprise to the Son of Man? Is it a surprise to Brother Ben’s family? Were they not told everything? Did Brother Ben know that he was dying? Thank you!

32.       We will make many things public but not today. I believe in keeping records. You may not know the day God has declared you dead and allowed you time to amend your ways.

33.       That was why I keep on telling you, “Be very careful about what you are thinking in your heart, for you know what you are thinking about God, but what God is thinking about you, you do not know.

34.       You know what you are thinking about your fellow human beings, but what God is thinking about you, you do not know.

35.       It is just like Brother Ben. No matter how I have extolled his good qualities, you may call him a saint. But what if God calls him an evil man, will you be shocked? What if he shows you evidence that he is evil?

36.       Remember that God can bypass everything not his Word. God is ever mindful of His Word. To die the death of a saint means dying in the Faith of Christ, upholding the Word, but not with your mouth. Let your character testify.

37.       I know we are covered by the Cloud. So I do not want to preach. If I preach, you will hate Me. I said, you will hate Me. I am not making a case for anybody, but I will ask a question.

38.       If you have heard from my mouth that our Sisters are better preferred to God, (I mean) better considered or standing in a better ground in the sight of God than our brothers; If you have heard it from My mouth once, twice or more, show by raising your hands. Brethren, look back.

39.       Now, if you have not heard it from My mouth over and over show by raising your hand. Ok! Thank you!

40.       Are you surprised as to why we are likely to have more widows than more widowers? Are you surprised?

41.       Have I not told you that the people troubling the Body of Christ are the men, and not the women?

42.       The men are the people disturbing the faith of Christ. The men are guilty. The men are the people hindering their families from believing God. They are propagating heresies and their wives are saying No!

43.       why are you fooling yourselves? Almost all our men are in error because their hearts are crooked. Not even one is working on the straight path, and you are rejoicing.

44.       I am not praying that our Sisters should begin to die. If you see a Sister that is misbehaving, it is the husband that is influencing her life to be in error.Sisters have broader hearts, better hearts than brothers.

45.       If you like, say Amen. If you do not like, do not say Amen. But God knows that I am not making a case for anybody. I am standing for the truth and also declaring the truth.

46.       If not amazing grace, a lot of men had forced their wives out of this Faith. I am telling you God’s truth. I lie not. A good number of your wives and daughters are suppressing their feelings.

47.       They do not want Brethren to hear what is happening in their homes. For that, they endure. But if you should allow them time to talk, you will know that 99% of the brothers are not in the Faith. They are churchgoers.

48.       How I wish Sister Ben will recover from the shock. I know if she does not talk to anybody. She will talk to her fellow Sisters.

49.       Those who were with Me in my house, you heard what Sister said, for we allowed her five minutes to testify. To Brother Ben, we allowed him fifteen minutes to tell the stories of their lives.

50.       I told him clearly, “Better be careful. Speak the truth, for you are joining your ancestors. You are dying and it is not taking time. Amend your ways.”

51.       Why are we having more widows? And we are likely to have more. Is it not a sign that the judgment of God is against the Brothers?

52.       If the judgment of God in the Camp is what we are passing through which has elongated, for it has elapsed into 2020 and beyond; If that is what is happening here, everywhere in the Bride, who is bearing the brunt?

53.       Check! For three years now, how many Sisters have we buried? For five years now, how many Sisters have we buried? For ten years now, how many have we buried?

54.       Even the old and the aged are still alive. See Sister Faith. She died many times and she is still alive. But once a Brother complains that he does not know what is happening to him, the next thing is casket.

55.       He knows what is happening, for he knows the point where he got disconnected from the Head. It is something that takes place in the heart and in the mind.The mind will wonder and then transmits its information to the heart.

56.       Get ready! A day is coming when we will no longer bury you. We will tell your people, “Come and carry him. He is dead.” Finish.

57.       In spite of all the troubles and hardship Sisters are passing through because our Brothers are dodging their responsibilities [while some do not even recognize their responsibilities at all];

58.       In spite of their hardship, their sorrows, their pains, some of them are taking care of themselves. They clothe themselves, feed themselves, take care of their health, that of the children and everyone, they have not been wearied down to the point of dying.

59.       But lazy and idle brothers take almost all the labour ticket. Before you know it, headache. From headache, death.If you pray for the Brother, God will not answer because he is disconnected.

60.       Every prayer you are making for an ungodly fellow, God will say, “No! He is a spot in your feast of love. Why asking Me for his life? He should go and taste death with his ancestors.”

61.       What will teach us lesson is already with us. That is why, after going through this Message titled, My salutation, then we will revisit 2019 New Year message.

62.       A prophetic Message. Judgement of the World and Bride together. The judgment of the Bride 2018, rolled into 2019 and it continues. And you will know what caused it there.

63.       No evil man, no hypocrite, no churchgoer will taste of life among us. And 2020, He said, “It is going to be the climax. The climax will be 2020.”

64.       Watch 2019, how we ended it. We ended it burying seven persons at a stretch. All of them, Brothers, Ministers and Elders. Why? Because of iniquity which we all know very well.

65.       Apart from Brother Goddy Ikwechebere, there was no one we buried that commanded respect. That was the only Saint we buried.

66.       We buried the rest in iniquity, and we knew. We made it public. The families knew. Do you cover pregnancy? Who does not know himself?

67.       That which you think that nobody knows about you, somebody knows it. So stop hiding it. You better address this truth. Are you in the Faith of Christ or are you just trying to hang about? Are you in the Faith of Christ and bearing progressively the fruit thereof?

68.       I will not call names, lest the person dies tomorrow and you will say that THE SON OF MAN condemned the person to death. You condemned yourself. Who does not know his or herself?

69.       If you want Me to mention names, you will see the people I will command to stand up and ask, “Are you a child of God? Are you in the Faith?”

70.       I will not call people you may be thinking, but I will call those your leaders whom you think are in this Faith. Those you respect because they are good looking, dress very well, riding cars.

71.       Yet, they are not in the Faith. They are merely in the church, but not in the Faith of Christ. It is only God that knows who is the Faith.

72.       It is just like Brother Emma of Abuja jumping up that he is in the Faith. Look at the people that are in the Faith.

73.       A mad fellow is better than you one that is naked and says that he does not know he is naked.

74.       My wife was telling Me to stem down the tide of death and I said, “Shut up your mouth.” Nobody points out for death whom to kill. Any soul that sinneth must surely die. [Ezekiel 18:4]

75.       And judgment must start in the house of God. If the righteous can scarcely be saved, tell me the position of those that know not God. [1 Peter 4:17 – 18]

76.       The longsuffering of God is not from everlasting to everlasting. Sometimes God runs out of patience. Is it not scriptural? Thank you.

77.       Endure the death of Brother Ben with fortitude and with joy, believing that your own death will be better than his own. Pray hard that your own, whenever it will be your turn, will be better than his own.

78.       This is because if your life is better, your death is going to be better. When you chose a way you want to live your life, you have chosen the way you want to die. You have equally described where you are going, for the type of life you live will tell us where the people that live that life are heading to.

79.       God knows all our craftiness. God knows the truth in us. God knows everything we do, both open and in secret. Something is good because God said it is good. It is bad because God said it is bad. No other reason.

80.       It may be good in your sight and in your own judgment, but God said it is bad. So Brother David! Help us.

81.       My Salutation was preached during the 2019-2020 crossover service on 31st December, 2019.

82.       Son of Man’s salutation was 31st night, then the morning Message has a title.


If you are under the immunity of Jesus, whatever crime you are committing now will be counted against you because the immunity has changed hands. ALL POWERS, ALL AUTHORITIES ARE CONFERRED ON ME. I am not Jesus. I said, I am not Jesus. Jesus has come and gone but Christ remains. He was Jesus the Christ. Did you get it? Call Me PETER THE …….. Do not call Me Jesus the Christ, for I will not answer. Therefore, whatever crime you committed under Jesus immunity, you must account for it now.




Moderated By the Son of Man


1.           MISSIONARY REPORT ON THE RE-ESTABLISHMENT OF UMUOKANNE HOUSEHOLD OF GOD, dated 7th of February, 2020 as presented by Apostle Ugochukwu Obi and Evangelist Ben Okezue as directed by Apostle Peter Odoemena, THE SON OF MAN.

2.           PREAMBLE; THE MISSION: When the Voice of God instructed on Sunday, 2nd February, 2020 saying, “Brother Ben Okezue and Apostle Ugochukwu Obi should go to Umuokanne on Friday and re-establish the Household of God there”, I thought loud that this was strange and different from other restoration of households that were summarily closed in time pass.

3.           Consequently, my heart quaked until we arrived Umuokanne and realized that God, Apostle Peter Odoemena, The very Son of Man, The Great Mahdi is the wisest. He is all seeing and merciful. Hence, He closed Umuokanne household on the issue caused by Pastor Chinedu.

4.           But the event and report we met proved that the Son of Man closed the Household to make way for His mercy and grace to reach them.

5.           This is because Umuokanne household has stopped fellowship for over two years without knowing it. They were merely gathering. We had Fellowship with them in their Fellowship centre where they were reestablished.

6.           Further, we held a meeting/discussion time with the Elders, the Ministers and the youths from that evening till 2am on Saturday and resumed again by 8:30am with the entire Brethren including women and children.

7.           It is from this meeting that everybody had the ample freedom to voice out their views and feelings.

8.           THE STATE OF THE FLOCK AND FELLOWSHIP: The Fellowship at Umuokanne has been worthless and in total shambles. Brethren no more gather for the exaltation of their souls, but rather to fulfill all righteousness.

9.           The level of acrimony and bitterness culminated into “an eye for an eye” among the Brethren. Some hypocritically exchange salute, while other boldly refused to greet one another.

10.       Shamelessly, they can stand in market places to abuse themselves even with expressions that are unthinkable among the heathens.

11.       SOM.: These are the people that are calling themselves brethren. Remember the report we got from Aba. We thought we had brethren from Aba. We never knew we had ordinary motor park touts at Aba.

12.       They preferred having dealings with their heathen relations and friends with relaxed mind comfort, but cannot abide in the presence of their own Brethren. As a result of this state of affair, “To your tent O Israel” became a common slogan in their hearts.

13.       Hence, they abandoned Sister Justina Ubah, Sister Olachi’s mother who has been bedridden for over four years. No visitations, no enquiries, not even a hypocritical salute was tended to her either by Elders, Ministers or the entire flock, including women and children.

14.       Look at the height of wickedness perpetrated among the Brethren who are desiring to go into the kingdom of heaven. And they are ministers.

15.       Brother Clifford, whose wife has been bedridden for some time now has the same story to tell, even though he has strayed away and became a champion of Kia-kia [local gin] and tobacco among the heathens. And also attends fellowship and things of the Faith at his leisure.

16.       SOM.: That’s the deacon. They do not respect anything called office in the Faith there. Rather, they look at human achievements in the area of finance or academics or level in the community. A defect drawn from community spirit.

17.       Yet they are members of the kingdom of heaven. If something happens to any of them tomorrow, God is no longer a just God.

18.       Deacon Denis is as lukewarm as ever. This has caused him to lose many of his children, especially the older ones from this Faith. Deacon Dennis!

19.       He now resorts to allowing his wife and children, the female ones in particular, to take over his family.

20.       Hence, they could plunge Brother Chinedu into the mess he found himself, simply because they, the females, found fault with the younger girl, sister Confidence.

21.       They spurred Deacon Dennis on until he began to lead the charge, and compelled Pastor Chinedu to follow his lead in a family conspiracy and finding fault with the sister after three years.

22.       No one can call his brother to order. Anybody can talk, behave and even demonstrate within and without, entertain no fear of rebuke or indictment for none will come.

23.       This was why the Elders could not come out to tackle Pastor Chinedu’s issue until it degenerated into an emergency situation.

24.       BISHOP EMEKA VERSUS TEACHER ALUA: The Bishop and Teacher everybody should look up to.

25.       Whatever Bishop Emeka and Teacher Alua has been contending for all these years, even after the Son of Man had warned and documented their names in the Great Sermon; Epistle 21, chapter 12 verse 1-3 has remained a highly guarded secret. The extent of their disagreement knew no bounds.

26.       In the year 2001, and the problem is still lingering. After documenting it in the Great Sermon, they read it and they are still reading it, and they are still holding unto their grounds.

27.       They want to go to heaven. God is an unjust God to the wicked, as if you have performed better and God failed to commend you.

28.       In the eyes of men, these people are angels. Don’t they come here? Don’t you see them? Has any fought here in the Fellowship? Has any demonstrated in any way here?

29.       But look at what is happening at home. In our eyes they are holy and angelic. Do you think that God is not wise? Only God knows the people that has entered His kingdom.

30.       The two of them were the leading light among the Brethren. This is why when they fell apart and fainted from the Ministry they were called into, the entire Brethren fell like a pack of cards.

31.       While some became of Paul, others were of Apollos. Bishop Emeka, no matter how holy ghost filled, dare not indict or even mention the name of Teacher Alua, his wife or children for any evil or correction. He must be reminded to think on how to get his own children.

32.       Conversely, if Teacher Alua mentions Brother Emeka’s name or his wife, he will be educated that it is better to have no children than to have useless ones. Their contempt brought too much bitterness between their families.

33.       That is Fellowship of the saints o. God was in Onitsha and saw everything. Hence, He had to close them for none was worshipping God there.

34.       And somebody might be wondering, “Who has ever closed Fellowship before?” The owner of the Fellowship has right to close it, because what it is producing is not required. Aba, the same thing.

35.       Remember when I told you that if not amazing grace, Onitsha would have been closed. Check the number of deaths recorded. It is highest in Onitsha because evil is highest here.

36.       Their contempt brought too much bitterness between their families that almost all the children of Teacher Alua are out of the Faith, seeing Bishop Emeka as the very devil who is out to humiliate their father.

37.       The rot, disintegration and collapse of Umuokanne household took its root from there.

38.       BISHOP EMEKA: He is a man with a good heart and will do everything to support Brethren or anything that will uplift the Faith, according to his ability, but his desire to protect his personal ego seem to override any reasoning, no matter plausible.

39.       He cannot be faulted by any lesser being in the Church. He can threaten to throw anybody out of the pulpit, if he tampers with his ego. He does not believe he can go wrong, at least, not within Umuokanne household where he holds sway.

40.       He has answers to anything spoken to him or about him and must provide a defense, even in a defenseless circumstance. He has extended this threat to his immediate family where he rules like a garrison commander.

41.       SOM.: He rules what?

42.       ...where he rules like and garrison commander.

43.       There are too many garrison commanders here, ruling their families as mere garrisons, and they are commanders. And that is why they are dying gradually.

44.       God knows the heart of all. God knows all our ways. If I am a garrison commander in my family, God knows. If I am just here to make a fair show of myself, God knows.

45.       But I am happy that my house, from the beginning till now, has remained open to all. My house is not under lock and key like that of your houses where from the ground to the top is strictly out of bounds.

46.       When you want to eat, you peep through the window to know whether somebody is coming. If you hear any step you plunge the plate under the bed.

47.       One did it, not knowing that a big dog was inside. Before the Brother will leave the house, the dog had finished the whole food.

48.       Some will be in the house and lock up the doors. From the window, they look out. If they see one coming, the instruction they will give is, “Go and tell him that nobody is around.”

49.       Thereby, teaching the children how to tell lies. Protective lies. And they are children of the kingdom of heaven oo. “Tell them I am not around.”

50.       Death knows you are there. God also knows you are there. It is better to tell somebody,“I am resting”,“I do not want to see anybody”, than to tell them [your family] to go and say that I am not around, or tell me to wait that you will come down soon to see me, moreso, when I heard your voice from a distance and I was rejoicing that I will meet you live.

51.       Only for your child to wait for me at the gate to tell me, “He is not around” because you do not want My disturbance.

52.       Listen to me, there are many ways we can do this. The more scientific way of ignoring people now is by keeping silence over phone calls. Dumping the call or busy the call. True or false?

53.       Put it in a flight mode or put it in the silent mode, “I do not want his disturbance.” Do not worry. You will get disturbance. When disturbance comes, you will get your fair share.

54.       It is better I pick My call, listen to you. You are not seeing me, and I am not seeing you. What I will give you is a reply. “Call Me in the evening about this time” or “I will call you later, I am in a busy place” or “I am not in the right mood. When I am in the right mood, I will call back. Switch off. Do not waste your credit. I will call back.” Is it not a reply?

55.       At least, you will go away satisfied that I listened to you because you are a human being and you deserve that respect. ‘No’ is an answer. ‘Yes’ is an answer.

56.       But if I am calling and you know I am calling, “Leave him! I do not want to pick”, I have become a fool of all fools.

57.       There is no disrespect greater than that. And next time, when you will be talking, you will be telling lies for you know the truth of what you did. You will be concocting stories to cover up.

58.       He can menace and even brutalize to prove that he is the man of the house. He seems to believe that it is the only way he can bear rule over his family.

59.       SOM.: I don’t think it is Brother Emeka Umana alone that is guilty. This is the guilt of many of you. Prominent among you is Brother Nathaniel Ihemanma of Umuahia; and many others here.

60.       They look quiet in appearance, but the dirt in their hearts are unimaginable. Am I making sense? If I tell you now to select holy people and quiet people among us, you will call Brother Amankem. But Brother Amankem is the worst. If he is authorized; if he has the power, he can use machete.

61.       I do not know where he is living, but God knows where he is living. God knows your dwelling places. He knows your names. He monitors all your activities within and without.

62.       He seems to believe that it is the only way he can bear rule over his house and that none of his wives are worthy of advising him, just as no Elder or fellow Minister can do so.

63.       This disposition has made his wives to stand in awe before him, and his Brethren held him in contempt.




I AM THE CANOPY; Preached on Sunday 21st October 2012 at the Household of God, Onitsha; Pg. 33 vs. 34 & Pg. 77 vs. 36 – 37




Moderated By the Son of Man


1.           TEACHER ALUA: Another good-hearted man and a philanthropist among his Brethren.

2.           SOM.: Can a man that is not easily entreated be a seed of God? “Do not come near me”. “I have no need of anybody”.

3.           A self-deceived fool thinks that he is living an independent life. If you are living an independent life, the vehicle you are driving, who manufactured it? Could you have been driving it about and nobody manufactured it?

4.           You may have the money, but the money was given to you by somebody you worked for; or you sold your item to somebody and you got money. Is it not true?

5.           So, in one way or the other, you are depending on somebody. Nobody is independent to the point that he does not need the help of any human being. Even a dead man needs help. It takes the living to dig his grave, to carry his casket.

6.           When you hear giving somebody a befitting burial, the living will give the dead a befitting burial. Absolute independence does not exist.

7.           Another goodhearted man, and a philanthropist among his Brethren, hospitable, quiet and humble, but he is also in the battle of personal ego.

8.           SOM.: Yes! He is living in a fool’s paradise.

9.           (Reading Cont’d): His quietness and humility must have gone beyond in his own household. Hence, he became docile and handed over the leadership of his family to the wife. His wife, already masculine and expressive in nature, heartily accepted…

10.       SOM.: Already what?

11.       ...already masculine and expressive in nature.

12.       She is now the commander in charge of the garrison where the husband is the regimental provost.

13.       ...his wife already masculine and expressive in nature heartily accepted the role and pastored all their children out of the Faith.

14.       (Reading Cont’d): This she achieved through convincing them and even her husband that Bishop Emeka is a devil and anything coming out of him is the very work of the devil.

15.       She convinced the family that Teacher Alua’s younger brother is an age mate of Bro Emeka. Hence, no matter his office, he has no right to talk to their father or themselves.

16.       In short, among the five children, only one is left in the Faith and that one, even at his age 21, had already impregnated a girl, and he is now a father.

17.       This is the extent of how loose the family has become. When his first son saw us that evening, he greeted us and ran away.

18.       SOM.: Brethren! Are these not the people we call our members? Our Ministers, Deacons, Pastors, Teachers, Elders and then their families?

19.       Is this the life of the kingdom of heaven? The life in the kingdom starts here. Is this the nature of Christ which is our ticket?

20.       What if calamity befalls them and God decided to close that place so that when they die, we will not be responsible for their burials? Thereby saving ourselves troubles and cost.

21.       For nobody will die in Aba today and you call Me and say, “Your brother died in the household of Aba.” I will tell you that it does not exist.”

22.       If you run to Obingwa and Obingwa will report, My question will be, “Is he among those that came from Aba?” If the answer is yes, I will say, “Put a hold to it until further notice.” Yes, if you commit a crime in Aba and run to Onitsha, the crime will follow you to Onitsha.

23.       You are the same you. You only transferred residence. You went on transfer, transferring your evil from Aba to Obingwa.

24.       So once I see that that evil that is mentioned there emanated from you, and you happen to be a typical Aba upstart, that is the end of the discussion.

25.       Whatever you want to call the Son of Man, call Me. The highest you can do is when I die, do not bury Me. I do not need you to come and bury Me. I will bury myself. Do not ask Me how I will bury myself.

26.       See those who call themselves children of the kingdom. Bishop is among them, Pastor is there, Deacon is there and Apostle is involved. Everybody!

27.       The greatest unbelief is found among ministers and their families. In every Local Assembly, the mixed-multitude are always in the majority. Who is innocent?

28.       If the case of Enugu should be raised here, everybody will jump out of the window. If the case of Owerri should be raked up, everybody will be amazed. If Mbaise should be ripped open, people will faint. Like pastor, like his congregation.

29.       If Ngwa people should be touched, everywhere will scatter. You will see boxing champions. If Onitsha case should be ripped open, money miss road. Lovers of unrighteous mammon who placed their lives to get unrighteous mammon.


30.       I was looking for the dictionary meaning of “MAMMON” and it is very horrifying and I said, “Pure truth!” This is the right name for money.

31.       Mammon means money deity. People that desire to have money to the extent of making money a god they worship.

32.       Check your dictionary. Check mammon before you add unrighteous. Jesus called it, “Unrighteous mammon”. [Luke 16:11]

33.       He told his disciples, make friends with unrighteous mammon. Make friends with money for it is not from God. [Luke 16:9]

34.       If you do not know where money come from, I have the Message I handled long ago, Reposition yourself for a better tomorrow. Go there and you see where money came from.

35.       That is why God does not give anybody money. If you are asking for money, do not ask God to give you money. Maybe because of you I will touch it. I want dictionary meaning of “Mammon” from your handset. Bible calls it unrighteous Mammon.

36.       Merriam-Webster Dictionary.: “Material wealth or possessions especially as having a debasing influence. You cannot serve God and mammon.”

37.       Note! It must have a debasing influence. It can never abase you. It will also debase you. Is there any debasement greater than one who uses faeces to eat garri, just to make money?

38.       As for one who killed the mother, killed the father, and killed the child just to make money, is there any debasement greater than that?

39.       Then, for one who stole, a fraudster, a 419ner, a yahoo boy, has the person not debased himself?

40.       YOU MUST KNOW WHAT MONEY IS, FOR MONEY HAS NEVER MADE ANY MAN GREAT. No man has ever been counted to be great in the sight of God because of money.

41.       So your possessions can never make you great but your faith in God which will compel you to be useful to your fellow mankind makes you great. MAKE FRIENDS WITH UNRIGHTEOUS MAMMON.

42.       Mathew chapter 6 verse 24. (Revised Standard Version) note it down.

43.       Make friends with unrighteous mammon. Do not make it your enemy. Use unrighteous mammon to make friends, but do not use it to make enemies.

44.       Today, why are people enemies? Because of unrighteous mammon. Turning things upside down.

45.       WIKIPEDIA: “In the new testament of the Bible, it is commonly thought to mean money, material wealth or any entity that promises wealth, and it is associated with greedy pursuit of gain.”

46.       WWW.WORDPLAY.COM: “Wealth regarded as evil influence or false object of worship and devotion.”

47.       After showing you the dictionary meaning, I will tell you what God said about it, so that whoever that is holding it will know what he is holding. You will know why death is killing the men and leaving the female one.

48.       I have been wondering concerning this. Do you know that one day, I was wondering in my own way?

49.       At a point, I called my wife and said, “Have you wondered why of all men and women that retired in the service when I retired, we have not buried any woman, even those that retired before we got retired?”

50.       All those women are still going to main market, even at a very old age, but do you know that all the men are gone?

51.       I am the only one living. The rest are gone. The one that died few weeks ago is a relation of Brother Kelechi. Emma Nwaneri. What killed them?

52.       But aged women are still walking. Some are going about with walking stick. They are still plying the road like Mama Ikebude is alive.


54.       Why are people plying the roads at night from Onitsha to Sokoto. Is it a day’s journey? From Sokoto to Yauri, Yauri to Shagari, Shagari to Benin-kebbi, Benin-Kebbi to Burigunu.

55.       Before you see the person, it will take weeks. So he will continue sleeping inside the vehicle, sometimes in the bush, eating all sort of nonsense. Why would he not be a beast? All for the sake of money. Debasing himself.

56.       The more you chase the money the more the money runs away. The worst thing that can happen to you is forgetting that you are a child of God and you desire to amass wealth. You are lost.

57.       So you will keep on chasing money without getting it. So you will continue until you get drowned. Yet, no way. To a child of God, money is like something which seems near, yet it is beyond reach.

58.       Getting it can only be easy for one that worships it as god. If it requires killing, he kills. If it requires him to feed off human flesh, he eats. Whatever he is told to do because of money, he will do. Go and meet with a mad woman, he rushes at once.

59.       Go home and search for more definitions of mammon and know why God called it unrighteous mammon. There is nothing good that can ever come out of it.

60.       That is why I told you; Hear me very well. The value of money is the essence of money. That is why you can use money as your messenger to solve your problems and that of some people around you, the much you can.

61.       But any day you become a messenger to money, to the extent that whatever money tells you to do, you will do; If it commands you to tell lies, you will tell lies; Cheat, you will cheat; Kill, you will kill. Fake drug, you do; You do every kind of thing, you are worshipping idol.

62.       This is the reason many has pierced themselves with many sorrows. And the Son of Man called it the devil we cannot avoid. But you must know how to live with that devil without corrupting ourselves because the person that eats with the devil on the same plate should use a long spoon.

63.       WWW.DEFINITIONS.NET: “The desire for wealth, personified as an evil spirit. Wealth, material avarice, profit.”

64.       Desire for wealth. Money but personified as what? ...evil spirit.

65.       So when you are having that desire to grab this money, you are possessed with evil spirit. Stop looking for evil where it does not exist. You are Mr. Evil.

66.       Wealth, material avarice, profit. Synonyms: wealth, material avarice.”

67.       We will get more of the dictionary meanings, so that you know what you are holding, what you are coveting and also know why you are holding it without having peace.

68.       The more you are having it, the more trouble you are incurring to yourself, and the more restive you will be.

69.       Money has offered people things, but never offered rest of mind. No!

70.       And when we group it as an idol, we can hardly allow it to slip. Nobody wants his own to slip off. If you see somebody like Brother Loveday carefully looking into the book where he keeps money, you will know that he is a banker. He will put POS, MNY, MMM, all in the bid to amass wealth. “Keep it up!”

71.       Who will believe that Brother Ben Mbah was sleeping with four hundred and fifty thousand naira [₦450,000.00] he kept under his bed? It is like a plate of food that was hidden under the bed, and in the bid to take it back, it happened that the dog under the bed had eaten it all.

72.       Did it not happen here? We were sympathizing with him as one that does not have anything, not knowing that he was sleeping with four hundred and fifty thousand naira [₦450,000.00] under his bed.

73.       When they went to take the money, it happened that the son has used it to play NairaBet®.

74.       When they enquired, the boy showed them the receipts he used in playing the NairaBet®, amounting to the sum of four hundred and fifty thousand naira [₦450,000.00].

75.       Looking at him, you will think that he does not have a dime. Why? Unrighteous mammon. The money was there, but he was collecting money from his sister, Sister Ozioma. The wife was collecting also.

76.       He was behaving like one that was dying of starvation. Brethren, did it not happen here? Were you [the Ministers] not the people that handled the case? Please be spiritual.

77.         Does God shout in vain? While commenting about Umuokanne, what can you say about your own? I will read about wealth from God, which is Godly wealth versus devilish wealth”.



I am the canopy; preached on Sunday 21st October 2012 at the household of God, Onitsha; pg. 120 vs. 4 – 6




Moderated By the Son of Man


1.           This is the extent of how loose the family has become. When the first son saw us that evening, he greeted us and ran away.

2.           The family of Longinus the teacher, who desires to go to heaven and who holds the word of eternal life in unrighteousness.

3.           But in the morning when we had a little chance of talking to him, he ended up taking his bath and joining in the Fellowship, even serving with his fellow youths.

4.           He was also in Fellowship on Sunday, a sure sign that the indoctrination nearly destroyed him.

5.           Yes! Who indoctrinated him? The father and the mother.

6.           THE MEETING POINT: In all these defects and misgivings, it is heartening that when the Word was lifted all realized how far away they had wandered and all bowed down.

7.           In fact, some of the Ministers that night shed physical tears for the extent things have deteriorated among them, and pledged a total change of heart.

8.           How long would it last? Only God knows.

9.           For the first time in many years, certain Brethren greeted and hugged themselves. For the first time in many years, some Brethren dipped hand in the same bowl and ate even with tears in their eyes.

10.       They even pledged to visit the abandoned old Sister the next day. And from report reaching us, they have kept their word by visiting both the sister and Brother Clifford’s wife en mass. Our Lord, it is encouraging.

11.       OUR PLEA: Our Lord, having extended this mercy towards the brethren at Umuokanne, we pray that you sustain them, for without you, they can do nothing.

12.       Also, your kind and merciful intervention in the situation of the bedridden Sisters [Sister Justina Ubah and Sister Olachi’s mother] will be highly appreciated.

13.       In the same manner, the wife of Brother Clifford needs your love and assurance. Brother Clifford also needs re-orientation against his current life style which has made him unprofitable to the Faith and himself.

14.       RECOMMENDATIONS: Pastor Chinedu’s issue with Sister Confidence has left him confused. The parents have gone with him to the Sister’s parents to normalize issues with them.

15.       This report on the trip has been forwarded to your office. Until the matter is laid to rest, he can hardly stand to the dictates of his office. Hence, he needs urgent intervention on the matter from your office.

16.       CLOSING: We wish to express our profound gratitude to you for the privilege and for even counting us worthy of the task. We pray that you extend your extreme grace and mercy towards us, as we are not even better than the people you sent us to.

17.       In your service our God, Apostle Ugochukwu Obi and Evangelist Ben Okezue.

18.       SOM.: This last plea is very much encouraging, acknowledging that they are not in any way better than the people they were sent to and it is pure truth.

19.       Brother Ben is there saying it is true. But Brother Ben can never stand up to testify about his son and daughter. For they are not walking in the light of the teachings of Brother Ben.

20.       So, why have you decided to raise a wasted generation? The same is applicable to the man sitting behind you. Emmanuel Ihuoma. Why have you decided to raise a wasted generation? Raising your hand towards the sky is not the remedy.

21.       Are these people not among those who are clamouring for the kingdom of heaven? Are they not among those you held to a high esteem?

22.       I know Obadiah is afraid. Do you know why you are afraid? It is because a big milestone is hanging up there, and the calabash is beneath it.

23.       Man! Woman! Know thyself. God is OF PURER EYES than to behold iniquity. [Habakkuk 1:13] Judge no man in the flesh. [John 8:15]

24.       Whatever might be your good works must be expression of your faith or it can never win God’s approval. Thank you!

25.       If these people were wiped off, God would have been called an unjust God. Have they not been taught? Have they not been claiming to be one of us?

26.       What they are manifesting, is it our life? Is it our teaching? And you think they are the only people guilty?

27.       What can we say about serving this unrighteous mammon, debasing ourselves, demeaning ourselves because of something we are leaving here?

28.       An Igbo adage says that you do not deny somebody anything that can be cooked with fire, for it has a limited time and it is perishable.

29.       If you deny people the opportunity of partaking of the food, it will spoil and you will throw it away. So, instead of the living to eat, it is then thrown away because after cooking it, you thought it will not be enough for you.

30.       This is because every greedy fellow can hardly believe that he has enough. Brother David, go ahead if you are still with Me.