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Sunday, 6 December 2020


apostle peter odoemena





Hour of last minute correction Volume 1 page 23 vs 25: Get ready all of you that are here hearing my voice, go back to all the messages so far received for therein you will discover your mistakes. Correct them if you have the courage to do so for your own good, look away from me look up to your messages.

Hour of last minute correction Vol 1 page 45 vs 16. Take note; the devil knows what he is doing, God has built a hedge around us using his word as a standard which we will find difficult to flout. Even if you deliberately flout it your conscience will ask you why?

God is his word; creation started by the word of God; existed by the word of God and must end by the word of God.

My fellow brethren in Christ, it is high time we look into our individual lives with the aim of finding out why the messages are coming to you and I in such a great manner as never before.

 Because these great gate is about to be opened and it is the word of God that will enter there and nothing more, because Christ is his word and his children also are his word

 What if you or I are found not putting on the word of God, it then means we are lost, but God forbid.

How I wish we will use  the strength we dissipate in pursuing material things to serve the Lord, by now our God the Son of man will be resting for he has over labour that flesh.

This is the time for us to return to our first zeal, ministers in particular whether ordained or not we all are involved. Go back to the word, if you must survive this hour.

St John17 vs 17 Amp. Sanctify them in the truth (set them apart for your purposes, make them holy) your word is truth”. “You see it only takes the word of God to sanctify us and make us holy before God, but as long as we are not paying heed to the voice of the Son of man, how then do we expect ourselves to be made holy before God Almighty.

Anybody that is not clothed with the word of God at this hour must suffer the fate with the entire world, so you that is not taking the messages serious you are doing yourself more harm than good. For nothing counts but the word.

Hour of last minute correction page 50 vs 13-19 “We want to look into the scriptures to see things we must follow if we must remain in this sanctified condition.

 If anybody tells you the condition of staying in the faith, he will as well supply you with all the necessary equipment needed for you to stay in this faith. Is it a lie?

 He will provide you with everything for if he does not do it, one day you start going to main market Onitsha to make both ends meet. Both ends can never meet now before you know what is happening, it will be, “I nearly died”.

Those that their business is more important to them than the word of God for them together the one they will feed on, in the next world you must come back with, “I nearly died”.

 You discover that in spite of all your labour you are not richer than those that are laboring in the will of God. When you are laboring in the will of God. He prospers you.

 For God makes a man rich he adds no sorrow to it. I have said it often and on I still maintain it any work that hinders a man from serving God is not from God.

 The Lord has no hand in that work, he has no hand in that business and watch, if that person is a seed of God he can never prosper there.

 The more he labours the poorer he becomes. Work is ordained of God that is saying; to work is divine, divinely oriented, instructed, but a child of God does not do every kind of work.

There is a kind of work that a child of God does, there is a kind of work they will give him or her, he or she will say bye- bye.

How is it that you will give a child of God work for you to pay him, he will be doing that work, it will stop him worshiping God. Will you use money to get your salvation?

 If death comes, will your money save you, if sickness comes will your money be enough to cure you? Why killing yourselves.

Brethren we should know that it is all about the word. Some of us are behaving as if money could be used to cure Covid 19 or Bubonic or Ebola and other dreaded sicknesses form the presence of the Almighty God.

It is finished page 78 vs 19-20 19” there is no way salvation will not cost you something even the life you are living, for you to survive you eat, is that not true?

 Don’t you eat? But the most useful expenditure is the one you expend for the salvation of your soul. Whatever it takes you to get the word of God it is not in vain.

20”it is an investment in the right direction you are storing your treasure on something that is not perishable forever the word of God is settled in heaven. So it is not perishable. The word of God can never perish and you do not find the word of God anyhow”.

At a time like this, this is the time God will know what his word has achieved in you and I all these years.

This is the time we will give our whole attention to the word, the teachings we have received all these years. It is not a time to play with our family fellowship.

Remember it is not a time to play with the word of God, think twice if you do not listen to messages; you do not study, you don’t meditate, you don’t pray I say think twice.

 If you are not planning to survive the coming holocaust then you are planning to die because, once you say no to life you have already agreed with death for, denying yourself to listen to and obey the word from the Son of man whom we worship.

 We are still looking and have found our way of escape which is the word. Remember it comes in many forms, whether audio, written, oral, or face to face with him the Son of man, it is still his word. Let’s see some scriptures.

John 17 vs 8 “For the words which you gave me, I have given them and they received and accepted and truly understood (with confident assurance) that I came from you (from your presence) and they believed without any doubt that you sent me”.

The above scripture is very clear but the question is; have you believed his word? If you have believed in God’s word why are you placing material things above his word?

 As you listen to this message, I want you to keep reflecting on this dangerous hour in the history of mankind. Are you joining the world around you to make sure that you re-cover what you lost during Covid19 lockdown?

Is the word of God having effect on you? If your answer is negative, why?

Or is it that you are no longer on your personal   revelation; because at  a time like this we have to stand on our own personal revelation thereby making sure that we do not fall into the hands of spoilers amongst us. Yes amongst us, may be in your family or in mine.

 Once anybody is discouraging you from this gospel of salvation, that fellow, be the person your father or mother, your children, youths among themselves, mark that fellow he or she is a spoiler.

 Remember it might not be an open attack, for the devil comes in many forms and can come through anybody.

Any man at any point in time in the family of God that queries this catching away of the saints that is being offered to us by the Son of man mark that fellow, that person is a spoiler.

Remember your character, your attitude towards God and his people if not according to his word marks you or I as one that is querying that the promise have failed. Let’s see this scripture.

Waiting on the promises of the hour page 51 vs 6-11” This is the time for every member of the bride of Christ to stand in his or her personal revelation.

 For this is the time preachers will emerge I call them end time preachers. They will go from house to house to tell you that God’s promises have failed.

 They will say “why do you go there to fool yourself, let me tell you the bible is just an ordinary novel”.

You will hear many things and then your heart will faint, unless you are standing on personal revelation.

 God will permit it and will even use your best friend because it is a time of falling away before the end.

 Remember the bible said he that endureth to the end, the same shall be saved.

Some will no longer endure till the end. God will allow them to overlap into another age. There is no age that did not overlap into another; to overlap into something, maybe, it is going to be another change of calendar, maybe there won’t be calendar again; who knows the mind of God.

You see why you should not allow yourself to be tossed to and fro by negatives spirits around you; people that do not attach great importance to the word of God.

 As for you that thinks in your heart that the promise have failed or will not happen again; I have a scripture for you I mean you that talks nonsense concerning the word of God in your heart.

The unfolding of events in the year 2000 of the Jewish calendar Page 56 vs 26-29. “There is a light said he will catch his people away, she will not go through the tribulation she will never do it.

 He said she wouldn’t, she will be caught away, how are they going to do it brother Branham?

Looks awful, no matter how dark it gets you can’t see your hand before you just remember there is a man here that can turn on the light he will rapture the church.

 If it is too dark that you cannot see the palm of your hand, don’t panic, for there is a man here that can turn on the light. He will translate the church that’s the chief mechanic, the chief designer (selah)”

Upon The Word Of God we shall stand forever and ever Amen. The word is sweet.

Waiting on the promises of the hour page 35 vs 34: I don’t preach that I am flying away to any nation or any country or hanging in the air like that No!

I am preaching that I am going to be in a state where I will appear and disappear; where I will put on my theophany body and I will die no more.

You can see brethren that the promise still stands sure but what if you are not taking the word serious? What if you are struggling to cover up what you lost during Covid19 lockdown neglecting the word of God?

 Remember that the only power that is capable of retaining this consciousness in you is the power of the word, no more no less.

 We are still searching the scriptures to know those things that will always be keeping us closer to the Almighty God.

Envy and jealously evidence of acceptance of failure Page 43: It is only when the bride has fully surrendered to the word made flesh in their midst and throw away all pre-conceived ideas about God and his people;

 That she can fully understand, comprehend and embrace the word of God with over whelming joy. There and only then can the bride be ready for the promised translation of our mortal body.

1 John 2 vs. 15 – 17 Amp. 15” Do not love the world of sin that opposes God and his precepts, nor the things that are in the world. If anyone loves the world the love of the father is not in him.

 (16) For all that is in the world, the lust and longing of the eye and the boastful pride of life (pretentious confidence in one’s resources or in the ability of earthly things) these do not come from the father but are from the world.

 (17) The world is passing away and with it’s lusts (the shameful pursuits and un-godly longings) but the one who does the will of God and carries out his purposes lives forever”.

From the scripture it is clear the state or the type of consciousness we as children of God should have in us at a time like this.

 The word of God made it clear that we should do our businesses but let it not be as the people of the world does, putting all their life on the line forgetting their creator just to make money, party and all kinds of social life hanging on things that will always draw our hearts away from God.

Please say no to anything that is capable of drawing your heart away from your maker the son of man and I will say no also. I do not want us to be drawn away from our maker through neglecting his teachings.

Seeing the terror of God we persuade all men to repent and believe the gospel of Christ page 125 vs 78- 84. For God said he is going to take the whole world by surprise, it will come at a time they never expect, it will come at a time when they are going about seeking peace.

(79) How close is this message? I will say it is even at our door steps for we have started seeing signs of incurable diseases pervading the whole world not Nigeria alone.

 (80) Diseases and pestilences that defy medical solutions are already with us because you are under the clouds of heaven you will not feel the impact of the sun.

 (81) For the cloud will shield you until you are removed from here when you will be removed from this planet earth, the earth will see horror, I mean everywhere will become desolation.

 (82) whoever that is hardening up his or her heart should continue, whatever anyone is  doing he or she should continue, is it hell fire you will say what of those that died do not worry, with your eyes you will see those that died will resurrect live.

(83) When you resurrect from the dead you will come back with a new flesh with your new senses everything to face your own judgment. What happened to one that is alive and unbelieving one will happen to one that died of unbelief

(84) If you die as an unbeliever you will come back to life and partake of the suffering of unbelievers. Who is talking to you? The Resurrected Body

“If this scripture didn’t touch you, if this scripture didn’t make you to think twice, if this scripture didn’t kindle up something in you, I mean to start putting your own finishing touches in your heart I mean to remove your mind from earthly things and focus more on the word of God then something is wrong with you.

 Remember whatever finishing touches you are putting together, I mean dotting your I’s and crossing your t’s start from your heart.

Because out of the heart comes every issue of life whether you are of God or of the devil all is in the heart. It is only from the heart that my character or your character will start to change for the better.

At an hour like this we need no other thing but the word and nothing but the word of God because in this word lies our protection, salvation, redemption, do you know that some years ago God has pointed us back to his word. See this scripture.

Hour of Last minute corrections Vol. 1 page 23: Get ready all of you that are hearing my voice, go back to all the messages so far received for therein you will discover your mistakes. Correct them if you have the courage to do so for your own good, look away from me look up to your messages.

The eagle has finished. she has scattered the nest, she has released the eaglets into the atmosphere anyone that survives the test will live.

Let the word of God spur you into action. For if the word cannot change the way you think and reason nothing can do that.

 Now let us consider few prophecies that have fulfilled. I mean prophecies that where spoken in our own day and before our eyes it fulfilled also in our own day.

The word of God must touch our hearts it is a must for that is the only evidence of salvation from God Almighty.

The book of revelation fulfilling page 40 vs 22 – 26. The two foundations of our existence Vol. I Page 98 vs 55 “ I do not know why people believe scriptures only when they have came to pass but they find it difficult to believe those that are yet to come to pass.

If you only believe scriptures that have come to pass surely you will enter into the great tribulation, because you will end it not making preparations until the rain has met you.

 People believe scriptures that have already came to pass “a virgin shall conceive and bring forth a son we shall call his name Emmanuel.

The reason people believe it is because, it has come to pass- expired scriptures. However to believe that right now in the time God has fixed for the bride to be clothed with immorality which is the show down.

 Let me tell you, no matter how I shout or scream, if I am not included in putting on that immortal body; this is hard for people to believe but one of these days it will come to pass.

When the time fixed for it by the Almighty comes all his Sons and daughters; all of us that are in the world of the bride that is passing through labour pains and she is ready for her delivery when that time is ripe she must deliver.

Why do you find it difficult to believe these prophecies that are written down in the scriptures that have came to pass?

Why do you find it difficult to believe seeing where we are now, there is no time remaining events around us visions around us prophecies around us are telling us that there is no more time remaining.

New Year message 2016 page 68 vs 9-11. “I am not interested in who is ruling Nigeria and who is not, I am interested in who is possessing the kingdom of heaven because, sooner than they think the kingdom of this world will become the kingdom of God and his children and that is where we are heading to.

 God is going to unleash mayhem human beings will see hell. We shall all get our own fair share of the thing but in all we shall not be the worst hit

 Underline it so that when you begin to see things coming, when they begin to affect even you and your life styles you will begin to appreciate what God has earlier told you.

 But in everything there should be a personal resolve that nothing will move me out of my conviction in Christ; nothing will change my conviction. This is the only decision that will help us to succeed.

If in these messages you see prophecies that have came to pass prophesied by the Lord himself and it fulfilled and still fulfilling before our own eye won’t you fear and glorify God and believe that the promised immortality from God Almighty stands sure.

 But remember he said that my faith and your faith must be tested. Take note of that very well in your heart and I don’t know how this test is coming neither do you.

 Then the question is, how do we escape and survive this test? only by anchoring on the word of his prophecies and promises. These prophecies are sure I believe it.





The year of disaster page 93 vs 1- 6. This is the year of disaster who will escape the wrath of God that is swiftly coming before the earth?

I want you to understand that God has poured the first and the second vials. Go to the book of revelation I the Son of man, I proclaim by revelation, that God has poured in upon the whole earth the first vial, the second vial.

This is 2016 we are going to receive four vials, the four vials are coming and all of them are bloody vials, we will receive the outbreak of epidemics of different sorts. We will see the climax of natural disaster, we will see holocaust, I mean human beings slaughtering their fellow human beings as if they are wild animals These will culminate into broken homes pray hard that your family will not break this year.

 Any family that breaks up this year in this bridal faith, from the beginning husband and wife were living as just, not even friends, they were living as neighbours. They were neighbours they were not husband and wife. The hardship that is coming upon mankind, we must get our own fair share, love would be tested.

Brethren has this prophecy not fulfilled and even continuing? It has fulfilled and it is also continuing, we give God the glory.

 All am trying to create in us is the consciousness of the word of God, why we must take it serious above every other thing in our lives.

New year message 2016 page 59 vs 19-23: And God said, whenever you see these troubles start it will not calm down again rather it will be increasing until it engulfs the whole world I hope I am making sense?

Thus, the idea of gathering as one family is to review everything, brief our children where we are so that they rally round us for there was no way Abraham could escape without his children, without his family.

 Noah could not escape without his family, Lot could not escape without his family safe, for the wife who escaped but along the way perished and Lot never noticed it for the command was to run without looking back Lot only noticed it when the daughter was asking for the wife where they were secured they looked around the wife was not there.

 This is where we are now, run without looking back don’t begin now to look whether this one is following; this and that No! No!

Be mindful of yourself make, sure you are running and you are running according to rule you are running towards the mark. Do not look sideways be focused until you are secured, do not recognize people that are drowning until you swim out of danger.

What are you using to run? The word. Running to where? To paradise, immortal estate, which the Son of man only can give. You are looking for a way of escape from the troubles in the world and I am saying it is in the word in the messages we have received.

 You are looking for protection and I am saying it is in the word of God but before you will be declared safe there is something important you must do what is that thing?

New year message 2016 page 89 vs 10. If we protect this message this message will protect us for his message is nothing but Christ. The only place of refuge we can run to in the time of trouble and are safe.

From the above scripture you can see clearly what you must do to gain this desired protection from God otherwise, forget it. Because God is nothing but his word.

The reason I want us to commit these prophecies to our heart and note that all have fulfilled to the letter is because I want any that is still in doubt of the promise of eternal life among us to think twice and begin to consider.

If these ones prophesied before our eyes could fulfill, then it is the same God that made the promise of eternal life, is also the same God that made these prophecies and it fulfilled to the letter. How then do you think that immortality will not come to pass no matter what you are passing through it is  guaranteed.

 Because God has promised it confirmed by the mouth of the Son of man. Apostle Peter Odoemena (blessed be his most Holy name).

New Year message 2016 page 92 vs 15-20. Publish it far and wide say that the son of man said that we have rolled into the year of disaster, disaster of all sorts.

 I will show you one naked sign there is going to be an outbreak of epidemic greater than Ebola, Nigeria will get her own fair share.

 It will ravage many nations. A new disease that will be caused by intense heat for dry season this year 2016 will extend, will go beyond the normal period. Note it, they will attribute it to climate change the rain will come back but not too early

Because of the intense heat, there is going to be an outbreak of epidemic not only in Nigeria but in many countries, the worst heat in Nigeria will be in the Northern part. Wait for it, for now we don’t have hospital neither do we have doctors no medical personnel, begin to see begin to look forward who that person will be that will handle it.

These are the things God has already put in place to upset every mankind, it is a part of the Mayhem God will unleash on the men this 2016. Thus, the Lord will keep on increasing the punishment so that the world will blaspheme him more.

When we became spectators, when we watch with our eyes; when we begin to see calamity befalling the wicked and we are secured just watch out.

 Families that are insulated completely by the word will hear about it with their ears but it can never, it can never spill over into their doors for the Lord had already made a provision to hedge our homes in and hedge the trouble out. 

This is the type of consciousness every true child of God needs at a time like this, not the consciousness of social life to the detriment of our soul God forbid.

 If you do not believe these few prophecies which have fulfilled before our eyes even if you are shown the whole world of prophecies that have fulfilled you will not also believe it but I believe it so you should believe it because it is from the son of man, God Almighty.

The reason we are showing and encouraging ourselves is for us to keep in mind that promise of immortal body is also a prophecy which will also come to pass one of these days, believe it because the mouth of the lord has spoken it.

It is finished page 69 vs 45. Why we ought to be careful, vigilant and expect our flight. Do not entangle yourself to things of this world, make sure you drew away from the world so that on that day you will be able to put on this theophany body.

Remember, brethren we have been trying to establish prophecies that have fulfilled before our eyes so that we will also believe that this prophecy concerning eternal life will also fulfill one of these days.

Waiting on the promise of the hour page 28 vs 11. “All these years you have been in me and I in you, we have been enjoying perfect peace my presence has always given you the confidence that nothing evil can befall you while I am here. But a time is coming when you will be on your own in your homes and I will be left alone.

Today this prophecy has came to pass. You see why we must believe in God’s word, that nothing ever proceeds out of his month that is in vain.

 This is why I am encouraging you to stand strong with Christ, taking in his word.

 Remember this prophecy was prophesied on Sunday 19th March 2017 three years ago and it has already fulfilled. What then do you say concerning the greatest of all the immortal body, it will fulfill one of these days Let this hope be in you and I so that we shall take these messages serious.

The Son of man has finished cooking ours is to eat and eat and continue to eat until we end it in paradise.

 But what if you or I have refused to eat, surely we will have ourselves to blame. See this prophecy from the Son of man that went forth on 3rd July 2011.

The book of revelation fulfilling page 212 vs 41-44 “Remember I told you, you can never pass through hardship more than what you are passing through now and at the same time the bride can never rise higher than where she is now.

Your heads have already touched the headstone, the headstone has united with the bride, the next thing is the flight. Let me tell you, any day anybody that sees a vision or a dream without the headstone uniting with the body your dream is not from God.

 The headstone is already united with the body we are only expecting one thing which will happen in a twinkling of an eye.

 I have fought a good fight I have kept the faith, the only thing that is left is the crown. Only the crown which I will not be crowned alone, we shall all be crowned together and at the same time; let he that has this hope in him purify his heart even as Christ is pure Halleluiah!

You can see why you must believe these prophecies, this is the prophecy from the Lord God Almighty the son of man like others that have also fulfilled before our eyes. How then do you think that this one will not fulfill?

God is ever mindful of his word if the above scripture passage cannot kindle the fire of hope and obedience in you and I, then we are lost, but God forbid. Stand strong and I will stand strong no matter how long it takes, resolve to be there. Amen.

This is a time we should cast all our hope on God. This is a time we should stand in his spiritual presence continually pleading our case, believing his word.

Psalm 130 vs 5- 6 Amp “I wait (patiently) for the Lord my soul expectantly waits and in his word do I hope my soul waits for the lord.

“it is only when your hope waits for the Lord that you (and I) will take his word serious. It is only then that you will agree with me that all the Lord has spoken concerning this hour must come to pass. We pray, we watch, we wait”.

Job 19 vs 25-27 Amp “For I know that my Redeemer and my vindi-cator live and at the last he will take his stand upon the earth, even after my mortal skin is destroyed by death, yet from my immortal flesh I will see God, when I even I will see for myself”

“If this type of hope and confident assurance is in this man called job many centuries ago, he had this hope and died then you and I are trying to give up brother, sister, why?

Even when you know that it is finished according to the word of God, you and I may say you are not giving up but once you are not paying heed to all these messages let it be known to you that you have given up.

 Look at, this man had hope even when this eternal life is not even close to his own day but you and I have seen the Lord face to face; heard him speak.

 That the headstone has united with the body and somebody is there neglecting the word, you need to be pitied; I say sorry. This is a time of great trials and temptations.

 The Son of man said so. Many have been dwelling on the physical presence of God.

 That is why when the fellowship went to our homes they died natural death because they believe in  “eye service” they believe that let the Son of man see that I am doing it. They will like to do everything because the son of man is there with them physically.

This is the time for you and I to show God that he did not labour in vain all these years by living right with the gospel we received even when he is not physically with us there.

 How many scriptures will you see and you know and believe that these prophecy of immortal life will come to pass before your eyes and my eyes, I believe it.

This message is aimed at letting you know that the promise stands sure.

Because many have gone to their homes and thought in their hearts that the Lord has failed in his promises. That is why I showed prophecies that were prophesied in our own day and it fulfilled in our own day.

 That you will agree with me that the promise still stands sure. Bring back your heart to God, He has not failed and he will never fail even if it tarries and take time in the human eyes, the promise is still sure.

Waiting on the promise of the hour page 38 vs 43 ”I am sure and certain, more so, when I have the more sure word of prophecy and events in my day are all touching on the hour that is being promised. Even if it goes beyond the Roman calendar 2000 I will even take it that God’s 2000 years has not yet come.

 That is why I have told you what the message is all about doing, provided it is the right thing but conducting your lives expecting anything to take place any time.

 God also bound himself with an oath so that those he promised to help would be perfectly sure and never need to wonder whether he might change his plans rewind….

 God also bound himself with an oath so that those he promised to help would be perfectly sure and never need to wonder whether he might change his plans.

 You see, because he wants you to be perfectly sure he bound himself with an oath, so that you would not leap between two opinions; doubting whether he is able or not. He said, “you do not need to wonder whether he is able or not. You do not need to wonder whether he will change his mind or not, no! Let that fizzle out of your mind immediately.

He has given us both his promise and his oath, two things we can completely count on, for it is impossible for God to tell a lie, he has given us his promise and his oath two things that make it impossible for God to tell lies.

 Who made the promise? God. Who told you he will give you new bodies? God! Can he tell a lie? No.

 When did he make the promise? Before the world began. You see people do not know how to follow God. Every true seed of God follows God according to his revealed word. When you want to wait for God, you wait for God in his word, you will say father I know you said it and I know you can never tell lies, my duty is to wait there.

You that think that the promises of God have failed, re-consider your stand.

For you cannot disregard the word of God until you begin to neglect and causally approach the word of God just because we are now in our homes, let me tell you, it is now that the eyes of the Omini-presence is upon his people 24/7. Take it from me, for it is truth. I am speaking from experience.

You that disregard the word of God, a time is coming when you will want to hear it and you will not see it again. That means you have no sheaves to flash or to wave. Consider this passage of the scripture as we continue.

It is finished Page 76 vs 15-18: Let me tell you something, I show you a sign; On that great day, on that great morning when salvation of this mortal body shall be made complete; when this mortal shall be clothed with immortality note it, there will not be a single message be it cassette or audio or biro pen or written form of the Son of man’s message that will be left behind.

Note it, I show you a mystery whenever the word of God accomplishes it’s mission for which it was spoken, it goes back to him.

 They will run helter-skelter for it, but they will not see it anywhere.

What if on that day, when salvation shall be made complete, you are coming in without anything to wave.

To many of you that close your eyes when you see publications, you squeeze your face even when we were giving it out freely, you have no library to maintain.

 On that day, brethren will come in with their collections; do you think that bringing in your sheaves means bringing cassava and yam?

 My cassava and yam remains this message. This is the evidence, if it is not a serious matter, God would not descend very heavily on a foolish man called Ifeanyi Kingsley at Nsukka for not presenting his own sheave when the son of man demanded for it, at Nsukka and the reply was that he has never collected any.

If after going through this message and you do not attach great importance to the messages, I mean the word of God, that is coming to us from the bridal lodge Nsugbe, let it be known to you that you have planned to die the second death.

As for me, I will stand on the word and the promises of the hour through Christ that strengthens me. What about you? Let me tell you, standing on the promise, waiting for the promise, it is not out of your own making, it is not out of my own making.

 Yes, it is true but the desire must be there. First the desire to walk with God must be there before God’s help will come.

 Because as long as you have made up your mind to disregard the word of God, the messages; no help will come from the presence of the Almighty God, especially now that we are  in our houses.

 You think you can do whatever you like, once you are thinking this way in your heart, you have already disregarded the word I mean the messages from the presence of the Almighty God, the son of man.

Let us still consider what the scriptures are saying, concerning this hour and the promise thereof.

Waiting on the promise of the hour page 60 vs 33-39. The bride is set for something. The prophet made it clear that little group that will be privileged to have the Elohim Enmophy, in human form on two feet he said that is the group slated for translation.

 How can God fulfill all that were prophesied before time, he did not fulfill them in the catholic church, he did not fulfill them in the Pentecostal, he did not fulfill them in the C.M.S, he did not fulfill them anywhere else he rejected the end time.

 And now came to this little place where we are in the wilderness, no name, no advert, a little group out there in the wilderness setting out, believing. His word and it now happened to be this little group that will fulfill all that was prophesied by the prophet.

 Until we are left with this last one and you expect we will fulfill this one in the cherubim and Seraphim, when he is still here guiding, directing, talking, harnessing, I mean the man that will turn on the light is still on transit, on course, he has not given way, he that has been leading from the very beginning is the one that is still leading.

 How dare you think that you are waiting in the wrong place, it then means that all that have been happening have been happening in the wrong place.

 This is God’s administrative headquarter in the gentile world, Globally, the word must go forth from here and after fulfilling the purpose for which cause the word went out, the word returns to him.

 When the word goes forth, it moves around and at the end of its journey, the word will return.

 Do you not know that it is the word that goes on a journey, his name is the word of God, the word of God has a habitation, a dwelling place after travelling round, the word will return home.

You can see that all things started by the word of God, sustained by the word of God, must end by the word of God.

Ministers meeting Vol. 4 Page 30 vs 7. “I have told you that the word of God remains the only regulatory instruments with which he regulates human activities and anybody whose life cannot be regulated by the word of God is not a seed of God.

One of you will betray me Vol. 1 Page 47 vs 32: The life you are living now is not being controlled by your human senses, rather the word of God is controlling your life.

 If the word of God is controlling my life and controlling your life, it means that we will be one and that is exactly where I want to bring the church to. That is what we call perfection.

Brethren my prayer is; may God help us. And my question is; can God help an un-willing heart? The answer is NO.

The reason why I am dwelling on this word, letting us see that it is only the word is because I know that is where the whole thing will end and many have gone home not taking their family fellowship serious, ministers are involved.

 They are losing their convictions why? Material things of the world have be clouded their hearts.

 The Lord is saying now come back, come back, remember departure from Christ takes place in your heart as long as you are not in the spiritual presence of God, even if you are in the physical presence of God, you have departed from the presence of God.

 I have come to learn through experience that for a man to farewell in the physical presence of God, he must make sure that he is strongly rooted in the spiritual presence of God and you cannot do that without the word of God constantly at work in your life. Then and only then, will his physical presence profit you all things.

 But when you go to Nsugbe constantly, as a routine exercise, just to always present your physical body without taking heed to this word, somebody afar off is much better than you or I.

 All am trying to say is that, whenever we approach God at Nsugbe, we shall not end-up being rebuked always. The physical presence of God will profit you more when you fortify your spiritual life by paying heed to his word, instructions, commands, e.t.c.

 And there is no way we can do this if we neglect the word, I mean the messages, he is always giving out to us treating him as a casual word. God forbid brethren, we need to be very careful at an hour like this. Amen!







The unchanging essence of God Page 40 vs 8. I must say that God has blessed us, we do not need to doubt anything, there is no room for doubt any longer, what we should be praying in our prayer is; God help us to be in the number of those he will give eternal life.

 The word Page 29 vs 33 The days are over when you think that your canal cleavage to the Son of man will give you eternal life No. It must take your spiritual cleavage.

Be careful lest your advocate becomes your judge Page 11 vs 24 “Whatever that may be your action must dovetail to the word of God”.

So everything must end in the word of God, only then will you be acceptable in the sight of God.

DECISION page 64 vs. 3. Every true seed of God is born with the spirit of God that is why we do not teach people that there is one thing or the other they should do for the spirit of God to dwell in them No!

 The spirit of God is in-born, it is not worked for it is not prayed for no: but we strive to renew that constantly, the same way we oil the engine parts.

Be careful least your advocate becomes your Judge 125 vs. 1. “To work with God entails a lot, you must be sober, you must be wise, you must be vigilant, you must be  visionary, you must not use human perception, finally there should not be any trace of familiarity, talk less of over familiarity.

Are you divinely connected to God page 17 vs 4-5  If you are a seed of God I do not care what you are passing through I do not care what is buffeting you about you have an anchor.

All things work together for Good to those that love God to those that are called according to God’s purpose. You can love God but you will not be called according to God’s purpose.

ARE YOU A CHURCH GOERS OR A TRUE WORSHIPPER OF GOD? Page 46 vs. 15. A true worshipper does not have time for all these things, he is always concerned by day or by night of what he will do to receive blessings from God; what he will do to please God that he might not stand condemned before God.

John 17 vs. 14 -16 Amp: “I have given to them your word, the message you gave me and the world has hated them because they are not of the world and do not belong to the world, just as I am not of  the world and do not belong to it”.

 I do not ask you to take them out of the world but that you keep them and protect them from the evil one.

 They are not of the world just as I am not of the world Sanctify them with the truth, set them apart for your purpose. Make them holy your word is truth.

From the scripture above you can see that the non-conformability of the children of God for the world never started today.

It started as far back as in the days of Jesus. Hence, such prayer. This is why your heart should not fail you, do not faint in the heart for there has never been a time the children of God have found this world very easy or palatable.

My aim is to make your feet stand strong in the word of God. Do not shake, do not move Zigzag let Christ be your sufficiency.

Psalm 34 vs. 19 Amp: Many hardship and perplexing circumstances confront the righteous but the lord rescues him from them all.

John 16 vs. 33 Amp: I have told you these things so that in me you may have perfect peace. In the world, you have tribulations and distress and suffering but be courageous, be confident, be un-daunted, be filled with joy. I have overcome the world, my conquest is accomplished; my victory is abiding.

You that think you are passing through difficult times and say in your heart that the hardship is too much. For that reason, your heart drifts back from following the Lord.

 I say think twice, I mean re-think for there has never been a time in the history of worshipping God that the world has been easy for the people of God. See scriptures.

1 Peter 4 vs 12-13 Amp: Beloved do not be surprised at the fiery ordeal which is taking place to test you; that is to test the quality of your faith as though something strange or un-usual are happening to you.

  But insofar as you are sharing Christ’s suffering, keep rejoicing so that when his glory, filled with his radiance and splendor is revealed. You may rejoice with great joy.

God has made it clear that we must get our own fair share of the troublous times, but from this scripture if we do not suffer with him, how then do we expect ourselves to reign with him and put on our theophany body.

 So brethren whatever may be our troubles, it never started today, it’s as old as the world itself. If not so, our predecessors wouldn’t have documented it in the bible.

You must see the reason why you should be strong in the Lord, it is a must. Don’t give up, I say don’t give up for just a little while all eyes will see, just a little while, all ears will hear, just a little while, all mouths must confess son of man, how wonderful are your promises which have finally come true.

Psalm 27 vs 13-14 Amp” I would have despaired had I not believed that I would see the goodness of the Lord in the land of the living. Wait for and confidently expect the Lord, be strong and let your heart take courage, yes wait for and confidently expect the Lord. Psalm 37 vs 7-9 Amp: Be still before the Lord, wait patiently for him and entrust yourself to him.

Do not fret (whine, agonize) because of him who prospers in his way because of the man who carries out wicked schemes. Cease from anger and abandon wrath.

 Do not fret, it leads only to evil for those who do evil will be cut off, but those who wait for the Lord they will inherit the land. May God continue to help us to wait on his promise. Remain blessed brethren.