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Thursday, 27 May 2021







(Luke 1:32-33AMP)



Chapter 1


Remain blessed brethren. I have emphasized that nobody has any right to come to Me without getting clearance from Me. That is the essence of the telephone. Phone Me ahead of time; tell Me why you are coming. You will receive My instruction to that effect.

2.           As many as telephoned Me from other places, they did not trouble their members today. I am a merciful Father and I am very compassionate. I know that you need salvation and I am doing everything within My power to make sure I minimize the cost of salvation.

3.           For that reason, I continued relating My messages to all the brethren that telephoned.  I phoned some that are on line telling them not to trouble their members; rather, they should send one or two persons to Onitsha with a bottle of Olive oil. That is all.

4.           Pastor Promise telephoned Me from Obiakpu Egbema telling Me their plans. I redirected him on what to do. And he is in the fellowship today with his member with a bottle of Olive oil.  He always discussed with the Son of Man.

5.           To Isialangwa and Mbaise, there is no sympathy for you because I have been waiting for you to communicate to Me concerning the burial assigned to you on the 28. And that will help Me discuss with you on how you will come to Me either today or any time in the future. But unfortunately, they did not find it necessary to phone. Well, I thank God for that.

6.           Some of them from Mbaise have telephone facilities; they have phoned Me several times from there. Since they do not want to tell Me because they do not want to spend N250, let them come en mass. May be that will be cheaper.  Those from Isialangwa you should thank Bishop Okey Paul who met you on the way and asked you to go back. Thank him. 

7.           Concerning Nsukka and Opi, I call them husband and wife. They are favoured and they are still favoured. I went to them; the matter is determined. Enugu-Ezike, I do not think there is one left there. All the brethren in the North got My message. They are in Jerusalem also. I did not telephone them; rather, they were the people that telephoned Me. I thank God for that. You are welcome at last.

8.           I am beginning to appreciate, especially those from Mbaise. I will call them the gods of Mbaise. Yes, you are travelling long distance so that the Word of God might come to pass. There was a time I was with you; almost every week, but you did not know Me and I left you with a statement that a day is coming when you will be travelling long distance just to see Me because you missed it that time.

9.           I thank God you have travelled long distance to see Me now. The same person that met you that time is the same person you are meeting here now. No more, no less.

10.        Whether you like it or not, every flesh must come before Me. Once we forget the Word of God, we are bound to disobey His Word. You cannot err until you forget the message you have received. And by this message, some that must have wandered away from the Faith ignorantly,

11.        I believe if they are sincere, they must run back to Me. If you are having problems in your home, you can now see where the thing started.

12.         I believe the Lord has used this message to do a very big work in our lives; in our families. There was one thing I noticed:  you know God, believe God, but cannot accept Him as God. You can have dealings with God, but not as God. And I will say there is nothing as destructive as that. The message said “that is where people seal their doom”.

13.        It is better I do not have any dealings with God at all than to have dealings with God, but do not accept Him as God. That is where people seal their doom. This message is a frightening one. Do not look at this sensational side of the message. Look at it as a nugget.

14.        Do you really know God? Do you take Him as God? You can call Him “Daddy”; everything you think. Yes, that is what I am, but only to those that believe in Me. You may call Him all those things because that is what others are calling Him, but deep in your heart, He is a devil.

15.        I thank God that this message is preached today and it is serving the purpose of today. I have to thank God on behalf of Brother Moses (Bishop) who worked relentlessly with Pastor to reproduce this message in print form.

16.        Apostle Joseph from Lokoja, I will never entertain any excuse for not putting that message down because it has overstayed. Thus, anything that is not okay there, consult Brother Phillip. He is the recorder. Once that one comes out, you will receive another message.

17.        There are some other messages that I want to bring out from the tape. I have noticed that the message makes the greatest impact when it is in print form. If we are listening to it from the tape, may be, we will not benefit.  However, by bringing it out from the tape, marking it as nugget here and there, we can reproduce it. You can pick it up anytime you want. I really thank God.

18.        To those that take pleasure in judging and correcting their husbands, dragging them to their own court, I believe from now, you will repent. That time of ignorance, God overlooked. If you know you cannot win any case without God, why dragging your husband to that kind of court? If you win your husband in court who then will marry you?

19.         Do not ever think of dragging your husband to the court, no matter the situation. Try as much as you can to be a good wife, especially ministers’ wives.

20.         If there be a problem in your house between you and your husband, God said that it is because the voice of your husband means nothing to you. I believe it is true because God can never tell lies.

21.        From the very onset, God positioned women, but from time to time you see them relocating themselves. And once they relocate themselves you will start hearing murmuring and rebellion. However, as long as they are in obedience, everywhere is calm: the home is calm, the congregation is calm, everybody is happy.

22.        Women, if you are rejoicing when your husband is angry, you are a foolish woman and you are out of the way of truth. The message said that you must make sure that you know and understand God. Moreover, understanding God means doing those things that please Him and avoiding those things He hates.

23.        You say you know and understand your husband and you take pleasure in doing those things he hates, do you know him? Do you understand him? You better shut up.

24.        How I wish all the Pastors will go to their congregation and then refresh their minds once again from the message. You should spend time and money to convey this message.

25.        You should spend time to make us realize our aim of printing these messages. If you do not do that, the judgment of God will be against you for God does not speak in vain. He preached it and engraved it in tapes. Amen.

In God’s infinite mind in the genealogy women and little children are not mentioned but that of men. Women are silent in the Scriptures before men whenever it comes to spiritual matters.

A sure sign of the fact that people of God has strayed away from faith is the fact that both women and children rule them “As for my people, children are their oppressors, and women rule over them, 0 my people, they which lead thee cause thee to err and destroy the way of thy paths” (Isaiah 3:12)





Now, it has been culled out from tape. It is now in print form so that you will have no excuse.  Anything that is not clear to you, go there. If time will permit Me, I will preach in the same manner I handled, “Marriage and Divorce”.

2.           I will handle it in such a way that our wives and husbands will go back to that message from time to time and find out where they are erring because the message of “Marriage and Divorce” is a stabilizing message to every home. I call it, family stabilizer.

3.           However, where they do not believe God, it is a family destroyer. If you really believe God, “Marriage and Divorce” is a family stabilizer; it stabilizes the home by placing the man where he belongs to; placing the woman where she belongs so that there will be perfect harmony in the home and the beauty of the Family of God will be reflected through the home.

4.           If you are having problems with your wife and you do not know what the problem really is, go back to the message of marriage and divorce. One of you must have rejected it.

5.           I told you what happened in this Faith. I am aware of that and it is peculiar to women. You know, men die quicker than women. Even from the time of delivery, infant mortality rate is higher among the boys than the girls.

6.           By nature, the female ova live longer than the male spermatozoa. If you want to know better, you can see Brother Ojiakor. The male spermatozoa do not live long in the body of a woman. The female ova can linger for days there. That is why we have women in the majority. The thing will be lingering in the body of the woman like that for days until a spermatozoon fertilizes it.

7.           What am I saying? When the message of “Marriage and Divorce” was preached, men died and because they died, God resurrected them. However, the women fainted.

8.           There is a great difference between fainting and dying. Women fainted while men died. Because they fainted, as the years passed by, some of them received enough oxygen; I mean strength and came back. We started seeing the old life being reproduced. They fainted.

9.           Every woman has the life of a thief. A thief does not die quickly. People may beat him almost to the point of death and he faints. Everybody will go their different ways thinking he is dead. If the noise ceases, he will open one eye; turn his head and rise again. When everywhere becomes very calm, he will crawl into the nearby bush and from there, he will run away.

10.        One week after, he comes out from the bush. That is the life of a woman. Thus, that is why this message is coming out for us to go back into action.

11.        Look at the example Holy Spirit gave us. A woman prepared some snails for food, removed the shells and everything then washed the snails clean. They were ready for food. Then she went somewhere to purchase some items.

12.        By the time she came back, she saw the snails crawling out, this time, without shells. She just ran away. That is what is happening in this Faith.

13.        If you are married and you are having occasional problems in your home, if you are really sincere with this message, you do not need a prophet to tell you what is happening. You know what is happening. And if you want to fight such a challenge, the neighbours will hear you because every wicked woman in this Faith always aims at getting the attraction of the heathen, for she is aware that the heathen will be on her side since they hate the truth.

14.         A heathen is one that hates the truth. If you have a wife who is constantly disobeying your Faith, disobeying the doctrine you received and any attempt you make to correct her, her voice will be going higher and higher, know very well that she is simply aiming at getting the attraction of the heathen.

15.        Moreover, because you do not want to see that type of nonsense in the house, you keep quiet. Has your keeping quiet solved the problem? That is why I told you that the Son of Man is now out to touch every family, exposing their hypocrisy because some of them normally suppress it.

16.        I will start with my own family. I am a married man. If I am a hypocrite, I will be exposed. If I want to suppress my feelings, I am a hypocrite. My wife will also be exposed in this overhauling work. No family will be left untouched! God is going to scrutinize our identity.

17.        You know, sometimes there can be such agreement between husband and wife. If your wife does not believe the Faith and you know she does not believe, once she starts turning friendly, watch out the area of friendliness. It must be outside the Faith.

18.        She will be introducing things that are contrary to this Faith. In addition, she will use cunning ways to make you to obey and lure you to her side so that you will not see anything wrong with that. In other words, your eyes of revelation have been closed.

19.        From the very beginning, God has never spared women. Women have remained the greatest undoing in every dispensation, in every move of God. The greatest challenge that has confronted every man of God is the ability to conquer his wife. If you can conquer your wife, the world will be under your footstool.

20.        Who introduces the world into your home? Check very well, it must be your wife. You can hardly see a man that goes out and comes back with anything foreign. It will take a woman to introduce every lifestyle into the family.

21.        Every lifestyle is a doctrine: My life is My doctrine, your life is your doctrine. I am saying that a man’s desire must be guided by his doctrine. If your desire is outside your doctrine, your desire should not be implemented. It is devilish. Any desire outside God’s doctrine is a devilish desire and should not be implemented.

22.        Let Me hold My peace. A day is coming when I will mount the pulpit and all of us will be naked because I am going to trim down the crowd and I must succeed!

23.        I love Job. Job said, “I will not be like Adam who covered the sin of his bosom.” Nothing destroys a man more than covering bosom sin.

24.        Do you know what bosom sin is all about? If you want Me to cover your sin, you are stupid. If you do not want your name to be mentioned, do not do evil for the best way to stop evil is to expose it. The only way to check evil is to expose it.

25.        Tell Me, what about other families? Are they exposing their own? That is, the other families. This is My own. I do not want to talk about any other family. I want to talk about My own family. My family must be exemplary as far as this Faith is concerned. And I will hate any figment of evil or rebellion. I will fight it till the end, even with my last blood.

26.        That is why I always told My wife, “Look at Me very well, the level of My love is the level of My anger too. If I love you with perfect love, if I tell you to remain there, remain there. That is My life.” In addition, in My attempt to make the Word of God have full effect, I do not have any enemy, I do not have any friend.

27.        If you want to be My friend, help Me obey the Word of God. If every man will take this message to his family and implement it, all these troubles will not be mentioned.

28.        Place your wife where she belongs.  If she tries to say no, give her a deadly auction. Do you know what a deadly auction is? “My friend, come here. I never married you in secret. Who is marrying who? Who will determine who will stay in this family and who will not?”

29.        My wife is in my house because I wanted her to be there. Is it not right? I am the one that married her and her parents handed her over to Me. That’s all. That settles the matter. There is no negotiation there. If we were equals, I could not have paid her dowry. Her parents would not have given Me conditions.

30.        That is why I told you young men that if you want to marry a working class lady, I am not against it, but take off your eyes from her money. Pay the dowry; do everything before you start enjoying her wealth; otherwise, one day you will hear things you will not like to hear. I am telling you the truth.

31.        However, when you use your sweat to pay for her dowry and then carry her to your house, then begin to take care of her, any day she rises up, you just bend your head and give her a daring look, she will understand the look.

32.        If not for the stand I have taken in this Faith, many of you would have invited your in-laws into your homes. I am telling you the truth. From time to time, many of our women, not even the men; if there is a little problem between you and your husband, you invite your parents.

33.        Well, you know My type. Any day your parents come into your home to look into the case between you and your husband, that is the day you will leave the house. When they leave the house, you follow them.

34.        Moreover, for that man who calls himself your husband, if he does not listen to me on this, he will leave this faith. If it is an empty threat, I take it back with Me, because whatsoever I preached God has always tested me there. It will not be in secret. You will hear about it. I will make it an open display. If you think it is an empty threat, try Me! 

35.        Any woman that is above marriage and thinks she is not supposed to be under a man should gently go home, please. Take your things and go with them. Build your house there, enjoy yourself there so that the man will have peace. Surely, he must find one who will want to be a wife.

36.        Long, long time ago before the world was created, God made a proclamation that every wife must obey her husband. Whether tall, short, rich or poor, you must be under that man and obey him in everything. How can you be obeying and at the same time correcting, judging and complaining? Is it possible?

37.         Do you know what it looks like? If you are a civil servant and may be you are a junior officer, you see your boss as a corrupt officer, the highest thing you can do is to keep it to yourself. You dare not come to him and say you are correcting him or giving him a query to explain reasons for his actions. Why? He is your boss. He will even use you to perpetrate his corruption without appreciating it. Your duty is to obey.

38.        Because you are an obedient civil servant, you will obey, but any day you think you have become wise enough, very outspoken, you are now fat: “I can talk to him.” Well, while you are still there talking, you will hear telephone call, and that will be the end of your work there. Your life is in danger. Can a rat fight with an elephant? 

39.        What am I trying to say? It appears from the beginning that the battle God has been fighting is the battle against women domination. Women have been trying to dominate.

40.        Watch, even in the whole world there is women domination. The crime is women domination. Women are dominating in every aspect of life. Women want to dominate and that is why God said that every system will remain good and perfect until women invade that system. Once women invade the system, the system crumbles.

41.        Watch the teaching profession, there was a time men were in charge of teaching and that time, we had moral discipline and academic excellence. However, immediately we have the universal primary education, women flooded there. In the teaching field, education crumbled.

42.        Watch law, there was a time legal profession was exclusively for men. Immediately women invaded the legal profession, you see the legal profession has become a laughing stock. It is messed up because women have now invaded it.

43.        Watch the priesthood, when men were priests, you see, there was sanity in the Church, but from the time women became Pastors, Bishops, Evangelists, teachers, superintendents, darkness fell.

44.        Women! Women! Look at the atmosphere. Look at politics. That we are registering killings and assassinations here and there is because of women.

45.        The greatest instrument in the hand of Satan to destabilize the country has always been a woman, for wherever Satan is afraid to go, he will send a woman there.

46.        Please, note the word I am using, “woman”. Every daughter of God is not a woman. There is a great difference between a daughter of God and a woman. If you are not obedient to the Word of God, you are a woman, a lady.

47.        Don’t you know there is a great difference between a wife and a woman? If you are a wife, you are not a woman. Don’t accept you are a woman. Accept that you are a wife!

48.        A wife is one that is under authority, but a woman is one that is contending for authority. A woman is a contender. If in your home there is contention, something is wrong; the woman wants to lead, but the man is saying, no.

49.        Every woman is a contender, an aspirant, aspiring to be a leader. If God had wanted you to be a leader, He would have conferred the authority on you from the beginning. Anybody that wants to be what God never made him or her is challenging God’s authority. Don’t you know that?

50.        There is no age limit to what I am saying. It is applicable to the young. It is applicable to the old. There is no number of years a woman will stay or the marriage will subsist that will make a woman to be head over the man. God can never do that!

51.        There are certain things God can never do. For instance, He can never destroy the righteous in the midst of the wicked. He has never done it before and He will not do it.  What God is doing is what He has done before. He is not doing any new thing again. Any new thing you are seeing is not a new thing. To you it is new, but to Me it is not new. Amen.


Check up on yourselves. Are you really Christians? Do you pass the test? Do you feel Christ’s presence and power more and more within you? Or are you just pretending to be Christians when actually you aren’t at all? I hope you can agree that I have stood that test and truly belong to the Lord.

2 Cor. 13:5 LB. 

Chapter 3


I permitted the brethren that are leaving Jerusalem for their different destinations to exercise their freedom without fear of people. You are free to go if you think you cannot worship with us.

2.       However, if you want to stay and worship with us till we say, “bye-bye” for today, it is also your right. If you want to go, it cannot disturb us for we have come to worship God this day.

3.      We do not have any other preoccupation than to worship God. That is why, here in Jerusalem, we do not have any time. Every Sunday we come to fellowship believing that if He does not want us to go back, it is even better.

4.           If I should go home now, what will I see at home?  Horrible, horrible pictures, but while I am in His Presence in the fellowship, twenty-four hours, the Holy Spirit is in control, God is in control.

5.      That is why the psalmist who had the revelation said, “That I may dwell in the House of the Lord all the days of my life.” There is no better place to stay than in the presence of God. If you know the Person that is standing in your midst, if you know the Person whose Face you are watching, whose Voice you are hearing, happy are you.

6.       If I am not sure, I will be pleading with many to come to Me, but I do not plead, rather, I ask them to go away. Have you ever heard that there is a group that is stopping people from coming to them, when people are campaigning for membership?

7.      The Bridal Faith is a little group that is not interested in anybody’s membership, for I know all that the Father has given to Me must surely come to Me. What is the need telling them to come? They must come whether I speak or not. They know that I am on the scene; I am standing upon the Earth.

8.       The time has passed when we worship God in ignorance. Anybody that is worshiping God in ignorance should have himself or herself to blame.

9.      Let Me show you a mystery. I love you, but God loves you more. It is very easy to repeat the mistakes of the past, and it is very easy for one to fulfill a dangerous prophecy. One can fulfill it ignorantly.

10.        Now, if you can listen to Me very attentively, you will be awed. I will start from the very beginning. The Lord commanded His servant, Gideon, to make a pronouncement that all able-bodied Israelites should come out for war. And the war was ripe.

11.        Able-bodied men who volunteered came out. The Lord looked at the number and said it was very great. Then he made a proclamation: “If you know you are afraid of this move, please go home and rest.” Three quarters of the people that came out left. The Lord looked at them again and said, “Well, there are still too many”.

12.        He said, “If you know you married a new wife and you want to enjoy your new wife, go home and have undisturbed rest. If you know that this arrangement will disturb your programme, you can go.” Did He mention names? Another batch left.

13.        He looked at the remnant and said, “Take them to the stream; allow them to drink as anyone chooses to drink.” He whispered to his servant, “Watch all that drank like a dog; watch all that drank lazily, make a separation.”

14.        Those people that were rejected at the end and those that left before the end, who should be pitied? The first two sets left because they had reasons, but the last batch was rejected by God because of the way they drank water.

15.        In addition, they did not know that God was attaching a strong meaning in the way they were drinking. Did God give them a pattern for drinking? If God gave them a pattern for drinking everybody would have tried to comply, but He threw it open.

16.        Did God give Cain and Abel a pattern of sacrifice? He threw it open. You will understand Me as I go to the New Testament.

17.        When Jesus appeared, a lot of people followed Him, He turned round and said, “If you know your father died and you want to bury him instead of continuing with Me, you can go. If you have an engagement today, greater than My own business, may be you are newly married, you do not want to disappoint your wife, you can go.” Do you get the message?

18.        These people, did they follow Him by revelation? Do you think they knew God? They never knew God. They never knew the person as God Himself and they lacked the revelation of what they were doing.

19.        Now, this is My day. I am not talking of the day of Jesus. Some said they would like to go to farm; some said they would like to do one thing or the other. They agreed to be there right in their houses; they were giving excuses.

20.        Now, I am saying that a good number of them were in the fellowship this day. You see, people were climbing upon one another and there was no space.

21.        I made a proclamation, “If you know you came from a far distance, may be, with a chartered vehicle and with your numerous children to enable you get home safely, you can go. Your Pastors can take you back. If you know you just came in here for Me to anoint you with anointing spirit our Lord has anointed you, you can go.”

22.        The first to leave was My father. God made another proclamation and the Pastors followed, the Elders joined, their wives and children joined. Is there any distance far in the East?

23.        Is Mbaise farther than Abuja? A brother from Abuja is in Jerusalem, he travelled by night. Jos is in Jerusalem; he travelled by night. Aba is also in Jerusalem. Moreover, after fellowship, he will be going to Aba and Aba is farther than MbaiseObiakpuEgbema is farther than Mbaise.

24.        Gradually, all of them left telling us that they did not come to Jerusalem for worship. Somebody compelled them to be in Jerusalem. What can you say about the kind of sacrifice they have rendered? They think they are doing Me a service? Now, they have gone. Did they receive the instruction that followed the anointing? Do they know that the anointed have to be secured? Do they know that there is covenant binding the anointing?

25.        The security is tied to a strict agreement. Did they receive it? They have gone and they did not know that I made the statement to test their faith.

26.        There were too many others that wanted to go, some people compelled them to stay. As far as I am in Jerusalem, they are gone. You must be in Jerusalem by personal revelation.

27.        Moreover, the only work God assigned to His children in our day is one work:  “What must we do that we may fulfill the works of God?” One thing!

28.        Martha troubled herself with many things. Mary chose a good path and the good path was always finding herself at Jesus’ feet; hearing His Word.

29.        Every true seed of God must esteem the Word of God higher than his necessary food. If you do not esteem the Presence of God higher than your carnal business, God does not recognize what you are doing. You are just a nominal worshipper.

30.        You see why it is good that people should stand on their own personal revelation. Do not compel anybody to do anything. This is harvest period. Leave every man alone; leave every woman alone so that whatever that is in you will come out. Many have gone and I am still in Jerusalem, God is still in Jerusalem. Is it not blindness? Complete blindness.

31.        As long as I am in Jerusalem, by revelation, nobody leaves My Presence until you look for Me, you do not see Me. When God is having a gathering with His people, everywhere is silent. Nobody goes away until the Cloud goes away. Then, the whole thing is over; then, God leaves His people.

32.        To God, as long as the Cloud is still there, everybody must sit down under the Cloud because God is still there. If you leave the Presence of God, where will you go?

33.        Watch all that left, they have their personal commitments for the day. If you are sitting down in the fellowship and you are regretting your coming to fellowship this day because it has disengaged your activities for the day, you are number one pagan in the midst of the Saints.

34.        Worshipping God is a business and until the business of that day ends, you have no right to engage yourself in any activity. Amen. 

Chapter 4


Now, I will say few things, but before then, let Me just see whether I can correct something. If you heard from My mouth that anybody who is worshipping God with us, we have been together all these years, he is not excommunicated, he is still very much with us and he is not yet baptized in the Name of Peter the Christ; that he should be excommunicated or dis-fellowshiped, show by raising your hand?

2.           If you heard such a thing, please show by raising your hand.  Deacons check, are you not hearing what I am saying? Deacons check around. Any hand? Okay, you can sit down.

3.           Now, note it. If you know that by day or by night I gave you a command either in writing, by way of epistle or personal letter or oral instruction that all the brethren in this Faith should be baptized in the Name of Peter the Christ, please show by raising your hand? Deacons look around. If you have heard from Me (from My mouth) that somebody can get baptized in the Name of Jesus the Christ, or Peter the Christ and still perish show by raising your hands? Bring down your hands.

4.           If you have heard from My mouth that a day shall come, and now is that day, when nobody will tell his brother, “Repent and be baptized in the name of so, so and so for your salvation;  that God will even save some heathen that never attended worship with Him”, show by raising your hand. If you know you have ever heard it from my mouth show by raising your hands.

5.           Now, if you have heard from Me at any time that I have condemned all that have baptized in the Name of Peter the Christshow by raising your hands?  No hand.

6.           I will begin to love you from now. Why? I preached two messages: “Testify against Me”; another one is “Put Me In Remembrance”. They are all in tapes.

7.           Anybody that baptized in the Name of Peter the Christ by revelation is right. I do not know how many that baptized and those that did not. I do not condemn any of you at all, but I know it is scriptural truth.

8.           I know that people have always baptized into the Name of God that is revealed in their Day.  I know it is true. I know it is revelation, but I did not give you any command because I am involved. I allowed all that have that revelation to prove it as individuals. At the same time all that baptized in the Name of Jesus the Christ, I never condemned them.

9.           However, I know that they baptized in the name of another dispensation. I know that Jesus Christ was a name for salvation in His day. Like Paul was a name for salvation in His day and I am not living in Paul’s day. I am not even sent in Paul’s day neither am I sent in Jesus’ day. I am in My own Day.

10.        If you choose to baptize in the Name of Jesus Christ, I condemn you not. I will liken you to those that held on to the baptism of John. However, there were people that left John and baptized into the revealed God of their day. It is personal revelation. I have said it time without number.

11.        And till the end of this world, I will never compel any man or woman to get baptized in this Name. No, because I know what baptism is all about.

12.        I know what baptism is all about and I know the extent baptism may go.  And I have not yet baptized many; I only baptized few. Now, I am sent for a re-circumcision and I am doing it gradually, taking my time that no chaff is found among the wheat.

13.        I have told you that your position does not save you. Moreover, nothing saves you except your faith in the revealed God of your day. Somebody must have heard: “Looking unto Christ or looking unto Jesus or looking unto the Cross.”

14.        The question then arises: Is the Cross still effective till today? That Cross which Jesus was crucified on, is it effective till today? Can we still point People to the Cross? Why?  Anybody that is pointing somebody to the Cross is like one that is pointing somebody to the wilderness.

15.        This is why I keep on telling you, be very careful in this Faith because you have never gone this way before. If you do not want to be destroyed in the end, obey the Voice that spoke to us from on high. He said, “I have given you My own Angel to go before you; to lead you in the path that you will go. My Name is upon Him. Be very careful the way you follow Him. Do not provoke Him to wrath for He will never, never pardon your transgression, for I am sending Him before you as an Angel of judgment. Do not go to the left, do not go to the right, fix your eyes on Him. Remember, you have never gone this way before.”

16.        There is no man or woman living today that has ever gone this way before. That is why everything looks strange to all of you. When the Faith was revealed, it was revealed by purpose. That is why when I see people rebelling, I laugh at them because they do it out of sheer stupidity. They have never gone this way before. They do not know what lies ahead, they do not know anything. They just appeared in the world without bearing.

17.        When you see a plane in the air without a bearing, what do you think will happen to it?  A plane that loses connection with the compass director or from the radar is down; it crashes into the Bermuda Triangle. 

18.        However, I thank God I have not lost My bearing, I am still having connection with the radar. My control panel is functioning very properly. My compass is perfect. I check My bearing every morning. Wherever He leads, that is where I will go.

19.        Moses never led his people without a compass and the compass was the Pillar of Cloud in the day and the Pillar of Fire in the night. Every morning Moses will watch the bearing, and the bearing was detected by the Pillar of Cloud. If the Pillar of Cloud pointed to the West, Moses will sail through the West without asking any question for he was completely dependent on the bearing for his direction.

20.        I am talking to intelligent people in this most holy Faith. I am saying that I am not alone. He that sent Me is always with Me and He is the One guiding Me whose Face you cannot behold. That He might save you from His wrath, He became a human being like you and He is veiled in such a way that you cannot touch it. If not for the pinhole camera, who would have seen it? Nobody, except one that is gifted with the gift of vision.

21.        When I am with you, I talk to you as My brother. I do not intend to harass anybody. However, as many as are walking, they have a lot to tell the world.

22.        If you get to My office, there is no being that believes that I will die one day. And if you call My Name, some will even tell you to be careful about that man; that he is mystic. They do not hide their feelings. They say that Mr. Odoemena possesses mystic powers because sometimes, I will be in My seat very much relaxed and they will be coming in. Nobody will see Me until I talk. Ask them, especially those that I was in the same office with.

23.        You know My office. I was in a position that nobody ever comes in without seeing Me first. If you do not see Me from the open window, before you know it, I will be number one to meet you.  People may come and fill that balcony and will be discussing, sometimes, about other people, not knowing that I am there listening to them.

24.        After some minutes, I will tell them, “Enough is enough,” and they will be startled, some completely shocked to realize that I have been on that seat all along and they never saw Me. Don’t laugh. It never started today. That was the way it started in the beginning.

25.        I could pass nights with some brethren pretending to help them. That was why it started with Brother Mike. In the beginning Brother Mike; in the middle Brother Mike; I think in the end, it shall be Brother Mike. Why not say, “Amen.” Whether good or bad, you should say “Amen” because I have reasons for that.

26.        Can I argue with God? What will I argue? Can my argument hold any water? Remember, innocent or guilty God must destroy? Don’t you know that?  Innocent or guilty God will destroy. God is saving you because He wants to save you. Ask Me why He wants to save you? It is because He wants to save you.

27.        God looked upon so many people and was convinced that they cannot save themselves. If you can save yourself, God cannot save you. However, if you are helpless, God will come to your rescue. If you think you can work out your righteousness, God will not help you. You will remain blind, but if you confide in Him Who can justify the ungodly, you will get your pardon.

28.         There is One that can justify His people and I am happy He is here. Thus, to some of our brethren in Enugu, be very careful of what you hear. Most of those things are being credited to the Son of Man with wrong motives. You have to be very careful.

29.        Stop fighting yourselves and stop wishing yourself evil. You rejoice when evil befalls your brother. Be very careful that you will not receive the same fate. This is My advice. If you have a way of helping your brother or sister, do it. It is better than fighting them. 

30.        I said this because of the report I received from Enugu, that Brother Okoh came to fellowship and said they were given an instruction that anybody in our midst who did not get baptized in the Name of Peter the Christ should not be allowed to stay in the fellowship, he should be put out.

31.        I remember I did not say anything like that. I only warned against those that are coming from outside telling you not to bring such people in baptizing them in the Name of Peter the Christ and taking them in. I told you not to allow such people in. It is in tape.

32.        Thus, that action was reported to Me and I am not happy about it. Looking at the situation, something is wrong somewhere because the information reaching me came from the reliable source.

33.        I even learnt that Apostle Kelelchi, before I ever went to the pulpit, gave him a garment he made for a Brother at Enugu to be delivered to the Brother Okoh refused to collect it, claiming he cannot make it to the brother’s house; that he will go straight to his own house. And that compelled Brother Kelechi to take the garment to Brother Ojiakor.

34.        What annoyed Me most in the whole episode is that he went from house to house telling brethren what I did not say. And even if I did say such a thing, being a deacon, he should have come back to the fellowship to announce it before the whole brethren because I believe the saints of God at Enugu sent him to represent their interest, but instead of doing that, he was going from house to house telling brethren something I never said, threatening to do something which he later did. That is not good at all. I condemn it.

35.        Enugu, be very careful. I have told you that the time is over when I cherished, “Brother I am sorry; I am sorry.” I am no longer a burden.  I have come of age.

36.        Now, I know what I want and what I do not want. Any further disturbance from your side, I will close My eyes and My mind against you; even infants will not be spared. Pregnant sisters will not be spared, except anybody that escaped My wrath on that day. 

37.        What am I saying? I will banish Enugu from My Presence and excommunicate them completely from this Faith if I get any further disturbance from them. Thus, see what you can do to make sure you walk harmoniously, loving and cherishing one another, abiding in My doctrine.

38.        If you are having ill feelings against one another, you are creating room for the devil to operate against us. You are breaking the brotherhood. It is a sinful act before God. Whoever that is involved in that act should, please repent now.

39.        We were discussing many things and so many dreams flashed. I was very happy. I think the person I saw was Amaka Umezulike; I think it is your face. She is of age. No matter how I love your parents, that salvation cannot save you because you are of age. You are now accountable for yourself.

40.        Moreover, from all your actions, I cannot remind your parents of all your misdeeds. They have nurtured you up to this age. You must have known what is good and what is evil.

41.        Thus, while I was thinking of the past because of the dreams we had recently, I remembered I had a dream some years ago and the Lord showed Me paradise and so many people were struggling to be there. Other people were there, but Umezulike’s two daughters were completely missing. The wife was there with the little children. Umezulike was there, but his two daughters were missing. I sent the wife to go and look for them. She said she will not go.

42.        I said, “Bishop Okey, go.”  He said, “No”. I said, “Apostle Kelechi,” in short, all the Elders refused, for it will be taking the greatest risk because we were already across the other side. I summoned Brother Umezulike. He was shouting at his children.  With his long sleeves rolled up and his trousers rolled up too, he was screaming on top of his voice. He was shouting at the children.

43.        Despite the fact that they were hearing his voice, they ran even farther away. They were very much afraid. Then, I joined. I walked around, saw them hiding somewhere, and then beckoned them to come. They said they were afraid of their father. I said, “Everything is over. Look, your brethren are here and you are risking your lives.”

44.        While they were coming out, they were shivering. I promised them to come. That was the day I saw Brother Umezulike in a manner I have not seen him before. He was highly infuriated against his daughters so much so that while they were trying to hide he was kicking them and then the dream left Me. I narrated the dream on this pulpit. This thing happened about a year or two years ago.

45.        There was a dream he had recently that made us revisit it because they are almost the same. Sister Amaka, be very careful. Your younger sister has gone the way she is ordained. I gave her every opportunity; I showed her the greatest love. She abused all. That has reminded Me of the Voice we heard on her head when she was too tender; when she never knew anything.

46.        The Lord spoke concerning her, even drawing the attention of her parents to watch her. We have come to the end where there is no more restoration for anyone that is outside this Faith. Anyone that is excommunicated, no more reconciliation. Anyone that is not already with us, no more coming in until you hear from Me gain.

47.        When do you think you are going to hear from Me? Have I not given them ample time? The Lord did not go to Sodom and Gomorrah and destroy them at once. He gave Lot time to go out and preach to the in-laws and entire community, peradventure, they would hear his voice. They laughed him to scorn. They mocked him. Amen.

48.        On this note, I say remain in your sanctified estate, remain blessed in Him eternally. Amen.  




I am your mercy seat but I know that one day I will change position and sit on the judgement seat. He that has brought you so far is the same one you will meet at the end. You are not meeting any other person other than He that is with you now.

FORGIVENESS pp 3; 6th January, 2008; Household of God Onitsha.


Chapter 1



Moses still cherished three other wishesthat the Shekinah might dwell with Israel; that the Shekinah might not dwell with other nations; and lastly, that he might learn to know the ways of the Lord whereby He ordained good and evil in the world, sometimes causing suffering to the just and letting the unjust enjoy happiness, whereas at other times both were happy, or both were destined to suffer.

2.             Moses laid these wishes before God in the moment of His wrath, hence God bade Moses wait until His wrath should have blown over, and then He granted him his first two wishes in full, but his third in part only.

3.             God showed him the great treasure troves in which are stored up the various rewards for the pious and the just, explaining each separated one to him in detail: in this one were the rewards of those who give alms; in that one, of those who bring up orphans.

4.             In this way He showed him the destination of each one of the treasures, until at length they came to one of gigantic size. "For whom is this treasure?" asked Moses, and God answered:

5.              "Out of the treasures that I have shown thee I give rewards to those who have deserved them by their deeds; but out of this treasure do I give to those who are not deserving, for I am gracious to those also who may lay no claim to My graciousness, and I am bountiful to those who are not deserving of My bounty."

6.             Moses now had to content himself with the certainty that the pious were sure of their deserts; without, however, learning from God, how it sometimes comes to pass that evil doers, too, are happy.

7.             For God merely stated that He also shows Himself kind to those who do not deserve it, but without further assigning the why and the wherefore.

8.             But the reward to the pious, too, was only in part revealed to him, for he beheld the joys of Paradise of which they were to partake, but not the real reward that is to follow the feast in Paradise; for truly "eye hath not seen, beside the Lord, what He hath prepared for him that waiteth for Him."

9.             By means of the following incident God showed Moses how little man is able to fathom the inscrutable ways of the Lord.

10.         When Moses was on Sinai, he saw from that station a man who betook himself to a river, stooped down to drink, lost his purse, and without noticing it went his way.

11.         Shortly after, another man came, found the money, pocketed it, and took to his heels.

12.         When the owner of the purse became aware of his loss, he returned to the river, where he did not find his money, but saw a man, who came there by chance to fetch water.

13.         To him he said: "Restore to me the money that a little while ago I left here, for none can have taken it if not thou."

14.          When the man declared that he had found none of the money nor seen any of it, the owner slew him.

15.         Looking with horror and amazement on this injustice on earth, Moses said to God: "I beseech Thee, show my Thy ways.

16.         Why has this man, who was quite innocent, been slain, and why hath the true thief gone unpunished?" God replied: "The man who found the money and kept it merely recovered his own possession, for he who had lost the purse by the river, had formerly stolen it from him; but the one who seemed to be innocently slain is only making atonement for having at one time murdered the father of his slayer."

17.         In this way, God granted the request of Moses, "to show him His ways," in part only.

18.          He let him look into the future, and let him see every generation and it sages, every generation and its prophets, every generation and its expounders of the Scriptures, every generation and its leaders, ever generation and its pious men.

19.         But when Moses said: "O Lord of the world! Let me see by what law Thou dost govern the world; for I see that many a just man is lucky, but many a one is not; many a wicked man is lucky, but many a one is not; many a rich man is happy, but many a one is not; many a poor man is happy, but many a one is not;" then God answered: "Thou canst not grasp all the principles which I apply to the government of the world, but some of them shall I impart to thee.

20.         When I see human beings who have no claim to expectations from Me either for their own deeds or for those of their fathers, but who pray to Me and implore Me, then do I grant their prayers and give them what they require from subsistence."

Moreover, we are in the Ministry of the Angel not because we merited it but it is because of His mercy. He blinded people’s eyes that they would not see it, but He gave us mercy. He blinded people’s eyes that they would not see it, but He gave us mercy opening our eyes that we will see this Truth.

HAVING THIS MINISTRY, WE FAINT NOT pp 21 vs 19-20 and pp 25 vs 36; 24th July, 1994; Household of God Onitsha

21.         Although God had now granted all of his wishes, still Moses received the following answer to his prayer, "I beseech Thee, show me Thy glory": "Thou mayest not behold My glory, or else thou wouldst perish, but in consideration of My vow to grant thee all thy wishes, and in view of the fact that thou are in possession of the secret of My name, I will meet thee so far as to satisfy thy desire in part.

22.         Lift the opening of the cave, and I will bid all the angels that serve Me pass in review before thee; but as soon as thou hearest the Name, which I have revealed to thee, know then that I am there, and bear thyself bravely and without fear.'

23.         God has a reason for not showing His glory to Moses. He said to him: "When I revealed Myself to thee in the burning bush, thou didst not want to look upon Me; now thou are willing, but I am not."




(WE HAVE SEEN THE STAR, WE HAVE COME TO WORSHIP THE KING pg 189 vs 15 – 16; pg 194 vs 32. 2nd September, 2012; Household of God Onitsha)

Chapter 2


The cave in which Moses concealed himself while God passed in review before him with His celestial retinue, was the same in which Elijah lodged when God revealed Himself to him on Horeb.

2.           If there had been in it an opening even as tiny as a needle's point, both Moses and Elijah would have been consumed by the passing Divine light, which was of an intensity so great that Moses, although quite shut off in the cave, nevertheless caught the reflection of it, so that from its radiance his face began to shine.

3.           Not without great danger, however, did Moses earn this distinction; for as soon as the angels heard Moses request God to show him His glory, they were greatly incensed against him, and said to God:

4.           "We, who serve Thee night and day, may not see Thy glory, and he, who is born of woman, asks to see it!" In their anger they made ready to kill Moses, who would certainly have perished, had not God's hand protected him from the angels. Then God appeared in the cloud.

5.           It was the seventh time that He appeared on earth, and taking the guise of a precentor of a congregation, He said to Moses:

6.           "Whenever Israel hath sinned, and calleth Me by the following thirteen attributes, I will forgive them their sins. I am the Almighty God who provides for all creatures. I am the Merciful One who restrains evil from human kind.

7.           I am the Gracious One who helps in time of need. I am the Long-Suffering to the upright as well as to the wicked.

8.           I am Bountiful to those whose own deed do not entitle them to lay claim to rewards.

9.           I am Faithful to those who have a right to expect good from Me; and preserve graciousness unto the two-thousandth generation. I forgive misdeeds and even atrocious actions, in forgiving those who repent."

10.       When Moses heard this, and particularly that God is long-suffering with sinners, he prayed: "O forgive, then, Israel's sin which they committed in worshipping the Golden Calf."

11.       Had Moses now prayed, "Forgive the sins of Israel unto the end of all time," God would have granted that too, as it was a time of mercy; but as Moses asked forgiveness for this one sin only, this one only was pardoned, and God said: "I have pardoned according to thy word."

12.       The day on which God showed Himself merciful to Moses and to His people, was the tenth day of Tishri, the day on which Moses was to receive the tables of the law from God for the second time, and all Israel spent it amid prayer and fasting, that the evil spirit might not again lead them astray.

13.       Their ardent tears and exhortations, joined with those of Moses, reached heaven, so that God took pity upon them and said to them:

14.       "My children, I swear by my lofty Name that these your tears shall be tears of rejoicing for you; that this day shall be a day of pardon, of forgiveness, and of the canceling of sins for you, for your children, and your children's children to the end of all generations."

15.       This day was not set for the annual Day of Atonement, without which the world could not exist, and which will continue even in the future world when all other holy days will cease to be.

16.       The Day of Atonement, however, is not only a reminiscence of the day on which God was reconciled to Israel and forgave them their sins, but it is also the day on which Israel finally received the Torah.

17.        For after Moses has spent forty days in prayer, until God finally forgave Israel their sins, he began to reproach himself for having broken the tables of the law, saying" "Israel asked me to intercede for them before God, but who will, on account of my sin, intercede before God for my sake?" Then God said to him:

18.       "Grieve not for the loss of the first two tables, which contained only the Ten Commandments.

19.       The second tables that I am now ready to give thee, shall contain Halakot, Midrash, and Haggadot."

20.       At the new moon of the month Elul, Moses had the trumpet sounded throughout the camp, announcing to the people that he would once more betake himself to God for forty days to receive the second tables from Him, so that they might be alarmed by his absence; and he stayed in heaven until the tenth day of Tishri, on which day he returned with the Torah and delivered it to Israel.