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Monday, 24 May 2021


apostle peter odoemena

“Truth has no substitute”  © BRIDE OF CHRIST MINISTRY WORLD-WIDE 



Where is Deacon Sam? Is he talking with Deacon Sam? Why did you not come with him? Does he not know that we are gathering here today?

2.           AN ELDER ANSWERS: He knows sir. He was delaying me and that was why I left him.

3.           Where is he now?

4.           THE ELDER ANSWERS: Sir! He said that he is looking for a vehicle to board.

5.           Where is he looking for it?

6.           THE ELDER ANSWERS: I think he is at MCC road.

7.           This man is a traitor. I sent him to the family yesterday and he told Me that he will give Me feedback immediately he finishes with them. But up till now, he has not given me the feedback.

8.           The only thing he told Me is that he has seen the Elderly man, Vin. He then said that he will wait until the man’s first son returns from Umuahia and that he will also be there until the Doctor returns home.

9.           He assured me that when he is through with them, that he will call Me. Up till now he never called Me. He is a traitor. Look no man in the flesh. Look no man in the flesh. Let Me see whether I will get him on phone.

10.        You are a saboteur and a traitor. You must work hard before you erase it from My heart. This is where the difficulty is.

11.        Once you register a bad impression in the heart of the Son of Man, you must work hard before you erase it, more especially when I still see more signs of that dangerous trait in you. It will be hard for Me to erase it.

12.        Your name will last very long in My blacklist. You know what it takes for somebody’s name to be in a blacklist. If you are not careful, your name will remain there for a long time.

13.        I was the One that sent you to your in-laws place yesterday. You then called Me between 3:30 and 4pm in the evening telling Me that you were with the elderly man, Vin and that you will wait until Elder Davidson’s first son comes back and that you will also wait until Doctor comes back. You said that you will call Me as soon as you finish discussing with them. Did you call Me even till now?

14.        You have heard from him? Did you meet with them? Why didn’t you call Me?

15.        DEACON SAM ANSWERS: Sir, when I met Elder Vin, he told me to go that Doctor and Elder Davidson’s first son will come back very late. That doctor told him that he is having emergency in his office. I remained there till 6 o’clock in the evening. I followed Vin to doctor’s house but we could not see him. So, he asked me to go that he will meet them later.

16.        Did you see doctor?

17.        DEACON SAM ANSWERS: I did not see him.

18.        But before now, I asked you whether you met them and you said, yes. Did you see the first son of Elder Davidson?

19.        DEACON SAM ANSWERS: They have not come back. I only saw two other boys in the family. These other two went to Umuahia and they had not come back as at that time.  

20.        Have you heard it? But when I asked him initially, he told Me that he saw them. Your explanation here now, is that you did not see them. No problem. I spoke with Vin the elderly man. He gave Me every assurance that they bid us to come with honest motives and that they will welcome us.

21.        Is there anyone of you here that is afraid of war? (The Brethren echoed, No sir!) Is anyone here scared of war? Does a man die twice? The day a great man was born in his community is the same day his contemporary was born in another land.

22.        You cannot catch a lion with one hand. Are you hearing Me? There is no point hiding it. A man that runs away because of his fellow man is not worthy to be born. We are not going to beg them for anything. I have already stamped authority and that authority will stand.

23.        If I dare see any figment or sign of un-acceptance now and in future, definitely we will never assume any responsibility of the burial. I decided to say it now so that everybody will have it in mind.

24.        We are going there and as we go, remember that you reinforce yourself first before launching an attack. This is not the dress I was putting on that day. Let us go. Put it into consideration.

25.        From the seats they have arranged, bring some so that we can sit down. You should know that this is work hour. We have our work the same way they have their own work.

26.        I kept My vehicle in the mechanic before coming, intending that when I get back, I will pick it up. Where is that print of MEMORY LANE? We came earlier. There were things we took into consideration. Doctor is number one. We did it so that we can save him time to go back to attend to his patients.

27.        GREETINGS FROM A MEMBER OF IKWUAGWU’S FAMILY: No wahala. No wahala. You are welcome! Please, you are free. Feel free! You are in your house

28.        Thank you.

29.        You are in your house.

30.        Good morning all!

31.        Good morning Sir.

32.        So you can have a sick call in Enugu and you will be insisting that if I do not give you order that you will not go? Your own patient over the years. The ones you receive and treat in the hospital, am I the one that gave you order to treat those ones?

33.        You have been receiving the entire family over the years. They have been your patients. When the situation became precarious, you became scared. Is it because of the condition of the patient?

34.        Or you could not even believe God? In short I was the One that rescued you. Otherwise, the whole world would have heard about it. What I am telling you is pure truth. This is the type of thing I like.

35.        No matter the situation, if I am given the authority to rule Nigeria, I will change this National Youth Service to another thing. I would not call it National Youth Service Corps. I will change it. I will include military training as a course starting from primary to the university.

36.        I will use it to replace Civic Education. Is Civic Education not Moral Instruction: Knowing your rights and privileges under the common laws? But I will inculcate military training as a course, both practical at least to a certain level.

37.        It will expose the person to the politics of his nation, the administrative set up of his nation and then prepare the person to be a disciplined fellow who can uphold and enforce all the laws of Nigeria which Civic Education cannot do.

38.        In case of eventuality, you will know how to handle emergencies. That is the duty of a doctor.

39.        You do not wait till I give you order to respond to a sick call. No matter how precarious the patient might be with his condition, you should courageously go and see the person.

40.        More so, when I have told them you will be coming at least to assess her. The assessment I want you to do is not the stability of the patient, but the blood pressure because of the reports I got from them. For I told them that the spirit is very much with her, that I knew what was happening.

41.        I know that you must have started hearing many testimonies emanating from that side. This is because I spoke to them telling them their experience on Friday night when I came back and also Saturday afternoon when I decided to pay her another visit; and what happened.

42.        It was after I narrated My experiences that they asked Me to wait for them to say something.

43.        They confessed their own experience, how they ran away from the room where they were staying, after she spoke to them, her husband and all her siblings.

44.        As at that time, she has come back fully and had also taken some food. After eating, she called the husband and reminded the husband of his reliance on T. B. Joshua.

45.        She also reminded the husband of what he was told; That there is no human being no matter how gifted who can handle the health if not the Son of Man because she knows His class.

46.        You did not understand what happened. The people that accompanied Me did not even know what was happening until I spoke.

47.        Pastor Thomas, you were there when I spoke with her brother over the phone. Do you remember? You do not really know her. She is one of those people that offer commercial prayers and indulge in breaking of curses and deliverances. She has her own group for which cause the husband was afraid and then went back to Owerri. She kept on fooling herself, running up and down.

48.        What transpired in her house, I said it that day that I cannot give that testimony; that it is better that you hear it from the person concerned after I have spoken to her. What scared them away from the room where they were staying?

49.        The person taking care of her is her friend and a member of her group. She is an elderly woman. She is not a kid. From her position in the room, she suddenly saw the presence of Thick Smoke from the window. Thick Smoke!

50.        She called the sick woman and asked her whether she was aware of what was happening; that she had seen Thick Smoke for three good times. She looked in that direction and saw the same Thick smoke. She stood up, carried her bag by herself and they both ran into the next room.

51.        The reason for their running was the thick smoke. She collected every of their prayer items, including her chaplet and every other thing and took all of them away. She hid all of them away.

52.        Immediately she finished doing that, her eyes turned red. So, that was the time she told herself the truth. And that is why she will live because nobody gets to that level of red eyes and comes back to life again. Anybody that goes there and comes back must have the eyes turned red.

53.        The sermon I handled that day made a great impact in their lives. Up till now, they are quoting the sermon. Brother John Barnes recorded the sermon.

54.        Can you be magnanimous enough to collect the sermon and transcribe it? Then give it to us even in spiral binding so that we can have these records for posterity. There is no other reasons why we keep records if not for tomorrow, for nobody knows tomorrow.

55.        APOSTLE OJIAKOR SPEAKS: The husband was the one that had been calling me.

56.        The husband was calling you.

57.        APOSTLE OJIAKOR SPEAKS: That was on Sunday.

58.        Did Brother John not call?

59.        APOSTLE OJIAKOR SPEAKS: That was yesterday.

60.        I discussed this thing with you yesterday.

61.        APOSTLE OJIAKOR SPEAKS: I called you on Monday and told you that the husband was calling me asking that I should come.

62.        And I asked you to take your decision.

63.        APOSTLE OJIAKOR SPEAKS: You asked me to take my decision. But you had spoken to me giving me definite instruction. That was where I fixed my eyes.

64.        What was the definite instruction? Do not admit.

65.        APOSTLE OJIAKOR SPEAKS: Yes sir! You instructed I should not be involved in anything there and that even if I am called upon, I should not go. I needed to hear from the Almighty God and not any other voice.

66.        But when you were told that I was the one who instructed otherwise.

67.        APOSTLE OJIAKOR SPEAKS: They were the people that were reporting to me. I do not want to be like the young prophet

68.        But when you heard I was the One that now gave this instruction;

69.        APOSTLE OJIAKOR SPEAKS: they were the people who gave that report contrary to what God had earlier told me.

70.        And Bro John confirmed that the instruction emanated from me. What did you do?

71.        APOSTLE OJIAKOR SPEAKS: He even confessed to me that he was confused.

72.        Why did you not call me to get clearance?

73.        APOSTLE OJIAKOR SPEAKS: I did not call you because my Father had advised me otherwise. If my Father had wanted me to go ahead, He will not hesitate to instruct me that way. I told him that if He has not given me the instruction that I will not go. I told him that I would not go, that we could get there and die there.

74.        But why do you need my clearance?

75.        APOSTLE OJIAKOR SPEAKS: Sir, I called on Sunday and you said, No.

76.        But Sunday was Sunday.

77.        APOSTLE OJIAKOR SPEAKS: I held on to the first Voice.

78.        But Sunday was Sunday now.

79.        APOSTLE OJIAKOR SPEAKS: You know I have referred them off earlier on.

80.        I know now. She was no longer your patient. I know she is not your patient quite alright, but in spite of that, you would have done something.

81.        APOSTLE OJIAKOR SPEAKS: If my father had instructed me to go, I would have gone there.

82.        I know that she was not your patient. That one is true, but under emergency, the person referred out can be referred in.

83.        APOSTLE OJIAKOR SPEAKS: Sir, in this case, God had already taken over.

84.        Do you remember what the police told you? Do you remember that case that I told you that it will require the attention of the police?

85.        What did the DPO tell you? He said you could have used your vehicle as an ambulance. Amen.




Brethren, let us sit down. Deacon Denis, I will fine you ooh! Did I tell you that I do not eat bush meat again or is it because educated people said that it causes Ebola.

2.           We are not even aware of how long Ebola has been in existence. Right from the time of old, we were eating bush meat and yet not even one person suffered from Ebola.

3.           Today, they are saying that bush meat is the root cause of Ebola. There are communities where hunting is their prime occupation. I know too many communities in the North where their major occupation is hunting. They hunt different types of animals which they display along the highways for buyers, yet nobody has died of Ebola there.

4.           The people of Sierra Leone, Liberia, Ghana and Nigerians should look for what is killing them. Anybody who contacts any disease should look for the cause and not to accuse the animals in the bush. Bring bush meat for Me. Even antelope. Bring antelope for me.

5.           Ever since you have been cutting your palm fruit from the plantation, have you for one day given Me one gallon of palm oil? But any day you fall from the tree, you will call Me. The mouth remains guilty for not speaking out. You do not tell somebody to boil water for you, that you will fall from the tree.

6.           I commend all of you especially those that came from afar. If you continue to keep to time like this, I will always be grateful to all of you, putting many things into consideration.

7.           If it is a journey that will last for a full day, we can go the way we like, but once it is a trip that has to do with time, you stick to time. A worker that goes home late delayed himself.

8.           Bishop Obadiah was giving out instruction from his sick bed. Pastor Moses was busy sending text message to Me. We read his text message yesterday and we could not understand him.

9.           He was quoting Bishop Obadiah’s directives. And I asked whether Bishop Obadiah has resumed fellowship with you? I am aware he is still in the house having fellowship there because of his condition. I think that if trouble arises in a group, common sense demands that all of you should gather to look into the trouble with a view to finding the solution.

10.        It is not something that will be solved by somebody giving instructions from his bed. This is because he is taking a decision that will be binding on everybody; a decision that will determine your future. Yesterday when I read the text he sent to Me, I queried it. In short, I frowned at it.

11.        Elders that are here, do we have any provision for acting pastor? No sir! (the Elders answered). Have we ever heard that type of story before? No sir! (the Elders answered).




15.        If you look into the Acts of the Apostles, when trouble arose in their midst, they will gather but to pray and seek the face of God.

16.        I have frowned at your decision at Aba several times. You are fond of ordaining offices single-handedly. I remember the case of this young man that is causing trouble, that is Moses!

17.        You just wrote to us telling us that he is now a Pastor who you ordained or appointed according to your doctrine, whether he has pastoral qualities or not. And the person you appointed to be your pastor has turned out to be the worst.

18.        We do not even know what to say in that regard. Eziokwu is mere nomenclature. That you are answering Innocent does not mean that you are guiltless. It is a name anybody can take.

19.        Has the man called Eziokwu spoken truth ever since we knew him? When he was at Isiala-Ngwa, what drove him away? Is it not lies? Has he ever stood for the truth? Don’t you know what transpired in his marriage? Did he not deceive all of you?

20.        I had to carry out an in-depth investigation and then uncovered that Eziokwu had married before with kids, both boys and girls, drove his wife away and the parents brought the wife and children back, he hid them and ran to Aba to pick another wife.

21.        But you could not investigate. You accepted him. I told you that he was looking for money. His eyes were on a rich family. For he was thinking that Elder Nwosu will bequeath him with the Independent Marketers Association’s money if he (Eziokwu) marries Elder Nwosu’s daughter.

22.        That was his thought. He saw his filling stations. I told you all these things. He was attracted by the lady’s store in Aba. What is more, today, how many children does Aturuchi have for this Eziokwu? She has five children. He drove her away and she left with the five children she had for him.  Eziokwu is now living alone.

23.        He is not taking care of the first wife and the children. He is also not taking care of the second wife. How can Brother Obadiah, who has been in sick bed for over one year now, appoint the same Eziokwu, who is not speaking the truth, to be the acting Pastor?

24.        Deacon Frank, you are there. Elder Ugoala, you are there. Elder Ubani, all of you are there. Why must you be there and allow such a thing to happen? Why then are you Elders of the Faith? When did you start taking unilateral decisions?

25.        I thought that what makes it a Local Assembly an assembly is for them to assemble together, that is why it is called Assembly. We gather, we discuss and everybody will air his view. And then at the end of the day, you go into prayers and know whether the decisions you have taken pleases the Lord; whether the Lord is happy with it or whether it is a wrong decision.

26.        When you come to a point where you will start politicizing yourselves; any day you wake up you appoint one person the bishop, this person you are this, I mean, it is unacceptable in the sight of God. We will not accept that.

27.        Somebody that was excommunicated for wrong doing on the day we were burying Pastor Paul Oguzie’s mother; Don’t you know the crime he committed for which cause he was excommunicated during the burial ceremony? He did not for one day come around and accept his fault, he never pleaded for forgiveness.

28.        After ten years, he came with a woman who he called his wife and you accepted him. When he came to Onitsha, we said, No. He is still on excommunication. He should, first of all, talk about restoration.

29.        Then, when you present a lady, we will know whether she is his wife or girlfriend. But you accepted him and started rejoicing that he has married. But we carried out investigation and found out that the lady was his girlfriend, and that he has not done anything pertaining to fulfilling marriage rites to her family. I think the lady has gone away.

30.        Aba has a problem right from the beginning and they do not want to correct it. That is why we dissociated ourselves from you. Now, you are having your problems.

31.        The people that came from Obingwa, I instructed them to remain where they were. Stay there and worship God in the way you understand. Do not ever go to Aba. Aba should look for where to go. This is the truth.



34.        The same way, it is with a group. God is with us while we are with Him. When we abandon Him, He will abandon us how do you abandon Him? When you abandon the Word of God revealed to you which is truth. God is truth. You are no longer working with God. God is no longer working with you.

35.        I keep on telling you this every day. The word of God is the ground of no compromise. Finish! Stand there. The Lord will defend your cause. Speak the truth in love. Do not look at anybody’s face.

36.        But you do not do it. You treat people with respect of faces, which is very, very wrong. You want them to be friends so that I will be enemy, because this is what you do when you take such decisions that are favourable to them. But when they bring it to Me, and I say No; I will turn to be their enemy.

37.        You must learn to gather together and then take the right decision at the right time. Stop permitting all these things. These are part of the things that grieve out the Holy Spirit from among you. You will be running a dry organization. You should be very careful! You should be very careful!! You should be very careful!!!

38.        You can never remain in error till eternity. And the reason why you have remained in error is because it has been a one-man-show. Nobody is a repository of all knowledge.

39.        Whenever somebody thinks that his knowledge is enough to carry him, that is the time he will fall into trouble. He will start making the most grievous mistakes.

40.        You are all welcome.

41.        Thank you sir.

42.        You are all welcome

43.        Thank you sir.

44.        You are all welcome

45.        Thank you sir.

46.        ELDER VIN SPEAKS: My in-law! You cannot hide. I have seen you. My in-law! My in-law!

47.        What is it? Is it concerning Aba? If you must tell Me anything pertaining to Aba, you must transport yourself to me.

48.        ELDER UGOALA SPEAKS: I know sir, we just want to book for it sir.

49.        Then book through our Pastor. We came here with him. That is, if he will permit you. It will only be by his permission.

50.        AN OLD WOMAN GREETS THE BRETHREN: you are welcome, you are welcome, Remain blessed. You are welcome, Remain blessed. You are welcome, Wealthy people! you are welcome. If there is no offence, there will not be forgiveness. You are welcome. Who is this? Deacon Samuel. You are welcome everybody.

51.        Did you hear the adage she just used? If there is no offence, there will not be forgiveness. I hope we have plain sheets here, because there are certain things we will dictate and you will help us to note them so that we will not forget, for it is very, very essential.

52.        Have you been given the photographs? Have you scanned the enlargement? Who did we give the thing? There is a reason why they could not take it. The frame did not allow the photograph to be scanned. That is what we are saying.

53.        We are going to use this one. But if you can give us any other one, no matter how small, as long as it is presentable. After using them, we will return them to you. At the end of the day, we will return all of them back to you.

54.        It is not a must. Did you see my picture and that of any of my siblings in my father’s funeral brochure? Were you not the one that handled that one? Did you see My own? I am against using both the pictures of the living and the dead in making a funeral brochure. I am always against it.

55.        ELDER VIN OF IKWUAGWU FAMILY SPEAKS: You are welcome. Thank you sir. You are welcome. You are welcome. My brothers said I should offer you this kola.

56.        Elders of the Bride of Christ Ministry present here, and representatives from other Local Assemblies, Elders of the land, owners of this compound, the children of Elder Davidson Ikwuagwu including his brothers and relation, Umunguma people offered this kola to express their mind towards us. We join our hands to say thank you. We are grateful. A visitor cannot be greater than the owner of the house. The kola is back to you sir.

57.        ELDER VIN OF IKWUAGWU FAMILY SPEAKS: I will collect it from you. But as a Man of God you are, bless this kola for us.

58.        Thank you. I can boldly do it because you have given me the go-ahead. Respect is reciprocal. You heard what he said. He did not hand it over to Me because I am the oldest. He gave it to Me because he believes that God uses man as a vessel. Amen.



Let’s bow down our heads. Our dear Heavenly Father, the Creator of heaven and earth and all the things therein, both the visible and the invisible. You bear rule over all.  He that created man in His own image. Every knee bows down before you, O Great Jehovah.

2.           We thank you O God, for granting us journey mercies to this place from our different areas without a single problem to any one of us. There was no accident or any evil report concerning any one of us.

3.           We equally thank you for the people we have come to visit in this compound, that all of them are alive and healthy. None is in the hospital or in sorrow and pain. You furnished them with life. We say let your Name be glorified forever and ever through Christ we pray.

4.           Father, you that knoweth the heart of men, He that seeth even in the darkest places, everything is naked before you. There is nothing that cometh out of the mouth of a human being that the Lord does not know; Thou knoweth the thoughts of every man.

5.           That is why the Lord asked us, where shall we hide our face that the prying eyes of the Lord will not search us out.

6.           That is why O Lord, we are in your presence this day. And you told us in your word that any family we shall come into and they accept us that we should declare Godly peace unto that family and so shall it be.

7.           But anywhere we go and the people reject us, we should dust our legs and our sandals and leave the place. That in the end, the city of Sodom and Gomorrah shall be better than that city or family.

8.           For that reason oh Lord, in this family, in this city where they accepted us and offered us this kola, offered us seat, we are saying that the peace that cometh from your presence, which the world does not know where it comes be the portion of this family from now till eternity.

9.           Any evil plans of the enemies against this family Lord, we stand on the authority you have given to us as your children declaring it nullified this day.

10.        Prove yourself to be God in this family. Make a Name for Yourself O Jehovah. Our Lord and Our God. Bless this kola before us. Bless the hand that brought it. Bless as many that will take this kola that we might have life and sound health.

11.        More especially, the purpose for which cause we have gathered this day to brainstorm and plan on how we shall pay the last respect to our departed father and Elder, Davidson Ikwuagwu, who slept in death at your own time.

12.        Whatever plan we shall make to give him the last respect, may you take charge and accomplish it O Lord. Bless it that we might do it in peace. From now, O Lord till eternity, even when we shall be plying the road to this place to plan with the family for the successful execution of this burial, and as many that will come to this burial from far and near, may we never record any evil report O Lord.

13.        May you never allow anything evil to be associated with this burial. Rather, make a name for yourself through this burial. Father, we ask believing that you will do even more than we have requested through Christ our Lord we pray. Amen.




I hand back the kola to you. Thank you. Brethren take kolanuts. Who and who will you give a whole kolanut? Captain Ugoala!

2.           ELDER VIN OF IKWUAGWU FAMILY SPEAKS: This is the Chief of the vigilante, Umuguma community. He is very busy at the moment, but we told him to come.

3.           Let him send a trusted person from his group who will work with us; who will also give him the reports of all our plans and decisions. But it is important that you work with us. Your presence is very important to us.

4.           THE VIGILANTE CHIEF: They will brief me of every development.

5.           There is a difference between briefing you and your physically being part of the planning process. There are issues we need to sit down and discuss with you. Send one of your men to represent you and who will give you report about the meeting.

6.           THE VIGILANTE CHIEF: They have all gone to where they will arrest some suspects. There was a case of robbery within the community two days ago. They have all been detailed to go in search of the robbers.

7.           Give us one. Strive and give us one of your men. Listen to me. You can even give us any of the youth that is not in the vigilante, who will report back to you.

8.           THE VIGILANTE CHIEF: Placid is here. He can give me report. He is my in-law. He is my in-law. He will be giving me report.

9.           There is a service that is very important to us which the youth will have to render for us. It is the same way we do it everywhere we go. 

10.        THE VIGILANTE CHIEF: Do not worry. They have told me. I know about it. I will handle it.

11.        They have told you? OK. Pastor Dan, collect his phone number and give him My phone number as well. Bishop Isaac! Take this number also because he is the one representing the youths of this community now. Are you hearing Me?

12.        There are certain things we have handed over to them. Things like P.A system, drinks; you know they are in charge of those things. They are the people to direct. They are the people that will sign surety for you in all the places where all these things are going to be purchased. You know his house? Good. That’s Ok.

13.        Deacon Sam! Bring a plate and share this kola. When a visitor is given a kola, he will say his purpose for coming. Give them the garden egg. Position it where it will be within reach of everybody. Do not allow it to pour away. After sharing, you bring the remnant before Me. Thank you very much. Deacon Dan Chukwuemeka, sit down.

14.        ELDER VIN OF IKWUAGWU FAMILY SPEAKS: There is one of our brothers who is here with us. Gregory Nwanna. He is the carbon copy of Ikwuagwu. The carbon copy of Ikwuagwu as you see him, in both height and everything. When you see him you have seen my grandfather.

15.        MR. GREGORY SPEAKS: We are happy that you are here, Man of God. Thank you very much. God will bless you. Amen.

16.        Elders of the Bridal Faith, The people of Umunguma, you are all part of the kola. They all belong to us. My people of Uvuru, Mbaise says that any community that brings out a masquerade has also brought out running.

17.        The people of Anambra says that the community that brings out Ijele masquerade also brings out jogging, because as the big masquerade moves on, the followers will also be following it by jogging.

18.        You are all witnesses to what is happening. The slave adjusts his head pad to the size of the firewood being cut in the forest. We salute you very well. It will also be nice that you know the people that have visited you. Even if I do not start from the beginning, I will start from somewhere.

19.        Stand up. A short man has caused pandemonium in the market place. The person standing is Dr. Luke Ojiakor. He is the Medical Director in charge of the Medical Centre of the University of Nigeria, Enugu Campus. He is also the Director of El Shaddai Hospital, Umuoji. He is an Apostle in the Bride.

20.        This person is Pastor Thomas Eze. He is one of our Pastors in Onitsha. He is a businessman in Onitsha main market.

21.        This person is one of the colleagues of Pa Davidson Ikwuagwu. He is Elder Goddy Ugoala. He is a retired Nigerian Army captain. Today, he is a business consultant based in Aba.

22.        This person is another colleague of Pa Davidson Ikwuagwu. Elder Ubani. He is a business man in Aba. He is a native of Okpuala Ngwa.

23.        This person is your own kinsman. He is our Teacher in Faith. Leonard. He is from Obosima. This person is also your kinsman. Deacon Dennis from Umuokanne.

24.        This one is small but mighty. That is what he is. Pastor Promise. He is our Pastor in Umuorji, Egbema. He is your kinsman from Obingwu here, but he plies his trade in Egbema.

25.        This one is your in-law and our Pastor in Obosima. Pastor Iyke. He is from Umuorji, Egbema. He lives in Obosima but married to his wife from Ohuba.

26.        This one is your son. Pastor Emeka Umana in Umuokanne. He is married to my own sister from Uvuru. He is married to the sister of Barrister Onwuama Nicholas.

27.        Vitalis! I saw you shifting to the back. He is our Pastor here in Obosima. Pastor Vitalis. He is a builder. You all know this person. He is a reckless person. He is not tall. He is a teacher by profession. He is also an Evangelist. He is a teacher at the secondary school in Ohuba.

28.        You all know our Bishop. Bishop Isaac Igwe. He does not need any introduction in this family. He is known to this family the same way Deacon Sam is known to the family.

29.        Pastor Dan Nwadike from Ehime Mbano. He is a business man at the drug section of the Bridgehead market, Onitsha.

30.        This is our Brother, Peter Onwudinjo from Ugwueke, Alayi, Bende. He is the Field Salesman of Valleumbra, manufacturers of food and flour. The company is based in Aba, but he is in charge of Anambra, Enugu and Benue states.

31.        This person is a Pharmacist. You know him. He is from Okwuze, Egbema, Rivers State. His name is Loveday. Lias Pharmacy Limited, based in Port Harcourt. He is the owner.

32.        His Royal Majesty; little things, when overlooked spoil a lot of things. I remember when in 1999, an MC who does not know the customs and tradition was contracted to handle the proceedings of an occasion.

33.        When the traditional rulers started coming out, he thought that they will be identified by their height. The MC messed things up to the extent that our traditional ruler got very offended and spoke in the same way to the MC.

34.        This person is His Royal Majesty, Eze Celestine Oduah, Ezeala 1 of Umuoji, Egbema. He is a traditional ruler.

35.        This person is a world household name. His name is read in the newspapers like Vanguard, Sun, everywhere. This is Fryde Okoh. The best artist in Africa. Common wealth of Nations has honoured him in Great Britain. He is the man in charge of Tourism Board, Enugu State.

36.        This is Dan Chukwuemeka. You all will know him. Anyone who wants to quell a fight should, first of all, stop the provocation. My war with him did not start today. Please help me in talking to him.

37.        I AM THE SHEPHERD of the Faith of Christ, Bride of Christ Ministry Worldwide. I promised you that I will bring you more. This is last week’s report. Amen.




It pleased God that He will give Me the Gospel that will go into all the countries of this whole world; cutting across language barriers and even going into places where the Bible cannot enter, where the mere mention of Jesus Christ attracts a capital punishment whereby the person’s head will be cut off.

2.           Wherever there is darkness and daylight, even in the deep ocean. I even entered into Antigua and Bermuda. The remotest part of the whole world, I am there. See the proof. I have them here.

3.           For now, do not underrate this Movement. If you overlook a little pot, the content will boil over and quench the big fire under. Whenever you wake up from your slumber becomes morning to you. Whatever a man does not know is older than he is.

4.           That is why, wherever we enter, there is nothing you will do or say that will upset Me. You did what you were supposed to do because when someone comes face to face with what he has not seen before, something strange, it is not something for which you will even exercise patience to see the trend.

5.           Afterall, there is a type of plant that will grow in your farm and as soon as you see it you will just cut it and throw it away because you were not the one that planted it. Perhaps you may not know the time God planted it there.

6.           That is the thing that normally prevents progress in agriculture with which God blessed us. The thing that would have prevented this blessing which God brought to bless the whole world was averted when He introduced a flower called “Awolowo Flower”

7.           It is found everywhere. It is also called independence flower. The botanical name is Eupatorium Odoratum. That is what I am talking about. I know when that plant came newly. It has been found now to be the best natural manure. Any bush that does not have it cannot be fertile enough.

8.           People are of the opinion that the seed was spread with an aeroplane. Who built the plane that can go round the whole world? That is the way it is.

9.           If Papa Davidson were still alive now, there is something I will say which is older than all of you here now and he will confirm it to be true.

10.        I will tell you the year cassava came. I will you the year Yam came. I will also tell you the year Cocoyam came. The oldest root crop we have now is the yam called Ọnọ and the reason why this Ọnọ was not accepted was that some people used it as food while some people worshipped it as an idol.

11.        Even till today, there are communities where it is an abomination to bring it into their land. I am the one to tell you how oil beans seed (Ugba or Ukpaka) came into Africa. I will also tell you how oil palm came into Africa but later left Africa. It has left Africa now. It has now settled in Malaysia.

12.        We were the people that took it to Malaysia who never knew what it was. So whenever a good thing is coming, it does not make any announcement or ring bell to signal its arrival. It starts from a family. In that family, it starts with one person. It does not come according to any already laid down way.

13.        That is why God told us in the Scripture that it is not right to put a new wine into an old wineskin. It is not done. When God spoke as recorded in the Bible, He said He will do a new thing which if people are told, they will never believe.

14.        When a new thing comes, it will not be accepted by everybody. It will take some time before people will understudy it and give it a place in their hearts. This is because what mislead people are the distortions of the truth, rumours and all manner of stories.


16.        But at the end of the day, this Jesus Christ that is so popular today, for which cause the whole world is carrying Bible today, you should not forget that there was a time when you will be killed if a copy of the Bible is found in your possession in the land of the Jews.

17.        If you mention the name, Jesus Christ, you will be killed because what was predominant then was Judaism. There was nothing called Christianity.

18.        If these things are happening also in our own day, I mean in My own day; I was born and brought up in a Catholic family. I attended the Seminary at Okpala and I was trained under the Irish priests.

19.        I passed through Reverend Father Dallman, father Cielo, then finally father D. O’sullivan. I had risen to the level of being a priest because that is what Mbaise people are known for. If you are not ordained a reverend sister, you will be ordained a reverend father. This was before I found fault with that thing.

20.        There was a time you will go for confession, if you touch the Bible with your hands. You will go to the reverend father to confess that you have sinned by touching the Bible.

21.        I knew when it was a standing law forbidding a Catholic from marrying a member of the CMS. I remember the time when, after school, a teacher that taught us in a Catholic school, the head master, Lazarus Ahanekwu of blessed memory, will mobilize all the elders and rascals in his own camp to go and beat up the catechist of the CMS school.

22.        They will provoke the man by singing songs with his name and as soon as the catechist gets infuriated and comes out of his house rampaging Roman Catholics will beat him mercilessly.

23.        But today, what removed that enmity? When we talk about the protestants, who are these protestants? The people called protestants are the CMS. But today, where are the Protestants? That thing they were protesting against, has that thing been removed?

24.        That wall of partition, has it been removed? Who removed it? And how was it removed? False unity is unity without truth. Put the truth there, bring in the truth of Wesley’s day, Martin Luther’s day, it will still reproduce the same fruits it produced in their day.

25.        The fruit it produced in Great Britain will be reproduced again. If a grain of corn stays for one million years, if it germinates when planted, it will still produce corn.

26.        That is why I tell people that even if falsehood grows grey hairs, it will still be called falsehood. There is no amount of years falsehood can stay on the land for it to become the truth.

27.        There is an Igbo adage that says that when evil stays in the land for more than one year, it becomes a tradition. But I say it is in a land that does not have restrictions. If evil stays for a long time in that land and finally becomes a tradition, that land does not have restrictions.

28.        A land with restrictions can never tolerate that nonsense. There must be one person in that land who will tell them that that thing is evil and that nobody should touch it.

29.        I tell my children that the reason why evil has piled up to this day, as my father earlier told me, for I had my children in the Faith and they grew up in the fear of God.

30.        My father also died as an Elder. He was ordained an Elder the same day with Pa Davidson Ikwuagwu. He died at the age of 95 years in 2009. We gathered as a family and buried him and then moved on.

31.        Why evil has piled up till today is because the people of old, who know what evil means, spewed it away after tasting it. Another person will taste it and do the same thing. Anybody who tries it runs away. Evil kept piling. If you check very well you will notice that good deeds are scarce. It is so because it is not enough to go round all that want it.

32.        But evil piled up because anybody that tastes it will reject it. Any one that touches it escapes with the exclamation, “God forbid”.

33.        Children of nowadays are now bold enough to use these evils that were forbidden by our forefathers as decorative ornaments around their necks. They tie them on their waist. They use it to scare other people away. They indulge in it as a matter of pride. Sudden death comes from the consumption of a forbidden item. Amen.




I salute you all. The vulture prayed that those that are acquainted with it should not all die, lest children will kill it and eat thinking they are eating turkey.

2.           We have come. I do not need any introduction. You know Me just as I know you people. There is nothing about me that you do not know. I have been longing that you may know me so that you will know that aspect of Me you did not know before, so that you can crosscheck to find out if there is any truth there.

3.           This visit had already been ordained by God. He knows we will come here. The English adage says that after rain cometh sun shine. There was a statement a woman made here, that if there is no offence, there would not be any need for forgiveness.

4.           When the Elders of the Faith paid Me a visit, I presented kola and every other thing to them. Papa Vin is my witness for he was there. Much had not been said before I rose up and said that according to our Message in the Faith of Christ, the greatest manifestation of love is forgiveness.

5.           THE GREATEST MANIFESTATION OF LOVE REMAINS FORGIVENESS. It is not just enough to forgive without forgetting, but to forgive and also forget, for without transgression, there would not be anything like forgiveness.

6.           I also quoted the book of Job that said that there is no righteous man that sinneth not. Thus, nobody is insulated from that. If not for the grace of God, no flesh will be saved.

7.           I opened up immediately. I gave them an allegory. If somebody defecates here and it is covered with sand, the faeces will still be smelling. Flies will still be hovering around it to show that it is smelling.

8.           As long as it is covered with sand, flies must keep coming. If you want flies to go away, carry the faeces with a shovel and dispose of it properly. Once you do that, the flies will cease as well as the smell.

9.           I do not believe in covering iniquity or hiding myself. God said that a man who covers his sin does not prosper in his ways. He that confesses his sins and repents is a wise man.

10.        If I have an offering and I notice that my heart is not right with my brother, He said I should keep my offering by the side and go to my brother to make it right. When we are reconciled again, then I can now give my offering. If not, it will be unacceptable before God.

11.        They understood the few words I spoke to them. I now pointed them to the thing they did to us, which we do not know the cause. You did this thing to us on January 7th, in the year 2000.

12.        After 15years, something brought us to your family again and you repeated the same thing. What have we done to you? Which of your laws have we transgressed? He that killed a man that was not given any hearing at all is likened to one that killed a sleeping person. When you murder sleep, you will never sleep again.

13.        But common sense demands, the law and even human right, fairness, judgment and equity demands that you must hear from a man before you begin to condemn him, not when you have not heard from him. Even if you have grievances against him, table your grievances let us have a little dialogue.

14.        We started by analyzing few things before Papa Vin spoke. His younger brother Geoffrey called Papa Vin and told him that all I have said are truth.

15.        We have documented evidences. That was why I showed you what we printed from the Internet. The meeting we had in my house has already been printed out. You can have a look at it. This is it.

16.        That is why, even in this present visit, I own responsibility for all my actions and utterances everywhere. There is no place I go to or anything I do which I do not ask that all should be documented, tape-record, quote me verbatim, because I do not have any ulterior motive. This thing came out this morning.

17.        After reading it, we will hand it over to you to go through also to know whether it was truly and exactly what we discussed in my house. I will show you. I am coming.

18.        There is another thing I will tell you concerning Sister Ogochukwu and Deacon Sam so that you will know where our troubles with them started so that you will know that we are fighting the same cause.

19.        It is a very bad thing that your fellow hunter will turn round and say that your leg is like that of the animal being hunted. This is due to poor representation. This will enable you to know where we started fighting this war that has been raging.

20.        Who are we fighting for? We are fighting for the Ikwuagwu’s family. Due to the fact that the person in question is stubborn to every advice, we now found out that there are people that are rendering advice from the background. We found out that there were people who were supporting them. We were not happy.

21.        There was something we read for you that day touching on a few areas and you saw the date; far back 2012. Papa Ikwuagwu was alive then in 2012. We read it for you from the same booklet as this one.

22.        This message, MEMORY LANE; see what was written here. Comments about Deacon Sam Nnadi and Sister Ogochukwu. The events were all lined up according to the way they happened, year by year; all the troubles that erupted and all the efforts we have made to restore them back to this family.

23.        After all our investigations, they were summoned for a meeting. They were instructed on what to do. There is an English adage that says that you can take a horse to the water, but you cannot force the horse to drink. I now took a drastic action, for there is no smoke without fire. A drum cannot make any sound unless you tap it.

24.        I summoned courage. I never consulted anybody. There was no other thing we could do. To be compassionate is to do the will of God. You cannot be right and wrong at the same time, otherwise we will be paying for offences we never committed.

25.        Now, we pushed all of them out of our fellowship on the condition that they must go home and make peace with their people and get restored to their family for they can never be strangers till eternity. Grown-ups! We have rendered help the much we can.

26.        We have helped to this extent. Her first daughter was in primary 4 when Sister Ogochukwu got acquainted with this Faith.

27.        We kept on helping her until all her five children became graduates. Was it by her efforts? We did it collectively. This is not the only place we have done this. We do it for everybody. Yet pointing them back to their families.

28.        How can I, a notable family Head, that lives very close to the village square, who understands the customs and traditions concede to giving somebody’s daughter’s hand away in marriage in a foreign land when two of my own daughters are married and living with their children in their own husbands’ houses?

29.        Were my daughters’ marriages contracted in a foreign land? They were born in Onitsha quite alright, but when a prospective husband indicated interest in marrying any of them, I took them to Umukohie, Uvuru where the traditional rites were fulfilled.

30.        But when it came to wedding, the wedding took place in her husband’s city of residence. Then I travelled with my Brethren and relations. Brethren was it not Lagos we went for wedding recently?

31.        The thing became tough. Then your wife agreed with what I said. But on the day of introduction, we got a report. Did any of you Elders here attend that ceremony? We did not attend it, because the information we got was to go for the introduction of the prospective in-law and to get the consent of the young girl and the mother.

32.        We gave an order that if they agree to the marriage, they should relocate every other ceremony concerning the fulfillment of the traditional rites down to Umuguma. They all agreed.

33.        At the end of the day another order came from somewhere else. I was not given any report even till today. I got report through some of our Brethren who were there but who left in anger. This was because they got there and the whole thing turned into something else.

34.        They now decided to undertake the payment of the dowry and the official traditional handover of the young woman to her husband. It was then that all our Brethren left there in anger because that was not the agreement.

35.        The in-laws also agreed that it was not what they were told. God was so kind that the man whose son came to marry knew Oluchi’s father, the late husband of Ogochukwu and they were friends.

36.        He vowed never to go ahead with the fulfillment of traditional rites in a strange land. He walked away from the gathering. He insisted that he should be allowed to go if they were not prepared to take him to Umuguma for that purpose.

37.        I judged that man to be a perfect man, a leader that meets my soul. At the end of the day, the report reaching me was that the person advising them was Deacon Sam. When we give instructions on what to do, he will go behind and do another thing.

38.        If he were with us, there was no way he would have presented himself as a member of the Ikwuagwu’s family. Of course you know I spoke about it. It is contained in our Messages. I told him before many witnesses.

39.        “This is the trouble you are bringing upon yourself. Let nobody attribute it to this Faith. That is the height of injustice; a slap in the face of your in-laws. Do you really have any form of respect for your in-laws? Who authorized you? Dr. Sam Ikwuagwu is alive.” There was one other Elderly man whose name I did not know as at that time. The one that has a cleft. I mentioned many people.

40.        Which written authority do you have from the Ikwuagwu family to represent them? What authority do you have to give their daughter’s hand away in marriage? Are you an in-law to the family or a son born into that family? Are you her eldest brother? What are you in that family?

41.        We judged him in the congregation and we summoned Sister to appear before the entire congregation. That day was a hot day. Everything was documented. Everybody condemned their movements right from the beginning. I ended it having a private and quiet chat with them, because there is a reason for every action of a man.

42.        She started a lengthy narrative starting from when the husband was still alive. I never knew the church they were attending that time. In short I do not how she enlisted into this Faith.

43.        This is because every local assembly is independent. We jointly embarked on only this type of visit which we paid to your family. No Local assembly is accountable to the other. I am only there as the figure head. No more, no less. Nobody is paying Me. Am I on a salary in this Faith?

44.        I have my occupation. I work with my hands. I served as a civil servant and retired. Have you not seen my house. Were you not in my house? Do I look like a poor man? It is important that whosoever you are acquainted with should be very well known to you.

45.        We work with our hands. We earn our living. There is nobody here who is paid a kobo in the faith. If you want to serve God, come out and serve God selflessly; serve mankind selflessly. All that worshipped God before now earned their living from their handiwork.

46.        That is why if anyone comes to me to tell me that he is in full time ministry, I will ask the fellow whether he is more a full time minister than Jesus or Saint Paul. Are you more a full time minister than Peter?

47.        When did the preaching of the Gospel of Christ become a means of livelihood? When did it become a money-making venture? That is the cause of all the fraud we are seeing today. Anybody who is running away from the churches, do not ask him why.

48.        Churches are now involved in 419, kidnapping, armed robbery and all manner of evils are associated with the Churches today. The devil is no more in the shrines. The devil is now resident in the churches, preaching from the Bible and still continuing in his evil ways while in the church.

49.        We better accept this truth because we are all living witnesses. After all, by their fruits, we shall know them. Is it hidden? Eyes can see all that is happening. Amen.





What am I saying? We were not there in the beginning. When I conducted an in-depth study into the problem, I found out that it was as a result of an accumulation of unresolved issues in the heart over the years.

2.           I do not know how the husband died. I do not even know him in person until I summoned her to appear before Me. She started by telling me how she got married to her husband and that he was the only son of the mother.

3.           She told me how the husband was bitten by a snake, how the snake was killed, how the snake was put in to a tin filled with formalin which was tightly sealed. He brought the tin back to this family to show the members of his family. When he opened the tin, there was no snake inside that tin anymore.

4.           The snake whose head was cut off disappeared inside the tin that was filled with formalin. That one was noted. The husband became ill as a result of the snake bite and at the end of the day, he died.

5.           I narrated these things to you that day and also told you that there is another war which we are waging on your behalf which you do not know about. We are waging that war in love for God’s sake.

6.           We are waging the war so that there would still be a remnant of the descendants of that lineage which can be credited to that man whom we do not know about. This is because it is a very bad thing for a lineage to close up. Descendants must remain here. The continuity of a tree that does not produce seeds ends the day that tree dies.

7.            On the day the husband was buried here in this compound, that same snake which was killed, but which also disappeared, now appeared from nowhere. The people could not kill that snake. I am saying all I am saying in truth and in love. You can call your children and your wife to verify.

8.           I never knew Sister Ogochukwu’s name until she was excommunicated along with the entire members of her family. That was when I came to know that her name is Diana. I never knew her name is Diana. This is because once you are a woman in our midst, we call you Sister. We call you by that name with which we know you.

9.           I never knew her name is Diana until two weeks ago. Do you know that that same snake which we did not know when it bit its victim, how it disappeared and how it resurfaced again; Do you know that that same snake left Umuguma and went back to Nsukka to stay?

10.        Did I not tell you? It never happened in secret. It was witnessed by not less than 200 people including lecturers in the University of Nigeria Nsukka. Because she does not live alone. All the staff that live in the premises witnessed it. Her apartment is just like this one and her neighbours’ houses surround the area.

11.        There is no bush near her apartment. That same snake now went back to Nsukka and lived in there with Sister Ogochukwu and her children. So it was. They themselves never knew that they were living inside that house with the snake.

12.        They went about their normal business, until her son, Chibuzor, graduated from the university as an engineer. Her daughter had also graduated with her masters’ degree. The rest of the children were, by then, in the university. That snake came out again.

13.        Look at how this snake came out. It was not a total darkness. There was light. Sister Ogochukwu was living with the first daughter of Deacon Sam as at that time.

14.        There were other people who were living in her house, like Victor Nnachor, the son of Bishop Nnachor all of whom were going to school from her house because it was closer for them

15.        Every other person went out to urinate and came back. But when Chibuzor now went to urinate his own through that same door which every other person passed, something struck and hit its head on the concrete and started wriggling.

16.        The boy shouted and everybody in the neighbourhood gathered to see that the snake had already struck, hit and smashed its head on the cement. As the snake was wriggling up and down, the people got sticks and machetes and finally succeeded in killing that snake.

17.        The snaked was now measured and it was found to be 8 feet, 6 inches long. As soon as the mother measured the snake, she took a closer look and now realized it was the same colour with the one that bit her husband and it measured the same thing.

18.        The snake was photographed. She has her copy and we also have our own copy. So it was. They called me on the phone and I told them that it had bitten someone the first time and went away free, but it would not get away free this time around. It must surely be caught.

19.        We now caught the snake. When we caught it and they called me on the phone, I told them what to do to the snake. Do not roast it. Do not eat it. Do not even bury the snake.

20.        I gave instruction on what I wanted them to do to the snake. And I handed that over to the Elders in Nsukka. I told them that once that is done, I will tell them another thing they will expect, because spirits do not die.

21.        The highest it can do is to leave the person in whom it is dwelling. After going up and down, it will reoccupy the same person.

22.        Jesus Christ said it that when evil spirit is driven away from a human being, it will go to the desert but it will keep coming back to check whether there is space in the person for it to occupy.

23.        Once it finds out that the spirit of God has left that person, it will now go back and bring a legion of demons to occupy that same person. At that time, the person’s condition becomes worse than it was before the evil spirit was driven away.

24.        They obeyed because when death comes they will obey but when the problem is solved, they harden up again. You will find out that since these things have been happening, I have become a Messenger sent by God. Songs will be composed with my Name to show gratitude to the Son of Man.

25.        But after some time they tend to forget again. And once history is forgotten, the mistakes of the past must be repeated. I told them that this snake was not yet dead. It is true that some things had been done to it, but there remaineth something.

26.        As I am talking to you, record for yourself. We are also recording for ourselves. If you do not record, when we print it in book form, we will still give you copies. You will then crosscheck whether it was what I said.

27.        Brethren, I hope you are recording? That is how we monitor ourselves and everything.

28.        Anybody that discourages recording does not know what he is saying. Such a person is not sure of what he is saying. I owe responsibility to all my utterances and actions everywhere. Finish! So listen to me.

29.        It got to a point when the son called me to tell me that he was going to take aptitude test in Port Harcourt for NNPC I remained calm. I asked if that was all. He then said No, that there was another one for Shell Company and that he had gotten their invitation letters.

30.        I said Ok, “Make your choice. He said he will go for that of Shell Company. I then said Ok. I bade him farewell and also instructed him to get back to me as soon as he is through with it. “May God bless you to secure a nice appointment”. And he agreed with me.

31.        On the day he travelled, he never called me. He went just like that. Normally when we get to any city, we report first to the Pastor in charge of that Household of God, even if my parents are living in that city, be it Port Harcourt or Aba.

32.        If I find myself in Aba, the first person I will go to is the Pastor or an Elder who will know that I am in that city. They are the people to tell me where I will stay or if I decide to chose where I will stay, they will insist on their own recommendation so as to effectively monitor me.

33.        All those that help me, that is the way it has always been in our Faith. Brethren is it a lie? It is not just me alone. That is the way we do it for every Brother or Sister. We even do it for those who are not in our Faith because if someone comes to you for help, you are bound to help.

34.        It is just like the day you came to my house and you said that you want to buy funeral cloth at the Onitsha Main Market. We enquired about you knowledge of the market. When we were sure that you do not know your way about the market, I appointed our Apostle Kelechi to escort you with a Keke Napep, show you the line where you will make your choice and purchases.

35.        I did it because I do not want you to fall into the hands of fraudsters in the market. Everybody will want to collect the money you came with. Anyone that does that type of favour has not done anything extraordinary.

36.        So, this boy went to Port Harcourt and joined his friends in school. Nobody in our midst knew where he was staying in Port Harcourt even after four days.

37.        The worst was that the mother was not even aware of his whereabouts in Port Harcourt. We did not know. The Household of God at Port Harcourt, where Engineer Chukwudubem (my son-in-law) is, nobody knew his whereabouts.

38.        How did we know that this boy has gone ahead with the aptitude test he proposed to attend in Port Harcourt? He did not let me know because I had forgotten the date he told me before then. My phone rang and he greeted me, “Daddy, remain blessed forever.” He said he had almost died that afternoon.

39.        I enquired about what was to kill him. “Chibuzor! Where are you?” he said that he was in Port Harcourt and that it was that Shell BP aptitude test that brought him there. He said he was on his way to enter a bus at the Peace mass transit terminus in Port Harcourt to go back to Nsukka.

40.        Frantically he said, “Daddy, in short, I do not know what happened to me. I only wanted to cross the road. I did not know whether I was blind or not. The next thing I heard was Gbua!”

41.        According to him, he smashed the wind screen with his head and fell into the vehicle. He was hit by a car which lifted him up and he broke the windscreen with his head and fell on the driver inside the vehicle.

42.        I enquired again by asking him, “What is happening?” After the boy’s explanation, I now asked him saying, “Please, where are you?” I now called the Pastor, who now called our Brother Collins, the police officer. Bro Collins now used his vehicle and with that desperation, he then went and picked the boy where he was standing at the Shell Camp.

43.        That was where he was standing when our Brother picked him up. They took him home. That was when I instructed that they should take him to the nearest hospital for a checkup lest he might be bleeding somewhere internally and we knew it not.

44.        They took him to the military hospital in Port Harcourt and after the examination, by the Grace of God, this boy did not have any internal bleeding.

45.        I instructed that they should come and see me on Sunday Fellowship after he came back from Port Harcourt and they did. I called him and instructed him to be very careful.

46.        That thing which hunted your father and killed him is hunting you now. When you were nothing, it never hunted you. Now that you have become a Mechanical Engineer, you now have prospects. Amen.




Remember our Message. EVERY LITTLE ACHIEVEMENT MUST ATTRACT THE ATTENTION OF THE ENEMY. And the enemy might not be somebody you are having in your mind. It may be somebody you least expected. If I would not benefit from your death, why will I partake in killing you?

2.           Be vigilant from now. When a baby lion preserves itself it will become the king of the jungle. If not it could either be run over by the tyres of a vehicle or clubbed to death.

3.           But if it preserves itself and remains in the thick forest, it will grow into the king of the jungle. If anybody ventures near the forest, he will be warned about a powerful lion that dwells there. I spoke to the mother and she left. So it was.

4.           A little while, I had a dream. That dream was very very strange to me. I looked at it and said that this cannot be. In the dream, we came to Umuguma to stay with Sister Ogoo for the burial of her brother in-law.

5.           This thing is contained in our Message. When we came to the place it turned out that the person that was to be buried was Chibuzor.

6.           I was surprised and I asked Sister Ogoo to confirm that she invited us because it was the burial of Papa Frank. And when we got here and it turned out to be the burial of your son, Chibuzor.

7.           I was so surprised and wondering what could have killed this boy. She just kept crying. It was then I stretched my hands to touch his corpse. I wonder how Umuguma people could bury a human being without a casket or even cover it with a mat.

8.           I touched him severally even on the stomach and touched him with my left hand on the head and then I called him, “Chibuzor! Chibuzor!” He said, “Daddy!” I said, “Get up from there!” he then rose up. He looked at me and I lifted him up.

9.           I asked Sister Ogoo to take her son home and commanded the people to cover the grave that it was not yet his turn. We have records of all these things that I am saying. Any instance I give here confirm from your children. They are no more kids.

10.        Nwamaka is the youngest of all her children and she is the one doing her youth service in Ibadan. She is in Nsukka right now preparing to come home by the end of the week for this burial. All of them are coming back. Any instance I give you here, call any of them and confirm it. We will also give you evidence where it was documented. So it was.

11.        In less than two weeks, this boy called me that he has an emergency call from Port Harcourt. That the aptitude test in NNPC is to be taken again. I advised him to look for a better place that NNPC job is not very lucrative.

12.        He pleaded to attend this one and that he just want to have a job he is doing. I said, Ok go in peace. When he was going, he told me. After the test, he called me. On his way back from Port Harcourt, he also told me.

13.        The surprising thing was that instead of calling me to tell me that he had got home safely, I was receiving different types of calls at about 2pm on that same day he left Port Harcourt. All the callers were making reference to Victor and I do not know him by that name Victor. What I know as his name is Chibuzor.

14.        The caller will say, “Your son, Victor.” I will say No that I have three sons and that none of them goes by the name Victor. The callers insisted that they were calling on behalf of my son Victor. I then enquired to know what happened. The caller said, “He is dead.” I said, how can that be. Was he not the one that went to Port Harcourt to write aptitude test.”

15.        That was when my mind went straight to Chibuzor. I then called Sister Ogoo and she told me that she does not know where the son went to and that he never told her. How can that be, I wondered. I called Brother Ojiakor. He said he does not know anything like that.

16.        I called all our Brethren in Nsukka including Ezemachiri and Abraham Paul. They all said that they do not know anything about it. I then asked Sister Ogoo whether her son’s name is Victor. She said, Yes.

17.        I then commanded her to rush to Enugu and that I have ordered Pastor Ejike, who is a staff in orthopedic hospital to work with the doctors. I pleaded with him to do all they can to ensure that this boy’s life is saved. If blood is required, let all the brethren donate.

18.        He rushed to the emergency unit and called back to say that he did not see him. He went round the hospital and called me, “Daddy, I did not see him.” I asked him, “What do you mean? Pastor Ejike, this boy is lying critically bad.”

19.        I told him that the person that called me is a nurse. Another medical doctor called me to tell me that he is an assistant chief pathologist, that my son is dead and that his name is Victor. I commanded Pastor Ejike to go back and check if there were accident cases that were received in the hospital.

20.        He now rushed to the place again and saw that this boy was dumped there. He was bleeding. You needed to have seen him. His brain was visibly out.

21.        Enquire from all that saw him. The skull cracked in three places. I mean the skull. Dr. Ojiakor, did you not see it? The skull was broken.

22.        The story was that as he was coming back from Port Harcourt, they had already come into Enugu. Nobody knew whether the driver to the Siena car fell asleep or not. The car suddenly swerved and rammed into a stationary tipper truck with the side of the Siena where Chibuzor was sitting.

23.        The tipper tore that part of the Siena into piece and also broke Chibuzor’s Skull. They were trying to manage him at the orthopaedic hospital but it was too much for them. They started calling me pleading that I should take a decision. I told them clearly that there is no other decision I will take than your decision.

24.        I still pleaded with our Brethren to rush him to the teaching hospital. I told them that there is a team of doctors there who could do something. I mobilized all our Brethren in Enugu and they all drove to the teaching hospital in their cars to wait for his arrival. Bro Ojiakor also rushed to the place.

25.         They were already at the teaching hospital at Ituku/Ozalla when he was brought in an ambulance still bleeding profusely. He was gasping. He was then breathing at intervals. They brought oxygen.

26.        That was where I respected dedicated doctors; about seven of them. They worked on this boy from that time he was brought into the hospital till day break.

27.        This was the way they kept taking care of him. He was in the theatre for seven hours before he was brought out. When he was brought out, his hands and legs were all hanging on contraptions. He had something like a hood over his head. He was wearing a neck collar because he sprained his neck badly.

28.        He was in coma for good three months. Whatever he was given were through the veins. I do not even think that they used the NG tube. In short, God sustained his life. And so it was. I am saying all these things for you to take note of where we started waging this war.

29.        MR. GEOFFREY (ELDER IKWUAGWU’S SON SPEAKS: I never heard about all these things.

30.        Listen to me. Deacon Sam! Is it a lie? You came to the hospital as well as your wife. We planted our Brethren around the hospital to be on standby.

31.        Afterwards we sent youth from Onitsha. I instructed them to do whatever that should be done to save the life of this boy.

32.        Do you know what happened? That afternoon the boy died. Any doctor that comes around will look at him and go away. Nobody was giving him treatment again. So we knew that they have done the much they knew they could do.

33.        It was at that point that God revealed His Majesty. I documented it in book form. If I make this statement, let it not stumble anybody here. Why I say it should not stumble anybody is this.

34.        That thing which our native doctors do is a counterfeit of the original. In the olden days when people knew and preserved the traditions of the land, there could be a case of sudden death. If the right person is consulted, he will say no, that the person is not yet dead.

35.        He will demand for fowl, this and that so that he can rush to stop the supposedly dead person and bring the person back to live. It is called black magic.

36.        I am not practicing black magic, but I am specially endowed with powers from the Almighty God such that when I intercede, God grants me my prayers.

37.        God also reveals all hidden things to me, because we are serving the only God that reveals secrets.

38.        I now called on my Brethren to be patient with me while I go to search for this boy and that I am sure and certain that I will find him. I now left.

39.        And as God would have it, in less than one hour, I located Chibuzor. When I located him, the next thing I saw was the picture in their parlour which is the picture of his late father.

40.        It was no more photograph. I saw the man live. I am not saying this in secret. If he comes out here now, I will still tell you that he is the one. I saw the father live. And Chibuzor was running towards the father so as to embrace him. I ran ahead of him and stood in between them.

41.        I asked whether he knows that he was a very little boy when his father died. Is it not your father you are about to embrace? If your father loved you, why did he abandon you when you were still tender? And now you want to go and embrace him. Oya! About turn!

42.        I turned to the father and said, “Sir, please do not be annoyed with me. I know he is your son, but leave him. When we get home we will send a message across to you.”

43.        I then took this boy back. I led this boy until I was able to bring him back to Fellowship and with my phone, I called the mother, the sister, Oluchi and all our Brethren to announce to them that I have brought this boy back, but he is coming back gradually.

44.        I showed them a sign. As soon as he comes back to his flesh, he will open his eyes, look around and call the mother by her name. He will ask the mother why they have come to this place. You will then know that he is back. From there managing him will commence again.

45.        This was the point where the chief medical director in charge of UNTH knelt down, raised his hands towards the sky and said, “May all glory be to God till eternity.”

46.        He told Sister Ogochukwu and all our Brethren that were gathered there to keep on worshipping this God that they are worshipping. He declared that he has been seeing miracles but this one is the greatest of them all.

47.        If you are in doubt about my testimony, ask questions. Investigate them all. So we brought this boy back to life, because we were wondering what it would look like if we have a graduate that will not be useful for us in life. And all our efforts in training him will be in vain. Far be it from Me.

48.        This was the way it continued until after two months and he was discharged from the hospital, but as at then, he had lost his sense of recognition. The doctors declared that they have done their best. We took over from there and followed it up with prayers while anointing him with olive oil.

49.        We continued with prayers until he regained his sight. Was he wearing glasses before? This was because he went blind as a result of that accident, but he later regained his sight.

50.        As I am talking to you now, he is reading and writing very well. As time went on his total brain function was restored. We lost nothing. So it was. Amen.