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Friday, 29 October 2021


CONDEMNED AND AWAITING EXECUTION  VOL 1 Preached  ON Sunday 29th August 2021 AT THE VOICE OF GOD STUDIO The Bridal Lodge, Nsugbe Anambra State, Nigeria BY 
APOSTLE PETER ODOEMENA THE SON OF MAN THE JUDGE OF THE LIVING AND THE DEAD Transcribed by Sister Peace Ukpong  and Sister Nneoma Okoh 

[3]These teachers in their greed will tell you anything to get hold of your money. But God condemned them long ago and their destruction is on the way. [4]For God did not spare even the angels who sinned, but threw them into hell, chained in gloomy caves and darkness until the judgment day.

2 Peter 2:3 – 4 Living Bible



Our Heavenly Father, we appreciate You because of Your love and mercy towards us. We are enjoying nothing but Amazing Grace from You. Extravagant Grace!

2.           That we are alive in the spirit and alive in the flesh today is extravagant Grace, for the devil has been wrestling against us, trying in diverse ways from all four corners to send us to
the world of the dead, but You have always been there for us, saying no, and ever saying no because our time for departure is not yet come.

3.           So it happened to all the Apostles and Prophets, even to the Lord Jesus Christ. Many attempts were made by the devil and his agents to take Him to his premature grave, but they could not succeed, for the hour for that was not yet come.

4.           To the Apostles, the same thing. Some even escaped under horrifying conditions, because You were the one that helped them to escape. Some suffered diverse sicknesses and diseases that brought them near unto death, but because their time was not yet come, you were there as the healer. You healed them.

5.           Peradventure O! God, we have such people in our midst, Lord, step into their life’s situations.

6.           Deliver them from diverse temptations and troubles. Deliver them from sicknesses and pestilences. Deliver them from anything that is upsetting their gentle souls.

7.           Set them free from embarrassing conditions. Set them free O! God this hour from horrifying conditions. Set them free Father, spiritually and physically, because You said, “If The Son of Man shall set us free, we shall be free indeed.

8.           I stand upon that authority conferred on Me and declare such people free in Your Name O! Lord of Hosts, which has mighty power behind it.

9.           All that have been lamenting and agonizing in pains; All that have been buffeted about by the devil, globally O God among Your children, I stand upon this authority conferred on Me this first day of the week;

10.        Upon this sacred pulpit, I raise My hands. I open My mouth to righteousness which is not mine but Yours. I proclaim all of them free.

11.        Give them the Faith to accept this freedom wherewith You have set them free from all those troubles, sicknesses, pestilences and diseases.

12.        Even those that are in bondage to sin, Father, their sins are forgiven this hour for Your Name’s sake, that they will know and believe that The Son of Man has the power to forgive sins and iniquities.

13.        To those who have hardened their hearts against the truth, may Your will be done.

14.        This very hour we are about to listen to Your Word, teach us O God to humble ourselves before You and to obey You for our own good.

15.        Create no room for the devil to distort the message we are about to receive. Saturate My heart O God with the earnest of Thy Holy Spirit, with love and give Me the spirit of utterance.

16.        Close my mouth to anything that is not convenient and open my mouth only to those things which You have permitted for Your people this day and forever more, not only those that are hearing Me from this studio, but those who are afar off, who will hear this Message.

17.        Bring them under the same umbrella, under the same roof to the Glory and honour of Your Most Holy Name.

18.        I make this solemn request as The One You listen to. Hear my cry O God which I have cried unto You in the interest of Your people.

19.        May all Glory be Thine forever for Your Name’s sake O God I pray. Amen!


13Any day THE SON OF MAN begins to approve for you things that run contrary to teaching, that will make you to compete with the world, THE SON OF MAN has already rejected you. He has started giving you your heart’s desire. 14Any day I begin to give you authority to absent yourself from the fellowship of the Saints or to do something that is against the doctrines of Christ that we have received, which God has confirmed to be true, and you begin to rejoice, “Daddy has approved it. I told Him. he approved it”, He has already discarded you. 15When God discards a man or a woman, He begins to dance to the tunes of the person’s desire. ....


BE CONSCIOUS OF THE HOUR YOU ARE LIVING IN; Preached on Sunday, 3rd December, 2017; Pg. 102 vs. 13 – 15



Be seated everybody. And I want you to give me rapt attention. This morning is another morning. I want us to go precisely to these Scriptures first.

2.          I want to touch on too many things there. I do not want to be in a haste, and I do not want you to be in a haste. I equally do not want you to be too slow. I want all of you to work with Me. Come and work with Me.

3.          If you have believed in Me, follow My footsteps, but where you have not believed in Me, stop deceiving yourself. Go with the footsteps of he whom you have believed.

4.          So this morning is another morning. Yesterday was a very nice day here. All the elders that gathered here were encouraged by Pastor Thomas.

5.          And he used a very wonderful text as if he entered My mind. He spoke elaborately to them. It was exclusively for Onitsha and not for any other.

6.          I want to equally thank God for those that have attempted to serve the devil, and they discovered that they could not make it in the hand of the devil. By the devil I mean mammon. Unrighteous mammon. Money!

7.          One of our Bishops wrote me a nice text, pleading that I should allow him to go back to his home state where God met him, ordained him Bishop over his flock.

8.          He wrote in that letter that he regretted his disobedience to God’s instruction, by abandoning the flock God made him the overseer and then went to Abuja. According to his writing, he said, “To grab Abuja money. Abuja money!”

9.          For many years, he sojourned there. He sold off all the equipment’s he was using to make a living in Kaduna state and went to Abuja.

10.     For the many years he sojourned there, he could not grab Abuja money. The devil lured him to Abuja, giving him the impression that he could be richer in Abuja than in his home state, Zonkwa.

11.     He abandoned his ministry, abandoned his flock and ran to Abuja. All the years he sojourned in Abuja, instead of becoming wealthier, he lost everything and equally lost his wife, for he abandoned his wife and family in Zonkwa, and then came down to Abuja.

12.     Everywhere was dry. Contrary to his expectations that he will carry money like sand, he met a dry land. He began borrowing money from one individual to another. He became a debtor to many according to his write-up. Instead of making money, he incurred numerous debts.

13.     Notice that he abandoned the land of bread. He abandoned his ministry, his commission. He abandoned the flock God made him overseer.

14.     He vacated from where God met him and asked him to stay. He went to the place of his choice where the devil lured him with money. There he did not make the money.

15.     The little he had vanished. Now that he is going home, he is going home a bachelor because the wife died because of hardship, for he could not meet the needs of his family. Then he lost the wife and jeopardized his race into Paradise.

16.     He is now going home full of disappointments and regrets. He is going home with his face covered in shame, for the brethren now, or his friends there will rally round to raise transport fare for him.

17.     He came with property, but he is going home without any property. And no thief stole his property.

18.     You see a man who left Jerusalem for Egypt, thinking he could make it there. He is no coming back a miserable man.

19.     It is just like Naomi and the husband Elimelech who left the land of bread and came back with death. Naomi came back losing the husband and also losing the two sons. She lost everything!

20.     Jerusalem to Jericho is our message we collected from The Almighty God [9th March 1993].

21.     Nobody strolls into Jericho from Jerusalem and came back without regretting making such a trip. The testimony has always been, “I nearly died.”

22.     What is more? He is going to meet his people there in Zonkwa flourishing. The people he abandoned are the people now that will receive him, rehabilitate and re-establish him.

23.     What a miserable condition! I am talking of no other person than Bishop Elijah Gaiya.

24.     A shameful remark! Whatever that deceived him, he wrote it there. He said it is Abuja money. I went there to capture Abuja money.

25.     So, many people have ventured out to other countries in the world, with the intent to go there to capture money. We are here waiting for them.

26.     Some that ventured have come back without pulling down the heavens. They came back without making any positive pact in their societies.

27.     Whatever they call achievement is no achievement because those who were left here had already achieved more than that.

28.     If you go outside and remain there and build a mansion, come back and that is your only achievement, you will notice that by the time you come back, too many of your mates had already erected mansions better than your own and they have married and gotten children. You will also notice that they have established businesses.

29.     If you come back, you may not have any Kobo to establish yourself. To rehabilitate yourself becomes very difficult. You have no house of your own. You have no wife. You have no children. You are a loafer; a beginner who wasted all his time abroad.

30.     Just like our people used to say it that “Miss” missed children. One who continually answered Miss. A woman that kept on answering “Miss” from the beginning till the end, what did she miss? She missed children.

31.     Watch those people. By the time they will be coming back here, they are coming back with grey hair. They are coming back at old age, only to trouble us by telling us to go in search of a wife for them, which we do not know where we shall get any.

32.      Who will like to marry such a fellow who has already exhausted all his youthful time abroad, doing basically nothing. And whatever he calls money cannot establish him whenever he comes back here.

33.      So, what am I saying? If you are a seed of God, you know you are a child of God, do not embark on anything without God’s approval.

34.     Whatever venture you are making in this life, and God is not giving you approval to do it, God is not backing you, it is not receiving God’s [Oh!] consent, you are risking your life.

35.     Even if you are going out to study, take note of what I am saying. You may end your studies or your career in disaster. You may end it not coming back here again.

36.     I want to use one instant example. Permit Me wherever you may be.

37.     I had a friend here, whose brother is causing waves only in the newspapers, but not in Onitsha; And not in Anambra state.

38.     There is nobody; there is no student; there is no educated fellow, even the uneducated and the unlearned in Nigeria especially of the Igbo extraction who is conversant with the name Philip Emeagwali, the computer wizard.

39.     My wife knows him and his brothers. My wife has been privileged to host him in our house at 20 Benjamin, when he came with my friend Francis Emeagwali, the junior brother. The immediate junior.

40.     We were all in the civil service. The entire family; we were sleeping together, both the mother and the father, the brothers and sisters; all of them. I can name them.

41.     We were living together and having everything in common. He [Philip] left for America. How many years now? He is causing waves in the newspapers only, but not in Onitsha.

42.     There is nothing in Onitsha, be it industry or company or anything that is credited to him. There is not even anything in Nigeria or in Anambra state that can be credited to him.

43.     Pay attention! What is his greatest achievement? Computer wizard! He married and got only but a son. Being a citizen of America, he is comfortable there. Did you get the message? He is comfortable with one son. I am not talking about one son alone.

44.     I am saying that the highest thing you can do is to go there and cause waves in the newspapers without any meaningful achievement that can be credited to you at home or elsewhere.

45.     His brothers and sisters who went with him, because he pulled all of them down there, they have all come back. Gradually, they are coming.

46.     His mother came back, took the “dụ” title. Few weeks after that, she died and was buried here.

47.     Francis came here. I saw him. We interacted. He got married here, built a house at Woliwo, here in Onitsha. He now shuttles there and comes back.

48.     Ikenna came, married here. Johnbull came, married here. Edith is here, who was a member of the navy there.

49.     She married and is residing very close to Sister Egbuna's house. I have seen the husband. They built their own house there, but because they were disgusted and frustrated in America, they decided to tell themselves the naked truth.

50.     Even Akonam the sister. Their most senior, Florence is there at Asaba with the husband. And they are dating very well.

51.      I am trying to tell you that before leaving the shores of Nigeria for Abroad or for one thing or another, think, watch the ground very well, for too many things are covered under the carpet.

52.     Before you jump down from a cliff, examine the ground where you are landing very well. Anybody making any trip or a journey to the unknown should be very very careful.

53.     From among us, be sure that God has not given you your heart’s desire, for that is where the disaster will begin.

54.     Disaster starts by God granting anybody the desire of the person’s heart, instead of the will of God. A true seed of God enquires about the will of God, for him or for her.

55.     If it is not the will of God for you, it is your own personal desire. And whatever that comes out of it, God cannot take the Glory. Neither will He take the blame, because it is 100% your own personal desire.

56.     And you have your reasons which are not too far away from earthly reasons; carnal reasons. And you will not cause any tempest when you get there.

57.     Wherever those who went ahead of time ended it, that is where you are likely to end your own. It is either they come back disappointed or remain there as beggars, slaves only to be assaulted and insulted by the real citizens because you are a foreigner.

58.     When we tune in the television from time to time, we see the levels of humiliations Nigerians are suffering in diaspora, all because they decided to venture out where they will grab money. They decided to venture out.

59.     Some pretended they were going out to improve on their academics. It is not true. I say, it is not true. They have the underlining factors driving them there.

60.      It is nothing but to go there, secure a job and make money. God is never in their programme. They only see success, but they do not see failure. They see greener pastures. They do not see many rivers to cross.

61.     There are too many hurdles awaiting anybody who ventures out to a place where you do not know. You do not have any of your relations there. You do not even have any of your friend who will harbour you. Your parents are not there. A journey into the unknown.

62.     That is why some of them loiter the streets, while some sleep in mechanic workshops. Some others sleep along the corridors of church buildings. Whenever they hear the siren of a police vehicle, they are always on the run.

63.     Those that go for scholarship, I thank God for them. If they are sincere to themselves, they will tell their parents and everybody, the contents of the letter inviting them.

64.     It did not give them more than forty-eight hours after writing the last papers. Finish your last paper, the next flight is your flight.

65.     That is why they try to bolt away from the school before the time. And then begin to jump from one place to another, so that when the whole thing is over, instead of coming down, they will continue their journey there. To God be the glory.

66.     It is not going there that matters. It is how are you coming back? That which you think you will do when you come back, you will notice that you can never do it. By the time you come back, you will notice that you will be trailing behind.

67.     That was what crippled our people who went to Fernando Po [presently part of Equatorial Guinea] in those days.

68.     They thought that they went to Spain. They never knew where they were heading to, only that they were given free ride to Spain.

69.     They were offered employment ahead of time, but when they got there, they discovered that they were to work in plantain and cocoa plantations.

70.     A deal [a contract] was signed that you can never go home until seven years. After seven years, my own people who went there came back and were received at the Calabar seaport.

71.     That time, they were being paid fifteen thousand Pesetas every month. They thought that fifteen thousand Pesetas was fifteen pounds.

72.     All that they saved there, when they came to Calabar and the money was exchanged to pound Sterling which was our money then, what happened?

73.     They discovered that all the money they had amounted to only but five pounds Sterling, because their money [Peseta] had no value.

74.     That is the danger of going to a place without knowing about their currency. It is just like anybody going to Italy where they spend their money in millions of Lira.

75.     When you hear that somebody is receiving four hundred million Lira, you think it is money. But you cannot hear that the person is receiving two thousand Euro. You hear Lira and then run to Italy.

76.     That is why all that ran to Italy from among us and beyond, even in many communities, there is no impact. Those that have been there even before you were born, are still there. They are not making any headway.

77.     So it is in all the Francophone countries. You hear people running to Togo. They run to Benin Republic because of CFA. You hear CFA. You hear thirty thousand CFA's. one million CFA.

78.     Just like Ifeanyi was talking before us, the late brother of Onyeama Eze. Onyeama Eze was there, Pastor Moses of Aba was there. They can equally testify to what I am saying.

79.     They spent over 25 years there, mentioning Lira in millions, not Knowing that what they were holding was less than one thousand five hundred Naira.

80.     By the time they discovered their foolishness, it was too late. All of them came back empty handed.

81.     Watch those that went to Ghana. You can see many of them. You hear, “I am in Ghana.” What are you doing in Ghana? You hear about Ghanaian currency, the Cedi. How much is the Cedi?

82.     What is the exchange rate? You carry the Cedi to Lagos and they exchange one thousand Cedi you have, you have only but fifteen Naira and then you will be jumping up and down. You see why you must examine the ground very very well.

83.      It is just like those that ran to Dubai because they heard that Dubai pays in Dollar. They do not know that American Dollar is different from Dubai Dollar. Arabian Dollar differs from USA Dollar.

84.     So when you come back with hundred dollars or one thousand dollars from UAE, you think you will go to main market and they will exchange it for American Dollar.

85.     By the time you get there, they will ask you why you are wasting your time, “It is five thousand Naira. In short we do not use it. We use only Pound Sterling, Euro and American Dollar. Full stop! Any other currency?”

86.     You may go to Japan where they pay salaries in millions. When you come back with Japanese Yen, you think the yen will fetch you money.

87.     It is money because you were there, but when you came down here, you are a poor man.

88.     So for you to step out anywhere, sit down, pray to God, make good enquires. And when making enquires, make sure you consult people who will tell you the truth. Not people that will like you to come and suffer with them.

89.     “Since that is your target, you want to come over, glory be to God. We will not suffer alone, come over.”

90.     You just go over there and waste your precious time, and loose even your salvation in Christ, for nobody ventures out and takes the Word of God serious anymore, for too many things will be informing the person’s character there. Nobody!

91.     I do not want to mention the names of those who left from among us, but you know all of them. Consider the number of years they have wasted abroad, and their achievements here.

92.     Up till this day, a good number of them do not have even one room apartment that can be credited to them, where they can use as their contact address. They are running up and down.

93.     Simply because whenever they come back with one thousand US Dollars and exchange it, because of the impoverished nature of our money, you think they have money.

94.     Watch their physical appearances. One man that played a music sang it as a song that even if we do not see the money, we should, at least, see the impact.

95.     Can you hide the effect of money in the onwer’s life? The effect of should be seen on the person who came back from overseas. Good!

96.     No matter how we are talking about insecurity, terrorism and banditry in Nigeria, I believe it is not the reason why people are running up and down, for there is no nation in this world that is not facing the same problem we are facing.

97.     Even in terms of dwindling economy, there is a worldwide economic drought. There is economic meltdown in all the countries in the world. No country is exempted.

98.     Unemployment is not restricted to Nigeria alone. Unemployment has become a global issue; a global problem. There are refugees everywhere. Am I making sense at all?

99.     Try to watch the televisions. Listen to foreign news. There is no country without refugees. There is no country without terrorism facing them every day.

100. In most of these countries where our people run to, Nigeria is better off than them. We are better economically and otherwise. We are better than many of them in terms of good roads and so on.

101. I was watching the television on Friday and I saw Nairobi, Kenya. People were demonstrating against the government to the extent that they sleep two to three days on the streets in traffic jam due to bad road.

102. All that watched Channels television saw the thing. It was in the 8 o'clock news on Friday. 8pm news. I said, “Well, I thank God.”

103. What can we say about Guinea Bissau where, up till this day, the best vehicle they use for their transport is truck Datsun. No road! Nothing nothing! Yet, somebody will venture to Guinea Bissau.

104. What can we say about Morocco? Casablanca and Rabat are the major cities in Morocco. Nothing!

105. I thank God that you have seen our brother Chika, who wasted many years there and came back. You can see his nature. He is coming back now [refreshing] because we are now taking good care of him.

106. Most of these places are not places anybody can go. A Sister called Me the other day and was telling Me, “My son is in southern Sudan.” A medical doctor.

107. I said doing what? The family is in Enugu, and he is in southern Sudan. What is he doing in southern Sudan? If anybody should venture out, must it be there?

108. Both North and South Sudan, can you compare Sudan to Nigeria in terms of crises, economic meltdown and so on? And that is where somebody who wants to be a man is lavishing his time.

109. By the time he will come back to Nigeria, he will be coming back to meet his mates on top, while he will be trailing behind.

110. I am yet to see any who has made it to the top honestly because he travelled abroad. Travelling abroad will only favour dishonest people. It will only favour evil-minded people because when they get there, they join the band wagon.

111. Nobody goes there to earn honest living and comes back here to change our landscape. It has never happened. It will never happen. Why?

112. There is no country without beggars. Every country is saddled with beggars. There are beggars on the streets, even in America.

113. When we say America, America is a continent made up of 50 states that have country status. They have nation status.

114. Go to South America. In the entire South America, there is no place there, not even in Venezuela or Chile where you can go and say that life is better. If you go to Brazil, you die of starvation. So let us be very careful.

115. This issue of Bishop Elijah who has opened up because he now wants to address the truth, by this Voice he is hearing, I have permitted him to go back to his home state Kaduna, and Zonkwa particularly to pick up his office which he abandoned, and with apologies to the flock he abandoned in search of money.

116. So we are abandoning many things we are doing here, in search of better places that do not exist. They are all imaginary places. And remember we are in the last days.

117. As we near the end, people will be junketing from one country to another. And our parents have become blind to the truth. Why?

118. They dance to the tune of their wives, because any moment from now, there will be competition everywhere. Competition in going abroad to take care of my daughter that delivered a baby.

119. My daughter is delivering in Canada. My daughter will be delivering in Luxembourg. My daughter is delivering in London. My daughter will deliver in America. Some will deliver in Russia.

120. So if anybody delivers any baby in Nigeria, that baby is no longer a human being. It must be abroad.

121. What and what might be the reasons? It is only so that you will put in on your record that during my lifetime, I travelled abroad.

I thank God that I am not even your Messenger. Do not call Me your Messenger, otherwise you make a mistake. You have  a Messenger of your day. I am not the one. I am alone. That is why I do not preach so that you believe. Know I preach the truth I know in love and I leave it there. If you want to believe it, you believe. If you do not want to believe, leave it there. In the end, you will know that I am He.


I CAN DO NOTHING OF MYSELF; Preached on Sunday 31st December 2000; Pg. 36 vs. 69 – 70





We give God the glory. I am here to speak the truth in love, not minding who will accept it or not. And The Lord who knoweth all things, knows the end from the very beginning. He writes history before events.

2.           Do not worry. Very soon, we shall be receiving packages from abroad in a very wonderful way, very amazing way. We may not even receive some.

3.           Our brother who came back disappointed, has narrated his ordeal and of the many thousands that perish in the Mediterranean Sea every year in their attempt to cross over to Spain. From Spain to Germany, but thousands perish in the sea.

4.           So they are perishing in every country. Some are perishing on the boarders and their parents are expecting them to come back.

5.           Their parents are expecting good things to come from them, not knowing that those people do not exist again. Waiting for the return of your children who were drowned many many years ago.

6.           A good number of them were allotted plots of land in this place where we are, when they will not come back here again.

7.           So let us be very very careful. If I see danger ahead, I will warn you. If you take my warning, it shall be well with you. Refuse my warning, whatever you see, blame it on yourself, and not God.

8.           This is because we are living at a time when people are now very much hardened up.

9.           They boldly come out and tell God, “We have heard your Voice, but we will never obey this. If disobeying You will make us to go to hell, let us go to hell. We have made up our minds, our hearts have been fixed and nothing can turn us back again.

10.        That is the age we are in. Enough of this embarrassment we have been suffering from your hands all these years. Everyday, you tell us we are sinners. Everyday, you tell us that all is not well with us. Everyday, You tell us we have a case to answer. We are tired. That is the age we are in. And that is the stage of the Ministry we are in.

11.        Turn with Me to the book of Micah, the end-time prophet who prophesied about what will be the attitude of the people as we near the end.

12.        This are also the same thing which prophet Mohammed Raheem (pbuh) had already itemized in the Holy Qur’an, warning everybody who belong to the Faith to be very careful about what will happen as we near the end of the world.

13.        Micah chapter 2 verses 6 and 7. Good News Bible. Pay attention! [6]The people preach at me and say, Don't preach at us. Don't preach about all that. God is not going to disgrace us

14.        Hear them! Tell us not about those things again. The prophet spoke to the people in the name of The Lord and they retorted, Do not preach that nonsense to us again. We are tired of hearing it.”

15.        You can read from verse 5, let us get it clearer. [5]So then, when the time comes for the land to be given back to the Lord's people, there will be no share for any of you.

16.        [6]The people preach at me and say, “Don’t preach at us. Don’t preach about all that. God is not going to disgrace us.

17.        [7]Do you think the people of Israel are under a curse? Has the Lord lost his patience? Would he really do such things? Doesn't he speak kindly to those who do right?”  Pay attention to what they are saying. Another translation!

18.        New International Version. “Do not prophesy,” their prophets say. Do not prophesy! Their own prophets retorted to the Prophet of God. God’s Prophet prophesied. Their own countered. There is nobody who does not have somebody who is hardening his heart in unbelief.

19.        Wherever you see anybody misbehaving towards the Voice of God, there is somebody somewhere responsible for the hardening of the heart of that person; Man or woman, young or old.

20.        The person who is hardening your heart is your prophet. He is prophesying to you, countering God’s prophecy. Pay attention!

21.        It could be your father. It could be your mother. It could be your brother or sister. It could be an elder. It could be a young man of the same age with you. It can be anybody.

22.        But always take note of this truth: Once you are put into trouble by believing that prophet that is countering God’s word, he will never come to your rescue. Yes! This is known to be truth.

23.        People that lure their fellow human beings into trouble do not come to their rescue.

24.        You do not know how the devil will come your way. He will come using a human being like you. He will come speaking to you contrary to what God has said. He will come to seduce you out of the hand of God, so that you will suffer the same fate with him.

25.        When that trouble will befall you and you begin to tell him, “My friend, why did you not tell me all these things?”

26.        He will ask you, where you blind? Did you see me enjoying life? Are you not where I have been all these years? Do you want me to be here alone? You have come over. All of us will be here. All of us will be here.

27.        Surah 14:21 – 22, Hilali-Khan Translation.  21And they all shall appear before God (on the Day of Resurrection) then the weak will say to those who were arrogant (chiefs): "Verily, we were following you; can you avail us anything from God's Torment?" They will say: "Had God guided us, we would have guided you. It makes no difference to us (now) whether we rage, or bear (these torments) with patience, there is no place of refuge for us."

28.        22.   And Shaitân (Satan) will say when the matter has been decided: "Verily, God promised you a promise of truth. And I too promised you, but I betrayed you. I had no authority over you except that I called you, so you responded to me. So blame me not, but blame yourselves. I cannot help you, nor can you help me. I deny your former act in associating me (Satan) as a partner with God (by obeying me in the life of the world). Verily, there is a painful torment for the Zâlimûn (polytheists and wrong-doers, etc.)."

29.        If jumping abroad is as flowery and Rosy as we think, anybody who ventures out will carry all his siblings and even carry the whole village so that they will enjoy good lives there.

30.        But the rest will stay here and be waiting for one man to come back and change their entire record’s. Impossible!

31.        And in order to satisfy the yearnings of the heathens and the yearnings of the parents who do not know the truth, they will indulge in all nefarious activities; all condemnable acts over there, in order not to come back shamefully empty-handed. Is it not true?

32.        “In order that I do not come back in shame. In order that I do nor come back empty-handed, so that my parents would not think that I have been wasting my time.”

33.        That is why, the moment somebody ventures out, the parents will begin to incur debts, believing that he will send money which they will use to offset their bills.

34.        Some will even go about announcing it everywhere, “Whenever my son comes back; whenever my daughter comes back....”

35.        Some will even be buying things on credit and be expecting money; Money is coming; Not knowing whether their child or their son is eating or going hungry over there.

36.        Micah 2:6 – 7, New International Version. 6“Do not prophesy,” their prophets say. “Do not prophesy about these things;...

37.        Their prophets countered God’s Prophet, “Prophesy not to us about these things. We are not hearing you. How can we suffer disgrace in the hand of God. Has God run out of patience?”


39.        You better take note of it. God’s patience has a limit. His long-suffering has a limit. His accommodation, that is tolerance has a limit.

40.        It came to a point where God said, “I can no longer bear with this people anymore. I have tolerated them enough. They have put me to test all these years. I can no longer continue with them.”

41.        Genesis 6:3. 3Then the Lord said, "My Spirit will not contend with man forever, for he is mortal; his days will be a hundred and twenty years." NIV

42.        To the prophet in the days of Isaiah, he said, “I will no longer tolerate your sacrifices. I am disgusted with all you are coming to present to me.

43.        Isaiah 1:13 [13]I am sick of your sacrifices. Don’t bring me anymore of them. I do not want your fat of rams; I do not want to see the blood from your offerings. LB

44.        No more! God runs out of patience.

45.        6“Do not prophesy,” their prophets say. “Do not prophesy about these things; disgrace will not overtake us.” 7You descendants of Jacob, should it be said, “Does the Lord become impatient?...

46.        Can you imagine? They are now ridiculing the descendants of Jacob. ...Does he do such things?” “Do not my words do good to the one whose ways are upright?

47.        Micah 2:6 – 7, Living Bible. “Don’t say such things,” the people say. “Don’t harp on things like that. It’s disgraceful, that sort of talk. Such evils surely will not come our way.”

48.        7Is that the right reply for you to make, O House of Jacob? Do you think the Spirit of the Lord likes to talk to you so roughly? No! His threats are for your good, to get you on the path again. Amen!

49.        Have you heard it? Who were these people? Sons of Jacob. You think God is talking to you in vain. You children of Jacob! You children of Israel! You descendants of Jacob!

50.        You are taking God for a ride. You think God is not seeing afar off. God will not destroy you. God will not run out of patience. Do not listen to that prophet Micah, he is fooling himself. He has fooled us all these years. We cannot continue to be fooled. Is it not true?

51.        To God be the glory. This is the present stage of the ministry. There is nobody here or elsewhere, who is taking the Word of God serious anymore. Everybody is now a scoffer, fulfilling dangerous prophecies of the end-time.

52.        In the end-time, scoffers and mockers will appear. Who will say, “Things have been the same since creation till now. No change. Let nobody ever say that the world is going to come to an end any day. It is world without end. Whenever anybody dies, his world has ended.”

53.        2 Peter 3:3 – 4. 3First of all, you must understand that in the last days scoffers will come, scoffing and following their own evil desires. 4They will say, "Where is this 'coming' he promised? Ever since our fathers died, everything goes on as it has since the beginning of creation." NIV

54.        Bible had already predicted that in the end-time, such people will appear. Where will there appear? Among us. Among the believers.

55.        I give God the glory that I am living in the day when all these things are coming to pass. Many are now ridiculing God’s promises, “Forget about what He are saying.”

56.        Did you see it? Did you see it? What did you see? The light! [Oh!] How I wish everybody is here. Who did not see that light? Three times! Did it come from this bulb? Did it have the colour of this bulb? Look at the window where it came. See it there. Is there any fire there?

57.        You saw the light three times, crossing over. From here to dinning, and then down to the kitchen. You saw the light. I saw the light. Is there anybody here who did not see that light? Is there any lightening? Is there any sign of any rain? To God be the glory!

58.        God is always making a name for Himself. Today is a memorable day. That while THE SON OF MAN was handling this serious matter; this all important matter, the Light, the Amber Light came from here right now and then followed the side of the dinning down to the kitchen.

59.        And all of us on one side, The Light on another side. Slowly, and not in a fast way, three times. I am happy that I was not the only one. All of you immediately moved your heads towards there as if somebody is entering our house. I saw the Light. Nzubechi did you see the light? You saw it there? To God be the glory!!

60.        I did not want to mention your name because I knew you were somewhere there. You saw the Light? Is there any other vindication? What else do you need, to believe that The Son Of Man has touched on something The Elohim is interested in. The present stage of the ministry.

61.        They have been resisting My Voice. They will keep on resisting. That is the stage where we are. And The Almighty came.

62.        Bro Eli! This one has made you dumb. This one is not abracadabra. This one is not just the mere words of the mouth. With your eyes, you have seen it, even when one who was seated deep inside saw it.

63.        Is it raining? Is the sun not shining? Is there any sign of the rain? Is there any sign of the lightning? See where it came from. I hope you all saw it with your eyes.

64.        [The Saints answered, “Yes sir.”]

65.        It went in this direction. It passed the first time. It came again the second time and even a third one. Did any of you here the rumbling sound of thunder? See it here! Everywhere is bright. To God be the glory!!!

66.        This thing happened so that if you are not taking this fellowship serious, from now, take it serious. The Voice of God is going forth to the whole world from here.

67.        There is no better ground anywhere again. The Lord has logged everybody to one platform. No country is better than the other again.

68.        If no country is better than the other, I will say except Nigeria. Of all the countries in the world, Nigeria is the best. You know what makes Nigeria best. To God be the glory!

69.        Pa Elton, a missionary who came from UK had already prophesied that during the end of the days, as we count on days and weeks; as we near the end of the world, Nigeria will be known everywhere for corruption. Nigeria will be noises abroad for corruption, but soon after that noise, the whole nation’s in the world will come to Nigeria.

70.        One will hold the hand of his brother and say, let us go to Nigeria for God is in Nigeria.

71.        Pa Elton, 1986: “Nigeria and Nigerians will be known for corruption worldwide. But the tide will turn and Nigeria will be known for righteousness worldwide. MANY SHALL TAKE HOLD OF HIM THAT IS A NIGERIAN SAYING, “WE WILL GO WITH YOU, FOR WE HAVE HEARD THAT GOD IS WITH YOU.””

72.        Nigeria is laughing last and will laugh best. Pay attention as we journey along. Do not be in a haste. Sit down, unless when you want to read. Then, you stand up.

73.        In the days of Prophet Jeremiah, God told Prophet Jeremiah to go and tell the people to stop their sinning, to stop wandering from pillar to post in search of God; doing God a service outside His will. He made them to know that He is not a God that is in one place.

74.        He fills the heaven and the earth at the same time. God was on Earth and His Voice was heard from above.

75.        He told them, “Stop where you are and enquire of the good old path your father’s walked and found peace and also found life with Me. Walk in that path and you will still find peace, prosperity and life to your souls.”

76.        The people rose up before Jeremiah the prophet and told him to his face, O! Prophet of God, we have heard all you have told us in the name of The Lord, The God of Israel.

77.        Now receive our reply. Go back to Him and tell Him we will never walk therein. We have made up our minds never to walk in the way of our fathers. We will walk in our own ways. Whatever we see we will take. Go and tell God.”

78.        Jeremiah 6:16. Thus saith the Lord, Stand ye in the ways, and see, and ask for the old paths, where is the good way, and walk therein, and ye shall find rest for your souls. But they said, We will not walk therein. KJV.

79.        He went to the women and told the women. In the book of Jeremiah chapter 44, He said, “Stop these idolatrous practices you have involved yourselves in all these years, spending your money and time, pouring libations and incantations, sacrifices to the queen of heaven, claiming that she was the one that has been prospering your harvest.

80.        Stop doing it, give glory to Almighty God who is the God of heaven and Earth. Who makes crops you planted to prosper. And stop giving the glory that is due to God, to the devil. The Bible recorded that the women stood up collectively and told Jeremiah the prophet; you can read it at your own convenient time.

81.        O! Prophet of God, concerning that which you have told us now in the name of the Lord, to stop pouring libations and offerings to the queen of heaven as we use to do, we are telling you with one voice, we will never obey you. Go and tell God we are saying no!

82.        If this is what will cause disaffection between us and God, we are ready to bear the consequences. Go and tell God. How can you stop us from doing it? Since we have been doing it, our crops have been prospering, so we cannot stop it.

83.        Jeremiah 44:15 – 18. 15Then all the men which knew that their wives had burned incense unto other gods, and all the women that stood by, a great multitude, even all the people that dwelt in the land of Egypt, in Pathros, answered Jeremiah, saying,

84.        16As for the word that thou hast spoken unto us in the name of the Lord, we will not hearken unto thee.

85.        17But we will certainly do whatsoever thing goeth forth out of our own mouth, to burn incense unto the queen of heaven, and to pour out drink offerings unto her, as we have done, we, and our fathers, our kings, and our princes, in the cities of Judah, and in the streets of Jerusalem: for then had we plenty of victuals, and were well, and saw no evil.

86.        18But since we left off to burn incense to the queen of heaven, and to pour out drink offerings unto her, we have wanted all things, and have been consumed by the sword and by the famine.

87.        19And when we burned incense to the queen of heaven, and poured out drink offerings unto her, did we make her cakes to worship her, and pour out drink offerings unto her, without our men? KJV

88.        That you are prospering in what you are doing, does not mean that the hand of God is with you. Did you get the message? If you are prospering in what you are doing, does it mean that God is in support of what you are doing?

89.        If a criminal is flourishing in criminality, does it mean that God is taking side with him? If a prostitute is flourishing in prostitution, does it mean that God is in support?

90.        Is God taking the credit for whosoever that is doing evil and is flourishing because of that evil? Can God be an evil doer? Can God be a partner to those that do evil? Is there any unrighteousness in God?

91.        You see! That is the stage where we are. Provided what I am doing is flourishing, if God is not with me, he would have caught me. He would have stopped me somewhere.

92.        Not knowing that the Bible had already predicted and told us in clear terms, because evil is not punished instantly when the evil doer commits it. God does not punish the evil doer instantly. I mean, instantly there. For that reason, the hearts of evil doers are set to continuing in doing evil continually.

93.        May God stand as My witness this day that I have not failed from discouraging you from evil and evil practices. Things that turn people from evil to right, from darkness to light, the Bible said must shine before the throne of God as beacon lights.

94.        That you are prospering in your examinations in the school through cheating, does it mean that God is supporting you in cheating?

95.        Does it mean that God is supporting you in expo or in all forms of evil practices to pass exam? Does it mean that God is supporting you?

96.        This is because we are living in a dangerous age, where people are only looking at success in what they have done.

97.        If a rogue goes out and comes back alive with loots, he is successful. Is it not true? Whenever they go out there and push drugs, kill people, do all indecent things without restraint, and they come back here to erect estates, mansions and things like that.

98.        Their parents will begin to take chieftaincy titles anyhow. They will be riding flashy cars. They are no longer mindful of how that money was made over there. Some even mortgage the life of their siblings, some kill and maim.

99.        They do many things there, and when they come back here, what the parents and the evil-minded people are after is that he has come back with plenty money, That man has acquired inexhaustible wealth. He sprays money and people match on it.

100.     To those who are here, but who cannot venture out, the prosperity of that evil fellow has become a great temptation to that person. They will introduce ritualistic ways of making their own locally.

101.     And then, you will be hearing, O boy! This boy has made it o! He has suddenly become rich o”, because he is riding GLK 350 4matic. He has made it.

102.     Nobody cares to know how he made it. We are now at the period when the end is justifying the means.

103.     And God had earlier told us in clear terms, “In a family, a village, a nation, wherever the end justifies the means, evil flourishes there without restraint. Nobody queries anybody again. Parents only show keen interest in the loot, but when the casket comes back you see them weeping, groaning, travailing in pain.”

104.     Do not join such people, it is a candle stick light that does not stay till daybreak. I hope you are following me?

If in any way you have been messing up with the Faith, you have been staggering in this Faith, you have been limping between two opinions as one that is not certain, by this teaching, I believe I have put a final full stop to it. I have pegged your faith tightly somewhere. I have used “Prophetic Revelation” and I have used Scriptural Revelation to establish only but one thing: “That God is a Man and He is physically here with us, teaching us.”

– the son of man –

GOD IN DESPISED PLACES; Preached in the year 2000; Pg. 225 vs. 27


it is not easy to go to hell


In the days of the same Jeremiah, the prophet came to a point where he started weeping because of the evils of the people he met in his own day. Hence, he was labelled by the people ridiculously as a weeping prophet.

2.           Like I am weeping today when I see the level of atrocities being committed, and I see the level of evils going on in many families.

3.           My heart is bleeding everyday, especially when they are traceable to the Bridal Faith. I say, my heart bleeds. To me, I say, “How are the mighty fallen.”

4.           It is so bad that parents have forgotten where we took off. They have forgotten where we are heading to. They have lost the vision of their calling.

5.           Everybody is now sponsoring all forms of illegalities. All forms of corruption are now being financed by our parents.

6.           They have now allowed their sons and daughters to clamp down on them in order to get whatever they are desiring. Whatever the children present as their own agenda, parents have nothing to say. They [parents] will approve it, provided in the end, it will attract money. But they will not see death being attracted.

7.           For that reason, consulting God is nonsense. Some have already warned their children, “Do not ever consult The Son of Man whenever you want to embark on such things, for you know He will not approve it for you. Rather, go for it. When you get it, tell Him what you have gotten so that He cannot stop you again.”

8.           And that is exactly where I am. I am now at the receiving end. I now hear what they had already done, but at the conceptual stage, nobody tells Me. Another stage they will tell me, is when they run into difficulties.

9.           Yesterday being Saturday, I was still there, when one we glorified; one we raised our hands and said, “Glory be to God. He has gotten it” called Me again and said he received another alert telling him that it was a false alert that was given to him, and that nothing was awarded to him, that he was not the one.

10.        And that was when he forwarded his particulars, they turned it down and then wrote him to ignore whatever they sent to him, that he was not the one.

11.        What if he had sold off his property preparatory to travel. Many who are ready to travel, may get disappointed when they get there.

12.        Do not worry. We are waiting. We are watching. Inasmuch as I am wishing you well, I am wishing you well after a godly sort.

13.        But when you hide your motives and everything which I know that they hide everything from Me, they do not know that I have already captured all.

14.        They think they are playing fool of Me, not knowing that they are fooling themselves. How can you play fool of Me? Am I envying you? Am I thinking of travelling?

15.         Even if My own children want to travel, the highest thing I can give them is advice. And the advice is what I am giving now generally.

16.        If they do not listen to Me when I am talking to everybody, if I talk to them privately, they will not listen.

17.        If you want to commit suicide, I will not stop you, but I will only tell you the implications and tell you what you will suffer before you will give up the ghost.

18.        It is not the time you just put your head or neck on that rope that you will give up. Too many things will happen in you before you give up the last breath.

19.        It is not the time you jump into the river that you will get drowned. You will struggle for life inside that river. You will keep on attempting to swim when you do not know how to swim.

20.        The water will be pulling you up and down, until finally you settle at the bottom of the river. When you give up the ghost, your corpse will float on the water.

21.        The same is applicable if you want to die by fire. You rush yourself into any fire that is glowing. It is not immediately you jump into the fire that you will die.

22.        When it begins to burn you, you may jump out. You may jump out and then your clothes will carry the fire everywhere, you will be rolling on the ground.

23.        If you survive the fire, you will die in the house. Then you have passed through too many troubles.

24.        So it is not easy to commit suicide. The same way, it is not easy to go to hell.

25.        You will struggle with your conscience to resist the Word you have heard with your ears, that came to you from the mouth of God, and you know it is true, but the desire of your heart which is ungodly has influenced you so much that you cannot listen to the voice of your conscience again.

26.        What you want to achieve will have overriding influence over the Word of God in your heart. Hence, you cannot pay attention again.

27.        In this regard, we do not even consider what we suffer in the flesh, how we manage our cases here and how we are likely to manage them over there.

28.        You know, it is easier to hear and receive money from abroad, than to receive a casket from abroad. It is easier to repatriate money from abroad, than to repatriate a corpse from abroad. No problem, we are all here.

29.        I do not know why I am being led to talk this way this morning. It was not pre-meditated at all. What I placed on the pulpit is higher than this.

30.        But I am being moved to speak this way because I had already prayed that God should close My mouth to anything that is not convenient, and open my mouth wide to voice out that which is the perfect will of God concerning His children.

31.        And immediately I started it, midway, you saw the Light. You saw the Light with your naked eyes. That was the same Light we saw at Amazu oil, that came from the window.

32.        Ikwugbado was there; Elder Mike Nwanga and even many others, including late Brother Eze, the father of Miracle Eze. We were all there.

33.        Then the voice came and spoke to us when it quenched all our lights and PA [public address] system, “Thus it behooveth The Son of Man to fulfill all righteousness.”

34.        Today I am the happiest fellow here. So that you may know that you are not alone here; And that you are here with God.

35.        Who will believe our reports? Go out and tell then what happened today, they will say, “We were not all there. How can we believe this. Do you have it in your photograph?

36.        Are we photographing anything? Since the inception of this Fellowship here since lockdown, have we ever photographed anything? We do not have time for photograph. What are we going to photograph?

37.        If the fear of God is not in you from today, it then means you are on your way to destruction, for that Light never came because of Me.

38.        The Light came because of all of you, that you may believe that what I am giving you is the direct unadulterated truth from His throne of Grace. And when it is abused, well, whatever you see, you take.

39.        You see that Prophet Jeremiah, he prophesied that the people of God will carry their goods to their enemy’s territory at the command of the Lord, and they would finish [sell off all] their goods that day, and get enough revenue to continue to live their lives.

40.        He prophesied again of how they will stay in Babylon. And he said it must be 70 years, but another prophet countered it.

41.        Then concerning the sale of that thing, the Lord said, “Azariah has countered it. Because Azariah has countered the prophecy of Jeremiah, Jeremiah say amen to his own. And I want to talk. As long as I live and you live My Word will come to pass. Azariah will see it but will not benefit from it for he will die before that time.”

42.        And the Bible said, the Lord performed His Word which He gave to His Prophet Jeremiah.

43.        WHENEVER GOD IS ON THE SCENE, THE DEVIL IS ALWAYS ON THE SCENE COUNTERING GOD’S WORD. He does not use strangers. He uses the same people who call themselves the children of God.

44.        You may not speak with your mouth. It may be going on in your mind and in your heart, Everyday, we hear the same thing.” That was what was going on.

45.        When you go to the Message, mixed multitude and how they journeyed in the wilderness, God said, “Moses thought the elders were with him.”

46.        He never knew that prominent elders were harbouring complaints and grudges against him. He never knew he was not working with his friends.

47.        Dathan, Korah and Abiram; Nadab and Abihu. They were enemies to Moses, but Moses was depending on them, consulting them and ordaining them elders.

48.        But watch them. They stirred up 250 prominent men among them, against Moses and against Aaron.

49.        When God was talking through Moses, they came and said “Moses, enough of this embarrassment. Everyday, you are embarrassing us. Are you the only one God speaks to? All of us are holy, we are all righteous. Everyday, you are bringing condemnation upon us, which God is not bringing upon us. Must we die because of you, O Moses?”

50.        Can you imagine? God was accusing them of evil, murmuring and complaining against God.

51.        Immediately Moses opened his mouth to speak, the prominent elders led by a millionaire Korah, stirred them up to resist. And they went about from tent to tent to stir up strife, rebellion and riot.

52.        250 prominent men came out before Moses and Aaron, to close his mouth that they have endured him a lot. We are all the children of God. We are not devil’s. All of us were in Egypt with you. We crossed the Red Sea with you. We are not devil’s. We are all children of God. We are all holy.

53.        They have declared themselves holy. Then Moses was unholy. They declared that they were children of God.

54.        1Now Korah, the son of Izhar, the son of Kohath, the son of Levi, and Dathan and Abiram, the sons of Eliab, and On, the son of Peleth, sons of Reuben, took men:

55.        2and they rose up before Moses, with certain of the children of Israel, two hundred and fifty princes of the assembly, famous in the congregation, men of renown:

56.        3and they gathered themselves together against Moses and against Aaron, and said unto them, Ye take too much upon you, seeing all the congregation are holy, every one of them, and the Lord is among them: wherefore then lift ye up yourselves above the congregation of the Lord? KJV

57.        This was the same thing they told Jesus Christ when he came. They told him clearly; Do not ever make that mistake of referring to us as blind people again.

58.        This is because He [Jesus] said, “Since you do not believe, you are blind. And you will die in your sins. If you had accepted you were blind, I would have opened your eyes that you may see.”

59.        They retorted, “Stop that nonsense and stop making such humiliating references to us. Do you not know we are sons and daughters of Abraham? We are not born of fornication like you.”

60.        Jesus said, “Well, if you were of Abraham, that would have been made manifest by your reactions towards me, for your father Abraham never reacted this way to God and his messengers.

61.        But you carry stone to kill me. You are resisting My Word, but Abraham never resisted the words of the father. Abraham was obedient in all things, and in all his house, but you are violent. You want to kill me. One that committed no crimes against you.

62.        You are from your father the devil. And the deeds of your father, you must continue to do, for he was a liar and a murder from the very beginning. Has he changed today?”

63.        John 8:39 – 44. 39They answered and said unto him, Abraham is our father. Jesus saith unto them, If ye were Abraham’s children, ye would do the works of Abraham. 40But now ye seek to kill me, a man that hath told you the truth, which I have heard of God: this did not Abraham.

64.        41Ye do the deeds of your father. Then said they to him, We be not born of fornication; we have one Father, even God.

65.        42Jesus said unto them, If God were your Father, ye would love me: for I proceeded forth and came from God; neither came I of myself, but he sent me. 43Why do ye not understand my speech? even because ye cannot hear my word.

66.        44Ye are of your father the devil, and the lusts of your father ye will do: he was a murderer from the beginning, and abode not in the truth, because there is no truth in him. When he speaketh a lie, he speaketh of his own: for he is a liar, and the father of it. KJV.

67.        Whenever Christ appears on the scene, all those things that happened aforetime will repeat over and over, as a sure sign that it is the same God.

68.        Ecclesiastes 3:14 – 15. 14I know that whatever God does, it endures forever; nothing can be added to it nor anything taken from it. And God does it so that men will [reverently] fear Him [revere and worship Him, knowing that He is].

69.        15That which is now already has been, and that which is to be already has been; and God seeks that which has passed by [so that history repeats itself].

70.        This pillar of light you saw now, was what we saw from the very beginning. Nzubechi, am I bearing false witness?

71.        Are you not a happy woman today? Are you not a happy Sister, that what happened collectively has happened in your own house.

72.        I pray it is not for our condemnation. He has not come to kill us, rather he has come to confirm this place, this particular place, that this is the home of God called by His name.

73.        Even if we are one or two here today, we are ever joyful. In short, if not for one thing, I would have called off this Fellowship. Yes! This is because it has answered prayers. What else do I need, than to see a supernatural Light?

74.        See the environment. No rain; no sunshine. I mean, no dull weather. Nothing nothing.

75.        Three times! You saw the thing. Oh! And it happened in a gentle way so that all eyes will turn towards it. And that is the glory of God that passed. That is The Shekinah that passed.

76.        It is because we are in a room. If we are outside, the light will not allow us to see it. Because we are inside a room, that is the reason why we put on these electric lights.

77.        The room is dark. And then we could differentiate between electricity and that one very clearly. Very clear! If you did not see the first, you did not see the second, you saw the third.

78.        God made it so that nobody will deny what we have witness here today. Amen. I know that this one has made everybody to be chilled. Yes! Everybody has chilled. My wife is dumbfounded, “So God could be here and we know it not.” We are like Jacob today.

79.        So all these things we have been hearing, we have seen the divine personality at last. We have seen the manifestation. We have seen the vindication.

80.        Then, I now have the boldness to open the scriptures more and more. Remember we are still hearing from Him. It is very very dangerous for anybody to resist the Voice of God.

81.        Watch those people. They were the people that said to their members, “Go from house to house and discourage them. Tell them, “Enough is enough.” It is better we make a captain that will lead us back to Egypt, for we have nothing to benefit from Moses and Aron’s ministry again. We have nothing to gain from there again.” Amen.

82.        So please, be on the alert. The spirit is at work in every family now. Spirits that promote evil and resists the truth. Spirit that is retorting the word of God even in His face.

83.        It is constantly at work right now among the families that do not believe in God and in families that do not obey God. Children of disobedience, I call them.

84.        This is the reason why I want to scratch this Message. I will give it a topic before I will now go into it proper.

85.        I am speaking to you by way of teaching. The Evangelical is on the way. Pay attention! The topic is: CONDEMNED AND AWAITING EXECUTION. CONDEMNED AND AWAITING EXECUTION.

86.        It is not the day an armed robber or a criminal is condemned that he is executed. CONDEMNED AND AWAITING EXECUTION.

87.        Did I mention the name of anybody? Good! If your name is there, you know. If your name is not there, you know.

88.        I will scratch it. That is why I will like all of you to help me in reading the Scriptures. Help me as we read the Scriptures please. I am begging. I am begging of you to help me.