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Friday, 29 October 2021


CONDEMNED AND AWAITING EXECUTION VOL 4 Preached On Sunday 29th August 2021 @ THE VOICE OF GOD STUDIO The Bridal Lodge, Nsugbe 
Anambra State, Nigeria BY APOSTLE PETER ODOEMENA THE SON OF MAN THE JUDGE OF THE LIVING AND THE DEAD Transcribed by Sister Peace Ukpong and Sister Nneoma Okoh

48There is a Judge for the one who rejects me and does not accept my words; the very words I have spoken will condemn them at the last day. 49For I did not speak on my own, but the Father who sent me commanded me to say all that I have spoken. 50I know that his command leads to eternal life. So whatever I say is just what the Father has told me to say."

John 12:48 – 50

New International Version

I warn all of you this day. If you must live with Me eternally, harken and obey My Word. Keep My Holy Commandments and instruction from My Servant. I, The Lord,

have spoken and will perform the oath which I swore by My Name, that I will lead you safely to the end and as long as you keep obeying Me.” This is the Voice of the Holy Spirit 



FACING THE FACTS OF OUR FAITH; Preached on Sunday 9th October 2005; Pg. 44 vs. 16



BEWARE OF MURMURING AND COMPLAINING AGAINST GOD, Volume 1. Compiled by Pastor Emmanuel Inna on Tuesday, 8th July, 2021 at the Household of God, Calabar, Cross-River State, Nigeria. Authorized and Approved by Apostle Peter Odoemena, the very son of man.

2.           Nugget: If anybody tells you the condition of staying in the faith, he will as well supply you with all the necessary equipment needed for you to stay in this faith. Is it a lie?

3.           Get ready all of you that are here hearing My voice, go back to all the messages so far received for therein you will discover your mistakes. Correct them if you have the courage to do so, for your own good. Look away from Me. Look up to your messages.

4.           [From the message: WHAT WE MUST DO TO REMAIN IN OUR SANCTIFIED CONDITION compiled on 25th July, 2020. Page 17 verse 1 and page 21 verse 12. By Brother Emeka Ani.]

5.           Are you wondering why I am so much delighted in this family, and at the same time proclaiming it to the entire world? It is because, the salvation of my soul is tied to this family.  Amen!

6.           ...If you and I receive the word of God for what it really is, our lives will never remain the same again. The transforming power that is embedded in the word will be seen in our daily lives. Amen.

7.           ...When the words of the Most High are unveiled, light that illuminates the soul shines forth; thus, bringing understanding to the individual.

8.           ...Take note, I wish to announce to all and sundry that in time past we were playing prank with the word of the Son of Man but now, it will be the saddest mistake anybody can make. Underline it in your books.

9.           The most costly, delicate and regrettable and saddest mistake anybody will ever make at this time, is to reject the word of God or set the word of aside.

10.        At this present stage of this ministry, we are now, any negligence or nonchalant attitude towards God and His word is the greatest mistake any human being can ever make.

11.        So to survive and remain pure in this present stage of this ministry, in this last lap of the ministry, you must completely yield to the word of the Lord. Yes! The Word of God is a cleanser and purifier. It cleanses and purifies whomever that comes under its influence, power and authority. Sure!!!

12.        Purify your heart with the word of God that you are hearing from Me, knowing that if I wanted to stumble you out, I would have not have carried you to this place. Sure!!! Brethren, have you seen the love of God in action? Yes sir!!!

13.        THE BOOK OF PROPHECIES volume 4, page 45 verse 47. Stop playing with my word. My word is greater than everything. My word is power. My word is life. There is no way you can get life outside my word.

14.        Take it, apply it and it will be well with you. Amen! It will be well with you. Amen!

15.        You see, the purity of your heart is linked to your obedience to the word of God. There is a connection between obedience and purity of the heart. Sure.

16.        [Again] You see, the purity of your heart is linked to your obedient to the word of God. Sure!!! There is a connection between obedience and purity of the heart.

17.        That means pure heart signifies obedient heart. In other words, obedient heart is a reflection of a pure heart.  Sure.

18.        Brother         Eli, I have answered your question. Brother Eli, have I? You came upstairs and knelt down before Me. I told you to get up.

19.        You said that you have been troubled and that you are praying every day. You said that this reference to you that you have a wicked heart; and that you have a bad and wicked heart is disturbing you.

20.        You said that you are pleading that I should help you and give you the remedy. You said that you are praying, that it is hurting you seriously.

21.        I said okay and that you should get up, for I have heard you and I have noted it. Was it not what I told you?

22.        I told you to go, for I have heard what you said and I have noted it. Since it is troubling and hurting you, you have been praying and also trying hard so that it will not manifest in your life and so that you will not be mentioned as one with a bad heart, that God will do it for you. Go!

23.        Look at the remedy. Hear the remedy. Read it again. Remedy to wicked heart. Remedy to bad heart. Remedy to evil heart of unbelief.

24.        You see, the purity of your heart is linked to your obedient to the word of God. There is a connection between obedience and purity of the heart.

25.        That means pure heart signifies obedient heart. In other words, obedient heart is a reflection of a pure heart.

26.        Note, the more you obey the word of God, the more your heart is purified. Have you heard it? Have you heard it now?

27.        Remember that the word is full of living power; power of transformation. So anybody playing prank with the word is declaring himself or herself unworthy of the everlasting life. Amen!!!

28.        God is taking those that have allowed his word to settle down in their hearts. Sure!!! Anything that hinders the entrance of the word of God in your heart should be regarded as your greatest enemy.

29.        Anything that does not allow the Word of God to have a resting place in our hearts that thing is the greatest enemy that is warring against us.

30.        Remember the words we gathered from the Holy Quran, where the devil said, “I will cause them to be ungrateful towards God. I will cause them to disobey His instructions. I will waylay them on the narrow path. I will trouble them from the east to the west and from the north to the south; the four corners of their being. And I must make sure that none of them will ever bow down to you or take your word serious.”

31.        Is the devil doing it. He is doing it among the children of disobedience.

32.        What did the LORD reply? He said, “Iblis, I have permitted you to go and do as you have requested. Anybody; anybody who denounces Me and follows you, take that person.” He [Iblis] said Ok, and he went away.

33.        Anybody who denounces God and follows the devil [Iblis], God said, “Take that person.”

34.        Surah 7:16 – 18. 16And then Iblis said, ‘Because You have put me in the wrong, I will lie in wait for them all on Your straight path: 17I will come at them– from their front and their back, from their right and their left– and You will find that most of them are ungrateful.’ 18God said, ‘Get out! You are disgraced and banished! I swear I shall fill Hell with you and all who follow you! M.A.S. Abdel Haleem Translation

35.        This is because God knows that a seed of God can never deny the Source of his or her existence and follow a creature which God created.

36.        God created Lucifer has but a little time to live. You are equally created by God. How can you now denounce the Almighty God who created you and follow your own fellow creature?

37.        What is that thing he will promise to you that will be greater than what God has already made as a provision for all His children?

38.        That person who is luring you away from the house of your Father, Who is the LORD God Almighty, the Creator of heaven and earth, telling you the many things he will do for you, did that person tell you that he will give you eternal life?

39.        Has the devil promised anybody eternal life? Can you now blame the devil for taking many away” This is because, the devil can promise anybody he wants to deceive everything on earth, but will never promise that person anything in Paradise or heaven.

40.        He will never promise to give anybody eternal life. The devil will never promise that, and has never promised that.

41.        What he had always been promising people has remained material possessions; earthly things because he is the God of this evil age. He owns the whole world.

42.        Hence, he wanted the LORD Jesus Christ to bow down and worship him and then that he will give Jesus the entire world and the riches of the world.

43.        He [devil] got the shocker, “Get away from Me! Go behind Me, you Satan, for it is written, “Thou shalt not tempt the LORD your God.” How can you use My property to tempt Me? What I know belongs to Me.”

44.        Luke 4:5 – 8. 5And the devil, taking him up into an high mountain, shewed unto him all the kingdoms of the world in a moment of time.

45.        6And the devil said unto him, All this power will I give thee, and the glory of them: for that is delivered unto me; and to whomsoever I will I give it. 7If thou therefore wilt worship me, all shall be thine.

46.        8And Jesus answered and said unto him, Get thee behind me, Satan: for it is written, Thou shalt worship the Lord thy God, and him only shalt thou serve. KJV

47.        Every true seed of God knows that at the end of everything, wicked people will go to hell, while righteous people and the Almighty God will have possession of this kingdom of this world.

48.        Any moment for now, the kingdom of this world shall be the kingdom of the Almighty and His faithful children, who must have overcome the devil by the Faith of Christ and endured the hurt, endured temptations, remained steadfast with their convictions, with the profession of their faith immovable, unshakable into the end. They will reign here as Kings and as priests with God.

49.        Revelation 11:15. And the seventh angel sounded; and there were great voices in heaven, saying, The kingdoms of this world are become the kingdoms of our Lord, and of his Christ; and he shall reign for ever and ever. KJV

50.        But the fearful and the unbelieving who because of the empty threat of the devil to deny you of the pleasures of this life which is the highest instrument; because of the threats of the devil, you deny the future glory by denying Christ, you are doomed to eternity.

51.        Revelation 21:8 But the fearful, and unbelieving, and the abominable, and murderers, and whoremongers, and sorcerers, and idolaters, and all liars, shall have their part in the lake which burneth with fire and brimstone: which is the second death. KJV

52.        You will suffer the same fate with the devil that seduced you out. You will suffer the same fate with him eternally.

53.        Surah 14:21 – 22. 21They will all be marshalled before Allah together: then will the weak say to those who were arrogant, "For us, we but followed you; can ye then avail us to all against the wrath of Allah." They will reply, "If we had received the Guidance of Allah, we should have given it to you: to us it makes no difference (now) whether we rage, or bear (these torments) with patience: for ourselves there is no way of escape."

54.        22And Satan will say when the matter is decided: "It was Allah Who gave you a promise of Truth: I too promised, but I failed in my promise to you. I had no authority over you except to call you but ye listened to me: then reproach not me, but reproach your own souls. I cannot listen to your cries, nor can ye listen to mine. I reject your former act in associating me with Allah. For wrong-doers there must be a grievous penalty." Abdullah Yusuf Ali Translation.

55.        If it is not true, I will not be declaring it. If what I am telling you this day is not true, how do you think the Almighty would have come here?

56.        In the beginning, you saw what took place. Before I came down from the pulpit after handling the teaching, when I said I am rounding up; one more scripture I will come down, you saw what happened.

57.        While I was rounding up, my microphone tripped off. Yet, I am using the same microphone. I am using it. Have you changed the battery? No!

58.        But you have changed your own two times. Have you been talking more than me? Have you been using it more than me?

59.        There is a supernatural power flowing in this microphone. If you have never seen the God of miracle, you have seen the God of miracle today as a family.

60.        Hence, anybody who is living here should be here under the fear of God, for what will save you is here. And what will destroy you is here.

61.        If you do not move about this particular family, premises and live your life in the fear and admonition of the Lord, you are bound to meet God on the way.

62.        What came in here was what God disclosed to Brother Elias Umeha a.k.a. Elijoe. I told you this concerning Promise.

63.        I told you that I warned him never to near this place unless I invite him and that if I see him loitering here any day, he will not get back to the place from where he came.

64.        Bro Eli did I say so? I will go before him and wait for him on the way where people will see him and say, “Oh! So, this boy has killed himself.”

65.        I sent another reminder through our Pastor Chizoba who communicated it to him, warning him to be very very careful, that he is treading on a dangerous ground.

66.        Many many things await him, but if he can repent fully and change his mind, it will reflect to Me immediately.

67.        This is because when somebody turns away from wickedness and begins to do good, the Lord will pardon that person and bring him back to the fold. Do you believe that? Do you believe that?

68.      Read Ezekiel chapter 18 from verse 19 through 24. Read it there before I close this Message. Be very fast. It is one of those passages I opened in the morning. Read any translation.

69.      Ezekiel 18:19 – 24, Amplified version. 19Yet do you say, Why does not the son bear the iniquity of the father? When the son has done that which is lawful and right and has kept all My statutes and has done them, he shall surely live.

70.      20The soul that sins, it [is the one that] shall die. The son shall not bear and be punished for the iniquity of the father, neither shall the father bear and be punished for the iniquity of the son;...

71.      The same way the wife cannot be punished because of the iniquity of the husband and the husband will not be punished because of the iniquity of the wife.

72.      Parents will no longer be punished if they had admonished their children to live life worthy of their callings in Christ like in this family.

73.      I have brought my children up from childhood in the fear and admonition of the Almighty God. I have been encouraging them together with my wife to live right in the sight of God, to maintain a healthy relationship with God and with humanity.

74.      Now, they are of age. If they should set aside those instructions they received from the family knowing the personality who instructed them as their father, will the Lord hold Me responsible for their misbehavior? No! Will He hold my wife? No! They are all accountable.

75.      But who are they accountable to? They are accountable to the flaming fire that does not respect anybody but Himself and His Word. The consuming fire in whose presence nobody obtains pardon.

76.      If you never obtained His pardon while you are still with Him, forget about it. Pray that He will not sentence you where condemned people are kept.

77.      If you have not reached the point of no return, and you have not crossed the divide, but you are at the brink of falling away, today is your day to pack bag and baggage and run back to God, “As I thought on my ways; I thought of the wicked ways I am heading to, I ran back to God. I denounced all evil counsellors who are hardening me in unbelief, trying to make me God's greatest enemy.

78.      ...the righteousness of the righteous shall be upon him only, and the wickedness of the wicked shall be upon the wicked only.

79.      21But if the wicked man turns from all his sins,... If a wicked person turns away from all his sins,...that he has committed and keeps all My statutes and does that which is lawful and right, he shall surely live; he shall not die. Amen!

80.      22None of his transgressions which he has committed shall be remembered against him; Amen!!! for his righteousness which he has executed [for his moral and spiritual rectitude in every area and relation], he shall live.

81.      23Have I any pleasure in the death of the wicked? says the Lord, and not rather that he should turn from his evil way and return [to his God] and live?

82.      I have not! Rather, I am wishing he should turn away from his wicked ways.

83.      24But if the righteous man turns away from his righteousness...

84.      If the one who had been adjudged righteous by God will now turn away, disregard his enviable records and join the disbelievers and join wicked people for reasons best known to that person...

85.      Wherever you see man, put “man and woman” because women do not believe that God created them and their husbands and called all of them MAN. Man means a human being. If you are not a man, you are an animal.  

86.      24But if the righteous man turns away from his righteousness and commits iniquity and does according to all the abominations that the wicked man does, shall he live? None of his righteous deeds which he has done shall be remembered. In his trespass that he has trespassed and in his sin that he has sinned, in them shall he die. AMP

There is no married woman that does not know what to do to please her husband. Is it a lie? I am your husband. You are now My wife. Can you please Me? Do you know what it takes to please Me? Only one thing. Very simple: hearken and obey My Word. 


I AM THE WORD VOL 2; Preached on Sunday 19th January 2014; Pg. 105 vs. 23 – 25



Ezekiel 18:19 – 24, Living Bible. [19]“‘What?’ you ask. ‘Doesn’t the son pay for his father’s sins?’ No! For if the son does what is right and keeps my laws, he shall surely live. Amen!!!

2.           Somebody get 2nd Chronicles chapter 7 verse 14.

3.           [20]The one who sins is the one who dies. The son shall not be punished for his father’s sins, nor the father for his son’s. The righteous person will be rewarded for his own goodness and the wicked person for his wickedness.

4.           [21]But if a wicked person turns away from all his sins and begins to obey my laws and do what is just and right, he shall surely live and not die. Amen!!!

5.           [22]All his past sins will be forgotten, and he shall live because of his goodness. LB Amen!!!

6.           Why not say Amen? God is giving you a leverage; a way out. Bro Elias I hope you are hearing. I am answering your question because I told you, “Rise up and go. I have noted it.”

7.           If I should speak with you ordinarily with the words of the mouth, you will not take Me serious.

8.           Now, I am talking to you using the words of the Holy writings; the Holy Scriptures to know whether you belong to Me or you are here as a mere civil servant who is serving for a pay.

9.           I Hope you are paying attention. I do not want to be hearing the noise of that microphone, disturbing. Be careful the way you handle it, all of you. I am doing a good recording for the whole world from this small family made up of how many people? Amen!

10.        Second Chronicles chapter 7 verse 14. Amplified version. 14if My people who are called by My name,…

11.        If my own people; God's own people, and not for people in the world. Remember He said, “I am not praying for the world. I am praying for My own.”

12.        The Lord came and blotted out the sins of His own people, and not the world. Whatever God is saying concerning salvation, He is saying it to His people, and not the serpent seed, for a serpent seed will find it very difficult to listen to God.

13.        But who is a transgressor? It is one who is a child of God and does not bear good fruit.

14.        He makes himself a transgressor, and God will HEW him down, apportion him a place in the fire that burns unquenchably for claiming to be a child of God; feasting and eating and doing everything in common with the Family of God, and yet with wicked heart, malicious heart, recalcitrant heart, not willing to change.

15.        He will give you a portion with the grasses in the farmyard or in the farmland whenever He is harvesting the products. You will be there for fire, for He wasted His time.

16.        It is a regrettable investment, a wasted investment in the family. A wasted investment in the family.

17.        If parents should invest on their children, they should not invest on rebellious ones. They should not invest in those that do not fear and honor God. Otherwise, they are sponsoring rebellions against themselves.

18.        I said this long long time ago to many families. They thought I was kidding. Some thought I was envying them. They thought their children were making giant strides, maybe in the things of this world, but they never knew they were sponsoring coups that will overthrow their missions in their families.

19.        Today, the fruits are coming up. Everywhere is quiet because the Son of Man at last is vindicated.

20.        To you that are here, these things are happening for you to learn your lessons. Otherwise, you will be the next example. You will be the next signpost or reference point for evil.

21.        One who came face to face with the truth, had the opportunity to dwell with God in His own family and then wandered away; wandered away! You will be another reference point.

22.        I am happy that all that we have been hearing from morning till now, the moment it is posted, Promise will get it.

23.        Second Chronicles chapter 7 verse 14, Amplified version. 14If My people, who are called by My name, shall humble themselves, pray, seek... If My people shall do what? Humble themselves before God, pray to God and seek the presence of God....

24.        ...crave, and require of necessity My face and turn from their wicked ways. If they shall require of necessity My face; God's face and turn away from their wicked doings...

25.        ...then will I hear from heaven,... Then will I hear, the Lord Himself talking. ...then will I hear from heavens, forgive their sin, and heal their land. AMP Amen!!!

26.        2 Chronicles 7:14, Living Bible. 14Then if my people will humble themselves and pray, and search for me, and turn from their wicked ways, I will hear them from heaven and forgive their sins and heal their land. LB Amen!

27.        2 Chronicles 7:14, Good News Bible. 14if they pray to me and repent and turn away from the evil they have been doing, then I will hear them in heaven, forgive their sins, and make their land prosperous again. GNB Amen!

28.        The Lord has made a promise and there is no going back. If you pray and He does not hear, it means you do not belong to Him.

29.        Go to Matthew chapter 7 verse 7. Let Me say it is fortunate that I have gone back to the Scriptures again, all in your best interest.

30.        Amplified version. 7Keep on asking and it will be given you;... Keep on asking from God and it will be given to you. Do not relent. Not when you kneel down and pray just one minute, you give up.

31.        Keep on asking. Keep on praying. Keep on demanding. It will be given to you. Before God will answer your prayer on anything, He must test you.

32.        God must test you to know whether you are asking with a good heart; and to know the reasons why you are asking;

33.        To know whether you are requesting for something you will use to brag yourself about;

34.        To know whether you are requesting for something that will increase your level of selfishness in you or whether you will be generous in remembering God and the poor around you.

35.        Keep on asking and it will be given you, keep on seeking and you will find. Keep on knocking [reverently]... Keep knocking on God's door with reverence. Knock with reverential fear on God’s door. If you have a good heart towards God and towards the children of God, He will open the door for you

36.        ...keep on knocking [reverently] and [the door] will be opened to you. 7For everyone who keeps on asking receives;

37.        For everyone that keeps on requesting, asking, demanding will receive, but whoever that gives up maybe after first, second and third trial, the Lord will know that he is not serious.

38.        There was a woman that owed great debt, and who persistently troubled the king. I mean, the king who was living around her place. She was seeking his help out of her great debt.

39.        She continued mounting pressure on the king until the king got greatly disturbed and enquired of the members of the palace, “What shall we do to this woman so that we free ourselves from her pestering? She has become a constant pest to me and to the palace.”

40.        They all recommended, “O king, listen to her plea. Solve her problem and she will not trouble the palace again.”

41.        The king now went to the woman, “Woman, what do you want me to do for you?” The woman mentioned it. He said, “Okay, take it and go. Go and solve your problem. Live in peace with your children.”

42.        The woman gladly jumped up, rejoicing while going home and did not come to the king to trouble him again. Did you get what I am saying?

43.        Oftentimes, you hear it from my mouth that pressure breaks resistance. If you are persistent in prayer, the Lord will hear your cry.

44.        Song: [O hear my cry, be gracious unto me, come Great Deliverer come. I have wandered far away far away. I’m longing now for you, come Great Deliverer come

45.        I've wandered far away o’er the mountains cold. I have wandered far away from your presence, O! Take me now, and bring me to your fold, come Great Deliverer, come.] Amen.

46.        SONG: [Coming home, coming home, no longer in the path of sin to roam. Coming home. Coming home.  My saviour I am coming home.]

47.        SONG: [I've wandered far away from home, now I’m coming home. The paths of sin too long I roam, Lord I’m coming home.

48.        Coming home! coming home! nevermore to roam. Open wide thine arms of love. Lord I’m coming home.]

49.        Matthew 7:8, Amplified version. 8For everyone who keeps on asking receives; and he who keeps on seeking finds; and to him who keeps on knocking [the door] will be opened. AMP

50.        Matthew 7:7 – 11, Living Bible. “Ask, and you will be given what you ask for. Seek, and you will find. Knock and the door will be opened.

51.        8For anyone who asks, receives. Anyone who seeks, finds. If only we will knock, the door will open.

52.        9If a child asks his father for a loaf of bread, will he be given a stone instead? 10If he asks for fish, will he be given a poisonous snake? Of course not!

53.        11And if you hardhearted, sinful men know how to give good gifts to your children, won’t you face your Father in heaven even more certainly give good gifts to those who ask him for them? LB Amen!

54.        Matthew 7:9 – 11, Amplified version. 9Or what man is there of you, if his son asks him for a loaf of bread, will he hand him a stone? 10Or if he asks for a fish, will hand him a serpent?

55.        11If you then, evil as you are, know how to give good and advantageous gifts to your children, how much more will your Father who is in heaven, [perfect as He is] give good advantageous things to those who keep on asking Him. Amen!!!

56.        Matthew 7:7 – 11 Good News Bible. 7Ask, and you will receive; seek, and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you

57.        8For everyone who asks will receive, and anyone who seeks will find, and the door will be opened to those who knock.

58.        9Would any of you who are fathers give your son a stone when he asks for bread? 10Or would you give him a snake when he asks for a fish?

59.        11Bad as you are, you know how to give good things to your children. How much more, then, will your father in heaven give good things to those who ask Him! GNB Amen.

60.        Our problem is in our hands, for no good thing shall the Lord withhold from those that walk uprightly. Do you believe that to be scriptural? Do you believe that to be true? To God be the glory.

61.        Psalms 84:11. For the LORD God is a sun and shield: the LORD will give grace and glory: no good thing will he withhold from them that walk uprightly. KJV

62.        Those that are shuttling abroad and doing this and that, I pity them. There is no where you are where the eyes of God cannot reach and bless you, unless you have crossed the boundaries of God's love. Is it not true?

63.        The Bible said, “We should be found within the boundaries where God's love will always reach and bless us. True or false?

64.        Jude verse 23 [21]Stay always within the boundaries where God’s love can reach and bless you. Wait patiently for the eternal life that our Lord Jesus Christ in his mercy is going to give you. LB

65.        If you are in Nigeria and God does not bless you, if you go to any part of the world, God will not bless you, for what hindered God from blessing you in Nigeria will hinder God from blessing you abroad.

66.        This is because the God that is in Nigeria is the same God that is also abroad. He is not only the God that is afar off; He is also the God that is near you. Do you believe that?

67.        The Bible said, “I am not the God that is afar. I am also the God that is near you. Why seeking me and calling upon me as if I went to exile?”

68.        Jeremiah 23:23 – 24. 23Am I a God at hand, saith the LORD, and not a God afar off? 24Can any hide himself in secret places that I shall not see him? saith the LORD. Do not I fill heaven and earth? saith the LORD. KJV

69.        Whatever hinders your prayers in Nigeria, if you go to Jerusalem in the middle East, enter the synagogue and pray, that thing will hinder your prayers there.

70.        Go to the mountain, it will hinder it. Go to the valley, it will hinder it. Go to the rivers, it will hinder it.

71.        And what is that thing? If I regard iniquity in my heart, the Lord will hinder my prayers sayeth the Scriptures.

72.        Psalms 66:18. If I regard iniquity in my heart, the Lord will not hear me: KJV

73.        If God will regard iniquity, something you know you should not have been doing; you should not try for God is against it, you go ahead and continue in it, kneel down to pray to God, He will never listen to you.

74.        He will never because your actions are deliberate. A well calculated action in defiance to His instructions.

75.        A sure sign you have a wicked heart. A heart of unbelief that can never allow you to stay with God, but will help you to depart from the true God.

76.        That is why we are warned never to allow evil heart of unbelief to be found in us in departing from the true God, for that was the reason the people could not enter Canaan. It was because of unbelief.

77.        Hebrews 3:12. Take heed, brethren, lest there be in any of you an evil heart of unbelief, in departing from the living God. KJV

78.        Hebrews 4:2 For unto us was the gospel preached, as well as unto them: but the word preached did not profit them, not being mixed with faith in them that heard it. KJV

79.        To be clothed with the correct apparel is nothing but the Spirit of God. And the Word I speak unto you, they are the self-same spirit and they are dressing. If there is any that is clothed with any other thing, and not the Spirit of God, he/she is barren, unfruitful, naked, poor and miserable in the sight of God.


81.        – THE SON OF MAN –





Excerpt from the Message BEWARE OF MURMURING AND COMPLAINING; chapter 1 verse 52

2.           Do not begin to guess as how to know when the presence of God is still with you,...

3.           Like we are here now, is there anybody here who is guessing from the Word of God we have heard? From the sign God displayed, is there any soul here who is in doubt as to whether God is with us or not? Or whether God attended this fellowship or not?

4.           This is a vindication that will help all that will listen to this Message to know that many have already been condemned and awaiting execution.

5.           And some are at the brink of joining them, for those that are condemned and awaiting execution are in the greater number. They are in the majority in our midst.

6.           They are many in the midst of the Bride, CONDEMNED AND AWAITING EXECUTION. Many know their faith, but some do not know it.

7.           If you were not here with Me from the beginning, do you think you would have known your faith? From the revelation of the word of truth, your condition is made manifest.

8.           I love God for one thing. Through His Word, He has given us the way out; which means that a sinner can be a saint today. A backslider can be restored today because the Son of Man is still on the scene.

9.           Do not begin to guess at how to know when the presence of God is still with you. The moment the word is not in you, His presence is not with you. Sure!!!


11.        Not in their brain. When the Word of God settles in your brain, you will be writing everything you know to be truth not what you believe. It becomes intellectual conception of the faith which I label Enugu Faith.

12.        Enugu State, Nigeria. They have academic faith. They do not have spiritual faith. They have academic faith.

13.        That is why there is no way God can adjudge any of them justified until they turn away from their wickedness, if they have not crossed the divide by allowing their academic attainment to cause them to blaspheme God.

14.        I am not in doubt if I will hear tomorrow that many had already crossed the divide, entered the prison custody, which is the point of no return while they are sympathizing with the devil.



17.        Does an evil fellow require sympathy? Somebody who knows what is evil, but hardened his heart, closed his eyes and ears, and then resisted all advice, counsel and voice of reasoning; and then continued anyhow, does that person deserve sympathy from anybody?

18.        Is there any sympathy for a self-inflicted injury? Do you sympathize with one that gave himself a cut with the machete, thereby spilling his own blood or one who shot himself?



21.        It can be spirit of socialization, scientific sophistication or technological sophistication. It can be the spirit of Mammon.

22.        Whatever shape it may assume, please do away with it. Give that spirit a word test and it must surely fail if it is not from God.

23.        REMEMBER YOUR REWARD part 1, preached on 17th April, 2019 at the Bridal Lodge, Nsugbe by Apostle Peter Odoemena, the very Son of Man. Anyone whose body does not facilitate the entry of the word of God is dead.

24.        It is just like injecting a drug into a corpse, does it make any meaning? It is meaningless because the drug will not enter. Any injection given to a dead person is nothing but an act of fraud against the living.

25.        If you get to any mortuary, a morbid anatomist or the mortuary attendant will tell you to pay for injection he will inject to the dead whose body is already stiffened, the blood is no longer flowing, the nerves, the arteries, the veins and even the capillaries are no longer working, whoever that collects money from the owner of the corpse pretending he is going to inject, maybe injection to the body of the dead to preserve it from decaying is doing that owner of the corpse 419.

26.        He is a fraudster who is capitalizing on the ignorance of the owner of the corpse to dupe him or her, for the body that is dead does not receive any injection. It does not receive anything at all. It is stiff.

27.        The only thing you can do is to use preservatives like formalin [either the powder or the liquid] to rub it; take away the adipose tissues and all those elements that are likely to decay with time, and then seal up the whole body to avoid oxygen acting on it. Period! You have preserved that corpse.

28.        There are too many ways people become victims of 419 ignorantly. There is no use for a doctor who is an ophthalmologist to recommend an eye glass for use to a blind man who has been totally made blind.

29.        If the eye balls are not dead, they are not dead. But if they are dead, they are dead. The eyeglass is of no use to someone who is totally blind.

30.        Anyone who is given an eyeglass and it improves his or her eye sight is not yet blind. Rather the person is about to go blind and is being managed.

31.        Does the body of a dead person accept or absorb medication? If you succeed in administering an injection to that person, you can equally force his mouth open and administer medication and he can still sallow it. The person will thus be brought out from the mortuary for he is still alive.

32.        This is a source of fraudulent activities till tomorrow. I am not like such people. Once you are dead, I know you are dead.

33.        My word is only going to those who are still alive. If you are not alive, you are not inclusive in what the Son of Man has been saying from morning till this hour.

34.        You wait until the day of God's resurrection and the revelation of His fury, anger, wrath and indignation upon the children of disobedience. Only that day will you know your real fate. F-A-T-E.

35.        Till then, continue to eat and enjoy yourself like a condemned criminal in the custody, waiting for the day of your execution.

36.        If your heart is dirty and you are gorgeously dressed with the latest dress, you are the dirtiest human being before God. Amen. Cleanse your heart and your garment will be clean. Every character that a man manifests emanates from within. Do you believe that to be true?

37.        The word of God is a cleansing agent. The entrance of the word of God in the heart of man cleanses the heart of every impunity that weakens the heart. Whatever that pollutes the heart, if the word has been given its rightful place in that heart, it will never go home the same. Even if you have lost faith, the Word of God will create faith for faithless. Amen! Yes! truth brings the future closest

38.        BEWARE OF SNAKE'S BITES AS WE WORSHIP GOD AT HOME’ preached on Friday, 10th April 2020 at the Bridal Lodge, Nsugbe, Anambra State, Nigeria. Page 27 verse 30- 32.


40.        when you are enriching your soul with the word, you remain alive spiritually as you remain alive physically. That is why we are still alive till today.

41.        This is the time you can see the power of God at work [Sure!!!] that man does not live by physical bread alone but by every word that proceeds out of the mouth of God.

42.        So, the strength of God's people as at now [What the hour calls for], the strength of God's people is drawn from the Word of God which they have used to enrich their souls.

43.        but as many as have starved their souls and are still starving their souls they will grow lean both spiritually and physically. And they packed. They will pack.

44.        Let me tell you, if we have the books, these messages stored in book form and we do not spent time to go through them, we have heaped condemnation on ourselves. Awaiting execution!

45.        When you are studying these messages, you are renewing the right spirit in yourself. I am renewing the right spirit in myself.

46.        I am keeping myself abreast of all the prophecies. When the prophecies are fulfilling, they strengthen the faith more and more.

47.        Song: [Create in me a new heart O Lord, and renew right spirit within me. Create in me a new heart O Lord, and renew right spirit within me. Is it not true?

48.        In addition, whatever I am hearing is what I am telling you for I am a messenger from above. I speak on those things which I hear and My testimony is true. However, where you say it is not true, I will show you a sign instantly here not tomorrow. Just here, I will show you a sign. But I love God for one thing; He can hardly kill a man without first of all warning him. Warning goes forth before destruction.


50.        – THE SON OF MAN –


52.        GOD HAS A HIDING PLACE VOL. 2; Preached on Sunday 28th April 2013; Pg. 108 vs. 40 – 41



Excerpt from the Message BEWARE OF MURMURING AND COMPLAINING; chapter 2 verse 30

2.           Let us not be holding something that may condemn us in the end, by our inability to go back and know what God said in the messages. Amen!

3.           Page 38 verse 47. This is the time families should fortify themselves with the truth. Publications will help us for easy referencing, as it needs neither electronic power nor battery even data is not required.

4.           Every local assembly should make arrangements on how to send a representative, from time to time (at least once a month), who will come down to Onitsha to collect printed messages for the brethren.

5.           Let it be known to you that this messages are not only printed as a business venture.

6.           But today, I not only preach and print, but I now forward the Messages to them through way billing. Who has ever done that in any denomination, in any group or in any movement.

7.           After preaching the Message, I will see to the transcribing and, everything. I will cross-check every information, supervise the printing and publishing.

8.           And at the end of the day, I use those who are with me and are working with me to do the waybill and they will relax complacently in their various houses, in their states only to move to the park and collect their packages;

9.           Thereby saving them from the trouble of insecurity on the highways, the bad roads, the money they could have spent on transportation to and fro, the risk they would have taken risking their lives. I have rolled all of them away.

10.        There is no local assembly in Nigeria where I do not forward these Messages to. Within three days of its publication, it is there.

11.        I know the pains intake with the brethren who are working with Me to carry them to the various parks and make sure they get to their destinations even to those living in the islands.

12.        Do you not think the Lord will condemn these brethren who claim to be in the Faith only for Me to be nurturing them to the extent of moulding food and putting into their mouths, but they will refuse to swallow it? Will you blame Me?

13.        Who has ever stooped so low to do this. Remember, they do not give me any Kobo for it. We print the Messages like this one I am holding here. The cost of production is 1,350. And I will give it to them at N800.

14.        They think they are helping Me. They do not even care to ask how I am managing to subsidize the publications.

15.        Look at last week alone, and the troubles we faced here. Three machines were grounded, and the parts could not be gotten anywhere.

16.        We paid for the parts to come from Lagos, only to discover that the man was playing fool of us. He did not bring anything. Yet, he is holding our money.

17.        To make sure we continued, we had to go further to buy three new printers again. Three! This is because three got grounded. And this is to enable us work.

18.        They do not even consider that. Many do not know how many people that are working in the Secretariat, and how they are being taken care of.

19.        Some maybe thinking that they are working and we are not paying. We are paying them as we agreed with them.

20.        And they are making great sacrifices for what we are paying them is not commiserate with what they are doing for the Ministry. They are making their sacrifices.

21.        Now, two of them have secured admissions into the University. They are leaving us. How can we train other people? Who and who can volunteer to be trained?

22.        We train them free of charge in their own best interest. When they get to their schools and universities, the training they get in computer training will expose them to all the various aspects ranging from PowerPoint to CorelDraw to Microsoft Word, Excel and so on.

23.        When they get there, with the knowledge they have acquired from us in the training, they do not labour to do their work in the schools. It is a matter of having a laptop. And that is all they need.

24.        Yet, nobody is volunteering. Those who are getting these Messages do not even ask the Son of Man, “Sir, how are you managing to sustain this Faith?”

25.        They do not even enquire about the websites and what is happening. Neither do they enquire about how we are managing to procure materials that are highly expensive.

26.        To procure stationery is not easy. The prices have been hiked astronomically. And then, we do not have any steady price for all these things again.

27.        We spend hundreds of thousands every week to make sure we remain alive. And they think they are doing Me a service.

28.        All these things, are they not coming out from one source? I am not asking them to ask about My own welfare, No! I am talking about our collective responsibility.

29.        But if they are wise and understanding, Christ is the collective responsibility of every elect for that is where your life is derived from.

30.        The work assigned to us is a collective work, but many have sat down. Some have resigned completely from it. I do not beg them to come back.

31.        Those that are working with Me are more than able. They have assured Me. Even these our brothers have assured Me saying, "Daddy, though we are going back to our schools, we assure you, we will work from there."

32.        Even the youth corpers assured Me that they will work. If those who are abroad are working, what can you say about those who are here?

33.        I have to say it. Up till this day, our Brother Victor Nnachor and his wife are still working and sending their works down here, all the way from Holland.

34.        It is a condemnation to others who are indolent, lazy, and who are not volunteering to work because they are resident abroad. There is no country in this world where the Message of the Son of Man is not gaining grounds.

35.        Check your website report. You see Jordan in the middl east. When you hear about river Jordan, you think that Jordan does not exist. See thousands of people that trooped to the website all in the city of Jordan last week.

36.        Some might be thinking that I am wasting My time, wasting money and so on. Well, they are the mockers and scoffers.

37.        I have even heard it with My ears, "Instead of giving us money to help our children, run our business and this, Son of Man is using it to post messages here and there, enriching the world."  I have heard it with my ears.

38.        Selfish, disgruntled and disgusted elements. Never-do-wells! Even if the whole money in the world is given to them, they will remain poor, for they are unprofitable to themselves, to humanity and to God, for a sinner, an unbeliever, a hypocrite is unprofitable in all things.

39.        That is why such individuals and their families have no contributions to make as far as this Message and the Faith is concerned. They remain takers and not givers. And that is why they lack.

40.        The Bible said that givers do not lack but takers lack.

41.        Luke 6:38. Give, and it will be given to you. A good measure, pressed down, shaken together and running over, will be poured into your lap. For with the measure you use, it will be measured to you." NIV

42.        They [takers] are constantly expecting what the Son of Man will do for them. And for any work they will do, I must pay them. If I do not pay them, they will not do that work.

43.        I must hire their services or kneel down and beg them to please help Me, for they believe they are doing everything for Me. They are promoters and not beneficiaries.

44.        Well, whatever you think you are is what you are. To God be the glory.

45.        And on this note, I say thank you for today. I do not want to overstretch you longer than necessary, for you have endured from morning till this hour.

46.        I appreciate your patience. I appreciate your courage. I appreciate your boldness in reading the scriptures with Me. But I want to appreciate more of the Messages reflecting in your characters beginning from this family, for charity they say begins from home.

47.        All of you who happen to be the vessels God is using in His Studio to reach out to the entire world, you are a blessed people.

48.        Who will believe that I am using only these infants? This is to confirm what I wrote in the Message, Out of the mouth of sucklings, the Lord has perfected His praise.

49.        Psalms 8:1 – 2. 1O Lord our Lord, how excellent is thy name in all the earth! who hast set thy glory above the heavens. 2Out of the mouth of babes and sucklings hast thou ordained strength because of thine enemies, KJV

50.        Who can believe that I am using infants like Bright [a JSS 2 student], Chiemelie who is about to enter Senior Secondary or Chika [a student] or Bro Eli.

51.        I mean Elias who has little or no academic qualification. If he has any qualification to boast of, it will be qualifications in Christ. Period! Then, my wife and myself. How many of us? Six.

52.        Last week we were seven. Chibuikem the Evangelist was here. He has left for his school. Look at the names. Look at how many they are that are piloting.

53.        I give God the praise and glory on the behalf of those who are out there in their families working relentlessly to get this Message ready, transcribed, translated, printed, forwarded to the publication ministry for dissemination to the entire world expecting nothing in return.

54.        I assure all of them most solemnly that are working relentlessly with good and honest intentions with Me, “Their labour of love in Christ will never go unrewarded. When this life is over, they must be remembered for good.”

55.        I do not forget also all those who are labouring, for all of us will not be preachers. All of us will not be transcribers or printers or designers.

56.        There are some who are helping the Son of Man financially, to meet the demands of this Faith.

57.        William Branham said, “When God raises a Ministry or a Movement, He raises a money man behind it.”

58.        Woe unto those people who were poor, came to the faith and the Lord elevated their financial status and they refused to use what they have to work for God, but they have become dastardly selfish.

59.        But to those who have recognized that they were nothing, living from hand to mouth and the Lord brought them to Himself and then raised them up to limelight and blessed them with material acquisition and have recognized it and are using it judiciously to work for God, not neglecting their personal and family needs, they will ever remain blessed before His presence if they do all those things generously with good hearts.

60.        But if they are doing it with wicked intentions, seeking recognition by THE SON OF MAN or to obtain praise from men, they are doomed to destruction. I call it destructive wealth.

61.        Any wealth God bestows upon a man which he does not use to serve God's interest is a destructive wealth. Take note of what I am saying.

62.        May God bless this Family abundantly, and all of you that have been encouraging Me, for no successful man of God ever walks alone.

63.        All those who are walking with me in various capacities, you are already blessed. My prayer is that you remain steadfast and immovable, unshaking knowing that at the end your names must be engraved in gold with indelible ink before the throne of the Almighty God, for God will never allow you to go unrewarded.

64.        He will fight your battles. He will do everything within His power to guide you safely till the end. On this note, I say thank you immensely for today, looking forward to seeing you tomorrow.

65.        May the praise, honour, majesty go to the LORD God Almighty for this visitation we had today. Since the inception of this Family worship during lockdown, never have we had it this way.

66.        This is the first, and it coincides with our request. In the month of August, we asked for August visitation and I promised that there must be a visitation from the throne of His grace before the end of the month as we remain saying thank you Lord.

67.        In sickness, say thank you Lord. In want, thank you Lord. In troubles, thank you Lord. In afflictions, thank you Lord. While eating, while sleeping and while waking up, no matter the circumstances around you, say thank you Lord.

68.        Quit murmuring. Quit grumbling. Quit complaining. You must receive God's visitation in the month of August.

69.        Today, My Word has come to pass. Vindications in the beginning and vindications as we are rounding up to the point that He decided to go to the fan so that whoever that is nearest to the fan will see for a certainty that whoever that visited you in the dining, visited you by your side.

70.        You saw what took place, it has nothing to do with electricity. It has nothing to do with weather. See the weather there, bright, fair, with the sun is shining bright. No sign of rain.

71.        Now that we are dismissing, see the cloudy room has given way to brightness.

72.        We give God the glory. We give Him the praise. We give Him the reverence. We give Him the adoration. We will remain saying thank you.

73.        Even after August, we will remain saying thank you. May saying thank you never fizzle out of our mouths. And may it always come from our pure hearts.

74.        When we remember where we are coming from, where we are, where we are heading to and Who has been playing that supportive role, we say thank you Lord.

75.        On this note, I call upon our Brother Chika to briefly thank God more, summarize and hand over everything into the hand of He that liveth and reigneth forever and ever, more specially for His presence and for the Word that has gone forth today touching our lives positively.



Almighty and Everlasting Father, we are so grateful to you O God. Even words are not enough for us to thank you O God for the wonderful things you have been doing for us O God.

2.           Even from your visitation this day, we are all surprised O God. Having loved us O God, we know we ourselves do not even merit it, but Mighty Father, you decided to show us this love.

3.           We are so grateful to you Almighty Father. We are thanking you Almighty Father for you really touched our lives positively using different angles both the scriptures and the encouragement from our pastor.

4.           Mighty Father, we are very very much enriched. Thank you O God for all your wonderful works. Mighty Father, as we pray O God, may you keep on sustaining us.

5.           As we leave your presence Almighty Father we know fully well that by ourselves O God, we cannot do anything, but we are looking up to You O God.

6.           We are thanking you on behalf of various families, on behalf of our brethren at large for the wonderful works you have been doing in their lives O God.

7.           We pray O God that you keep on holding all of us till the end Mighty Father, for we know O God you did not call us to destroy us or to receive your wrath, but for us to receive your salvation O Lord. And may that purpose be achieved in our lives Mighty Father.

8.           All these, we commit into your holy hands praying O God; this week started on a good note for us. It started in a happy way for us. And we believe that the rest of the week will be blessings upon blessings upon blessings.

9.           Thank you O God for all things Mighty Father. As we commit all our activities into your holy hand; both our going out and our coming back. All our activities we commit all in your holy hands, praying that you always lay your hands upon us for good and not for evil.

10.        See us through in everything for we believe O God that this day O God you have already blessed us. We believe O Lord that we are blessed indeed Almighty Father.

11.        Thank you for everything, for we pray in the name of Peter the Christ. Amen.